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     2  +19 2014 feb 24bubs gameBubs game - FunnyGames.inPlay Bubs on! Take the cakes to the other side, but beware of the green drops.
     2  +99 2014 feb 03fly like a bird 1Fly like a Bird 1 game - FunnyGames.inPlay Fly like a Bird 1 on! Fly high above the city and between the skyscrapers as a lonely pigeon. Use the hidden chips to poop on unsuspecting  ...
     2  +2 2014 jan 23jump and run gamesRunning and Jumping games - FunnyGames.inPlay Running and Jumping games on Play Tokyo Rail Rush, Running Fred, Running Man 2 and many other Running and Jumping games   ...
     2  ~ 2014 jan 15reel magic freeReel Magic game - FunnyGames.inPlay Reel Magic on! Experience some magical winnings and fun ! when playing this new Slot!
     3  ~ 2014 feb 01mario star scrambleMario Star Scramble 1 game - FunnyGames.inPlay Mario Star Scramble 1 on! Our wellknown hero Super Mario has to collect all stars. And off course you are going to help him.
     3  ~ 2014 feb 01love meter gameLove Meter games - FunnyGames.inOn you'll find the best collection of Love Meter games ! You'll find no less than 8 different Love Meter games , such as Love Tester & Love Test. ‎Love Tester - ‎Love Checker - ‎Love Test
     3  +98 2013 dec 22single player pokerSingle Player Poker game - FunnyGames.inPlay Single Player Poker on! Try to win as much (fake) money as you can with this poker machine.
     4  ~ 2014 feb 28tutti cuti gamesTutti Cuti game - FunnyGames.inPlay Tutti Cuti on! Now you can have your very own ice cream shop. Give the people what they want and make enough money to go the next  ...
     5  +96 2014 mar 04igra frizzle frazFrizzle Fraz 1 game - FunnyGames.inPlay Frizzle Fraz 1 on! Collect the green frizzles, keys and hearts . Don't let the red devils hit you.
     5  +4 2014 mar 01rabbit sniperRabbit Sniper 1 game - FunnyGames.inPlay Rabbit Sniper 1 on! These rabbitgs are perfect snipers. Try to shoot the enemy with as less bullets as possible. Be aware..the bullets  ...
     5  +96 2014 feb 27neave tetrisNeave Tetris game - FunnyGames.inPlay Neave Tetris on! Rotate the blocks and create solid rows in order to clear the playing field before it clogs up!
     5  +96 2014 feb 24family farm game horsesMy Horse Farm game - FunnyGames.inAs the owner from this horse farm you have to look after the horses , buy new ones and earn money to buy extra equipment. ... My Horse Farm. My Horse Farm. Play with your own profile by registering yourself for this fun game . .... Family Barn .
     5  +7 2014 feb 12connect 2Fruit Connect 2 game - FunnyGames.inPlay Fruit Connect 2 on! A Mahjong Game with fruit and flowers. Choose two the same pictures which are not connected on at least one side.
     5  +3 2014 feb 11sonic rpg 8Sonic RPG : Eps 8 game - FunnyGames.inPlay Sonic RPG : Eps 8 on! Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow team up against Seelkadoom! Will Seelkadoom manage to escape once again, or is  ...
     5  -1 2014 feb 07born to be bigBorn to Be Big game - FunnyGames.inPlay Born to Be Big on! Eat the smaller fish in order to grow bigger and become the leader of the sea.
     5  +96 2013 dec 17fun mario gamesMario games - FunnyGames.inPlay Mario games on Play Mario Star ... In this fun Super Mario game you have tot try to get in time for your birthday party. Be careful for all  ...
     6  -1 2014 mar 06animals in the cityAnimals in the city games - FunnyGames.inOn you'll find the best collection of Animals in the city games! You'll find no less than 2 different Animals in the city games, such as Animals in   ...
     6  +18 2014 feb 28restrent gamesRestaurant games - FunnyGames.inPlay Restaurant games on Play Delicious Emily's Wonder Wedding, Delicious Emily's True Love, Cocktail Girl and many other Restaurant  ...
     6  ~ 2014 feb 22barman gameThe Barman game - FunnyGames.inPlay The Barman on! In this game you play a bartender. Serve the people before time runs out. Save your score by clicking Submit Score after  ...
     6  +40 2014 feb 19restaurant games
     6  -2 2014 jan 06reel magic turbo play
     6  +12 2014 jan 05plane management gameAirport Manager games - FunnyGames.inPlay Airport Manager games on Play Now Boarding ... Airport Manager. These travelers would ... Make sure the planes land safely and on time!
     6  +5 2014 jan 04angry birds attackAngry Bird Counter Attack game - FunnyGames.inPlay Angry Bird Counter Attack on! Attack ! Aim well and shoot all pigs. When you've hit the right amount, you can go to the next level.
     6  +13 2013 dec 23play newgrounds rumbleNewgrounds Rumble 2 game - FunnyGames.inPlay Newgrounds Rumble 2 on! Try to kill your enemies.
     7  +5 2014 mar 07game fram horseAs the owner from this horse farm you have to look after the horses , buy new ones and earn ... Play with your own profile by registering yourself for this fun game .
     7  ~ 2014 feb 23city driftersCity Drifters 1 game - FunnyGames.inPlay City Drifters 1 on! Choose your super racecar and race as fast as possible through this city. Be carefull, don't crash into the buildings.
     7  +94 2014 feb 11tutti cuti
     7  ~ 2014 feb 07junkyard huzzleJunkyard Huzzle game - FunnyGames.inPlay Junkyard Huzzle on! Make a set of 4 or more the same coloured cars.
     7  +61 2014 feb 06plingaPlinga Games games - FunnyGames.inOn you'll find the best collection of Plinga Games! You'll find no less than 8 different Plinga Games, such as Family Barn & Galaxy Life. These  ...
     7  +36 2014 feb 05mini scientist gameMini Scientist game - FunnyGames.inPlay Mini Scientist on! The little scientist is searching for an engine to start his rocket. Help him taking all obstacles.
     7  +12 2014 jan 09funny games wikiWiki Dodge game - FunnyGames .inPlay Wiki Dodge on FunnyGames .in! Avoid the meteors that flies through the space, while catching the stars and other Wiggi's!
     7  -4 2014 jan 04let it glowLet It Glow 1 game - FunnyGames.inPlay Let It Glow 1 on! Try to turn on the light. Remove objects to make a connection.
     7  +8 2013 dec 13sara cooking class gamesSara's Cooking Class games - FunnyGames.inPlay Sara's Cooking Class games on Play Sara's Cooking Class : XMas, Sara's Cooking Class: Tiramisu, Sara's Cooking Class: Macaroons and  ...
     7  +94 2013 dec 07make your own airportPlay Now Boarding, Airport Madness 2, Air Traffic Chief and many other Airport ... Build your own airport and take over command - you've got plenty of passengers to tend. ... Make sure the planes land safely and on time! Newsletter. Sign up for the Airport Manager newsletter and receive the newest games in your mailbox!
     7  +94 2013 dec 07build your own airport
     8  +93 2014 feb 28spot the difference betweenFinding Differences games - FunnyGames.inPlay Cinderella & Prince, Daily Witness, Find the Difference and many other ... Spot the differences between the two pictures in these Finding Differences games  ...
     8  +5 2014 feb 22the simpsomakerThe Simpsomaker game - FunnyGames.inPlay The Simpsomaker on! Create your own Simpson character!
     8  +4 2014 feb 16rollercoaster revolutionRollercoaster Revolution 99 Tracks game - FunnyGames.inPlay Rollercoaster Revolution 99 Tracks on! Control the rollercoaster and keep the visitors happy by going fast without crashing.
     8  +10 2014 feb 07horse farm gamesMy Horse Farm on! As the owner from this horse farm you have to look after the horses , buy new ones and earn money to buy extra equipment.
     8  +12 2014 feb 05inca questInca Quest game - FunnyGames.inPlay Inca Quest on! Remove the bubbles by making groups of three or more of the same color.
     8  ~ 2014 feb 02four fourteen gameFour Fourteen Multiplayer game - FunnyGames.inPlay Four Fourteen Multiplayer on! Try to get rid of all the cards by aligning sets with a combined value of 14. You can play against other players   ...
     8  +13 2014 jan 26running man gameRunning Man 2 game - FunnyGames.inPlay Running Man 2 on! Run Man run! Run as fast as you can and collect all coins to earn extra time!
     8  +3 2014 jan 25best traffic for gamesTraffic Control games - FunnyGames.inOn you'll find the best collection of Traffic Control games ! You'll find no less than 14 different Traffic Control games , such as Traffic Command  ...
     8  +93 2013 dec 31love tester gamesLove Tester game - FunnyGames.inPlay Love Tester on! Find out the love chances between you and someone else. Fill in both names and click on the heart. Fingers crossed!
     8  ~ 2013 dec 07patterns link gamePatterns Link game - FunnyGames.inPlay Patterns Link on! Try to connect all patterns as fast as possible until all the tiles are gone! Can you achieve the highest score?
     9  +92 2014 feb 18club marianClub Marian game - FunnyGames.inPlay Club Marian on! Hang out and explore the three islands of Club Marian !
     9  +10 2014 feb 17habbo hotel gamesHabbo Hotel game - FunnyGames.inPlay Habbo Hotel on! Design your own room. First, create a character, then, explore the hotel.
     9  -1 2014 feb 02leg surgery gameOperate Now: Leg Surgery game - FunnyGames.inPlay Operate Now: Leg Surgery on! It's your job to fix Jeffrey Norton's problem with his legs ! Follow the instructions and operate on your patient!
     9  +9 2013 dec 07road race gameSuburban Road Racing game - FunnyGames.inPlay Suburban Road Racing on! Get in your car and start the race! Can you be the first to reach the finish in each of the 4 racing tracks?
     10  +91 2014 feb 26sara cooking games
     10  +3 2014 feb 26love tester deluxeLove Tester Deluxe game - FunnyGames.inPlay Love Tester Deluxe on! A real love test. Check if your friend is the love of your life.
     10  ~ 2014 feb 24arm surgery 1Operate Now: Arm Surgery game - FunnyGames.inPlay Operate Now: Arm Surgery on! This woman has broken her wrist! Follow the instructions and operate on your patient!
     10  +3 2014 feb 19frizzle fraz
     10  -3 2014 feb 14azaleas dollsAzalea Dolls : Doll Divine game - FunnyGames.inPlay Azalea Dolls : Doll Divine on! This beautiful girl has brilliant clothes and other shiny things to make her look like a fairytale.
     10  +38 2013 dec 31age of defenseAge of Defense 1 game - FunnyGames.inPlay Age of Defense 1 on! Defend yoor homebase against the hostile attacks. Use rocks, bow and arrow or your gun to attack the enemy.
     10  +2 2013 dec 30saree dress up gamesDressing Up games - FunnyGames.inPlay Dressing Up games on Play Sari Makeover, Azalea Dolls: Doll Divine, Make Me Over: The Wedding Edition and many other Dressing Up  ...
     10  +74 2013 dec 15barbie design a dressDesign a Barbie Dress game - FunnyGames.inPlay Design a Barbie Dress on! Show your design talent. Give Barbie a complete new outfit and let her look radiant.
     10  +21 2013 dec 07farm frenzy american pieFarm Frenzy 3 American Pie game - FunnyGames.inPlay Farm Frenzy 3 American Pie on! Look after the animals at your farm. Sell the products at the market and earn a lot of money!
     11  +90 2014 mar 04saras cooking classPlay Sara's Cooking Class games on Play Sara's Cooking Class : Tiramisu, Sara's Cooking Class : Kebab, Sara's Cooking Class : XMas and  ...
     11  ~ 2014 feb 04super sonic racingSupersonic Race game - FunnyGames.inPlay Supersonic Race on! Racing! Try to get to every checkpoint before time's up!
     11  +7 2014 jan 07daily fortune tellerDaily Fortune Teller game - FunnyGames.inPlay Daily Fortune Teller on! Follow the instructions and the fortune teller will look into your future! Will you meet the love of your life or are you  ...
     11  +90 2013 dec 27dancing queen gameDancing Queen game - FunnyGames.inPlay Dancing Queen on! Make the girl dance by pressing the correct keys at the right time.
     11  +49 2013 dec 14instant soccer gameTry to win a game of soccer . Instant ... - FunnyGames.inPlay Instant Football on! Try to win a game of soccer .
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