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     2  ~ 2014 apr 16homemade drill pressHomemade Tools: drill press - HomemadeTools .netHomemade drill press tools. ... HomemadeTools.net; tag: drill press (160). Sort by : Newest · Builder · Title · PCB Drill Press by IanJ. tags: PCB, drill press, motor.
     2  -1 2014 apr 03dyi paint booth controlsHomemade DIY Paint BoothHomemade DIY paint booth constructed with fans, filters, plenum, fresh air intake, air supply, lighting, dust control , and supplied air respirator.
     3  ~ 2014 may 06homemade milling machineHomemade Milling MachineHomemade milling machine powered by a 1/2 hp motor and featuring an off-the- shelf XY table. Base was constructed from 2x2 steel tubing.
     3  -1 2014 may 04homemade mini table sawHomemade Mini Table SawHomemade mini table saw intended for modeling purposes. Adapted from a mini circular saw with a kerf blade, a 12x12 piece of Corian, and a wooden fence ...
     3  +2 2014 may 03vapour blasting diyHomemade Vapor BlasterHomemade vapor blaster utilizing a glass bead slurry that is sprayed onto the workpiece at 2-3 bar. Constructed ... CATEGORIES: Media Blasting . TAGS: vapor  ...
     3  +10 2014 apr 22exhaust pipe expander hydraulicHomemade Exhaust Tubing ExpanderHomemade exhaust tubing expander adapted from a hydraulic punch driver. Utilizes pipe stretcher collets to expand pipes in graduated steps.
     3  ~ 2014 apr 19belt grinder plansHomemade Belt Grinder PlansHomemade belt grinder plans consisting of a set of CAD drawings. Includes dimensions and photos of an assembled unit.
     3  -1 2014 apr 08homemade hydraulic shop pressHomemade Hydraulic Shop PressHomemade hydraulic shop press utilizing a 10-ton jack, though capable of accommodating one of up to 20-ton capacity. Fabricated from channel steel and ...
     4  +1 2014 apr 20homemade table sawHomemade Tools: table saw - HomemadeTools .netHomemade table saw tools. ... HomemadeTools.net; tag: table saw (270). Sort by: Newest · Builder · Title · Table Saw by Pekka Svinhufvud. tags: table saw ...
     5  -1 2014 may 26homemade camHomemade Audi 2.8 Cam Locking ToolHomemade cam locking tool for the 2.8 engine found in the Type B5 Audi A4. Fashioned from a 26.
     5  -2 2014 may 15home made cam
     5  -3 2014 may 08white wall machineHomemade Whitewall Tire MachineHomemade whitewall tire machine powered by a Dremel. Jig was constructed from threaded rod, flat bar, nuts, bolts, and washers.
     5  +1 2014 may 04handheld english wheelHand Held English Wheel Planisher - HomemadeTools.netThought you might be interested in the hand held English wheel I made to planish the welds on the aluminium body I am making for my Austin ...
     5  +2 2014 may 03handheld english wheell
     5  -1 2014 may 02home made crash barsHomemade Motorcycle Crash BarsHomemade motorcycle crash bars for a BMW 650 welded from 3/4.
     6  +1 2014 may 02oil burner homemadeHomemade Waste Oil FurnaceFurnace constructed from a 2-gallon can, an electric blower, cement, and various fittings as necessary. Uses waste oil from cars as fuel.
     6  -3 2014 apr 12ball turning attachmentHomemade Lathe Ball Turning Attachment - HomemadeTools.netHomemade lathe ball turning attachment fabricated from stock and designed to facilitate the consistent production of ball ends.
     6  ~ 2014 apr 09engine test standHomemade Tools: engine test standHomemade engine test stand tools. ... HomemadeTools.net; tag: engine test stand (21). Sort by: Newest · Builder · Title · Motorcycle Engine Test Stand by bigrob.
     6  -3 2014 mar 30homemade air compressorHomemade Air CompressorsHomemade Air Compressors tools. ... Station by Ernie Leimkuhler. tags: air compressor, air tools, air, welding, fitting, distributor · Air Compressor Supercharger ...
     6  -3 2014 mar 28welding angle jigsHomemade Right- Angle Welding JigHomemade right- angle welding jig constructed by welding together 2 pieces of angle iron, a flat bar, and 2 C-clamps.
     7  -1 2014 apr 29homemade spray boothHomemade Paint Spray BoothHomemade paint spray booth constructed from MDF and Masonite boards. Booth is equipped with five computer fans and a fiberglass furnace filter.
     7  +3 2014 apr 09homemade scroll sawHomemade Tools: scroll sawHomemade scroll saw tools. ... HomemadeTools.net; tag: scroll saw (13). Sort by: Newest · Builder · Title · Jigsaw to Scroll Saw Fixture by Ted. tags: scroll saw ...
     7  -1 2014 apr 05flip top cartHomemade Flip Top Tool CartHomemade flip top tool cart intended to accommodate 80-pound power tools. The top is a sandwich constructed from 1/2.
     7  -1 2014 apr 02homemade waste oil burner
     7  +4 2014 mar 29jim von badenHomemade Tools built by JimVonBadenHomemade tools built by JimVonBaden . ... HomemadeTools.net; builder: JimVonBaden on advrider.com (2). Sort by: Newest · Title · Motorcycle Parts and Spill ...
     8  -1 2014 may 25homemade hubHomemade Hub PullerHomemade hub puller for tapered axles fabricated from bar stock, pipe, plate, and a bolt.
     8  +1 2014 may 12towable backhoe plandsHomemade Towable BackhoeHomemade towable backhoe built in accordance with a commercially obtained online plan . The hydraulic cylinders are powered by a 16hp Briggs engine, with ...
     8  +6 2014 apr 18band saw sheet metalHomemade Sheetmetal BandsawDESCRIPTION: Homemade sheetmetal bandsaw featuring a 24" throat and 3- speed operation. Includes photographs and design drawings. CATEGORIES: ...
     8  +5 2014 apr 07dremel circle cutting jigHomemade Dremel Circle Cutting JigHomemade Dremel circle cutting jig constructed from wood and aluminum.
     8  ~ 2014 apr 01milling attachment plansHomemade Lathe Milling AttachmentHomemade lathe milling attachment consisting of castings machined to fit ... URL:
     9  +11 2014 may 11drill press liftsHomemade Motorized Drill Press TableHomemade motorized drill press table utilizing an electric car jack to lift the 23.
     9  -5 2014 may 07log splitter homemadeHomemade Hydraulic Log Splitter - HomemadeTools .netHydraulic log splitter constructed using an I-beam for the foundation and reinforced with assortment of scrap steel plates. Hydraulic ram is powered by a small ...
     9  -4 2014 may 07metal brake plansHomemade Bending Brake PlansHomemade sheetmetal bending brake construction including detailed plans and instructions.
     9  -2 2014 apr 05diy check valveHomemade 1/2" PVC Check ValveDESCRIPTION: Homemade 12" PVC check valve constructed from a 3/4" PVC coupler, a 3/4" to 1/2" PVC reducer, a 1" long pin, and glass marbles.
     10  -2 2014 mar 29homemade drum sanderHomemade Drum Sander - HomemadeTools.netHomemade drum sander constructed from MDF and featuring an aluminum drum turned by a 3/4 hp motor.
     10  +26 2014 mar 24diy cnc plasma cutterHomemade CNC Plasma CutterHomemade CNC plasma cutter constructed by combining a 4'x4' table and gantry kit from precisionplasma.com with CNC controls from CandCNC.com.
     11  -2 2014 may 11mini router tableHomemade Mini Router TableHomemade mini router table constructed from MDF and wood. Powered by a rotary tool.
     11  +9 2014 may 01make wire foam cutterHomemade Foam CuttersHomemade Foam Cutters tools. ... tags: foam, hot wire, guitar, switch, cutter, string · Hot Wire Foam Cutter by techlib.com. tags: foam, frame, hot wire, cutter.
     11  +2 2014 apr 26piston notching toolHomemade Piston Valve Notching ToolsHomemade piston valve notching tools adapted from surplus intake and exhaust valves. Valve faces were covered with sandpaper. Tools are spun with an ...
     11  +2 2014 apr 20diy plasma cutterHomemade Plasma CutterHomemade plasma cutter constructed from salvaged parts. Includes detailed parts list and schematic.
     12  ~ 2014 may 15homemade woodburning penHomemade Woodburning PenHomemade woodburning pen constructed from a model rocket igniter and an X- Acto handle.
     12  -2 2014 apr 18hydraulic cylinder spanner wrenchHomemade Hydraulic Cylinder SpannerHomemade adjustable pin spanner intended for utilization in conjunction with a hydraulic cylinder . Constructed from 1/2.
     12  -4 2014 apr 08kmg belt grinderHomemade KMG Clone Belt GrinderHomemade belt grinder patterned after a KMG design.
     12  ~ 2014 mar 31catfish swivel iconHomemade Tools: swivel - HomemadeTools.netHomemade swivel tools. ... social media icons . Register · lost password? Home · Forum ... Toolbox Wall Mount Swivel Platform by Catfish . tags: toolbox, mount ...
     12  ~ 2014 mar 23laser engraver jigsHomemade Laser Engraving JigHomemade laser engraving jig intended to accommodate thin materials. Constructed from a pair of straight edges with levels and a 24.
     13  -5 2014 jun 15planer routerHomemade Router PlanerHomemade 2-piece jig intended to enable the utilization of a router as a planer . The router is secured to the top piece which then slides over the bottom board.
     13  -4 2014 may 08homemade paper towel holderHomemade Magnetic Paper Towel HolderHomemade paper towel holder utilizing neodymium magnets to enable placement on any flat ferrous surface, without regard to vertical or horizontal orientation.
     13  -4 2014 apr 07wood bending jigHomemade Wood Bending JigHomemade wood bending jig constructed from four, 16.
     14  +2 2014 jun 29brake line benderHomemade Brake Line Tubing BenderHomemade brake line tubing bender constructed from two bars of 1.
     14  +2 2014 jun 11homemaid powtercoat ovenHomemade Powdercoat OvenBUILDER: Gary Brady on powdercoatoven.4t.com. DESCRIPTION: Homemade powdercoat oven constructed from 2" fiberglass boards wrapped in sheet metal.
     14  -9 2014 apr 13wall mounted tool boxHomemade Wall - Mounted Tool BoxesHomemade wall - mounted tool box storage fashioned by attaching the boxes directly to the wall.
     14  +9 2014 apr 01styrofoam cutter hot wireHomemade Hot Wire Foam CutterHomemade hot wire foam cutter constructed from particle board and brass plated pipe. Utilizes an electrically heated wire to slice through foam.
     15  -8 2014 jun 30diy paint boothHomemade DIY paint booth constructed with fans, filters, plenum, fresh air intake, air supply, lighting, dust control, and supplied air respirator.
     15  -1 2014 may 04sheet metal bendersHomemade Simple Sheet Metal BenderHomemade simple sheet metal bender fabricated from 50x.050x8 angle iron and 50x5 flat bars. Capable of bending sheets 590mm wide. Hinges were ...
     15  +2 2014 mar 30styrofoam cutting toolsHomemade Foam Cutters tools. ... Foam Cutter by danray35e. tags: foam, soldering, hot wire · Hot Wire Foam Cutter by tgferreira184. tags: soldering, hot wire.
     16  +4 2014 may 06laser wheel alignmentHomemade Laser Liner for Wheel AlignmentHomemade wheel alignment solution consisting of off-the-shelf lasers utilized to project lines along the floor and onto the wall. Measurements are made ...
     16  -7 2014 may 04mini spot weldermini to small spot welder - HomemadeTools.netHas anyone made a small spot welder for 1.5mm and thinner plates and things.
     16  +9 2014 mar 30vapour blasting cabinetHomemade vapor blaster utilizing a glass bead slurry that is sprayed onto the ... CATEGORIES: Media Blasting ... Sheetmetal Sandblasting Cabinet by rsanter.
     16  ~ 2014 mar 24metalace english wheelHomemade English Wheel from MetalAce U-Weld KitHomemade English wheel construction project based on a MetalAce U-Weld kit. Utilizes 4x6x1/4.
     17  +84 2014 may 30tractor by netHomemade Articulated Tractor - HomemadeTools. netHomemade articulated tractor featuring both 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering. Suspension and articulating components were custom fabricated.
     17  -3 2014 apr 16endmill storage rackHomemade Tooling and Endmill RackDESCRIPTION: Homemade rack intended as an aid to storing R8 tooling, including both collets and end mills . CATEGORIES: Storage and Organization.
     17  -1 2014 apr 09sheet metal bead rollerHomemade Custom Bead RollerFabricated from rectangular tubing and utilizing a gear-driven timing chain, this unit is even capable of cutting thin sheet metal .
     17  -5 2014 apr 07mini hydraulic pressHomemade Mini Hydraulic PressHomemade mini hydraulic press powered by a 20-ton air-operated bottle jack. Press is 2' tall, 1' wide, and 10.
     18  -7 2014 may 11homemade vacuum pumpHomemade Vacuum Pump - HomemadeTools.netHomemade vacuum pump adapted from dehumidifier compressors. Capable of pulling 28.
     18  -4 2014 may 03plug socket builderHomemade Spark Plug SocketBUILDER : Mikeys69 on chevelles.com. DESCRIPTION: Homemade spark plug socket intended to facilitate the process of installing plugs in angled heads.
     18  +12 2014 apr 03wheel building standHomemade Bicycle Wheel Building StandHomemade bicycle wheel building stand constructed from a portable wheel stand, a dial indicator with a magnetic base, 3/4.
     18  -3 2014 mar 24english wheel metalace
     19  -2 2014 apr 19homemade mist systemHomemade Mill Coolant Misting SystemHomemade coolant system intended to spray a mist of WD-40 during aluminum milling operations. Utilizes a PVC pipe to hold the liquid WD-40. A pressure ...
     20  +20 2014 mar 25home drill sharpeners jigsHomemade Drill Bit Sharpening JigHomemade drill bit sharpening jig constructed from particle board and ... Home · Forum · Builders · New Tools · 50 Best · Categories · Tags · Blog · Shirts  ...
     21  +1 2014 apr 26diy blasting cabinetHomemade Sand Blasting CabinetA homemade cabinet to be used for sandblasting small parts. The cabinet is mainly constructed of wood, then fitted with glass and gloves. This cabinet also ...
     21  -5 2014 apr 17diy linear actuatorHomemade Powerful Linear ActuatorHomemade linear actuator for moving a rod in and out of a sleeve. Constructed with epoxy, threaded rod, nuts, a piece of clothes rail, clothes rail holder, and a ...
     21  ~ 2014 apr 16jerry can racksHomemade Jerry Can RackHomemade jerry can rack constructed from angle iron and flat bar stock.
     22  -3 2014 jun 23diy powder coating ovenI would like to build,,,, - HomemadeTools.netBe sure to check out the Homemade Engine Test Stands category if you haven't already. ... Here are pictures of a Powder coating oven I built.
     22  +5 2014 may 13powder coat oven plansHere are pictures of a Powder coating oven I built. ... I have a plan for building my oven using 2-3 elements from electric stoves, but making ...
     22  ~ 2014 may 05tall jack standsHomemade Tall Wooden Jack StandsExtra tall jack stands fabricated from wood and useful for automotive purposes in the shop.
     22  -3 2014 apr 15sheet metal brake pressHomemade Tools: sheetmetalHomemade sheetmetal tools. ... tags: sheetmetal , brake , hydraulic, welding, shop press · Sheetmetal Brake by Major League Duning. tags: sheetmetal , brake .
     22  +50 2014 apr 12dremel router tableHomemade Tools: Dremel - HomemadeTools.netHomemade Dremel tools. ... Dremel Router Table by RustyL. tags: Dremel , router table · Piston Ring End Gap Grinder by Teglerizer. tags: grinder, Dremel, piston ...
     22  +6 2014 apr 10sheet metal pressHomemade sheetmetal tools. ... tags: sheetmetal , brake, hydraulic, welding, shop press · Sheetmetal Brake by Major League Duning. tags: sheetmetal , brake.
     22  +22 2014 apr 07wire foam cutterHomemade Foam Cutters tools. ... tags: foam, hot wire, cutter · Hot Wire Machine by Creativeman. tags: foam, hot wire · Hot Wire Foam Cutter by bg6qam.
     22  -12 2014 mar 29pipe cutting templateHomemade Pipe Cutting TemplateHomemade pipe cutting template intended to facilitate the precise and repeatable production of specific angles in 6.
     22  ~ 2014 mar 27diy ultrasonic cleanerHomemade Ultrasonic CleanerHomemade ultrasonic cleaner fashioned from an oscilloscope, ultrasonic transducers, a sound card, an amplifier, RCA audio cables, and a stainless steel  ...
     24  -11 2014 may 02pin spanner wrenchHomemade Tools: pin wrenchHomemade pin wrench tools. ... HomemadeTools.net; tag: pin wrench (16). Sort by: Newest · Builder · Title ... tags: spanner , pin wrench , welding · Pin Wrench by  ...
     24  +9 2014 apr 22delta sharpening centerHomemade Leather Strop for Delta Sharpening CenterModification for a Delta Sharpening Center , where a round piece of leather is mounted to a similarly-sized piece of 1/4 inch plywood. Four dowels hold the ...
     24  +6 2014 apr 21crankshaft pulley holderHomemade VW and Audi Crankshaft Pulley HolderHomemade VW and Audi crankshaft pulley holder for the VAG 1.8 turbo engine. Constructed from flat bar and four Allen bolts. Replaces VAG factory tool 3415.
     24  -19 2014 apr 13curved metal foldingHomemade Sheet Metal Curve Bending ToolHomemade sheet metal curve bending tool functions by clamping the sheet metal on top of a PVC pipe. The sheet metal is bent to follow the pipe's contours ...
     24  +8 2014 apr 09table saw outfeed tableHomemade Table Saw Outfeed TablesHomemade table saw outfeed tables mounted on drawer slides and incorporating collapsible legs and boards.
     24  +14 2014 apr 01the dust deputyHomemade Homemade Dust Deputy - HomemadeTools.netHomemade cyclone dust collector inspired by the Dust Deputy model. Constructed from a galvanized iron pipe, a 5-gallon bucket, caulk, and a 2.
     25  -4 2014 jul 03motroized compost tumblerHomemade Tools: tumblerHomemade tumbler tools. ... Compost Tumbler by Compost Junkie.com. tags: cord, garden, bungee, tumbler ... Motorized Deburring Tumbler by polarbearforge .
     25  +21 2014 apr 28fenders auto bodyHomemade Tools: autobodyHomemade autobody tools. ... HomemadeTools.net; tag: autobody (40). Sort by: Newest · Builder · Title · Body Slapper ... tags: fenders , autobody , roller, welding.
     25  -5 2014 apr 24motorcycle lift plansHomemade Motorcycle Stand and LiftHomemade motorcycle stand and lift constructed in accordance with a set of plans .
     25  +18 2014 mar 28stamping guide jigHomemade Tools: stamp - HomemadeTools.netHomemade stamp tools. ... Stamping Jig by Catfish. tags: jig , stamp · Stamping Guides by Rick Sparber. tags: guide , stamp · Stamp Die Holding Fixture by Phil ...
     26  -12 2014 jun 09homemade bandsawHomemade Wooden BandsawA homemade bandsaw constructed primarily of wood. Everything but the motor, drive belt, and saw blade are crafted from wood.
     26  -2 2014 may 07home made dieselHomemade Diesel Injector Pop TesterHomemade diesel injector pop tester intended as an aid to determination of adequate injector spray pressure. Bottle jack and grease gun-type designs, gauge ...
     26  +42 2014 may 07foam cuter build
     26  -3 2014 apr 29buil amotor cycle frameHomemade Motorcycle Frame JigHomemade motorcycle frame jig intended to facilitate the fabrication of a scratch- built frame .
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