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     9  +92 2014 sep 13sourceforgeneticewmlatest icewm source from CVS: cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@icewm.cvs. :/cvsroot/icewm login # blank password; icewm-1.2 maintenance branch
     10  +1 2014 sep 13winoptionsIceWM: Window Options14. Window Options. winoptions file is used to configure settings for individual application windows. Each line in the file must be in one of the possible formats:.
     15  -3 2014 sep 24window managerIceWM is a window manager for the X Window System (freedesktop, XFree86). The goal of IceWM is speed, simplicity, and not getting in the user's way.
     21  +7 2014 sep 12taskbar delayIceWM: PreferencesWindow is minimized to desktop area (in addition to the taskbar ). ... Show button for the start menu on the task bar . ... Initial scroll bar autoscroll delay .
     22  -5 2014 sep 14wm linux
     22  +6 2014 aug 04install fast control panelIceWM FAQ and Howto: Tools for IceWMIceWM Control Panel is the first full-featured, Gtk-based control panel for IceWM. ... familiar Windoze Control Panel -like interface, and uses the MUCH faster Gtk ... for installed programs and generates menu for specified X window manager.
     24  +1 2014 sep 21linux window managerIceWM is a window manager for the X Window System (freedesktop, XFree86). ... also on linuxpackages .net; RPM packages you can find on ATrpms and DAG. Features. Fully usable with keyboard; Alt+Tab window switching; Efficient resource ...
     25  +4 2014 sep 30source forgeBug Tracking. If you have a patch, a bug report or a feature request to submit, please do so at the icewm project page at SourceForge .
     29  +10 2014 aug 06next previous iconIceWM: Icon handlingNext Previous Contents. 15. Icon handling. 15.1 Generic. The window manager expects to find two XPM files for each icon specified in the configuration files as ...
     30  +71 2014 sep 13window managers x
     32  +69 2014 sep 26x window management
     32  -16 2014 aug 24start meny preferencesIceWM FAQ and Howto: Configuration4.3 The configuration files. You can customize IceWM by editing the following configuration files: "menu". Controls the contents of the start menu . " preferences ".
     34  +8 2014 aug 07desktop wallpaper datingIceWM FAQ and Howto: Customizing The Look Through ThemesTo distinguish between filling whole desktop with image or to place it self standing in the ... The preferred date and time representation for the current locale.
     36  -12 2014 jul 23create your own themeIceWM Theme Creation HowtoThis way you can create particulary transparent frames, titles, buttons etc.
     38  +63 2014 aug 31workspace email htmlShow name of current workspace while switching workspaces . ... Display status of mailbox (determined by $ MAIL environment variable).
     41  -7 2014 jul 30html tool barIceWM: Menus and ToolbarMenus and Toolbar . 12.1 menu. Within the menu configuration file you can configure which programs are to appear in the root/start menu.
     42  -10 2014 sep 17темыBoth the theme file(s) and the decoration pixmaps live in a single subdirectory under ICE-LIB/themes, where ICE-LIB is either the IceWM system directory or a ...
     44  +57 2014 aug 01wm generic manualIceWM Manual12. Menus and Toolbar. 12.1 menu; 12.2 toolbar; 12.3 programs. 13. Keys. 14. Window Options. 15. Icon handling. 15.1 Generic ; 15.2 Imlib. 16.
     50  +51 2014 oct 03gnome terminal executableIceWM: First stepsThe icewm executable must be in your path for the restart function to work correctly. ... bin/bash [ -x ~/.icewm/restart ] && source ~/.icewm/restart gnome - terminal  ...
     53  -1 2014 sep 15linux window managers
     54  +4 2014 sep 20ideskIceWM FAQ and Howto: Example: configuration A-ZUsually people want to have icons on desktop. One of most simple applications that can satisfy this need is idesk (see Tools to find it). I personaly recommend to  ...
     54  -6 2014 aug 19start up menu" menu ". Controls the contents of the start menu . "preferences". Controls the ... Script or command (must be executable) executed by icewm-session on startup .
     60  -24 2014 sep 10mouse cursorsIceWM: Mouse cursorsIceWM scans the theme and configuration directories for a subdirectory called cursors containing monochrome but transparent XPM files. To change the mouse  ...
     70  -18 2014 aug 19background color imageIf you provide the appropriate options in your preferences file and start icewmbg , IceWM will set the background color or the background image for you. You can ...
     72  +29 2014 sep 24change start menu button themeThe default theme on startup is set in the theme file or by the -t option in the ... and the start of the name specifies which part (eg "close" is the close button ... You need four pixmaps to change whole taskbar look (the names are self explaining).
     78  +23 2014 sep 04ss4 cpuline to ~/.icewm/menu or ~/.icewm/toolbar # # menuprogreload ps - 0 icewm-ps # if [ $# = 1 ]; then set `ps -p $1 --no-header -o pid,% cpu ,%mem,time` ...
     79  +5 2014 sep 03gnome setting big iconsIceWM FAQ and Howto: Miscellaneous QuestionsSince GNOME did not seem to incorporate this feature, they generally go unused. ... How to define a different lock command is described in section Setting the lock command ... 9.8 Can I have bigger icons in menu, taskbar, quickswitch etc.
     79  +22 2014 aug 25similar entreis themingControls the row of launcher icons on the taskbar and has the same syntax as
     84  +17 2014 sep 17wm commandIceWM FAQ and Howto: Installation3.3 How to make IceWM my default window manager ? In order to ... start-up file consists of only the command to start the window manager (in our case icewm ).
     86  +15 2014 jul 16start menu icon pngThemes then appear in the "Themes" item on the program menu . The default theme on startup is set in the theme file or by the -t option in the command line. .... IceWM also accepts PNG files as icons , but you have to explicitely put the name ...
     87  -3 2014 sep 08hide when minimized taskbarWindow can be resized when maximized . ... Window is minimized to desktop area (in addition to the taskbar ). ... Task bar will auto hide when mouse leaves it.
     89  +12 2014 aug 09theme directory scriptCopy the system wide files to your local .icewm directory and edit these copies. Note: You ... Script or command (must be executable) executed by icewm- session on startup. " theme ". IceWM theme path/name. "prefoverride". To override theme  ...
     90  ~ 2014 jul 30mouse pointer themes
     93  ~ 2014 aug 29background picture html
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