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     1  ~ 2014 oct 02christmas wishes modelChristmas Wishes - Wishes for Christmas , Christmas Wish IdeasChristmas wishes add that extra glow to the spirit of Christmas . Read to know about Christmas wish ideas.
     1  +1 2014 oct 02water hyssop memoryWater Hyssop – Uses & Benefits of Water Hyssop , Bacopa MonnieraA small perennial creeping herb, water hyssop has numerous branches that are ... It improves intellect, memory , consciousness, mental acuity, mental clarity and  ...
     1  ~ 2014 sep 19wishes merry cristhmasWish you a Merry Christmas and may this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life! May this Christmas be so special that you never ever feel lonely ...
     1  ~ 2014 sep 17gurpurab punjabi wishesGuru Purab SMS - Text Messages For Gurpurab , Guru Purab SMS Wish all your loved ones by sending text messages on the occasion of Guru Purab. Read to know about Gurpurab SMS greetings .
     1  ~ 2014 sep 14eassy on an ideal teacherIdeal Teacher - Perfect Teacher - Festivals - IloveindiaAn ideal teacher is the one we look up to. He/she is the perfect for us.
     1  +4 2014 sep 02indian festival calenderIndian Festival Calendar 2014 - Holidays in India - IloveindiaIndian Festival Calendar 2014 - Indian Holiday Calendar 2014, Indian Festival Date 2014.
     1  ~ 2014 sep 02vishwakarma day smsVishwakarma Puja SMS - Vishwakarma Day SMS MessagesIf you have a long list of friends and relatives to wish this Vishwakarma Puja, then why not wish them with Vishwakarma Puja SMS messages. Read on to know ...
     1  ~ 2014 sep 01vishwakarma puja sms
     1  +1 2014 sep 01vishwakarma day greetingsVishwakarma Puja Greetings - Festivals - iloveIndia.comVishwakarma Puja is the day dedicated to Lord Vishwakarma who is the builder of all palaces, weapons and vehicles used by gods. He is the master craftsman ...
     1  +1 2014 aug 31merry christmas wish
     1  +1 2014 aug 29shopping in lakshadweepShopping In Lakshadweep - Things To Buy In LakshadweepShopping in Lakshadweep isn't about hi-end malls or trendy stores. Scroll down this article to know the shopping places in Lakshadweep and make your stay ...
     1  ~ 2014 aug 20merry christmas email sampleSample Happy Holiday Letter - Examples Of Christmas Holiday LettersLooking for examples ? Explore the article to find sample Christmas holiday letters. ... Merry Christmas with love from our house to yours! Warm Regards, ...
     1  ~ 2014 aug 20i love indiailoveIndia .comIndian guide on culture, facts, lifestyle, cars, bikes, art & entertainment. ‎Astrology - ‎Horoscope 2014 - ‎Home Remedies - ‎Famous Indians
     1  +3 2014 aug 13wish merry christmas
     1  ~ 2014 aug 06pre wedding functionsPre Wedding Functions - Indian Wedding - iloveIndia.comRead on to explore the various Pre - wedding Functions and Rituals of an elaborative Indian wedding ceremony.
     1  +21 2014 aug 04gruh shanti real estateSurya Puja - Grah Shanti Surya Puja, Surya Pooja, Worship of Sun Surya Puja is dedicated to Lord Surya - the Sun God. Read to know about Grah Shanti Surya Pooja / Sun Worship.
     1  +2 2014 jul 30indian dance festivalDance Festivals of India - Dances of India - iloveIndia.comIndia hosts various dance festivals throughout the year. Read further to know about dance festivals of India .
     1  ~ 2014 jul 29happy ugadi smsUgadi SMS - SMS Messages for Ugadi - iloveIndia.comWe have some of the best Ugadi SMSes which you can text to your friends and family during this Ugadi. Happy Ugadi in advance! SMS Messages for Ugadi
     1  +6 2014 jul 26indigo marina petrolTata Indigo Marina - Tata Indigo Marina Petrol - Tata Indigo Marina Tata Indigo Marina is a car that has the luxury of a sedan and the utility and convenience of a multi-utility vehicle. It is specially designed for road conditions in ...
     1  +1 2014 jul 23chhath puja messagesChhath Puja SMS - Text Message For Chhath Puja - IloveindiaThis Chhath Puja , send wishes to your loved ones through sms. Read the following article to know some common and popular SMS for Chhath Puja .
     1  +1 2014 jul 18vishkarma day sms
     2  +1 2014 oct 05sanskrit diwali slokasSloka For Lighting Lamp - Shloka While Lighting Lamp, Prayer This article contains Sloka / Shloka/ Prayer which can be recited while lighting the lamp. Read about deepa shlokam.
     2  ~ 2014 oct 04hockey torunaments in indiaHockey Tournaments in India - Indian Hockey TournamentsHockey is the national game of India and Indian team had once been the undisputed champion of the game. Several Indian and international tournaments have ...
     2  +1 2014 oct 03wishes for christmas
     2  ~ 2014 oct 03chandra shekhar azadChandrashekhar Azad Biography - Chandrasekhar Azad Indian Here is a brief biography and history of Chandrashekhar Azad . Read information on life of Indian Freedom Fighter Chandrashekhar Azad .
     2  -1 2014 sep 29bollywood actress biographyIndian Film Actresses - Bollywood Actresses Biography - Hindi Film This section on Indian / Hindi film actresses contains brief biographies of some of the popular Indian / Bollywood actresses .
     2  -1 2014 sep 28wishing merry christmasChristmas wishes add that extra glow to the spirit of Christmas. ... Wish you a Merry Christmas and may this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life ...
     2  ~ 2014 sep 28thank you teacher dayThank you Messages for Teachers - Teacher's Day Messages Teacher's Day thanks messages convey our feelings to our teachers. Here are some thank you messages for Teachers Day .
     2  +2 2014 sep 26telugu traditional baby boy namesTelugu Baby Boy Names - Telugu Boy Name List - Telugu Baby With this article, explore a list of Telegu baby boy names and their meanings. ... Oriya Parsi Punjabi Rajasthani Sanskrit Sikh Sindhi Tamil Telugu Traditional  ...
     2  +2 2014 sep 23belericc myrobalanBaheda – Uses & Benefits of Baheda, Terminalia Belerica - IloveindiaPopular Name(s): Beleric Myrobalan , Bibhitaki, Bahera, Bahira, Bilhitak, Baheda, Vibhidhaka, Bastard Myrobalan, Bedda Nut. Parts Used: Fruit. Habitat: Grown ...
     2  -1 2014 sep 14happy gurpurabGuru Purab SMS - Text Messages For Gurpurab , Guru ... - IloveindiaSatgur Nanak Pargataya Mitti Dhund Jag Channan Hoia. Aap ji nu Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji De aagman purab dian Lakh-Lakh Vadayian. HAPPY GURPURAB !
     2  +3 2014 sep 13raja ram mohan royRaja Ram Mohan Roy Biography - Raja Rammohan Roy Indian Here is a brief biography and history of Raja Ram Mohan Roy . Read information on life of Indian social reformer Raja Ram Mohan Roy .
     2  ~ 2014 sep 11teachers day messagesThank you Messages for Teachers - Teacher's Day ... - Iloveindia
     2  ~ 2014 sep 11lord ganesh moducksModak Recipe, Recipe Of Modak, Steamed Dessert Dumplings Modak, a favorite sweet of Lord Ganesha , completes the rituals of Ganesh Chaturthi. Read on to explore the recipe of Modak.
     2  +4 2014 sep 07list of stereotypesStereotypes Examples - Examples Of Stereotypes - Figures Of SpeechStereotyping makes one ignore the diversity of groups. Go through the examples of stereotypes given below to know the most ... Common Homophones List blt1 ...
     2  ~ 2014 sep 04classical musicians picture in tamilFamous Indian classical Musicians - IloveindiaRead about famous Indian classical singers . ... Indian classical musicians and singers have played a great role in popularizing .... Mahatma Gandhi Pictures .
     2  +99 2014 sep 02shani dev pujaShani Puja - Grah Shanti Shani Puja , Shani Pooja , Worship of SaturnShani Pooja is performed to appease planet Saturn. Read more about Grah Shanti Shani Puja .
     2  +1 2014 aug 27valla bai patelSardar Patel Biography - Iron Man Sardar Vallabhai Patel History Here is a brief biography and history of Sardar Vallabhai Patel. Read information on life of Indian freedom fighter Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel .
     2  +2 2014 aug 27tips for bathingBathing Tips for Healthy & Beautiful Skin - Beauty Tips - iloveIndia.comBathing refeshes and rejuvenates body & mind. Check out bathing tips for healthy & beautiful skin.
     2  ~ 2014 aug 27khushwant singh biographyKhushwant Singh - Khushwant Singh Biography , Life History of Khushwant Singh is a prominent senior Indian writer. Here's a concise biography on the life history of Khuswant Singh .
     2  ~ 2014 aug 24motivational speech topicsMotivational Speeches - Inspirational Speech TopicsThe variety of topics on which you can give a speech is diverse, ranging from the informative to the entertainment ones. Then, we have motivational topics as ...
     2  -1 2014 aug 24chronologically chetan bhagat booksChetan Bhagat Biography - Chetan Bhagat Profile, Childhood, Life Chetan Bhagat is a popular and extremely successful Indian writer. ... This book was made into a movie and was named 'Hello' and Chetan himself wrote the script. ... Timeline 1974: Chetan Bhagat was Born in Delhi 1991: Enrolled in IIT
     2  +21 2014 aug 23importance of translationImportance Of Translation - Significance Of TranslationTranslation has become an important aspect of the world for the exchange of information and ideas. Go through the article, to get information on the importance / ...
     2  ~ 2014 aug 22ayurvedic leafs and typesTypes Of Ayurvedic Herbs - Different Kinds Of Herbs In AyurvedaAyurveda is the ancient science of life, which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, free of diseases. The Ayurvedic rishis in the ancient times have discovered the ...
     2  +2 2014 aug 15detailed oriya marriage ritualsOriya Wedding Ceremony - Indian Wedding - iloveIndia.comOriya wedding rituals is a simple and modest affair. Read this section, to know about the traditional Oriya wedding traditions & ceremony.
     2  ~ 2014 aug 13profile of kalpana chawlaKalpana Chawla Biography - Kalpana Chawla Profile, Childhood Kalpana Chawla has been an encouragement to many aspiring women astronauts around the world. Her career ... Her profile can be seen through this biography .
     2  +3 2014 aug 12teachers day poemsTeacher's Day Poems - Poems for Teachers' Appreciation Day Teacher's day poems are meant as an appreciation for your teachers. ‎Thank You Teacher Poems - ‎Short Poem for Teachers - ‎Best Teacher Poem
     2  +1 2014 aug 06alka yagnik biographyAlka Yagnik - Alka Yagnik Biography - Life History of Alka YagnikHere is given the biography of the well known singer Alka Yagnik . Check out the life history of Alka Yagnik .
     2  +1 2014 aug 06aruna asaf aliAruna Asaf Ali Biography - iloveIndia.comHere is a brief biography and history of Aruna Asaf Ali . Read information on life of Indian freedom fighter Aruna Asaf Ali .
     2  +1 2014 aug 02indian herb bachCalamus – Uses & Benefits of Calamus, Acorus CalamusHerbs in India Indian Ayurvedic Herbs Indian Herbs Guide ... Smoking Herbs · Home : Indian Herbs : Calamus ... Popular Name(s): Sweet flag, Sweet Root, Bach
     2  ~ 2014 aug 01dee indias whey proteinWhey Protein Side Effects – Harmful Effects of Whey ProteinWhey protein is one of the most favorite supplements of body builders. Check out the harmful side effects of Whey Protein .
     2  ~ 2014 jul 31life history of chanakyaChanakya - Chanakya Biography, Life History of KautilyaGiven here is information on life history of Chanakya . Read this biography of Chanakya, also known as Kautilya.
     2  +5 2014 jul 31lifestyle in indiaIndian Lifestyle - Indian People's Lifestyle , Indian Way of Living, Life India comprises varied ethnic groups, yet you'll find a common lifestyle pattern. Read about the Indian people's way of living…
     2  +2 2014 jul 30happy boss day messagesBoss's Day Funny Messages - iloveIndia.comFind some funny messages for Boss's Day enlisted in this piece of writing. ... Bosses are only as good as their employees-- Happy boss's day to one TERRIFIC  ...
     2  +4 2014 jul 27rajendra prasad biographyDr. Rajendra Prasad Biography - Indian President Dr ... - IloveindiaHere is a brief biography and history of Indian President Dr Rajendra Prasad . Read information on life of Indian freedom fighter Dr. Rajendra Prasad .
     2  +3 2014 jul 27merry xmas wishes
     2  +1 2014 jul 26diwali greeting thoughtsDiwali Greetings - Happy Deepavali Wishes - IloveindiaSending greetings through SMS is one of the fastest ways to wish your loved ... a bit time consuming, you may opt for the easier ways to put across the thoughts .
     2  ~ 2014 jul 25spiritual organisations in indiaAshrams in India - Spiritual Centers India - Indian ... - IloveindiaIndia is known for its Ashrams and spiritual centers. The Ashrams and spiritual centers in India are great centers of yoga and spirituality .
     2  +3 2014 jul 23national tree of indiaNational Tree Of India , Indian National Tree, The Banyan ... - IloveindiaBanyan is the national tree of India and one of the important symbols of the country. Learn about the Indian national tree, in the article.
     2  +3 2014 jul 22kinds of adjectivesDifferent Types Of Adjectives & Their Examples - Figures Of SpeechAdjectives are classified on the basis of various parameters. Depending on these parameters, there are various types of adjectives . Read on to know in detail ...
     2  +3 2014 jul 22kinds of adjactives
     2  ~ 2014 jul 22kiran bedi wikiKiran Bedi - Kiran Bedi Biography - Life History of Kiran BediHere is given the biography of the well known IPS officer Kiran Bedi . Check out the life history of Kiran Bedi .
     2  +1 2014 jul 21jackfruit tree woodJackfruit – Uses & Benefits of Jackfruit , Artocarpus HeterophyllusThe largest tree -borne fruit in the world, jackfruit (artocarpus heterophyllus) is grown on a ... The wood of jackfruit tree is widely used in manufacturing musical ...
     2  ~ 2014 jul 16history of navratriHistory Of Navratri , Navratri History, Story Of Navratri , Origin Of Navratri , a nine-day festival dedicated to Goddess Durga, has many stories as a part of its history . Read more to know about the origin of Navratri .
     3  +2 2014 oct 04oriya marriage first nightOriya Wedding Ceremony - Indian Wedding - IloveindiaRead this section, to know about the traditional Oriya wedding traditions & ceremony. ... the non-Brahmin prefer to ritual to take place in the evening or night .
     3  ~ 2014 oct 03names of indian scientistsFamous Indian Scientists - Popular Indian Scientists - Great Indian Here is a brief profile of famous Indian scientists . C.V. Raman C.V. Raman is one of the most renowned scientists produced by India. His full name was ... ‎CV Raman Biography - ‎Jagdish Chandra Bose - ‎APJ Abdul Kalam - ‎M. Visvesvaraya
     3  ~ 2014 oct 02herbs from indiaIndian Herbs - Herbs in India - Indian Ayurvedic Herbs ... - IloveindiaIndian herbs are renowned all over the world for their medicinal properties. India is the second highest producer of medicinal herbs in the world after China.
     3  +2 2014 oct 01oriya marriage rituals
     3  +1 2014 sep 30bipin chandra palBipin Chandra Pal - B C Pal Biography, Life History of ... - IloveindiaHere's the history about the life of one of the three famous Congress extremists ' Lal Bal Pal' Bipin Chandra Pal in this biography.
     3  +47 2014 sep 30writer of indiaFamous Indian Writers - Great Indian Writers - Popular Indian WritersIndia has produced several great writers who have influenced a whole generation and continue to inspire the coming generations by their writings. Their works ...
     3  -2 2014 sep 27english tenses indiaDifferent Types Of Tenses - & Their Examples - Figures Of SpeechWith your knowledge of tenses strong, fluent English and flawless grammar isn't too far away from you. Here, in this article, all the various types of tenses are ...
     3  ~ 2014 sep 26best oriya girl namesOriya Girl Names - IloveindiaListed below are some interesting and meaningful Oriya baby girl names . ... Indian Baby Names » Oriya Girl Names ... Goddess of good luck; Name of a star.
     3  +1 2014 sep 26indian president pratibha patilPratibha Devisingh Patil - IloveindiaPratibha Patil is the twelfth and first woman President of India . Read the biography to know about her life, profile, and career.
     3  ~ 2014 sep 25analogy examplesAnalogy Examples - Examples Of Analogy - Figures Of SpeechAnalogy is best understood by examples . Given below are a few examples of analogy to help you understand this figure of speech better.
     3  -2 2014 sep 23herbs of indiaIndian Herbs - Herbs in India - Indian Ayurvedic ... -
     3  ~ 2014 sep 22wishing you a merry christmas
     3  ~ 2014 sep 22indian scientistsHere is a brief profile of great Indian scientists . Read about information on popular Indian scientists .
     3  -1 2014 sep 22trust develps over timeHow To Develop Trust In A Relationship - Tips To ... - Lifestyle LoungeWinning someone's trust is the most difficult thing in a relationship because it develops over time . If there is a trust deficit in your relationship, it won't be long ...
     3  -1 2014 sep 21classical musians picture in tamilFamous Indian classical Musicians - Famous Indian classical Singers
     3  +62 2014 sep 21lal bahadur shastriLal Bahadur Shastri Biography - iloveIndia.comHere is a brief biography and history of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri . Read information on life of Lal Bahadur Sastri.
     3  +2 2014 sep 19kazi nazrul islam biographyKazi Nazrul Islam Biography - iloveIndia.comand a revolutionary has brought Kazi Nazrul Islam into the forefront. With this biography , explore all about Kazi Nazrul Islam's profile, childhood and life.
     3  +9 2014 sep 16parents day speechParents Day Speech - Festivals - IloveindiaPlanning to thank your parent's with a touching speech on parent's day? If your answer is a yes, then here are some tips on how to write a parent's day speech .
     3  -2 2014 sep 11new born welcom partyNew Born Baby Party - Party Ideas - IloveindiaWelcoming a newborn into the world is a special event that calls for celebration. And, the best way to celebrate the new arrival is by throwing a party , known as ...
     3  +3 2014 sep 10abstract noun of childAbstract Nouns Examples - Figures Of Speech - IloveindiaChild is a concrete noun whereas childhood is an abstract noun . It is understood that a child is a physical being while childhood is an intangible state that cannot ...
     3  +7 2014 sep 05hand care adviceHand Care Tips - Beauty Tips - iloveIndia.comRead tips to take care of your hands and how to keep them beautiful.
     3  ~ 2014 sep 05morarji desai profileMorarji Desai Biography - Morarji Ranchhodji Desai Profile Morarji Desai was the fourth Prime Minister of India. With this biography , explore Morarji Ranchhodji Desai's profile , childhood, and life.
     3  +5 2014 sep 05bebfits of brown breadBrown Bread Facts - Brown Bread Nutrition Facts, Health Benefits of Brown Bread is made of whole wheat flour and accords a number of health benefits . With this article, learn about the nutrition facts related to brown bread .
     3  ~ 2014 sep 05list of indian scientistsRead about information on popular Indian scientists . ... surely must be included in the list of one of the best scientists that 20th century India had produced.
     3  +3 2014 sep 04boswellia birth control pillsBoswellia Side Effects - Adverse Effects Of BoswelliaResins from Boswellia are an emmenagogue and can lead to birth related problems and even induce abortion. Therefore ... Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills .
     3  ~ 2014 sep 02christmas eve wishesChristmas wishes add that extra glow to the spirit of Christmas. Read to know about Christmas wish ideas. ... Christmas Eve Midnight Mass bullet Nativity Scenes
     3  +3 2014 aug 31leaders in indiaFamous Indian Leaders - Popular Indian Leaders - Famous Indian Indian has produced a plethora of great leaders . Some of them have played a vital part in Indian freedom struggle while other have taken India to great heights  ...
     3  +98 2014 aug 27lal bhadur shastri
     3  +13 2014 aug 27sardar vallbhbhai patelHere is a brief biography and history of Sardar Vallabhai Patel . Read information on life of Indian freedom fighter Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel .
     3  +2 2014 aug 27bankim chandra chatterjeeBankim Chandra Chatterjee Biography - Bankim ... - iloveIndia.comHere is a brief biography and History of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee . Read information on life of Bengali Writer Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay .
     3  +1 2014 aug 26examples of analogyAnalogy is best understood by examples. Given below are a few examples of analogy to help you understand this figure of speech better.
     3  +3 2014 aug 25indian national leadersIndian has produced a plethora of great leaders . Some of them have played a vital part in Indian freedom struggle while other have taken India to great heights  ... ‎Subhas Chandra Bose - ‎Dr. Rajendra Prasad Biography - ‎Chandrashekhar Azad
     3  ~ 2014 aug 25how to absorb odorsHome Remedy For Absorbing Odor - How To Absorb Odors At Homehome remedies that can help you in absorbing odor that might be troubling you at home. Go through the tips given below and know how to absorb odors .
     3  ~ 2014 aug 23about kiran bedi
     3  -1 2014 aug 23sample christmas letterHappy holiday letters have been the most preferred medium of expressing your heartiest festive ... Explore the article to find sample Christmas holiday letters .
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