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     1  +6 2014 aug 30iphone ad networksGreat iOS Ad Networks - iPhone Dev SDKHi guys! Currently I am using RevMob to monitize my app. However I have been looking for ages for another good ad network . Monetization: Ad Networks that Pay real time?10 postsJul 15, 2014Recommendation for Ad Networks ?25 postsMay 19, 2014Video ad networks : AdColony vs. Vungle6 postsDec 20, 2013Best Ad Network ?26 postsDec 14, 2010More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     1  ~ 2014 aug 30cpa ads on iphoneFacebook mobile app install ads "NEW" Cost Per Action ( CPA Just noticed while trying to make a new Facebook Mobile app install campaign that you can now select "Manual Bidding" which brings up a ... Average CPA for Google AdWords Mobile App Installs1 post4 Aug 2014Question on Setting Maximum CPA in Facebook App ...1 post20 Jan 2014Facebook Mobile App Install ads - Page 319 posts22 Oct 2013Running your own ads ?8 posts1 Dec 2010More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     1  ~ 2014 aug 25bvi offshore and appstoreLiving in Europe, having offshore in USA and selling Apps on Apple 1) If i open offshore company and provide information to apple, about ..... of money tax free in the british virgin islands and retire there when you are old, .... I have a question I'm trying to distribute an app through the app store .
     1  ~ 2014 aug 21iphone dev forumiPhone Dev SDK - iOS Developer ForumsiPhone Dev SDK specific news & announcements will be posted in this forum . 3. 31. gloriaseo123 Recommended iPhone ... iPhone SDK Development Forums  ... ‎Business, Legal, & App Store - ‎Mobile Marketing Techniques - ‎iPhone SDK Tutorials
     1  ~ 2014 aug 02iphone sdk deviPhone Dev SDK specific news & announcements will be posted in this forum. 3. 31
     1  ~ 2014 aug 02iphone app copyrightShould I copyright my app (and how)? - iPhone Dev SDKI guess the subject line says it all. I'm a few weeks away from submitting my first app to the app store (yay!) and I'm nervous about all the legal ...
     1  ~ 2014 aug 02pay per install iphonePay per install experiences (Tapjoy, Flurry, Chartboost) - iPhone Pay per install (PPI) sounds like a good thing for a paid app, you pay the advertising company only for installs, so there is no risk. Facebook or Flurry - Pay per install services8 posts15 Oct 2013Facebook " install " ads - fake confusing description? Not
     1  ~ 2014 aug 01iphone app developers forumiPhone SDK Development Forums ... Best way to securely store in app purchases ? ... You have a mobile app , but need to get it in front of the masses and drive ... ‎Business, Legal, & App Store - ‎Mobile Marketing Techniques - ‎iPhone SDK Tutorials
     1  +1 2014 jul 30iphone web serviceWebService [How-To] - iPhone Dev SDKSince that webservice is a hot topik on the forum, I decided to write a guideline to understand what you can do when you need to use ... Trying to consume SOAP WebService [RESOLVED]17 posts19 Jun 2013How to call WCF Service 7 posts5 Feb 2010How to protect your WEB SERVICE 25 posts16 Mar 2009Resolved: How to Call a SOAP Service 26 posts21 Aug 2008More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     1  ~ 2014 jul 28app developer forumiPhone Dev SDK - iOS Developer Forums ... iPhone SDK Development Forums ... You have a mobile app , but need to get it in front of the masses and drive ... ‎Business, Legal, & App Store - ‎Mobile Marketing Techniques - ‎Open Source Code
     1  ~ 2014 jul 27iphone dev sdkiPhone Dev SDK specific news & announcements will be posted in this forum. 3. 31. gloriaseo123 Recommended iPhone SDK Books · gloriaseo123 • April 26 
     1  ~ 2014 jul 25mba for iphone developmentIs MacBook Air good enough to develop apps? - iPhone Dev SDKI want to concentrate to develop apps for my 4 year old son to use, I plan to start learning objective and make some very basic apps so I can ... impossible to develop on macbook air 17 posts21 Apr 2012 MacBook Air 11" or 13" for X-code 4?26 posts20 Jul 2011More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     1  ~ 2014 jul 25nslog sqlite error'Unknown Error ' SQLITE Error - iPhone Dev SDKSQLITE_OK){ NSLog (@"Prepare Error . '%s'" ... Which when I run through SQLITE Manager yields a count of 1, as it should. Thoughts? insert in sqlite problem4 posts19 Mar 2011coredata importing sqlite but not saving new data Cocoa ...2 posts17 Feb 2011Problem with Sqlite 13 posts30 Jun 2010 sqlite query problem9 posts29 Jun 2010More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     1  ~ 2014 jul 25xcode foreach loopforeach array loop - iPhone Dev SDKis there a way to do a foreach loop through an array like I would in other languages.
     1  +3 2014 jul 23hire iphone graphics designerWhere to Find Affordable Games Graphic Designer ? - iPhone Dev SDKHi, I want to hire graphics designer for my IOS game, where may I look for affordable one? What would be the cost normally? Thanks!! How to work with UI/ Graphics Designers ?26 postsMay 17, 2012Where to Hire Graphic Artists6 postsMar 6, 2012outsourcing graphic design for apps26 postsJan 31, 2011 Graphic Designer for Hire 3 postsMar 24, 2009More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     1  +4 2014 jul 23iphone im domainnamenOk to get a domain name like "iphoneXXXapp.com"? - iPhone Dev SDKHi, I'm thinking of getting a domain name for my iphone app that looks like " iphoneXXX.app.com".
     1  +1 2014 jul 19are iphone apps trademarkedwhich trademark Class(es) for Apps ? - iPhone Dev SDKAnother Trademark question... I'm getting ready to trademark my first App title. (I' ve trademarked other gaming-type things but never an App) ... How Does Apple Resolve False Trademark Disputes?17 posts11 Jan 2013Should I copyright my app (and how)?9 posts7 Feb 2012 trademark infringement15 posts7 Jul 2010 Apps with Trademarked product names/logos?14 posts14 Jan 2009More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     2  +2 2014 oct 03iphone sdk developmentiPhone SDK Development - iPhone Dev SDKDiscuss the iPhone /iPod Touch SDK . Find answers to questions, post tutorials, and communicate with others working with the new SDK . ‎TableView section header ... - ‎Recommended iPhone SDK ... - ‎NEW! BBCode - ‎1430
     2  ~ 2014 sep 30nsurl to nsstringHow to convert NSURL into NSString ?? - iPhone Dev SDKDoes anyone tell me how I can extract a substring which is contained in a NSString ? If the substring is either prefix or suffix, is it much easier? Correct use of const NSString to create NSURL 6 postsApr 28, 2011Appending an NSString to an NSURL ?7 postsJun 5, 2009Pass NSString into NSURL URLWithString ?4 postsMay 26, 2009Conveting NSString to NSURL 4 postsFeb 17, 2009More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     2  ~ 2014 sep 28ios imageview enlargeHow To Enlarge Picture In UIImageView - iPhone Dev SDKHey there! I have an iPhone / iPad app that grabs a picture from the users camera roll, and displays it in a UIImageView .
     2  +1 2014 sep 24nsmutablearray to nsarrayNSMutableArray to NSArray - iPhone Dev SDKhow do you convert a mutable array to an array? and vica versa.
     2  ~ 2014 sep 14developer removed from saleApp is " developer removed from sale ", can you put it back on Hi guys, just a quick question, when I remove the app from sale ( developer removed from sale ) it is still in my "menage apps screen", how can I ... App Developer Removed from Sale - Does putting back ...10 postsJan 12, 2014All apps removed 25 postsSep 2, 2012Dev removed app from sale .. how to add back??3 postsFeb 22, 2010More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     2  ~ 2014 sep 12ios mainscreen lanscape boundsLandscape Mode view bounds gives wrong sizes - iPhone Dev SDKHi Forum Getting a view's bounds rect while in Landscape Mode returns the
     2  ~ 2014 sep 12iphone sdk powis there an exponent function? - iPhone Dev SDKI believe most of the standard C math functions work on the iPhone (I haven't tried them all). ... The pow (x,y) function should work. It is in the ... How to use Common function in Objective C6 posts22 Apr 2012Working with mathematical exponents in Obj. C3 posts27 Sep 2009Multiply float values by powers?11 posts26 May 2009Ain't got no POW ()er1 post13 Aug 2008More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     2  +2 2014 sep 09sell music on iphoneSell songs in app, can I do it? - iPhone Dev SDKHey everyone! sorry if I'm posting it in wrong forum... I want to know if I can sell songs in my app.
     2  +1 2014 sep 07iphone sdk uuidUUID Deprecated, Now what to use? - iPhone Dev SDKI want the UUID but it is deprecated from iOS 5 and later versions. How would I get the Unique ID for the phone from which I logged into the ... getting battery level for bluetooth le1 post2 Mar 2014App Rejected Due to Non-public API and UDID24 posts29 May 2013 UUID's vs Device Tokens5 posts19 Aug 2011get uuid 3 posts17 Dec 2010More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     2  ~ 2014 sep 02dropbox core data backupBackup Core Data with Dropbox - iPhone Dev SDKFora while, I have been trying to come up with a robust iPhone backup solution that is easy for users. I was intrigued about the Dropbox API as ...
     2  +1 2014 sep 01extebd image under uilabel[Custom UI] UIImageView + UILabel - iPhone Dev SDKand UILabel ( under the imageview) I write my class that extend UIImageView in ... UIImage * image = [UIImage imageNamed:imageName]; ...
     2  ~ 2014 sep 01core data backup dropbox
     2  -1 2014 aug 28iphone developer forumiPhone SDK Development . Discuss the iPhone /iPod Touch SDK. Find answers to questions, post tutorials, and communicate with others working with the new ... ‎Business, Legal, & App Store - ‎Mobile Marketing Techniques - ‎iPhone SDK Tutorials
     2  -1 2014 aug 27iphone development forumiPhone SDK Development . Discuss the iPhone /iPod Touch SDK . Find answers to questions, post tutorials, and communicate with others working with the new ... ‎Business, Legal, & App Store - ‎Mobile Marketing Techniques - ‎iPhone SDK Tutorials
     2  -1 2014 aug 26iphone app developer forumiPhone Dev SDK - iOS Developer Forums ... iPhone SDK Development Forums ... Creating my first app and having what would seem to be a simple issue with ... ‎Business, Legal, & App Store - ‎Mobile Marketing Techniques - ‎iPhone SDK Tutorials
     2  ~ 2014 aug 12iphone developer sdkiPhone Dev SDK specific news & announcements will be posted in this forum. 3. 31 ... iPhone SDK Development - Advanced Discussion. Looking for the ... ‎Business, Legal, & App Store - ‎Mobile Marketing Techniques - ‎iPhone SDK Tutorials
     2  -1 2014 aug 10capacity in which acting" Capacity in which acting " in W-8BEN Form - iPhone Dev SDKI am an individual developer and I don't have a company, what should I fill in the " Capacity in which acting " field in the W-8BEN Form?
     2  +3 2014 aug 10pushwoosh vs urban airshipMy List of Push Notification Service Providers / Urban Airship http://www. pushwoosh .com - Free account features 5 apps, ... http:// urbanairship . com - Free account features 1,000,000 Push Notifications.
     2  +1 2014 aug 10iphone sdk custom setterGetters, setters and properties for the newbie - iPhone Dev SDKiPhone developers who have experience with Macintosh development have probably long since become comfortable with the whole "property" ... Override default getter (different return type)15 postsDec 7, 2012 Custom UITableViewCell?7 postsOct 11, 2011Question about implementing getter and setter 9 postsJul 22, 2010 Custom UIView Class : Using getter/ Setter methods9 postsJul 11, 2009More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     2  ~ 2014 aug 09increase size of uiactivityindicatorviewChange size of the UIActivityIndicatorView ? - iPhone Dev SDKIs it possible to change the size of a UIActivityIndicatorView ? It seems like you can't change the size in IB but is it possible via code?
     2  ~ 2014 aug 09linkshare finding iphone appGetting started with Linkshare - iPhone Dev SDKI've successfully registered as a Linkshare affiliate, but when I log in I can't find any way to generate links to specific apps in the iTunes store. Affiliate programs3 postsJul 29, 2012Ad questions9 postsJun 2, 2012A few questions regarding Linkshare links7 postsMar 20, 2010Using LinkShare to Launch App Store6 postsNov 6, 2009More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     2  ~ 2014 aug 08iphone sdk developeriPhone SDK Development . Discuss the iPhone/iPod Touch SDK. Find answers to questions, post tutorials, and communicate with others working with the new ... ‎Business, Legal, & App Store - ‎Mobile Marketing Techniques - ‎iPhone SDK Tutorials
     2  ~ 2014 aug 03iphone check network availableTest if internet connection is available - iPhone Dev SDKHi there, is there a simple piece of code testing if the internet is available on the iPhone - i know the reachability example app but that seems to ...
     2  ~ 2014 aug 01segmented control iphoneUISegmentedControl Tutoria - iPhone Dev SDKMaking a simple UISegmentedControl is Easy Peazy. Create new project. View- based Application. Call it " UISegmentedControl ". First we build ... Best practice segmented control and view controllers4 posts28 Apr 2014Change Height of segmented control 6 posts4 Mar 2011Using Segmented Control 10 posts16 Nov 2008Change font size for text in UISegmentedControl ?10 posts11 Oct 2008More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     2  +1 2014 jul 31iphone sdk data synchronizationDatabase sync between iphone and server - iPhone Dev SDKHi everyone! I would like to know, if it is possible to sync a database of an iphone app (sqlite) with any database on the server. Data offline synchronization 1 post20 Nov 2013Core data sync with icloud1 post1 Feb 2013sharing data between ios app & desktop app without ...11 posts21 Jun 2011 Iphone sync with SQL Server8 posts15 Jun 2010More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     2  ~ 2014 jul 19companies like comboappComboApp Services - iPhone Dev SDKJust curious, has anyone used ComboApp Marketing services to ... Yet Combo- App and company's like them play on the hopes and the naivety ...
     2  ~ 2014 jul 16uialertview with options2 button UIAlertView - which button was pressed? - iPhone Dev SDKI didn't consider the option of creating objects mid-method. ... I'm also using the alert tag to determine which UIAlertView is present since this ... UIAlertView action Button3 posts29 Apr 2012how do I pass a variable to a UIALERTVIEW ?5 posts4 Sep 2010 UIAlertView show doesnt work when screen is locked.2 posts15 Nov 2008More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  +1 2014 oct 01iphone dev available fontsList of UIFonts available - iPhone Dev SDKCouldn't find a list of what fonts are available in UIFont, so I printed them to the console and put them on my blog :) Dave Mitchell » iPhone  
     3  -1 2014 sep 29uitableview frameResizing a UITableView Programatically - iPhone Dev SDKI'm trying to resize a UITableView programmatically to squeeze in between a Navigation Bar, and a Toolbar i added to the bottom of the frame . how to increase the size of the UITableView cell ...3 posts16 Feb 2012get UITableViewCell . frame ?2 posts13 Jun 2011Set width of UITableView at runtime6 posts13 Nov 2010 UITableView not scrolling down far enough13 posts2 Sep 2008More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  ~ 2014 sep 28iphone beep xcodeGenerate a Beep / Tone / DTMF - iPhone Dev SDKI am wondering if anyone has come across a way to generate tones in the iPhone SDK. I am trying to generate DTMF tones, and can't seem to ...
     3  -1 2014 sep 28xcode image uploadxcode image upload through php - iPhone Dev SDKhey everyone, i while ago i wrote these two codes, one for in xcode and one for the php upload file. my app however, does not upload the file to ...
     3  ~ 2014 sep 27marmalade iphoneMarmalade SDK - should I use it or not? - iPhone Dev SDKI have coded few apps with Marmalade SDK I am aware of benefits and unfixed bugs. Is there alternative for C++ crossplatform development?
     3  +1 2014 sep 24nsdictionary contains keyHow to check is NSDictionary objectForKey:"@ key " is not nil Hi, i have a NSDictionary and i need to know if a objectForKey: result is not nil. I' m trying to do it in this way:
     3  +1 2014 sep 23asihttprequest uploading multiple filesupload jpeg to server via ASIHTTPRequest - iPhone Dev SDKI've now settled on the ASIHTTPRequest library/wrapper and it ... and i've stripped it down to a bare minimum php upload file (it has failed with ...
     3  -1 2014 sep 22debug game center matchHow do you debug Game Center application - iPhone Dev SDKJust wanted to ask you, how do you debug Game Center application. ... Apple really should provide some debug mode of game center match .
     3  +1 2014 sep 20uiimagepicker crop rectCustom crop rect for UIImagePickerController - iPhone Dev SDKI'm using allowsEditing to present the user with the abilty to crop their image from the fullsize version like so: Default cropping frame in UIImagePickerController 4 posts29 Sep 2011Image Picker: then crop image to circle?21 posts19 Feb 2010Getting the crop rect of an image3 posts6 Nov 2009 UIImagePickerController's editInfo> CropRect inaccurate5 posts30 Apr 2009More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  ~ 2014 sep 20iphone sdkDiscuss the iPhone /iPod Touch SDK . Find answers to questions, post tutorials, and communicate with others working with the new SDK .
     3  +1 2014 sep 17facebook ios sdk arcFacebook SDK ( ARC Problem) - iPhone Dev SDKand the funny thing is the tutorial is using ARC , i have no idea why it can ... facebook SDK , i simply just added it, would this solve my problem? freeing memory in ARC 8 posts14 Mar 2013 Facebook - Twitter Integration - ShareKit9 posts17 Apr 2012Converting App To ARC 8 posts15 Dec 2011More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  ~ 2014 sep 14xcode label text sizeChange Font Size of Label through Xcode ? - iPhone Dev SDKI want to change font size of a label through xcode : cell.textLabel.fontsize??? How do I accomplish this? How to increase font size in xcode 17 posts31 Dec 2010 UILabel Text Size 7 posts6 Dec 2008Change font size in navigation bar21 posts8 May 2008More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  -1 2014 sep 12iphone dev file sizeGet file size - iPhone Dev SDKI'm trying to get the file size of files from the Documents-directory that I'm listing in my uitableview. Reduce Images Filesize for My Game?18 posts20 Jun 2013CoreData: store 100 files by 5MB10 posts12 Jan 2013 Sizes in simulator different from xib file ?4 posts11 Nov 2012NSData File Size 5 posts11 Sep 2010More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  +1 2014 sep 10admob ecpmAdmob banners getting $0.03 eCPM :( - iPhone Dev SDKI'm only getting $0.03 on my iOS AdMob banners. Any recommendations for who I should use instead? Admob eCPM Increase Today3 postsJun 26, 2014How to compare iAD vs. Admob eCPM ?1 postJun 17, 2014 Admob RPM/ eCPM question5 postsMar 9, 2014 Admob eCpm decreasing day after day10 postsFeb 25, 2014More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  +5 2014 sep 08ios http gzipHTTP GZIP support? - iPhone Dev SDKDuring our development, we are using uncompressed REST webservices.
     3  -1 2014 sep 08how does nsbundle work[[ NSBundle mainBundle] bundlePath] equivalent on OSX? - iPhone Dev SDKI'm trying to load a plist the same way I'd do on the iphone but that doesn't seem to work : NSArray *arr = nil;; NSString *arrPath = [[[ NSBundle  ...
     3  -1 2014 sep 08iphone accessories sdkExternal Accessory - iPhone Dev SDKI've got some code to query attached accessories , and some bogus
     3  -1 2014 sep 05iphone sdk text replaceReplace Parts of Text Strings - iPhone Dev SDKIn my app I have a plist of many quotes. These quotes are loaded into a UILabel, and has the option to share with Twitter. Simplest way to animate a change in text for a UILabel4 postsFeb 22, 2009How to change UISwitch's text ?12 postsOct 27, 2008What is proper way to do UITextField text change call ...5 postsOct 1, 2008how to change the nav bar back button title?15 postsJul 30, 2008More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  ~ 2014 sep 01iphone development sdk
     3  -1 2014 sep 01developing daemons for iphoneApplication as a daemon , possible ? - iPhone Dev SDKHi All, Is it possible to develop an app that will be launched at boot time of the iPhone WITHOUT jailbreaking the phone. Invalid Chris Alvare's Daemon , and why?2 posts20 Dec 2010 iPhone Daemon Processes and UIApplication5 posts20 May 2010How to make GPS daemon 9 posts16 Dec 2008Launch Daemon Question3 posts7 Nov 2008More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  -1 2014 aug 31appviz for iphoneBest iPhone App sales tracker? E.g. Appviz , Appfigures etc Hi guys Whats the best app tracker available out there? I tend to use appviz , but appviz isn't working for me today for some odd reason. Thanks. App Annie is free vs AppViz $300 a year !?! Wow!14 postsFeb 17, 2014 app viz mobile or equivalent?2 postsOct 26, 2010 AppViz totally wrong?10 postsFeb 27, 2010 AppViz - A iPhone Developer22 postsJan 23, 2009More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  +1 2014 aug 25hulkshare work with iphoneiPhone Developer for Hulkshare .com - iPhone Dev SDKWe are looking for highly motivated individual with a pleasant personality and good organizational skills to work as an iPhone /android app ...
     3  -1 2014 aug 16admob avg cpmI'm only getting $0.03 on my iOS AdMob banners. Any recommendations for
     3  ~ 2014 aug 11font for iphone tabHow to change the font size of the tab bar controller item name How do i change or increase the font size of the tab bar item name .Default size is really small.
     3  ~ 2014 aug 11global variable iphoneGlobal variables - iPhone Dev SDKGlobal variables are data items whose scope is the entire application. That means you can access them from anywhere in your code.
     3  +2 2014 aug 10adbrite affiliate programAdBrite Shutting Down?!?! What are iTunes affiliates to do This is an email I just received from AdBrite and apparently they are shutting ... If adbrite are not linkshare, and the affiliate program is through ...
     3  -1 2014 aug 09promo codes iphone expirationDo promo codes expire with app version? - iPhone Dev SDKI know that promo codes have an expiration date from the time of request; but do they expire when you post a new binary? You get 50 with each ...
     3  +2 2014 aug 04iphone graphic sizesGraphics specs?? - iPhone Dev SDKI am a graphic designer wanting to get into creating graphics for iPhone ... The screen size is 320 x 480 when held in portrait (default) position.
     3  +2 2014 aug 03iphone bundle idNew Developer. What is a bundle ID ? - iPhone Dev SDKCan someone explain to me what a bundle ID is ? I am trying to upload an App to the App Store and it is asking me for it. Bundle Id Missing from itunes connect when ...2 postsMar 12, 2011 Bundle ID not showing up in drop down on iTunes ...8 postsNov 15, 2010Totally Desperate on " Bundle Identifier" Issue..6 postsApr 22, 2010 Bundle Identifier Question11 postsMar 9, 2010More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  +1 2014 aug 03promo code dispanserPromo code dispenser - results of the trial run. - iPhone Dev SDKI launched a promo dispensing service yesterday, appcod.es (use code « devforum» for $1 account :) I had 50 promo codes for to give away for ... New promo code dispenser : YayCodes.com2 postsMar 2, 2012What do you think about my promo code dispenser ?5 postsNov 6, 2011How many go to promo dispenser ?13 postsAug 9, 2010Get 100% review for every single promo code on ...26 postsMay 20, 2010More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  +1 2014 aug 01ecpm in iadsiAD eCPM through the floor? - iPhone Dev SDKIt may be common but my iAds ecpm is lower than it was at any point ... just want to compare current iAD eCPMs for a simple banner across the ... New Admob Ads - $0.00 eCPM 25 postsFeb 3, 2013Strange iAd stats. Impressions but no revenue.17 postsApr 30, 2012 iAd - how's going for you? (here's my data)19 postsMar 14, 2012 iAd : ecpm drop from 8 to 0.55 in 4 days26 postsJul 5, 2011More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  ~ 2014 jul 31iphone api listList of currently available functions ( API ?) - iPhone Dev SDKIt's a shame to be in such an advanced forum without owning a Mac and knowing what SDK and API means, but I have a question.
     3  +2 2014 jul 30custom ui designHow to Design An iPhone App With Custom UI - Video tutorial Hi all, Here is why iPhone App Design is important. The App Store has become crowded with over 500,000 apps. To stand out in such an ...
     3  -1 2014 jul 28saving uiimage in nsdataUIImage , NSData and Core Data - iPhone Dev SDKI'm experimenting with an application that uses Core Data to store image ... // save image NSData *data = UIImageJPEGRepresentation (image, ... How to convert UIImage to NSData ?5 posts24 Jul 2013 NSData to NSString and then again NSString to NSData 7 posts7 Feb 2013 Save image using writeToFile3 posts29 Jan 2010Resize Image High Quality26 posts14 Oct 2008More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  -1 2014 jul 26nsobject with uiviewcontrollerPass Nsstring Value From UIViewController to NSobject Hai , I m new to Objective c programming ,i need to pass NSString value to NSObject page ,while i m selecting the UITableview cell.
     3  ~ 2014 jul 24dev application iphoneiPhone Dev SDK specific news & announcements will be posted in this forum. 3. 31 ... You have a mobile app , but need to get it in front of the masses and drive ...
     3  ~ 2014 jul 24apple developer forumsiPhone Dev SDK - iOS Developer Forums ... iPhone SDK Development Forums ... Use this forum to share and discuss open source software. 17. 17. vijaybansal ...
     3  ~ 2014 jul 22iphone application forum promoteMobile Marketing Techniques - iPhone Dev SDKDiscuss promotion techniques, do not advertise ... Please do not post promo codes in this forum .... Buying and Selling Apps on Flippa · tbcooke.
     3  -1 2014 jul 20iad pay per clickiAd - do some ads pay more per click than others? - iPhone Dev SDKHi all, I've had an app live on the app store for about 5 months now and the iAd revenu has always been all over the place. How much do you make from free apps with ads?9 postsNov 23, 2013App Monetization: Flurry vs TapJoy vs ChartBoost vs ...25 postsJul 7, 2012 iAd Pay Per Impression?8 postsJun 13, 2010WSJ: iAd $0.01 per impression, $2 per click !25 postsApr 30, 2010More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  ~ 2014 jul 20advertise on cydiaBest advertising network for an app in cydia ? - iPhone Dev SDKWell, I decided that i would post one of my apps in cydia so I would not have to pay the $99 developer fine for the app store.
     3  +2 2014 jul 20mailcontroller under navigation barMFMailComposeViewController change navigation bar buttons - iPhone I want to change Send and Cancel buttons to custom image.
     3  ~ 2014 jul 20iphone app sdk
     3  ~ 2014 jul 20elance print receiptMy contractor didn't finish my App on Elance and gave me the He has now currently opened a dispute with elance for his second payment after ... for hire, Contractor agrees that, upon Contractor's receipt of ...
     3  ~ 2014 jul 19dropbox sdk sharekitDuplicate Symbol Between ShareKit and Dropbox - iPhone Dev SDKHi. I added ShareKit as a submodule to my project and added its static library to my list of dependencies and libraries to link to with. Xcode Framework Search Path Relative Path1 post1 Dec 2012 ShareKit Beta Official - Page 225 posts25 Sep 2011More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  +5 2014 jul 19app ihone entwicklerLooking for the discussion of some advanced subjects? Here's the place for you. 1.3K. 2.9K. dev666999 Time Tracking Apps for iPhone . iPad or iOS.
     3  -1 2014 jul 17iphone custom number padCustom number pad - iPhone Dev SDKCould anyone tell me how to make a custom number pad , like seen in the Target app? I need the previous, next, and done buttons above the ... Custom Button on Number Pad Scrollable View3 posts12 Apr 2011 Custom number pad - Page 25 posts7 Jan 2011Dot on Number Pad 9 posts11 May 2010 Custom Number Pad Keyboard2 posts16 Feb 2010More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  -1 2014 jul 17apple developer program faxProblem Purchasing Apple Developer Program - iPhone Dev SDKI'm from Bulgaria and when i try to purchase the program i have to send fax to apple . I sent this fax , but they didn't send me a confirmation ... Does Apple Pay To Indian Developers ?16 posts20 Apr 2012Quick question about paying the $996 posts18 Mar 2011Sending a Fax to apple 7 posts22 Feb 2010Why so long to enroll into iPhone Developer Program ?26 posts27 Jan 2009More results from iphonedevsdk.com
     3  +4 2014 jul 17ipad apps affiliate programAffiliate Programs in Apps - iPhone Dev SDKhave any restriction on affiliate program links within apps (generally ... The iPad apps with the amazon links are stuck "In Review" so I don't ...
     3  ~ 2014 jul 17ipad apps affiliate programs
     3  -1 2014 jul 16appredeem iphone developerAppRedeem ? - iPhone Dev SDKAre you going to be using Appredeem for an Android App or iOS App or ... reputable, I would just like to see reviews from a few developers .
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