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     10  +1 2014 aug 12list of metaphorsIndex of Metaphor Lists - Knowgramming.comMetaphor List : A collection of metaphors from a variety of sources with brief explanations. Family Metaphors : A list of familiar, and perhaps unfamiliar metaphors  ...
     18  -4 2014 sep 18metaphor examplesMetaphor Examples - Knowgramming.comMetaphor examples for educators, students and writers. Includes lessons and tutorials for school and essays on metaphor.
     21  -2 2014 oct 01what are metaphors and similesDifference Between a Metaphor and a Simile . - Knowgramming.comMetaphor and simile are quite different, but are commonly confused simply because they are so very similar in nature. This chapter is aimed at clearing up at  ...
     27  -4 2014 sep 22example of metaphorMetaphor Examples - Sensory: Metaphor and our senses of sight Examples of sensory metaphors , including temperature, light, and our senses of smell, touch, sight and taste.
     28  -8 2014 sep 16example of a metaphor
     33  -14 2014 sep 13examples of metaphors
     38  -6 2014 jul 21list of pet namesNicknames, Pet Names and Metaphors - Knowgramming.comBelow are lists of some of the most popular pet names and nicknames. There is a difference in use between the pet name and the nickname: while nicknames ...
     39  +19 2014 aug 17examples of metaphor
     40  +3 2014 aug 17definition of metaphorMetaphor Definition - Knowgramming.comMetaphor is defined as the substitution of one idea or object with another, used to assist expression or understanding. The definition of metaphor is generally ...
     43  +58 2014 sep 16metaphorMetaphor - A Language of Metaphors - Knowgramming.comMetaphor resources including examples, essays and teacher aids. Metaphor is demonstrated as a teaching/learning/inventing tool and for its significance in ...
     45  +13 2014 aug 01whats a metaphorWhat Is A Metaphor ? - Knowgramming.comBrief summary of what a metaphor is, how metaphor functions, and its greater significance.
     51  -10 2014 sep 06fishing analogiesFishing Metaphors - Knowgramming.comExamples of fishing metaphors including fish , net and phishing.
     55  +46 2014 sep 30similes and metaphorsThe difference between simile and metaphor is briefly examined in this tutorial for students and teachers.
     57  +44 2014 sep 29metarphor
     58  -4 2014 aug 15metaphors and similes
     59  +25 2014 aug 12what is a simile
     73  ~ 2014 sep 30sample film proposalMedia / Film Proposals - Knowgramming.comSeveral media / film proposals regarding components of The Adventures of a ... the examples and methods, I would think a guidebook to creating effective
     81  ~ 2014 aug 15fan voice examplesExamples of sensory metaphors, including temperature, light, and our ... There's a fire in my heart and you fan it, Janet. ... Her soft voice was music to his ears.
     85  -6 2014 aug 12what is taxidermyTaxidermy Metaphors - Knowgramming.comThe philosophical and metaphorical meaning of taxidermy , and how taxidermy relates to the Unified Theory. Part of The Adventures of a Sci-Phi Pilot.
     86  -28 2014 jul 27what does simile meanThe difference between simile and metaphor is briefly examined in this
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