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     1  ~ 2014 sep 30best cheap metal detectorbest cheap metal detector . - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsI am looking for a metal detector that is cheap , but is also a good metal detector . I just don't wanna spend 1000000 $ on a metal detector . Is this a decent, cheap metal detector ? - Friendly Metal
     1  ~ 2014 sep 23metal detector forumFriendly Metal Detecting Forums - Powered by vBulletinWelcome to the Friendly Metal Detecting Forums . If this is your first ... To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below . ‎Beach and Water Hunting - ‎Coinshooters and Relic Hunters - ‎All About Detectors
     1  ~ 2014 sep 21metal detecting in singaporeSingapore Gold! - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsBut in January 2011, I decided to ask if I could use a metal detector in Singapore . All of my local Singaporean colleagues told me no. They all 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 20magnum sand scoopLong handle Shallow Water Scoop - I need help !! - Friendly Metal Very good basic dry sand and water scoop thats built to last and is very ... Do a search for magnum water scoop if you are interested in the one ...
     1  +2 2014 sep 18magnum treasure scoops detectingDo a search for magnum water scoop if you are interested in the one ... wire mesh to the sides and ends to try and catch these small treasures . What Do You Carry Your Finds In??? - Page 212 posts26 Apr 2012Trash digging with my new GT14 posts26 Apr 2012Got a GT13 posts3 Apr 2012BH 10 inch magnum 2 posts15 Feb 2009More results from
     1  ~ 2014 aug 31vhf metal detectorPulse Induction machine VS. VHF - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsIs the opposite of a Pulse Induction machine a VHF machine? If so, could you help me understand the differences. I have seen them talked ...
     1  ~ 2014 aug 12metal detector forumsFriendly metal detecting forum . ... the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below . ‎Beach and Water Hunting - ‎Coinshooters and Relic Hunters - ‎All About Detectors
     1  ~ 2014 jul 29friendly metal detectorFriendly metal detecting forum. ... Welcome to the Friendly Metal Detecting Forums. If this is ... Metal detecting parks, fields, foundations, cellar holes, and woods. Beach and Water HuntingThreads in Forum : Beach and Water Hunting, Forum Tools ...General Hobby DiscussionThreads in Forum : General Hobby Discussion, Forum Tools ...Stories and Pictures of FindsSticky: A note of inspiration for new folks - Long and boring ...All About DetectorsInformation and questions about detectors, old and new models ...Coinshooters and Relic HuntersMetal detecting parks, fields, foundations, cellar holes, and ...Eye Popping, Mind Blowing ...Threads in Forum : Eye Popping, Mind Blowing Finds, Forum ...More results from »
     1  ~ 2014 jul 29metal detectors forums
     1  +1 2014 jul 27swiss knife metal detectorThe world's first Swiss Army knife - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsThe world's first Swiss Army knife ' has been discovered and it was made by the ancient Romans around 200 AD. The Roman Army knife is ... Pocket knife age?9 posts16 Mar 2013High School Yeilds Smallest silver, BS swiss knife 3 posts29 Jun 2011 Swiss Knife 9 posts5 Jan 2009 Swiss Army Wow.11 posts26 Jun 2008More results from
     1  ~ 2014 jul 21xlt spectrum voloumeSpectrum XLT | volume (audio) for deeper targets - Friendly Metal I started off with the ACE250 which has the same volume for any target no matter the depth. I recently purchased a used White's Spectrum XLT . Show us your XLT deep silver program6 posts15 Jan 2010 Spectrum XLT questions16 posts23 Aug 2009Picked up a used XLT 7 posts5 Aug 2009More results from
     1  ~ 2014 jul 18compass coinscanner fequencyFinally got a Coin Scanner Pro - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsOLD Compass Coin Scanner Pro. ... Do you know what frequency it works at? ... I did some research and I think it is 13.77 KHz frequency .
     2  +7 2014 oct 01underwater detector headphonesAT-Pro underwater with no headphones ? - Friendly Metal Detecting If I don't have underwater headphones for my AT-Pro, can the control box still go under water ? Do I need to have the factory headphones  ... Underwater without headphones 19 posts2 Oct 2013A pro water proof headphones 11 posts26 Apr 2012What are the Best Underwater Headphones for AT Pro?6 posts18 Jul 2011More results from
     2  +22 2014 sep 20magnum treasure scoopDo a search for magnum water scoop if you are interested in the one ... wire mesh to the sides and ends to try and catch these small treasures .
     2  -1 2014 sep 13slv f70At pro or fisher f5 or f70 - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsAt pro or fisher f5 or f70 General Hobby Discussion.
     2  ~ 2014 aug 25metal detector swing supportHarnesses & Other support options - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsHarnesses & Other support options Metal Detector Accessories.
     2  -1 2014 aug 17sterling ring stamped pmmeaning of " sterling shank" stamped ring ? - Friendly Metal Old 11-28-2012, 04:08 PM ... I recently beeped/dug a fairly cheap looking ring . Looked like it'd been in the ... It is sterling silver ( stamped ) with a marquise garnet . Silver Ring ??? Marked 725 Mexico8 postsJun 24, 2013Fake ring stamped 925??8 postsApr 13, 2013Gold Angel and an old school Sterling ring 14 postsSep 7, 2012Old Sterling ring found at Projects20 postsMay 22, 2012More results from
     2  ~ 2014 aug 16spectruim xlt fctory resetWhites Spectrum XLT reset - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsWhites Spectrum XLT reset How to Use Your Metal Detector. ... Does anyone know how to reset the XLT to it's original factory default settings ? White's Spectrum XLT 18 posts26 Jun 2012How to reset an Explorer II..4 posts21 May 2009whites spectrum xlt 20 posts16 Mar 2009DFX HELP! Reset Factory Default 9 posts17 Feb 2009More results from
     2  -1 2014 aug 15metal detector id brassBrass Union Shield -- Help Me ID !!!! - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsI am pretty sure it is made out of brass by looking at it, and by the VDI it gave me on my detector . It measures 1 1/2 inches long and a little over 
     2  -1 2014 aug 14high end metal detectorA good Highend Metal detector - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsI am in the market for a high - end metal detector . I would love advice on which brands are typically the best, which dry land detectors have the ... Dad needs high end metal detector - Friendly Metal ...7 postsJul 12, 2010Home made coils? - Friendly Metal Detecting Forums6 postsNov 12, 2008More results from
     2  +2 2014 aug 13fitzgerald metal detectorHas anyone tried or know someone who has tried the Fitzgerald's New guy here I am looking at the long range metal detectors by Fitzgerald's or more precisely the PPL Treasure Finder which can be viewed at 
     2  -1 2014 aug 13metal detecting forum
     3  -1 2014 sep 19jewelry at metal detectorWhere did you find gold jewelry ??? - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsI did read pricklypete's thread but I would like to hear where were you when you found a piece of gold jewelry , and what did you find exactly? Best Detector for gold, jewelry , coins, etc
     3  +19 2014 sep 12metal detector jack sizeanyone use earbuds instead of full size headphones? - Friendly I'm somewhat anti-full size headphones, as I like to have an accute ... has anyone used earbuds instead of headphones while metal detecting ? .... The transmitter makes anything with a speaker or headphone jack Bluetooth! stereo headphone jack adapter??17 posts3 Apr 2012E-Trac has gone wireless!!!20 posts24 May 2011More results from
     3  +3 2014 sep 12umax forumTesoro Silver Umax - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsTesoro Silver Umax How to Use Your Metal Detector. Help!! with Bandido II uMax ...12 posts10 Jan 2014Tesoro Golden Umax vs. AT Pro8 posts25 Aug 2013Tesoro Silver Sabre Umax Any Good?3 posts30 Jul 2013Changing coils on your detector (tesoro silver umax )6 posts1 Feb 2013More results from
     3  -1 2014 aug 23summerville metal detectingSummerville SC - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsLived in West Ashley for a year, and then right on the border of Summerville and N. Charleston for another year before moving to VA. I miss it ... Newbie, summerville ,sc1 post9 Dec 2013Visiting Summerville /Charleston SC area this week...1 post12 Jul 2012Charleston SC20 posts27 Feb 2012Beaches Charleston, SC5 posts13 May 2011More results from
     3  ~ 2014 aug 23metal detector backpackAnyone have the Garrett detector backpack ? - Friendly Metal I don't plan on buying a Garrett MD, but i would like a backpack to carry mine. Does anyone know if any metal detector will break down and fit 
     3  ~ 2014 aug 16stainless steel metal detectorStainless Steel = Iron Signal? - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsHow does stainless steel read on a metal detector ? ... over ten percent of chromium...other metals may be introduced into the steel compound.
     3  -1 2014 aug 14iron ore detectorGetting signals from iron ore ...? - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsI have a Garrett 2500. i'm md'ing around a bunch of iron ore . when out in the open, the iron ore will not give a signal. when buried, it sometimes ...
     3  +31 2014 aug 07bandido detector de metalesTesoro Bandido II uMax - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsI took the Tesoro Bandido II uMax out for another test run today. I really like this detector ! I set the discrimination at "0", the threshold at the 3 ... Older detector - Fisher 440 series3 posts17 Mar 2013Oh no!!! not another yellow detector 20 posts20 Aug 2012Bounty Hunter platinum vs Garrett Ace 35010 posts3 Jan 2012More results from
     3  ~ 2014 aug 05garrett groundhog battery packGarrett ADS VLF-TR GroundHog - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsMy friend was just given one of these metal detectors and has given me the task of finding out what batteries/ battery pack he needs to buy to get ... Old or Antique detectors?10 posts21 Jun 2012NEWBEE with vintage detector10 posts29 Jul 2010 garrett detector12 posts18 Aug 2008 Garrett Groundhog ADS no sound4 posts26 May 2007More results from
     3  +2 2014 aug 04compass metal detectorsCompass Metal Detectors ? - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsYou will find lots of info here ....n2.nabble. com/ and also here ... LTL metal detector compass long range - Friendly ...16 posts12 Sep 2012Does anyone still hunt with an old compass detector ...6 posts12 Aug 2011 Compass 77B and 94B questions - Friendly Metal ...2 posts16 Apr 2011Need help with a Compass Magnum 420 - Friendly ...5 posts20 Feb 2011More results from
     3  -1 2014 aug 01new england detectorsDoes New England Detectors Have A Storefront? - Friendly Metal I'm in the market for my first detector and I'd love to buy my machine from a local company. New England Detectors is in Milford, CT which is ... How do I get in touch with New England Detectors ???20 postsJun 21, 2013Is New England Detectors on vacation?20 postsMar 7, 2013Thanks Andrew @ New England Detectors 9 postsAug 31, 2011 New England Metal Detectors 8 postsFeb 12, 2011More results from
     3  ~ 2014 jul 30bounty hunter time rangerBounty Hunter Time Ranger Pro Metal Detector - Friendly Metal Hello Looking for your opinions, Pro an Cons on the Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Pro Metal Detector. I was told by a dealer to stay away from ... Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Pays for itself!20 posts23 Mar 20141st Texan Titan 9000 Pro Bounty Hunter Time Ranger 3 posts18 Feb 2014Got Bounty Hunter Time Ranger for Christmas - Should ...20 posts28 Dec 2011 Bounty Hunter Time Ranger 3 posts1 Feb 2011More results from
     3  ~ 2014 jul 30white spectra xltWhite's Spectrum XLT - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsSo I have the opportunity to trade for a White's Spectrum XLT (through craigslist). I currently use a Fisher F5, but this possible trade for a ... Is the Whites XLT still relevant?20 postsFeb 19, 2012 White's Spectrum XLT (used) vs. Fisher F4 (new)20 postsJan 30, 2011 White's XLT depth9 postsFeb 12, 2010 Whites Spectrum XLT vs Spectra V38 postsJan 6, 2010More results from
     3  +1 2014 jul 26metal detectorist soicety canadaList of Canada Metal Detecting Clubs - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsLower Canada Metal Detectors ng Association  ...
     3  ~ 2014 jul 25seamless coin purseKangaroo Scrotum Seamless Coin Pouch - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsKangaroo Scrotum Seamless Coin Pouch Metal Detector Accessories.
     3  +3 2014 jul 24metal detecting and rainWant to detect today: problem its raining . - Friendly Metal Wow , you posted about 4 oclock today and nobody answered you back , anyway , I've put a bag on my ace 250 and hunted in the rain , a slow 
     3  +1 2014 jul 24ryedale penny sorterRunning a ryedale sorter as a side business? - Friendly Metal I was considering having someone run a ryedale penny sorter operation for me. I was thinking of having them do 5000 dollars in pennies per ...
     4  -1 2014 sep 29rtg beach scoopSand scoop related questions - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsIf you are at rocky beaches go stainless. Never buy a cheap scoop or you will be buying two scoops. RTG makes great scoops. Wire mesh ... Wet/Dry Beach Scoop Recomendation13 posts22 Oct 2012Update on the RTG #710 scoop ....3 posts2 Mar 2012 RTG Scoop 19 posts25 Jan 2012What beach scoop do you use?20 posts12 May 2011More results from
     4  -1 2014 sep 23aragoldGot My Check From ARAGOLD .COM! YAY! - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsOk I finally received my checks from www. aragold .com, Let me tell you they have GREAT customer service, I spoke with a guy there ( JOHN ) ... ARA GOLD disappointment...lost my diamonds (?)4 postsSep 22, 2014 ARA Gold 12 postsOct 23, 2013 ara gold buyers7 postsNov 18, 2012New info on ARA gold recycling13 postsDec 19, 2011More results from
     4  -2 2014 sep 03quibids metal detectorquibids - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsHelo just wanted to see if anyone else uses this website , I have but have not won anything , but lost bot 130 bucks so far lol . let me know if ...
     4  ~ 2014 aug 27rydale machine sort penniesHow about operating costs of the machine ? .... You pour pennies into the Ryedale it sorts them between Zinc and 90% copper pennies .
     4  ~ 2014 aug 27minelab for beachminelab x-terra 705 optimal beach settings? - Friendly Metal I broke in my new x-terra 705 (gold pack -- with 5x10 DD 18.75KHz) at the beach yesterday after studying the manual the night before.
     4  +5 2014 aug 25metal detecting white potteryCan metal detectors find arrowheads?? - Friendly Metal Detecting So in short, NO metal detectors cannot and will not find arrowheads. ... 2014 totals 11 silver coins 6 silver jewelery 1 white gold oldest coin 1835 dime ... Everytime the man that owns it plows they turn up along with pottery . Sifting The Ohio River Banks6 postsMar 2, 2013Advice on hunting plowed or cut fields20 postsOct 14, 2012Dating pottery 4 postsSep 14, 2012Native American Artifacts6 postsJan 14, 2007More results from
     4  ~ 2014 aug 19at pro headphone adapterMade my Own AT Pro Headphone Adapter - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsMade my Own AT Pro Headphone Adapter Make It or Fix It Yourself. AT Pro Headphone Adapter Warranty?3 posts4 May 2014 AT Pro headphone adapter fits too tightly2 posts31 Oct 2013~~~ AT PRO headphone adapter ~~~12 posts26 Jan 2012 AT Pro Headphone Adapter 13 posts11 Jun 2011More results from
     4  -1 2014 aug 14minelab explorer iiMinelab Explorer II worth it? - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsDoes anyone use a MineLab Explorer II ? I'm considering getting one of these because of the rave reviews I have been reading about it? Is it as ... Minelab Explorer 2 2 posts16 Apr 2013 Minelab explorer 2 , xe or se pro??5 posts19 Jan 2013 Minelab Explorer SE Pro vs Garrett AT Pro?12 posts24 Apr 2012 Minelab Explorer models - differences?7 posts30 Nov 2011More results from
     4  -2 2014 jul 31metal detecting in ctConnecticut Hunters State Guidelines - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsI wrote the State of Connecticut a Letter to ask whear I can hunt with out getting in trouble a this is the Letter I got today
     4  +1 2014 jul 25garret ace atp proLearning ATP Pro - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsLearning ATP Pro Coinshooters and Relic Hunters. ... White's DFX, Garrett AT Pro , Garrett Ace 250, two Garrett Pro -Pointers, Lesche and ... F2 with 11" DD vs Garrett ACE 350 with DD12 posts15 Mar 2014Minelab Explorer SE Pro vs Garrett AT Pro ?12 posts24 Apr 2012Difference between Garrett Ace 350 and AT Pro ?10 posts12 Apr 2012AT Pro with ATP Gold 5x8 DD coil Review20 posts12 Nov 2011More results from
     4  ~ 2014 jul 21amps required for electrolysisHow much in the way of amps are needed - electrolysis - Friendly I'm TOTALLY NEW to electrolysis . How many amps do I need for mid size items when it comes to electrolysis ? I am looking at cleaning up some ...
     5  -2 2014 oct 03garrett medal detector repairGarrett Customer Service #1 - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsGarrett Customer Service #1 Advice on Detector Purchase.
     5  ~ 2014 oct 02metal detector circuit geoteGarrett ACE 250 Schematic and PCB layout found - Friendly Metal Garrett ACE 250 Schematic and PCB layout found Make It or Fix It Yourself.
     5  +6 2014 sep 23fisher f2 picturesFisher F2 finds SILVER! - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsFisher F2 finds SILVER! Stories and Pictures of Finds. Fisher F2 finds lead buttons? and other interesting relics ... 3 postsJul 15, 2013 Fisher F2 sniper coil finds (pic heavy)4 postsMay 22, 2013 Fisher F2 finds gold...pencil?10 postsMay 28, 2011 Fisher F2 - Rings20 postsApr 23, 2011More results from
     5  -1 2014 sep 08excalibur pulse 8xLooking for detector for diving - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsThe biggest differences are that the Pulse 8x is multilevel so you can ... whereas I believe you MUST wear headphones with the Excalibur .
     5  -3 2014 sep 05bandido ii metal tetectorI got me a Bandido II uMax a few days ago. It's really purrrrty. Here are some pictures and my thoughts after a couple of test runs with it. Help!! with Bandido II uMax...12 postsJan 10, 2014Tesoro Bandido II - is the price right?13 postsMay 19, 2012Difference in Bandido II and Bandido II Umax ...6 postsNov 14, 2011Bought My First Detector (Tesoro Bandido Original)20 postsOct 16, 2010More results from
     5  -2 2014 aug 29minelab explorer se proMinelab Explorer SE PRO - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsI might want to buy an Explorer SE PRO , even though it isn't in the sweet Minelab commercial here. Is this at least a decent machine? I saw a ... Minelab Explorer SE pro 6 posts12 Jun 2014 MineLab Explorer Se Pro Help14 posts13 Feb 2013 Minelab Explorer SE Pro vs Garrett AT Pro?12 posts24 Apr 2012 Minelab Explorer SE 18 posts16 Nov 2011More results from
     5  -1 2014 aug 27whites eagle spectrumWhite's EAGLE Spectrum ? - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsWhile digging around in a closet a few weeks ago I found my fathers old metal detector, a White's EAGLE Spectrum . I ordered a new battery ... Bought a Whites Eagle Spectrum off a friend20 posts8 Dec 2012 White's Eagle Spectrum or White's XLT?6 posts16 Apr 2012OMG! What's The Deal With The Whites Eagle II SL19 posts8 Feb 2012 whites eagle spectrum 15 posts12 Jan 2011More results from
     5  +3 2014 aug 15austin metal detectorMetal Detecting OUTLAWED in Austin , TX public parks - Friendly I am heading on the road again, this time to Austin , TX. and I was going to do a little detecting . I went to the City of Austin's web site and then to ... Austin , Texas11 postsJun 22, 2010 Austin /San Antonio, TX11 postsAug 24, 2007More results from
     5  -1 2014 aug 12metal detector analog metgerAnalog meter vs. digital meter . old vs. new? - Friendly Metal I've heard the older whites detectors had the best analog meters on the market and more than one person has said they preferred them to the 
     5  -1 2014 aug 08whites xlt spectrumSo I have the opportunity to trade for a White's Spectrum XLT (through craigslist). I currently use a Fisher F5, but this possible trade for a ... White's Eagle Spectrum or White's XLT ?6 posts16 Apr 2012Is the Whites XLT still relevant?20 posts19 Feb 2012 Whites XLT E Series6 posts13 Jun 2011 White's Spectrum XLT (used) vs. Fisher F4 (new)20 posts30 Jan 2011More results from
     5  -2 2014 aug 07metal detecting arkansasArkansas civil war sites? - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsAny of my Arkansas mder's know of any good civil war sights/places
     5  -3 2014 aug 03metal detecting florida beachesCan anyone help me with florida beach laws? - Friendly Metal I'm heading down to Florida to a certain beach for vacation in July. I'm defiantly going to bring my detector and my kayak to go to a secluded ... Florida gulf coast 3 postsMar 22, 2013hello is underwater detecting even legal in Florida ??4 postsMay 9, 2012 Florida Keys hunting18 postsJun 29, 2011Best Beach in Florida ?18 postsJan 2, 2007More results from
     5  +2 2014 jul 31whites xlt metal detectorSo I have the opportunity to trade for a White's Spectrum XLT (through craigslist). I currently use a Fisher F5, but this possible trade for a ... Is the Whites XLT still relevant?20 posts19 Feb 2012 Whites XLT E Series6 posts13 Jun 2011 White's Spectrum XLT (used) vs. Fisher F4 (new ...20 posts30 Jan 2011 White's XLT depth9 posts12 Feb 2010More results from
     5  +2 2014 jul 30fisher gold bug dpGarret AT Pro Vs Fisher Gold Bug DP - Friendly Metal Detecting Forumsone other thing, I own a fisher F2 with a DD coil is been performing very well in finding gold and silver and clad in my first 3 months but I'm ... Garrett at gold vs. fisher goldbug dp 5 postsMar 29, 2012 Fisher Gold bug dp 5 postsJan 2, 2012 Fisher Gold Bug DP Vs. Teknetics G25 postsOct 31, 2011 Fisher Gold Bug SE vs. Gold Bug Pro6 postsOct 23, 2010More results from
     5  ~ 2014 jul 30home made sand scoopHomemade Sand Scoop - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsHomemade Sand Scoop Make It or Fix It Yourself. ... Haven't been able to decide on which "professionally made" scoop to buy so I decided to ...
     5  -2 2014 jul 29dfx custom gold programsDave Z's DFX Program - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsI found this link to custom programs for the DFX which included a program by DaveZ. .... One of these days a big old gold ring is gonna pop out.
     5  +2 2014 jul 26metal detecting forum setupMy latest electrolysis setup . - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsAttached are photos of my current electrolysis setup . I bought a 1/4" thick x 48" long x I think 1 1/2 or 1 1/4" wide chunk of metal at home depot. My fresh water hunting setup 3 postsJul 14, 2014New electrolysis setup 17 postsMay 20, 2013Ace 250 Setup 6 postsDec 27, 2010Electrolysis: My setup 20 postsJan 11, 2009More results from
     5  +1 2014 jul 24ryedale machine sort pennies
     5  -1 2014 jul 20metal detecting south carolinaUpstate South Carolina - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsHello Ken, great to see there is someone metaldetecting in the upstate, most I know with detectors around here use them as dust collectors. Charleston SC 20 postsFeb 27, 2012 South Carolina , Columbia12 postsJun 16, 2010Edisto beach, South Carolina 5 postsAug 29, 2009Anyone in South Carolina ?20 postsJan 4, 2009More results from
     5  -1 2014 jul 17pistol detector schematicMetal Detector Schematic diagram Challenge - Friendly Metal Metal Detector Schematic diagram Challenge All About Detectors . ... Ok all you metal detector tech heads and engineers, this post is for you! .... CS1MX, DP Pistol Probe, VibraTector 730 and a few cheap "toy" detectors .
     6  +2 2014 sep 25gold sovereign waihekeHunting Rain channels - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsThe Creme de Creme of the finds today was a 1958 English gold sovereign . Not something you would expect to find in NZ let alone Waiheke .
     6  +9 2014 sep 18fpoint getFisher F-Point pinpointer - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsI have never bought a pinpointer & probably never will but I did get a free Fisher F -Point pinpointer with one of the detectors I bought. The only ... Fisher F-Point Pinpointer or other?13 postsAug 23, 2013Fisher F-Point PinPointer20 postsFeb 23, 2012 F-Point Pinpointer11 postsAug 10, 2010Fisher F Point Pinpointer5 postsFeb 4, 2009More results from
     6  ~ 2014 sep 13diamond tester penDo those pen -like diamond testers actually work? - Friendly Metal Yes they do work. I have been using a "Mizar" diamond tester for over a decade and it performs perfectly. It looks like they are about $80 on ...
     6  +3 2014 sep 02metal detecter tuned coilRe- tune coil on Tesoro El Dorado - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsGot my 9 year old El Dorado back from Tesoro and repair tag reads re- tune coil / checks out OK. I sent it in just to have tested because of it's age ... Changing coils on your detector (tesoro silver umax)6 posts1 Feb 2013"NEW" guy and " tuned coil "10 posts29 Jul 2011More results from
     6  -3 2014 aug 23metal detecting tipsTips from 25 years detecting - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsTips from 25 years detecting How to Use Your Metal Detector . Teknetics Delta 4000 Tips & Notes - Friendly Metal
     6  ~ 2014 aug 20metal detectors walmart$20 detector! Walmart has Bounty Hunter Pioneer Prospector Metal Walmart has Bounty Hunter Pioneer Prospector Metal Detector for $20.00. ... A metal detector that can't find a half dollar beneath an oak leaf ...
     6  -3 2014 aug 17saltwater metal detectorBest Metal Detector for Wet Sand & Salt Water - Friendly Metal What is the best metal detector for wet sand and salt water ? Regardless of price. I want to hunt at the each along the waters edge. Thanks in 
     6  -2 2014 aug 15tesoro sand sharkHardwired Tesoro Sand Shark Review - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsI now have about 35-hours on my new 8" hardwired Sand Shark . I have used it on the dry sand for about 7-hours, in the wet ocean sand for ... Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II vs Tesoro Sand Shark 20 posts20 Aug 2012My Tesoro Sand Shark Review - (not so favorable)20 posts18 Apr 2012 Sand Shark from treasurehunteronline.com20 posts25 Jan 2012 Sand Shark Users20 posts17 Nov 2011More results from
     6  -4 2014 aug 13ji tungsten carbideFound my first ring today - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsOn the inside of the band it says " JI Tungsten Carbide " with a little pictograph of a diamond gem. I've been researching it a little bit, including ...
     6  -1 2014 aug 11dfx gold programDfx 300 review…… - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsI have a gold program , a silver program , an all around program and ... Having used the older DFX my biggest complaint's with the 300 is the ...
     6  -2 2014 aug 04golden sabre detectorTesoro Golden Sabre - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsI work on a salvage ship, on ship wrecks on the east coast. Just got the bug for land detecting . Got a Tesoro Golden sabre on Ebay 1985 ... Golden Sabre II Mod2 postsAug 15, 2013tesoro golden sabre 21 postMar 9, 2010Any Golden Sabre II users out there?8 postsOct 16, 2008problem with my Tesoro Golden Sabre II8 postsSep 21, 2008More results from
     6  +1 2014 aug 01explorer se professionalIs the explorer SE PRO at least a decent machine? I haven't been able to find a good video of one in use or an instructional video to see how ... Minelab Explorer SE Pro vs Garrett AT Pro?12 postsApr 24, 2012Minelab Explorer SE 18 postsNov 16, 2011E-Trac vs Explorer SE Pro 20 postsOct 10, 2011E-trac, explorer SE , or Safari? Pro and Cons from users20 postsJun 17, 2011More results from
     6  +1 2014 jul 20hobby lobby ring mandrelMandrel Sellers? - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsMandrel Sellers? General Hobby Discussion. ... Does anyone know where to buy ring mandrels locally? I have found them ... Hobby Lobby ?
     6  +3 2014 jul 17indian marble artifactsAncient Indian Marble ? Size of marble , yet lumpy..NOT glass I found it where I've also found ancient indian artifacts . I know the ... Is it possible it is some sort of Moqui Marble (Shaman Stone)? I found one ...
     7  +1 2014 oct 02paypal gift optionPaypal Charging Fees With Gift Option ! - Friendly Metal Detecting If you go to paypal , click send money they changed the way the page ... I did find out you can do the gift option for free if the paypal account is ...
     7  +1 2014 sep 23accsesories for minelab explorerMust have accessories for Minelab ETRAC, EXPLORER , and SAFARI I recently bought a Minelab Explorer SE from GRAYTCOTE, Thanks again... Well, along with buying some coils for it I decided I wanted to ...
     7  +7 2014 sep 18whites pi 300 tunerWhites Surf PI Pro - User Tips - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsWhites Surf PI Pro - User Tips How to Use Your Metal Detector. ... from reading the manual is that I should adjust the tuner control until I can ...
     7  -1 2014 sep 01seben deep targetSeben Deep Target metal detector. - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsSeben Deep Target metal detector. Advice on Detector Purchase.
     7  +18 2014 aug 27mpro metal detector2 - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsFriendly Metal Detecting Forums · Big Boys Hobbies · List all sponsors. Go Back, Friendly
     7  -1 2014 aug 21edisto river metal detectFirst Silver Ring on my first serious beach hunt. - Friendly Metal I got my first metal detector , and AT PRO, a couple weeks ago. ... My big plans are to hit the Edisto River in some of the shallow areas between ...
     7  -2 2014 aug 17metal detect morris islandFirst Shot Of The Civil War Witness Relic!! My BEST Find!! ADDED N I was to learn at the South Carolina Historical Society, that Private William Reynolds was stationed on Morris Island S.C., at Stevens Iron Battery 
     7  -5 2014 aug 13skb metal detectorColonial Metal Detectors - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsColonial Metal Detectors Advice on Detector Purchase. ... Originally Posted by SKB View Post. Just wanted to give props to Rich at Colonial ... Colonial Metal Detectors ROCKS !!1 post10 Jul 2013Colonial Metal Detectors (ROCKS)4 posts23 Mar 2013Q: Tesoro Vaquero & Pull Tabs..5 posts1 Apr 2012Silver Umax question20 posts24 Jan 2010More results from
     7  -3 2014 aug 08koria metal detectorsCache in S. Korea - Friendly Metal Detecting ForumsCache in S. Korea Caches, Old Bottles, and other Treasures.
     7  -1 2014 aug 08long range locators ferumsHOW To Convert Your Metal Detector Into A LRL ( Long Range Locator Thas is so funny that it is still making it's rounds. I usually post it when a forum gets kind of slow or a major disagreement happens.
     7  +1 2014 aug 07penny sorting machine
     7  +14 2014 aug 06inexpensive metal detector goldI am looking for a metal detector that is cheap , but is also a good metal detector . .... Also, what are your targets - coins, jewelry, gold , relics, etc?
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