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     1  +1 2014 oct 03auto expandable tableHow to turn Table auto - expand feature back on? - MrExcel.comWhile working with an Excel 2010 table I made the grievous error of click to stop auto expanding tables via one of those pesky little menus that.
     1  ~ 2014 sep 29vba point of salesExcel Point of Sale ( POS ) - Programing multibuy deals in Excel VBA Hi, I am writing a Point of Sale system in Excel using VBA . (It is long story as to why I am doing this and I know it is probably crazy using Excel. Rounding up with VBA 1 post18 Sep 2014 VBA Coding For Inventory and POS 2 posts15 Oct 2010Creating an order entry form using Excel VBA 2 posts9 Oct 2008Using VBA to fire a Point of Sale transaction2 posts16 Aug 2007More results from
     1  ~ 2014 sep 29xlsx vs xlsmProcs and Cons of XLSX and XLSM - MrExcel.comI gather from the above that there are no additional features in XLSM vs XLSX , apart from the ability of Excel 2007 tp open XLSM files that ... xls vs xlsm 4 posts12 Jul 2013Macro-enabled workbook (. xlsm vs . xlsx )5 posts21 Sep 2011Saving a . xlsm file as . xlsx using VBA6 posts19 Dec 2010
     1  ~ 2014 sep 22dotor | Excel Resources | Excel Seminars | Excel ProductsMrExcel is your one stop for Excel tips and solutions. MrExcel offers help for excel including seminars and other training. ‎MrExcel Message Board - ‎Search - ‎Visual Learning - ‎eBooks
     1  ~ 2014 sep 21mr excelMrExcel .com | Excel Resources | Excel Seminars | Excel ProductsMrExcel is your one stop for Excel tips and solutions. MrExcel offers help for excel including seminars and other training. MrExcel Message BoardExcel Questions - Register - Board Announcements - Lounge v.2.0SearchWe have 800000 unique pages here. Use this page to search
     1  ~ 2014 sep 14ws visibleExcel Macros for making all worksheets visible and all but one If the worksheet that is to remain unhidden is always the same worksheet :-. Sub HideSheets() Dim ws As Worksheet For Each ws In ...
     1  +5 2014 sep 13misaligned vbaExcel VBA SUM function the range is misaligned - MrExcel.comI am trying to do a simple summation between cell A1 and A5. I tried recording this process using the macro, however, this is what i got: Code: correcting misaligned data10 posts17 May 2011 VBA Editor View Please help!4 posts16 Nov 2009column misalignment 7 posts23 Jun 2009Aligning manually entered data with external data (query ... 9 posts2 Apr 2009More results from
     1  ~ 2014 sep 13vlookup cpuCalculation time on Vlookup - MrExcel.comHere are a few examples of the calculation process times, which pegs the CPU at 100%. Now it's down to only two sheets at the moment. Vlookup data on following rows.3 posts9 Apr 2012would more RAM help my Excel?10 posts25 Mar 2012Index/Match V Vlookup 9 posts4 May 2011Copying Vlookup Formula3 posts23 Jul 2002More results from
     1  ~ 2014 sep 05bingo random number generator excelRandom Number Generator - MrExcel.comI need some code that picks a random number between 1 and 40 but without repeating a selection, so a little like a bingo machine.
     1  ~ 2014 aug 29text to rows excelCan you use Text To Columns feature to be Text To Rows ? - MrExcel.comAs such, if I use the Text To Columns feature to split the data at each column, I lose several columns (because excel cannot have that many ... HELP! Need to convert comma delimited text into rows 10 posts8 Jul 2013 Text to rows VBA8 posts11 Jun 2013Help converting Text String into Rows in Excel 5 posts3 Jul 2009How to split single text cell into multiple rows , using a ...10 posts1 Dec 2008More results from
     1  ~ 2014 aug 24merge xlsx pageMerge All Sheets in single sheet - MrExcel.comHello frnz, I convert a pdf salary sheet to excel when I open the excel ... LoadFromFile(@"D:\michelle\my file\ merge excel. xlsx ", ExcelVersion.
     1  ~ 2014 aug 17every line i crotestVBA EXCEL07 Runtime Error - Subscript out of range, referencing And to add to it I am unsure if the error would return on the first line of the if statement IF ... If anybody could spot any rookie mistakes I've made below, ... on the line below this one If Workbooks("shared\ CRO\Test \RND1.xlsx").
     1  +1 2014 aug 16debt reduction formulaExcel formula to calculate credit debt reduction - MrExcel.comHi, Does anyone know a formula to use in Excel to calculate credit debt reduction based on the amount owed, interest rate and minimum ...
     1  ~ 2014 aug 14embedding html in excelHTML into Excel - MrExcel.comHow can I embed HTML into excel (not excel into HTML )? If there is any way please let me know. Embedding HTML into VBA10 posts17 Jul 2013VBA: Embedding a Picture in an Outlook Email - Page 210 posts6 Jan 2012INSERT HTML 7 posts16 May 2002More results from
     1  ~ 2014 aug 14excel transpose macro codeTranspose Macro - MrExcel.comHello All, I was wondering if their is a simple macro to transpose data
     1  ~ 2014 aug 12undouble in excelExcel Delete double entriesExcel tips and Excel help from the MrExcel Message Board ... from seperate sources, merged together in a single sheet and sorted on Col A.
     1  ~ 2014 aug 12bookmark link valueInsert cell value into bookmark link - MrExcel.comI have a list of student names in an Excel 2010 worksheet in column A. Each student has two worksheets that I need to link to (from columns B ...
     1  ~ 2014 aug 04scan barcode into excelBarcode scanning with Excel - MrExcel.comI'm trying to have a barcode scanner be able to scan the ID card and pull up their information in excel or access. How can I do this? My boss ... Scan barcode to excel with date & time stamp in & out.10 posts2 Dec 2012input barcode data into Excel 10 posts4 Jun 2012I need help in excel for barcode scanning ?3 posts11 Sep 2010Counting Inventory with Barcode Scanner10 posts21 Jun 2010More results from
     1  ~ 2014 aug 03pasring html with excelParsing HTML into Excel - MrExcel.comHi, I'm looking to extract table data from a webpage into a document in Excel . I have looked around and seen only examples that open the ... Parsing strings from HTML code and writing to cells ...6 posts15 Oct 2012 HTML Table Parse to Excel 6 posts25 Dec 2011 Parsing HTML title into Excel 6 posts15 Jun 2011don't want excel to interpret html tags9 posts29 Dec 2003More results from
     1  +1 2014 jul 29google search results macroMacro for returning URL of the first search result on Google from Hi, So basically I have an Excel sheet which has keywords that need to be entered in Google search . I need the URL of the first page of the ... Google Search Results Macro 1 post15 Nov 2012Excel Macro VBA to Count Google Search Results 1 post7 Jun 2012 Macro to open IE goto google and search for keyword4 posts25 Jan 2011More results from
     1  ~ 2014 jul 26convert xls to exeConvert XLS to .EXE - MrExcel.comHi all Well, I just found out on Orlando's website that a freeware application had just been coded, enabling you to generate stand-alone exe . Exe to XLS 3 postsFeb 26, 2011 Convert . XLS to a Stand Alone . exe 4 postsJul 16, 2008 Converting Excel into Executable File2 postsApr 6, 2006 converting an Excel macro into a VB . exe 10 postsJun 21, 2005More results from
     1  +3 2014 jul 25instance new mesages vbulletinVBA: Move open workbook to new Excel instance - MrExcel.comknow if it's possible to move an open excel workbook to a new Excel instance using vba ? ... MrExcel Message Board - Powered by vBulletin . ReOpen thisworkbook in new instance through VBA1 post10 Dec 2013Second Excel File opens in New Instance of Excel4 posts17 Sep 2013stop excel from opening in new instance every time3 posts24 Jan 2013Switch between New Instance Windows?2 posts15 Nov 2011More results from
     1  ~ 2014 jul 24vba select column rangeSyntax for Selecting Columns in VBA - MrExcel.comHello Is there a way to select columns (more than 1!) ... However if you are adding ranges to a chart with VBA you can probably do that directly ... Vba : Select column range up to last value, ignore blanks6 posts8 Dec 2011 Select Last cell in named range VBA 10 posts15 Apr 2011 Select entire Column till last row VBA 10 posts30 Mar 2011 VBA - how to select a range of columns ?10 posts15 Apr 2003More results from
     1  ~ 2014 jul 21add one monthAdd one month - MrExcel.comI'm more of an Access person so I'm used to the dateadd function. How do you add one month or one day to a date in Excel? Need to add one month to a day but I need it to be on a ...10 posts9 Aug 2013 Add on one month to a date4 posts25 Jan 2013 Add 1 month to date with VBA7 posts27 Jun 2003Macro to add month in a cell8 posts30 Apr 2003More results from
     1  ~ 2014 jul 21tshirt inventory listSimple Inventory List - MrExcel.comI need help creating a simple inventory list that will help me keep track of the t- shirts my company has in inventory . I tried making it myself but I.
     1  +1 2014 jul 20magic quadrant excel documentCreating Gartner style Magic Quadrant Chart - MrExcel.comThis is a discussion on Creating Gartner style Magic Quadrant Chart within the Excel Questions forums, part of the Question Forums category; Is there a template or process I can use to create a Gartner style Magic Quadrant  ...
     2  +1 2014 oct 03error in loading dllError in loading DLL . How to stop this error: - MrExcel.comThe following are checked from refereces. Microsoft:ref edit control Miscrosoft forms edit control Visual Basic for applications Microsoft Excel ... Error loading DLL - Windows Common Controls3 posts16 Oct 2012Document Not Saved ( Error in loading , dll error 48)3 posts22 Jul 2009 Error in loading DLL 10 posts22 Dec 2008Compile error: Error in Loading DLL 2 posts28 Sep 2005More results from
     2  ~ 2014 oct 01vba gotoExcel VBA Goto command - MrExcel.comI have an excel VBA question about the Goto command. I have a sub that enters data based on a series of inputboxes and then the last ... VBA "On Error goto Errhandler" for a loop7 postsMar 20, 2013 VBA - Macro won't go to next If statement3 postsDec 29, 2012Using Application. Goto in VBA to position a Worksheet6 postsAug 13, 2012 VBA Error goto previous line / statement not resume next3 postsAug 10, 2012More results from
     2  +1 2014 sep 28redim preserveVba arrays, redim , preserve - MrExcel.comHi, Can anyone explain what they do and when its most common to use this scenario. I am a newbie and would like to know when to use this ... Excel 2010 VBA 7.0: ReDim Preserve giving subscript ...4 postsAug 13, 2014 Redim preserve / "subscript out of range."6 postsJun 16, 2009VBA Array Redim Preserve 4 postsFeb 26, 2009 redim preserve - another annoying array question :)6 postsJul 16, 2003More results from
     2  ~ 2014 sep 27excel help forumForum - MrExcel.comExcel Questions. All Excel /VBA questions - formulas, macros, pivot tables, general help , etc. Please post to this forum in English only. ‎Excel Questions - ‎Register - ‎Board Announcements - ‎Microsoft Access
     2  ~ 2014 sep 25excell forumExcel Questions. All Excel /VBA questions - formulas, macros, pivot tables, general help, etc. Please post to this forum in English only. ‎Excel Questions - ‎Register - ‎Board Announcements - ‎Microsoft Access
     2  -1 2014 sep 22doctor excel
     2  +3 2014 sep 18vba excel выбор файлаVBA How to open a file from Input from user via "browse" - MrExcel.comI have created a macro in VBA to open anohter excel file which is raw ... allow the user to browse through windows to select which file to open.
     2  ~ 2014 sep 18excel forumMrExcel Message Board -
     2  ~ 2014 sep 16excel move $ closerMoving bars on a bar chart closer together - MrExcel.comWhat I would like to do is to move the bars right next to each other.
     2  -1 2014 sep 15moving average vbaMoving average in VBA - MrExcel.comHi, I have searched through previous posts on moving averages and cannot find a VBA solution for a simple moving average for an arbitrary ... Moving Average in VBA 1 post19 Apr 2012 VBA Worksheet Function Average 4 posts16 Sep 2010 VBA Dynamic Arrays Simple Moving Averages4 posts13 Dec 2009Exponential Moving Average 4 posts29 Mar 2002More results from
     2  +1 2014 sep 14count characters in excelCount characters in a Cell - MrExcel.comI am looking for a function that will help me count characters [text or
     2  -1 2014 sep 14exel swop axisHow do you swap table axes ? - MrExcel.comIs it possible to swap the axis of a table SO that the columns become the rows and vice versa? I tried using the pivot table function, but it gives. How to easily switch x and y axis in Excel for Mac 20112 postsOct 11, 2013 Swapping Data on X any Y axis on chart2 postsApr 13, 2011 Swapping Double Y axis Excel Help7 postsDec 2, 2010 interchange the axis on a line chart2 postsJan 17, 2003More results from
     2  ~ 2014 sep 11vbyesnoMsgbox with vbYesNo and vbCritical - MrExcel.comIs it possible to have a vbYesNo and a vbCritical in a msgbox? I would like to emphasize a message to the user and the option should be. vbYesNo not working correctly7 posts14 Jan 2011MsgBox vbYesNo and Exit Sub3 posts30 Sep 2010MsgBox vbYesNo 3 posts4 Sep 2010 vbYesNo message box4 posts19 Nov 2002More results from
     2  ~ 2014 sep 10how to join to cellExcel Joining Two Text Columns First Name Last Name with Joining a cell containing text to a cell containing a number In general, this will work out fairly well. In the image below, I've used the formula to build a phrase ...
     2  +1 2014 sep 09macro to remove certain charactersmacro to delete characters in a cell - MrExcel.comI'm trying to create a macro to go through each cell in a column and
     2  +2 2014 sep 06free excel cubeCreate Cube with Excel 2007 - MrExcel.comThere must be some FREE way to create OLAP cubes for use with Excel ? Does MS provide an alternative - maybe some free add-on or ...
     2  +54 2014 sep 05imagene activexLoad a pic into ActiveX Image control - MrExcel.comHello, I have inserted an Image ActiveX control on my sheet. I can load jpgs in it by choosing Properties - Picture. I cannot find a way how to ...
     2  ~ 2014 sep 05excel gurus gone wildExcel Gurus Gone Wild - MrExcel.comExcel Gurus Gone Wild Do the IMPOSSIBLE with Microsoft Excel by Bill Jelen. The world's most arcane Excel book offers 60+ techniques for Excel. This book is  ...
     2  +2 2014 sep 02combine cells in excelAn Excel formula to join two text columns into a single column. The tip uses concatenation, the AutoFill Handle, the Proper function and Paste Special Values .
     2  +1 2014 sep 02sort row by checkboxIs it sort CHECK BOXES - MrExcel.comOkay, it sounds like you don't really want to sort the checkboxes themselves, but rather to sort on, say, column A while checkboxes that are "in" ...
     2  ~ 2014 sep 01sql lookup from excelVlookup against SQL database - MrExcel.comHello Experts: I am using MS Excel 2007 on Win Xp. I have an excel sheet ... I have a database instance from which I need to lookup for the ... SQL lookup - Time out2 posts20 Jun 2013Index/match/vlookup and ODBC SQL 10 posts7 May 2009VLOOKUP against SQL Server database - Help!5 posts28 Nov 2007More results from
     2  +2 2014 aug 30max macro excellMax VBA Function?? - MrExcel.comHi everyone, I have 4 variables (dates in column B) in a worksheet. I am trying to find the most recent date out of the 4 and return the cell value 
     2  ~ 2014 aug 29australian date formatAmerican vs Australian Date Format Issue - MrExcel.comHi there I export dates from a program, which generates the dates in a mm/dd/ yyyy format . Problem is I'm in Australia and need it to be ...
     2  ~ 2014 aug 29geographical heat mapGeographical Heat Map in Excel? - MrExcel.comGood Morning/Evening/Afternoon fellow excelers I've been assigned a task to generate a georgraphical heatmap on some data -as expected ...
     2  -1 2014 aug 25cell format counterHow to count conditional format colour cells - MrExcel.comHello everybody, Below I have an example from A1 to V1 which have 3 conditional formatting conditional format 1. if value is 0 then colour red ... Create Conditional Formatting in VBA based on value ...2 postsOct 28, 2013Formula to count colored cells ?4 postsJul 11, 2011Too Many Cell Formats - how can you count Formats ?4 postsJun 18, 2002Counting conditionally formatted cells 10 postsJun 7, 2002More results from
     2  +2 2014 aug 24sales commission spreadsheetSales commission spreadsheet with variable commission rates I've been hunting around and can't find the answer to my problem anywhere. Here is the commission spreadsheet I want to make for sales staff: Sales commission formulas8 posts30 Oct 2012 Sales Commission spreadsheet 3 posts15 May 2009Calculating Commission Tiers5 posts14 May 2005More results from
     2  +1 2014 aug 22chat in excelUsing Excel as a platform to chat with someone through inter Is it possible to use excel as a platform to chat with someone through internet ( like MSN)
     2  +2 2014 aug 19excel formula volatileformula result = volatile .... ???? - MrExcel.comI have an IF statement that calculates some date differences. It worked excellent in excel 2003. Since our office updated to 2007, It doesn't ...
     2  -1 2014 aug 18excel auto sortAuto Sort A List by Values in Excel - MrExcel.comHi fom Sydney! Is there a way in Excel to have a list of names with values automatically re- sort whenever any of the values change. The default ... Auto Sort using VBA CODE9 posts4 Jan 2013 excel macro to automatically put rows in alphabetical ...10 posts8 Mar 2011Use VBA to Auto Sort Column When Values Change?10 posts5 Apr 2010 Automatic Sorting - Alphabetically10 posts8 Apr 2002More results from
     2  ~ 2014 aug 11tab in excel celltab inside cell - MrExcel.comHi everyone, nice quick easy one!! How do I tab within an excel cell ?? i.e I dont want tab to move me to a new cell just tab inside the cell im. Insert Tab / Sheet Name into a cell 10 posts19 Apr 2004Insert Tab name into worksheet ?10 posts18 Dec 2002 SHEET TAB NAME - show in cell A1??10 posts7 Jul 2002 worksheet name in cell 10 posts9 Apr 2002More results from
     2  +1 2014 aug 07warehouse inventory spreadsheet examplesA simple Inventory System - MrExcel.comWarehouse Department 1. ... Now, I want to have an inventory which like: ... Hi have a look here: Sample Excel Spreadsheets - Excel Templates
     2  +1 2014 jul 30excel access vbaExcel VBA Connection to Access - MrExcel.comHi All. I currently have a workbook that has VBA functions that calculates values by looping through large amounts of data in a few large excel  ... Excel / Access / VBA /SQL9 postsOct 8, 2013Using Excel VBA to Export data to Ms. Access Table10 postsApr 23, 2013Using Access VBA to edit Excel document10 postsMar 9, 2010Use Excel VBA to access data in an Access database4 postsAug 25, 2003More results from
     2  ~ 2014 jul 29excel google finance connectionReal Time Stock Price from Google Finance in Excel 2007 - MrExcel.comwell i dont know weather this is possible or not with Excel 2007, I did this with Google Docs Spreadsheet long before and it was wonderfull. Yahoo Finance to Excel Automation7 postsMay 29, 2013Web query to obtain historical stock data using Google ...5 postsMay 28, 2010More results from
     2  ~ 2014 jul 26excel vba forumForum - MrExcel Message BoardExcel Questions. All Excel / VBA questions - formulas, macros, pivot tables, general help, etc. Please post to this forum in English only. ‎Excel Questions - ‎Register - ‎Board Announcements - ‎PowerPivot Questions
     2  +4 2014 jul 22cash register in excelUsing Excel As Cash Register /POS - MrExcel.comHi There Has anyone seen a neat solution where Excel has been set up like a touch screen Point Of Sale/ Cash Register ? Im looking for a ... Excel 10 Userform to Count Cash 2 posts20 Jan 2014Macro to simulate a cash register 2 posts16 Jun 2012Calculating Change10 posts7 Feb 2012Creating Cash register - plz help.3 posts11 Oct 2010More results from
     2  ~ 2014 jul 20technorati category csvNeed to write a macro to delete columns in a CSV file - MrExcel.comHi, I have a CSV file with the following columns: column1, Column2, Column3 A, B, C,D I need to write a macro to : 1. Delete column2 2. Date format issue in CSV fiile2 posts19 Jul 2014 CSV Quotation Mark Help - MrExcel.com6 posts28 Mar 2014VBA to save as CSV - MrExcel.com6 posts25 Mar 2014leading zero missing from labels printed in Word from ...3 posts5 Mar 2014More results from
     2  ~ 2014 jul 20excel vba certificationAdvice on VBA certification and career path - MrExcel.comSo now I'm trying to learn VBA on my own and was looking specifically for an Excel VBA certification . I didn't have much luck searching and 
     2  ~ 2014 jul 19access read onlyDatabase keeps opening as READ - ONLY ?? - MrExcel.comEverytime I open up my Access database, it says This database has been opened read - only . You can only change data in linked tables. How to give some users read - only access to Access 20077 posts20 Nov 2012Make query read - only ?5 posts5 Jun 2003More results from
     2  +1 2014 jul 16excel to exeHi all Well, I just found out on Orlando's website that a freeware application had just been coded, enabling you to generate stand-alone exe . Converting Excel file with VBA to Exe or VB Project5 posts15 Jun 2013converting an Excel macro into a VB . exe 10 posts21 Jun 2005Packaging Excel File into . EXE 2 posts27 Feb 2004 Excel Sheet as Exe 4 posts25 Feb 2003More results from
     3  ~ 2014 oct 01vba remainder functionMod function in VBA - MrExcel.comHow can I use the MOD function in VBA ? I would like to divide a number by nine and keep only the remainder . Using Worksheet Function MOD in VBA 5 postsApr 5, 2013Difference between Mod Operator (Visual Basic) and ...6 postsJan 11, 2013Is there any function in VBA as "IsEven"10 postsJul 21, 2009Excel Mod Function Works Wrong10 postsDec 27, 2006More results from
     3  -1 2014 sep 28excel printing text noneNon printing text - MrExcel.comThis is a discussion on Non printing text within the Excel Questions
     3  ~ 2014 sep 28if andExcel Combining IF and AND functionsExcel tips and Excel help from the MrExcel Message Board regarding Combining IF and AND functions.
     3  ~ 2014 sep 26countif two conditionsCOUNTIF - MrExcel.comI have tried every criteria I can think of in the Excel CountIf formula below to get it to look at 2 criteria . Simulate SUMIF with 2 conditions .
     3  -2 2014 sep 21shade region excel chartShade a range in a chart - MrExcel.comI want to graph these numbers on a line chart with the x axis being.
     3  ~ 2014 sep 20active cell referenceActiveCell Address - MrExcel.comHi, I need some VBA code that stores the ActiveCell Address (eg B24), which I need to return to later. Is it something like the below? ActiveCell. VBA ActiveCell reference ?10 posts14 Oct 2011Formula that returns address of the active cell .10 posts30 Jan 2009How to reference active cell location, go someplace....2 posts10 Dec 2003return cell reference in vba function3 posts16 Dec 2002More results from
     3  +11 2014 sep 20vbscript highlight cellVBScript to select cell using Find method - MrExcel.comI created a vba code that used the find function to locate a cell with a particular string. However when I convert it to vbscript , it's just giving me. using vbscript set background color to a entire row till ...10 posts30 Jun 2013Referencing a cell within code - VBScript 1 post15 Dec 2011VBA to check-if blank cell 4 posts26 Jan 2009More results from
     3  -2 2014 sep 20aboneaaCut and paste data range to new sheet - MrExcel.com2. SS199, V1223111, 0, P, ABONEAA , INSPECT ZONE 111, 24, B ... 20. SS199, V2151003, 0, P, ABONEAA , INSPECT CAU BAY 1 (DI), 500, H ...
     3  +1 2014 sep 20how to unanchor in accessAccess 2007 trying to help me too much. - MrExcel.comHi, Access 2007 specific question. You create a form using a wizard, and Access groups all the ... How do I unanchor a group of controls? Multiple rows in Access Report10 postsMar 25, 2011Anchoring multiple cells at once10 postsApr 14, 2010More results from
     3  -1 2014 sep 20replaceformat xlinsideverticalVBA, How come code only removes Yellow=6 and not Interior Borders( xlInsideVertical ).LineStyle = xlNone ... ReplaceFormat .Clear .FindFormat .Interior.ColorIndex = 33 . ReplaceFormat .Interior.ColorIndex = ...
     3  -1 2014 sep 16forum excelExcel Questions. All Excel /VBA questions - formulas, macros, pivot tables, general help, etc. Please post to this forum in English only.
     3  ~ 2014 sep 13vba modHow can I use the MOD function in VBA ? I would like to divide a number by nine and keep only the remainder. Using Worksheet Function MOD in VBA 5 posts5 Apr 2013How do I get VBA to check if a number is a multiple of ...10 posts26 Jul 2010 VBA - is variable odd or even....5 posts14 May 2008 MOD problem in VBA 8 posts8 Feb 2006More results from
     3  -1 2014 sep 11microsoft scripting runtimereference Microsoft Scripting Runtime via code? - MrExcel.comHi All: I have a macro that was given to me by a Board Member but in order to run it you need to reference Microsoft Scripting Runtime . Is there. Excel VBA Microsoft Scripting Runtime not in Excel 20102 postsNov 6, 2012VBA to Check Microsoft Scripting Runtime library10 postsJul 11, 2010Check for Microsoft Scripting Runtime 5 postsMar 2, 2009Missing Microsoft Scripting Runtime 7 postsApr 21, 2005More results from
     3  +2 2014 sep 11excel merge columnsAn Excel formula to join two text columns into a single column . The tip uses concatenation, the AutoFill Handle, the Proper function and Paste Special Values .
     3  -1 2014 sep 09move comment boxCan I move the Comment Box ? - MrExcel.comWhen certain cells in the worksheet are selected, a comment box pops up to advise what is to be entered and in what format. This box obstructs ...
     3  +2 2014 sep 07protect links vbVB Code to Open Password Protected Excel File - MrExcel.comIs there VB code to include the entry of a password to open a ... If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. VBA: Allow user select locked cells while sheet is ...3 posts29 Mar 2012Allow VBA to modify cells in protected sheet3 posts14 Apr 2011auto update from password protected files vba?9 posts21 Jul 2009More results from
     3  +10 2014 aug 29code to count pageVBA Code to Count number of print pages on worksheet - MrExcel.comIs there a way to have cell A1 show the number of print pages on a work sheet .If a worksheet had 14 pages it would show 14 in cell A1. Z. vba code to count visible rows after autofiltering a table ... 10 postsJan 4, 2012VBA Page Count 7 postsOct 18, 2008More results from
     3  +1 2014 aug 27sqllite with excelSQLite with Excel and VBA - MrExcel.comHas anyone successfully linked up Excel with SQLite as a backend, some code examples would be appreciated? I'm currently using an .mdb ... Excel and sqlite . Trying to understand the options ...9 posts20 May 2011Update a sqlite database using VBA2 posts25 Jul 2007More results from
     3  +1 2014 aug 25excel formula late feeCalculating Late Fees - MrExcel.comThis is a discussion on Calculating Late Fees within the Excel Questions forums, part of the ... data sheet with calculation formulas given below Combining if and vlookup formula in one cell3 posts19 Nov 2013Need a Formula for Days past due!10 posts7 Nov 2013Help creating summary sheet referencing information in ...10 posts22 Sep 2013overdue interest10 posts18 Sep 2002More results from
     3  +3 2014 aug 23id mapping category pathMapping parent/child IDs to paths - MrExcel.comIn column "B" & "C" I have the Category ID & Parent ID which is ... next to A,B,C is to produce a path mapping of the parent/child relationship(s).
     3  +2 2014 aug 22overlay chart linehow do I do an overlay line chart over a stacked bar chart does that make sense? I can only find a way to do an overlay line chart with a regular bar chart . Overlay Line Graph onto Bar Graph?4 postsOct 22, 2009 overlay line and bar graphs5 postsApr 16, 2009 Overlay CAGR line on Revenue vs Year Chart 5 postsAug 27, 2008More results from
     3  +4 2014 aug 17vb clear lineVBA Delete Entire Row if Contains Certain Text - MrExcel.comI've searched on here, but every code I put in gives me an error back. Data in column D, If any of the cells contains Record Only I need it to ... VBA - clear contents in row5 posts19 Apr 2012 Vba code to delete all rows below row 3?5 posts21 Oct 2010 clear all borders using VBA 4 posts24 Oct 2002 Delete Row using VBA 3 posts12 Aug 2002More results from
     3  ~ 2014 aug 14excel day of weekExcel Can you get Excel to return the name of the Day when you I have a date, and I'd like Excel to tell me what day of the week it is, for example, if it's 8/31/01 it would tell me "Friday". The WEEKDAY formula ... Excel Day of the week 17 Jan 2002 Excel Date format that includes day of week 26 Nov 2001 Excel weekday names1 Nov 2001 Excel Converting a week number to date6 Sep 2001
     3  ~ 2014 aug 14vba open folderOpen a folder in VBA - MrExcel.comHi, It is my program that opens a folder My_Folder in VBA . But if there is an error, windows exploere showes the error not my program. why?? Opening a folder with VBA 12 Jul 2012 VBA - open a folder from within Excel7 Sep 2010Browse for a folder in VBA 21 Dec 2007 Open a Windows Explorer Window using VBA ....6 Jun 2002More results from
     3  +1 2014 aug 11character count excelI am looking for a function that will help me count characters [text or ... This is a discussion on Count characters in a Cell within the Excel  ... Character Count 5 posts11 May 2004 Count the number of time a character appears in a string10 posts5 Mar 2003What is the formula to count number of letters in a cell7 posts27 Jan 2003 Count letters in a string7 posts4 Jul 2002More results from
     3  +1 2014 jul 27excel to xml macroMacro to convert excel file to xml file - MrExcel.comHi I need a macro to convert excel file to xml file.Plz help me on this.. Help getting Custom Ribbon to run macros 5 posts26 Oct 2011how to remove Privacy Warning10 posts5 Jan 2011Create a XML Macro 5 posts11 Nov 2010 Macro to open File Open dialog to import xml file3 posts9 Sep 2009More results from
     3  +1 2014 jul 27excel fuzzy matchFuzzy Matching - new version plus explanation - MrExcel.comIt has been a while since I originally posted my Fuzzy matching ... Microsoft Excel - Fuzzy Examples.xls, ___Running: 11.0 : OS = Windows XP ... Fuzzy matching in Excel 5 Apr 2011 Excel partial match (remove duplicates from list)6 Mar 2009Alan's UDFs for the Fuzzy Match problem17 Dec 2003Using Match Function to Find Approximate Words27 Nov 2002More results from
     3  -2 2014 jul 27add percentage in excelHow to add a percentage to a number - MrExcel.comOk I'm rather new at Excel (what I do know has been self taught) but now I need help. I've tried for a couple years to figuare out how to do the. How to add percentage sign to number on vertical axis ...8 postsOct 6, 2012How to add percentage to multiple cells all at once?4 postsJul 6, 2012 Add percentage labels to data series in chart10 postsNov 6, 2010 Percentage rounding issue8 postsJun 16, 2009More results from
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