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     12  +4 2014 jul 20serger brin alzheimerA Unique Partnership to Advance Alzheimer's Research through Fetherstonhaugh, The Brin Wojcicki Foundation, Heather ... New Alliance: Alzheimer's Association, Alzheimer's Disease ... Sergey Brin and Anne Wojcicki.
     31  -6 2014 sep 18fda austenWhat you probably don't know about innovation at FDAFrank L. Douglas, President and CEO, Austen BioInnovation Institute ... The biggest danger, said Janet Woodcock, director of the FDA's Center ...
     40  -11 2014 jul 17alliance for lupus researchCTI and the Alliance for Lupus Research : Rewiring the R&D and the Alliance for Lupus Research . • ALR and CTI are co-funding novel translational research projects driven by leading academic medical centers.
     52  -20 2014 sep 09allegro visionAllegro Ophthalmics, LLC Accelerated Innovation. Needed discovery to Phase II IND clearance. – Efficiency: less than $20MM, taking. Allegro through Phase III for first indication over the next 2 years. 3. Normal Vision .
     58  ~ 2014 aug 21kind for curesInnovator Application » Partnering For Cures22 for an Innovator Presentation spot at this year's Partnering for Cures ! ... What kind of problem are you trying to solve and how does your solution make that ...
     82  -44 2014 sep 11coreg path integrationBessor-Brightwaters Pharma - Partnering For CuresAt the center of a novel and aligned ecosystem that integrates key constituents
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