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     5  +16 2014 sep 30polymorphic association rails 3PilanitesIt's the perfect solution for Rails based applications where you need to use cron. For example, if I ..... Rails 3 Polymorphic Associations Explained (Somewhat).
     42  -22 2014 sep 21rails schedulerin config/ schedule .rb file. This way, all the output from Cron tasks will be shown in log/cron.log file. Now, the very first problem I faced was it couldn't find rails .exe ...
     60  -37 2014 sep 01rails write to logYou would need to write cron file on every server again and update everywhere when necessary. ... I had put my output in log /cron. log under my Rails directory.
     62  -11 2014 sep 02rvm list gemsetsEasy Way to Organize Ruby Gems Using RVM Gemsets - PilanitesAfter installing rvm, in you console window write rvm list and press enter. If you see your version of ruby in the list (in our case, 1.9.3-p125) then ...
     66  -15 2014 sep 17ruby game loading assatesFirst thing our rake file needs to do is add current directory to ruby's path so we can use require in place of .... Basically, I had no assets being loaded . ... Remember I made a game 2 years ago just to get the feel of what Android platform was?
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