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     9  ~ 2014 jun 06arbitersportArbiterSports Announces New CEO - Jeff Triplette to take the helm of ArbiterSports , the established leader in game management solutions, today announced that industry veteran, Jeff Triplette, will take the helm of the 29-year old.
     10  -3 2014 may 18ref review boothiPad Apps, Replay Booth and Football Film Review | Pro Football Football Film Review and the iPad now go hand in hand. This week's episode features Big East Back Judge Jonah Monroe and the developer of a new iPad ...
     11  +90 2014 may 01pass interference rules nflFootball Officiating 101: Pass Interference : What's The Penalty? | Pro Furthermore, the half-the-distance rule is also different for defensive pass interference . For most fouls, a penalty will not cause the ball to be snapped closer than ...
     15  +55 2014 may 21tony sec footballSEC Football Official Tony Josselyn Discusses The Mental Roledex Tony Josselyn is a Back Judge in the Southeastern Conference and I spent an hour with him recently discussing his career and philosophies on football .
     29  -2 2014 may 21arbiter sports refpayArbiterSports , the established leader in game management solutions, today ... suite, which includes ArbiterOne, ArbiterGame, RefPay , ArbiterLive, Arbiter360, ...
     34  -2 2014 jul 03football referee positionsPosition breakouts at the Big 12 clinic | Pro Football Referee BlogKeep in mind I work deep so those were they guys who helped the SJ and FJ positions . I've included some observations of points of emphasis while at the clinic.
     41  -10 2014 may 10great football officialTom Beard Football Officials Clinic was a Great Experience | Pro As an aspiring football official , attending camps and clinics is an important component to improving my football officiating skills. My good friends at the Tom.
     42  -12 2014 apr 11pro football tipsTop Umpire Tips : Ask Sun Belt Umpire Stan Weihe | Pro Football Stan is currently a Sun Belt Umpire who has worked a bowl game the past two season and is on the SEC supplemental roster. Great tips and information in this  ...
     52  -9 2014 may 13pillars of coachingThe Four Pillars of Success in Football, Coaching and Officiating The Four Pillars of Success in Football, Coaching and Officiating. I hit the football field for the first time in 2011 this past weekend. Western Kentucky had its ...
     62  +39 2014 may 08tackle a horseHorse Collar Tackle defined by Rogers Redding | Pro Football From the desk of Larry Snyder, HCAC Coordinator: In a recent JV game, an unusual situation occurred regarding a potential horse collar tackle foul. This play .
     63  +38 2014 may 08acc football championshipACC Football Championship Game and Officiating Mini-Clinic In preparation for the upcoming ACC Championship Game and Officiating Mini- Clinic, the ACC will be hosting its first ACC Football Officiating Expert Interview.
     64  +37 2014 may 04below the waistNCAA Football: Blocking Below The Waist | Pro Football Referee BlogThe NCAA Football Rules Committee has proposed changes to the football rules specifically related to Blocking Below The Waist . Attached is a new bulletin ...
     69  -33 2014 may 29nfl rulebook pdfNCAA College Football Officiating Rulebook Now Available | Pro The 2011 NCAA Football Rulebook is now available. You will most likely receive a small handbook if you belong to the CFO but I also like to take this PDF to my.
     72  ~ 2014 may 29arbitersports
     79  -14 2014 may 13sun belt footballSun Belt Referee Tony Backert Feels Like a Rookie Football Official Join me as Tony and I talk Sun Belt football and why he feels like a rookie football official after more than 30 years wearing the zebra stripes. Tony talks.
     81  +20 2014 may 16goal posts 20112011 Goal Post – Improve Your Football Officiating | Pro Football 2011 Goal Post – Improve Your Football Officiating. goal β€œOne day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. Which road do I take?
     86  ~ 2014 may 15gregg williams profootballrefereceCamps and Clinics - Football OfficialGreg has been a Field Judge in the NFL since 2002, has ..... Chuck Williams , MEAC Referee. Greg ..... Follow me on Twitter - @ profootballref .
     87  -8 2014 jun 12ncaa football foul reportNCAA FOOTBALL RULES COMMITTEE - Football OfficialFor dead-ball fouls , 15 yards from the succeeding spot. Automatic first .... report to the referee, who then informs the opposing head coach and.
     87  -46 2014 apr 28morgan state footballBest Catch Ever?! – Morgan State Player Makes ... - Football OfficialDuring Morgan State's 21-7 win over Winston-Salem State, the Bears' Baptiste made one of the greatest pass catches ever caught on tape.
     96  ~ 2014 may 21tripletteArbiterSports, the established leader in game management solutions, today announced that industry veteran, Jeff Triplette , will take the helm of the 29-year old.
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