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     8  +1 2014 aug 18puns about punsPuns About Puns puns :: PunGents.comPigeon puns are pretty coo. ... When I heard the pun about the sleepless midget, I was un imp rest. ... Puns about toilet training are really scraping the bottom.
     30  ~ 2014 aug 23funny puns for lorrydriversPunGents.com: Good study hobbits require a Frodo-graphic memory.Pun Gents :: Original* Puns ... Terrible Pretty Bad OK Pretty Good Hilarious ... Dear Pun Gents, my best friend and I are having a scavenger hunt 25th birthday party and looking for a ... Truck drivers musn't rest on their lorries.
     43  -24 2014 aug 15pun of the dayPunGents .com: Anyone going through airport security has a For all Puns of the Day , see Pun Archive. *Except where indicated ... Loading ... | Topic: homophobia, puns about puns, social justice | COMMENT ». 08/13/14.
     49  -2 2014 jul 30ballistic liz auckland bandPunGents.com :: Puns on Demand :: Custom Jokes and Slogans Dear Pun Gents, some good wedding band names. ..... Latest Episode of House; Meet me at Starbucks and we'll have a non-fat Mortagino; Name is Liz , but you can call me Ms. List! ..... BALLISTIC BRIDES .... ~Myra, Auckland , New Zealand
     77  -14 2014 jul 21accent denture brighton miDear Pun Gents, ~Tyla, Brighton , UK AS THE PUN GENTS
     78  ~ 2014 sep 07gents shirt advertise bill boardPunGents .com :: Puns on Demand :: Custom Jokes and Slogans Bill Blog Baggins; Writing My Will; Post All Bills ; I Am Will I Am .... Dear Pun Gents , we're making t- shirts to advertise our 3-D yearbook, and need a pun on .... of nurses and student nurses to a children's hospital to play board games with them.
     84  ~ 2014 aug 01clever book club namesTeam Name puns :: PunGents.comDear Pun Gents, we are a Stand Up Paddle Club and we have just entered an Adventure Race. We have ... My work team needs a clever name for a marathon.
     85  -16 2014 jul 31funny quizzo team namesWine puns :: PunGents.comDear Pun Gents, we need a team name for a music-themed wine tasting and quiz . Team names are to include rock/music star/act and possibly be related to wine ...
     88  ~ 2014 sep 20weather joke in nairobijoke and slogan service. Puns on Demand is a free custom joke and slogan writing service offered by the Pun Gents. ... See more cold weather puns here:
     95  -27 2014 sep 21cat punsCats puns :: PunGents.comI am best known as a “crazy cat lady” so I would love a catty type pun . I am open to anything though. I would like it to not be overly girly. Thanks! ~Rachael ...
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