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     1  ~ 2014 sep 24dane cook stagefrightDane Cook Stage Fright - RecapoThe View: Dane Cook Planes & Stand Up Comedy may be starring in a new Disney animated film, but he can't let his jokes fall to […].
     1  +4 2014 jul 16kefir mashed potatoesDr Oz: Kefir Milk Mashed Potatoes & Asparagus Salad RecipesDr Oz invited Iron Chef Mark Forgione to make a meal based on his Superfood mood boosting ingredients, Kefir Milk, fresh Oranges & Asparagus.
     2  +4 2014 sep 18dr oz seaweedDr Oz : Cellulite Seaweed Scrub Recipe, Bromelain + Endermologie Try a Cellulite Seaweed Scrub and get other expert opinions on tested methods that could reduce the appearance of Cellulite on problem areas of your skin.
     2  +21 2014 aug 12botox in a bottleDr Oz: Where Does Botox Work Best? GABA Cream, Matrixyl Botox in a Bottle : New Creams That Work Like Fillers. Botox can be expensive, so it's a good thing that is not your own weapon against wrinkles ...
     2  +2 2014 aug 12vaser shape reviewsDr Oz: Vaser Shape Cost, Reviews & Ultrasound Fat Loss ... - RecapoDr Oz learned about the Vaser Shape cost of this ultrasound fat loss treatment that gives visible results in minutes using a non-invasive ...
     2  ~ 2014 jul 17joy bauer garbanzo beanToday: Joy Bauer Wild Salmon & Chickpea Salad & Buffalo Chicken Joy Bauer came by Today May 14 2013 to make delicious, healthy and simple ... 6 ounces canned salmon; 1 15-ounce can of garbanzo beans , rinsed and ...
     3  ~ 2014 sep 30vaser shape costDr Oz: Vaser Shape Cost , Reviews & Ultrasound Fat Loss ... - RecapoDr Oz learned about the Vaser Shape cost of this ultrasound fat loss treatment that gives visible results in minutes using a non-invasive procedure.
     3  +3 2014 sep 12stacie starr jimmyKelly & Michael Top Teacher Winner: Stacie Starr Elyria, OhioIt was Stacie Starr from Elyria, Ohio. ... off right The Today Show talked about the Friends reunion on the set of Jimmy Kimmel, which Martha Stewart came by the ...
     3  -1 2014 sep 11dr oz bacon brain cancerIs My Headache Brain Cancer ? Dr Oz Brain Cancer Risk FactorsAnother surprising tip Dr Oz mentioned in lowering Brain Cancer risk is skipping foods like cooked ham, fried bacon , or processed pork. (That would be one ...
     3  ~ 2014 aug 31the chew mulled wineThe Chew : Chicken & Chorizo Paella Recipe with Winter Mulled The Chew : Clinton Kelly's Mulled Sangria Recipe. Do you need a fresh ... After 30 seconds, add wine and deglaze the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon.
     3  +2 2014 aug 10dr oz tea dietDr Oz Weight Loss Tea : White Tea Vs Oolong Tea Vs Yerba Mate TeaDr Oz weight loss tea reviews explained what types of teas can help you lose weight: white tea ... Try drinking four cups of Oolong Tea per day, with each meal .
     3  +4 2014 aug 08dr oz teaDr Oz weight loss tea reviews explained what types of teas can help you lose weight: white tea vs oolong tea vs yerba mate tea and best times to drink each.
     3  +6 2014 aug 05dr oz yeast infectionDr Oz : Yogurt Tampon Yeast Infection Remedy & Fastest ... - RecapoDo you want faster relief from a Yeast Infection ? Dr Oz shared an outside the box solution: try a Yogurt Tampon to get relief in as little as 20 minutes.
     3  -1 2014 jul 26daphne oz soupThe Chew: Daphne Oz's Healthy Roasted Garlic & Chicken Soup Daphne Oz explained all the health benefits of her healthy Roasted Garlic & Chicken Soup Recipe, which is anti-inflammatory and boosts your immunity.
     3  +2 2014 jul 23do it yourself faceliftDr Oz: DermaWand & Do-It-Yourself Facelift Recipes for ... - RecapoPlastic surgeon Dr Shirley Madhere shared DIY Facelift recipes you can recreate at home; Dr Oz reviewed the DermaWand & Pomega5 Grenade.
     4  +21 2014 sep 12arm ninjaDr Oz: Ninja Three Workout Review for Toned Arms with Ary NunezGet the strong, toned arms you have been dreaming of with a simple daily three- minute workout by Ary Nunez. She taught Dr Oz how to do the ...
     4  +4 2014 sep 02desginer biber ripaKelly & Michael: Justin Bieber Fainted & Joy Behar Leaving "The View"Kelly & Michael discussed news that Justin Bieber fainted, Joy Behar is leaving " The View" and Michael Jordan is getting ... Kelly Ripa : Saudi Princess Skips Out On Hotel Bill ... She was also caught stealing $75,000 worth of designer lingerie.
     4  +2 2014 aug 29dr oz peptide creamsDr Oz : Peptide Creams , Silicone Scar Bandage & Natural Age Spot Dr Oz had dermatologists give their beauty advice, from peptide creams for wrinkles to silicone scar bandages and an all natural age spot remedy under $1.
     4  +7 2014 aug 29howie mandel plastic surgeryToday Show Heidi Klum No Plastic Surgery & America's Got Talent Heidi Klum said she will not be getting plastic surgery and loves her new job on America's Got ... She called Howie Mandel “goofy” and he always makes her life.
     4  +1 2014 aug 10doctor oz tea diets
     4  ~ 2014 aug 05dr oz headache reliefDr Oz Headache Relief : Cluster Headache Symptoms & Migraine The Dr Oz Headache Relief quiz can help you pinpoint the type of headache you are having based on your symptoms and the most effective means of treatment.
     4  +3 2014 aug 03klima confidence handsprayDr Oz: Klima Confidence Hand Spray & SweatBlock Wipes ReviewsDr Oz shared solutions to embarrassing health problems, such as gas and hiccups. Plus, products that can help reduce excess hand sweating ...
     4  ~ 2014 jul 29spirulina for adhdDr Oz Spirulina Can Help With ADHD & 3 Other Natural Remedies Dr Oz talks with two experts about ways to combat ADHD , including eating spirulina , lots of protein, taking a break from around you & doing deep breathing.
     4  +14 2014 jul 25hyaluronic acid dr ozDr Oz : Microcurrent Therapy, Hyaluronic Acid + Neckline RejuvenationMicrocurrent Therapy is a hot new trend for neck rejuvenation in patients who want to tighten the thin skin that can sag with age, according to Dr Oz .
     5  +6 2014 sep 19klub nickDr Phil: Kill Katie Klub Apology & What Bullying Does to ChildrenShe hopes this will stop the Kill Katie Klub , but cannot forget the pain it has ... Michelle did apologize to Katie for Nick's words, but said that Katie has hurt Nick in ...
     5  +3 2014 sep 03allen lyle watches reviewsAllen Lyle Sport Watches Review - RecapoGood Morning America: Holiday Deals and Steals The GMA team put together a list of the best Holiday Deals & Steals with a Stocking Stuffers [ ...
     5  ~ 2014 aug 30clinton kelly boyfriendThe Chew: Clinton Kelly's Husband Damon Bayles & Viewer Vote The Chew February 25 2013 will include a home tour with Clinton Kelly and husband Damon Bayles, and the results of viewer votes for the ...
     5  +5 2014 jul 23maca energy fruitDr Oz: Maca Supplement, Dragon Fruit & Pea Protein Powder ReviewDr Oz talked about his favorite energy boosters, from Beets and Dragon Fruit to Watermelon Juice, Maca Supplement, and a Pea Protein Powder review.
     5  -1 2014 jul 23dr oz spiral slicerDr Oz : Cranky Breakfast Fix & Veggie Pasta GEFU Spiral Cutter Dr Oz explained how to get more Vitamin B6, Magnesium, and Omega-3s with a breakfast fix. Plus, try the GEFU Spiral Cutter to make some delicious ...
     6  -4 2014 sep 09mark bitman watermellon basilToday Show: Mark Bittman Watermelon & Bacon Vinaigrette Salad Mark Bittman : Lemonade With Watermelon Ice Cubes Recipe. Here's What You ... Toss with the watermelon salad and garnish with fresh basil . Don't forget to ...
     6  +1 2014 aug 28dr oz hydrogen peroxideDr Oz : Green Snot, Hydrogen Peroxide First Aid & Menstrual MythsDr Oz debunked more of your health myths about green snot, using hydrogen peroxide first aid treatment, and whether women's periods can sync up.
     6  +1 2014 aug 28dr oz lingonberryDr Oz : Lingonberries Smoothie Recipe & Where To Buy LingonberriesDr Oz shared his Lingonberries Smoothie Recipe and health benefits of this emerging superfood that is popular in Europe; where to find it.
     6  +24 2014 aug 17dr oz e cigDr Oz : Why is Liquid Nicotine Dangerous? E - Cigarettes Safety for KidsNicotine is one of the most powerful stimulants ever, and with e - cigarettes becoming more popular, Dr Oz warned of a new danger that could be lurking, thanks ...
     6  +9 2014 aug 14statin inefective on womanDr Oz: Statin Drugs Side Effects in Women & Statin Drug AlternativesDr Oz & his guests discussed alarming statin drug side effects in women and children, such ... They are not only ineffective but unsafe for women , in his opinion.
     6  -1 2014 aug 06rooibos dr ozDr Oz : Rooibos Tea & Weight Loss Worldwide Secrets - RecapoDr Oz shared secrets of Weight Loss Worldwide, including South African Rooibos Tea, pickled foods in Hungary, and Muesli in Switzerland.
     6  ~ 2014 aug 04clinton kelly partner
     6  ~ 2014 jul 22arnicare disc painDr Oz: Arniflora Arnica Gel, White Willow Bark & Posture Pillow Is your back or neck killing you? What about joint and muscle pain ? Dr Oz shared pain solutions for common problems , including an Arniflora Arnica Gel review.
     6  +1 2014 jul 18dr oz stroke testsDr Oz : FAST Test for Stroke Patients + 10-Year-Old Saves a LifeDr Oz explained the FAST Test , which you can use to get an assessment of a person you think may be having a stroke . Meet a lifesaving granddaughter!
     6  +1 2014 jul 17dr oz orange lightDr Oz : Orange Lens Glasses Review & No Bake Energy Bars RecipeDr Oz shared energy boosting solutions such as an orange lens glasses review ... filter out the blue light rays that come from our electronics and keep us awake.
     6  +1 2014 jul 16melissa rauch stand upThe View: Melissa Rauch Big Bang Theory Bernadette Voice Melissa Rauch made her own dream come true as a guest on The View, explaining her Big Bang Theory voice, early days in standup , and being fired by Sherri.
     7  +4 2014 sep 18bittman watermelon saladMark Bittman , author of "Eat Vegan Before 6:00," brought recipes and ideas to eat watermelon dishes all summer long, including watermelon salad with bacon!
     7  +1 2014 aug 04today show lemon squaresKelly & Michael: Trisha Yearwood Lemon Squares & Pork Chops Trisha Yearwood demonstrated how to make her lemon squares recipe along with a ... to watch Oprah on the show today , adding that she loved the show today .
     7  +11 2014 jul 29carnosine dr ozDr Oz : L- Carnosine Supplements Dosage & Anti-Aging BenefitsDr Oz's L- Carnosine Supplements are the latest weapon in the battle to turn back the clock on aging. He reviewed the supplement's benefits.
     7  +3 2014 jul 26mercedes ramirez johnsonThe Revolution: Plane Crash Survivor Mercedes Ramirez Johnsonstory of survival. Revolution: Plane Crash Survivor. Mercedes Ramirez Johnson was one of just four survivors in the plane crash that killed both her parents.
     8  ~ 2014 sep 05tamara matthews electronic cigaretteThe View: Georgia Woman Forgives Her Husband's Killer & How To Tamara Matthews said she was out running errands with her entire family when the accident
     8  +1 2014 sep 03allen lyle watchesPosts tagged ' Allen Lyle Sport Watches Review'. Steals & Deals: Mad Bomber Hats, Ettika Bracelets & Stocking Stuffers. 7 December 2012; By Pat Howard ...
     8  +40 2014 aug 04patanase eye dropsDr Oz: Allergy Drug Reviews: Pataday Eye Drops , Patanase & ZyrtecA product called Pataday Eye Drops works by releasing an antihistamine to sooth your watery, itchy eyes. The recommended treatment is one ...
     8  ~ 2014 jul 29dr oz argan oilDr Oz : Color Marker for Grey Hair & Argan Oil Frizzy Hair TipsCelebrity stylist Louis Licari shared hair advice for Dr Oz's audience, like a Color Marker for Grey Hair & Argan Oil Frizzy Hair Tips.
     8  +6 2014 jul 25christmas bulb cupcakeThe Chew: Clinton's Workshop Light Bulb Snowmen & Cupcake Clinton Kelly said that his ornaments will take your Christmas tree from drab to fab. ... Try out Clinton Kelly's light bulb snowmen and cupcake ornaments.
     8  -1 2014 jul 24buy bud extractDr Oz: Tilia Bud Extract Shampoo & Biotin Supplement for ... - RecapoLearn the benefits of a Biotin supplement, Toppik spray, and Tilia Bud Extract . Kendra, a Dr Oz ... where do you buy TILIA BUD EXTRACT SHAMPOO at. Reply.
     9  +2 2014 sep 22dr oz real age testDr Oz : RealAge Test Questions & Lack of Sleep Affects Aging ProcessDr . Oz went over some of the questions associated with the RealAge Test , explained how the RealAge Test works and revealed blood pressure affects aging.
     9  -5 2014 sep 10allay menstrual pain 2011The Doctors: Allay Menstrual Patch - Menstrual Pain Remedy The Doctors TV Show: Allay Menstrual Pain Relief. Dr Lisa Masterson showed the Allay Menstrual Patch product on The Drs TV Show, and ... on Sep 09, 2011
     9  +3 2014 sep 03dr oz and bacopaDr Oz : Bacopa for Memory, Krill Oil Review + Aspirin ... - RecapoLearn how Bacopa strengthens your memory to keep you from being overwhelmed by new information. Dr Oz shared anti-aging benefits of ...
     9  ~ 2014 aug 21clinton kelly marriedDamon Bayles and Clinton Kelly were married in 2009. Find out what life is like at home for the couple, coming up on a new episode of The ...
     9  +14 2014 aug 14dr oz smoothieDr Oz : Paleo Breakfast Smoothie Recipe & Paleo Diet Cobb Salad Dr . Oz went over two recipes that will be great for the Paleo Diet, the recipes for his Paleo breakfast smoothie and his Paleo cobb salad recipe.
     9  +4 2014 aug 04dr oz konjacDr Oz : Best Time To Weigh Yourself, Take Fiber & Konjac Root Dr Oz talked with Valerie Bertinelli about the best time to weigh yourself, when to take fiber, and when to cheat on your diet; Konjac Root Powder.
     9  +9 2014 aug 01dr oz thyroidDr Oz : Selenium Grocery List & At-Home Thyroid Test with a Dr Oz : Thyroid Test At-Home If you feel tired and run down all the time and can't seem to complete your busy day, it may not be due to lack of sleep or eve.
     9  +5 2014 jul 25dr oz anti cancerDr Oz : Nut Butters Fight Cancer & Anti - Cancer Spice Mix RecipeDr Oz shared some cancer-fighting foods to include in your regular diet, like nut butters mixed with seeds, and a homemade anti - cancer spice mix recipe.
     9  +2 2014 jul 16orange glasses for computerDr Oz: Orange Lens Glasses Review & No Bake Energy Bars RecipeDr Oz shared energy boosting solutions such as an orange lens glasses ... The electronics in our lives, such as computers , phones, and TV, are keeping us from  ...
     10  +1 2014 aug 28dr weil nutsDr Oz: Prebiotic Pistachios, Mantram Sleep & DGL Supplement Dr Oz and Dr Andrew Weil discussed differences between Prebiotics vs ... Dr Weil recommends eating 47 pistachio nuts , because they are a low calorie nut and ...
     10  +10 2014 aug 19tony robbins fulfillmentDr Oz: Tony Robbins Personal Mantra & 15 Minutes to Fulfillment Tony Robbins revealed his three step plan to change your life for the better, went over his 15 Minutes to Fulfillment plan and shared his personal mantra.
     10  +7 2014 aug 16dr oz smoothie recipeDr . Oz went over two recipes that will be great for the Paleo Diet, the recipes for his Paleo breakfast smoothie and his Paleo cobb salad recipe .
     10  +91 2014 aug 13julianne hough gmaGMA : Julianne Hough on Being Open + Dealing With Pet PeevesJulianne Hough talks about the benefits of being open. The Wall Street Journal gives tips on dealing with pet peeves. Plus, completing your to-do list.
     10  -2 2014 aug 10bonito peptides dr ozDr Oz : Moxa Spray, Ubiquinol, Bonito Peptides & Devil's Claw Dr Oz shared emerging natural treatment products, including Moxa Spray, Ubiquinol, Bonito Peptides , and Devil's Claw for arthritis.
     10  +3 2014 aug 07chris powell caloriesDr Oz: Chris Powell Calorie Burn Equation & Hands as Portion Dr. Oz invited Chris Powell on the show to demonstrate how to find the number of calories you burn each day with some math and shared hand portion controls.
     10  ~ 2014 aug 07whitney cummings feetWhitney Cummings Cohost & I Love You Special + Cinderella SurgeryWhitney Cummings came by to join Michael Strahan as his guest cohost on ... Michael asked Cummings about her feet , so she showed them to the camera.
     10  +9 2014 aug 03dr oz grocery list
     10  +91 2014 jul 26flu shots merculaDr Oz Vs Dr Joe Mercola : Flu Shots , Tanning Beds & Coconut Oil Dr Oz and controversial guest Dr Joe Mercola faced off on topics including flu shots , coconut oil, and getting Vitamin D from tanning beds.
     10  ~ 2014 jul 25dr oz brushing teethDr Oz Toothbrush Hygiene: Brush Your Teeth In The Shower?Maybe you are pressed for time or just like to be efficient, like the woman in the audience who said that she brushes her teeth in the shower. Dr Oz said he had ...
     10  ~ 2014 jul 22kardashian kollection gmaGood Morning America : Kardashian Kollection Anniversary Coupon Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian joined Lara Spencer on GMA to celebrate the one year anniversary of their clothing line, the Kardashian Kollection .
     10  -1 2014 jul 21dr oz tim ferrissDr Oz : Tim Ferriss Coconut Chicken, Chocolate Wine & Dandelion Dr Oz got kitchen ideas like the Tim Ferriss Coconut Chicken recipe and other food hacks from The 4-Hour Chef. Learn how to get more out of ...
     10  -6 2014 jul 16peptides and age spotsDr Oz: Peptide Creams, Silicone Scar Bandage & Natural Age Spot
     11  +3 2014 sep 05organic drinks with guaranaDr Oz: Are Organic Energy Drinks Safe? Ginseng + Caffeine in Organic Energy Drinks might sound safe and healthy, but Dr Oz teamed with a dietitian to reveal some of the ingredients you need to be vigilant about.
     11  +9 2014 aug 29male chastity devicesThe Drs: Male Chastity Device Dangers & Male Member Shrinks The Doctors went over the dangers of wearing a male chastity device and they also debunked the myth that the male member shrinks with age.
     11  +20 2014 aug 18green tea cream rosaceaDr Oz: Green Tea Cream Rosacea Home Remedy + ... - RecapoDr Oz explained the difference between rosacea and acne, plus shared helpful at -home rosacea remedies like green tea cream and probiotics.
     11  +2 2014 jul 25winterize your strollerThe Doctors TV Show: Winterize Your Baby & Germs Stroller Sign The Doctors TV Show did an entire show on the topic of How to Winterize Your Family. The Drs TV Show mentioned some tips for How to Winterize Your Baby ...
     11  +84 2014 jul 21miss oops rescue spongMiss Oops ! Rescue Sponge , Got2 Dry Shampoo & Goody Spin Pins Rebekah George, Beauty and Style Expert, shared secrets to fixing morning disasters, including rescue sponge , Got2 Dry Shampoo and Goody Spin Pins ...
     12  ~ 2014 sep 18dr oz wheat bellyDr Oz Wheat Belly Baking: Wheat Belly Bread Recipe & Chocolate Dr Oz and Dr William Davis shared some Wheat Belly Baking ideas for the Wheat Belly Diet, including the Wheat Belly Bread recipe and Chocolate Fudge.
     12  +9 2014 sep 01magic hair rachel rayRachael Ray : Buddy Valastro Baking Fails + Gretta's Hair Fail It's Buddy to the rescue on a brand new episode of Rachael Ray , airing ... is working makeover magic yet again on the next Rachael Ray show, ...
     12  +6 2014 aug 28gma unclaimed moneyGMA Unclaimed Money : $100K for Mississippi's Palmer HomeGMA's Unclaimed Money series traveled to Mississippi and the Palmer Home to surprise the children's charity with a lost six-figure check.
     12  +13 2014 aug 20dr oz real ageDr . Oz went over some of the questions associated with the RealAge Test, explained how the RealAge Test works and revealed blood pressure affects aging.
     12  ~ 2014 aug 07zaca hangover patchThe Doctors: Zaca Recovery Patch Review & Hangover Smoothie Zaca Recovery Patch Review for Hangovers The Doctors TV Show spoke about the Zaca Recovery Patch for hangovers , and I have to admit that it intrigued me!
     12  -2 2014 jul 17alpha and polyhydroxy acidsDr Oz: Glycolic, Lactic & Polyhydroxy Alpha Hydroxy Acid ... - RecapoDr Oz and Dr Graf broke down the three alpha hydroxy acids that will help every skin type. Check out glycolic, lactic, and polyhydroxy acids .
     13  -9 2014 sep 27male chasity belt reviewThe Doctors: Male Chastity Device Review . A man wrote into The Doctors saying he wanted to spice up his love life and he was thinking about trying a male ...
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