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     1  ~ 2014 feb 25dane cook stagefrightDane Cook Stage Fright - RecapoThe View: Dane Cook Planes & Stand Up Comedy may be starring in a new Disney animated film, but he can't let his jokes fall to [...].
     3  -1 2013 dec 03joy bauer garbanzo beanToday: Joy Bauer Wild Salmon & Chickpea Salad & Buffalo Chicken Joy Bauer came by Today May 14 2013 to make delicious, healthy and simple recipes, including a wild salmon and chickpea salad and a buffalo chicken recipe .
     3  +3 2013 dec 02kefir mashed potatoesDr Oz: Kefir Milk Mashed Potatoes & Asparagus Salad RecipesDr Oz invited Iron Chef Mark Forgione to make a meal based on his Superfood mood boosting ingredients, Kefir Milk, fresh Oranges & Asparagus.
     5  ~ 2014 feb 09mark bitman watermellon basilToday Show: Mark Bittman Watermelon & Bacon Vinaigrette Salad Mark Bittman : Lemonade With Watermelon Ice Cubes Recipe. Here's What You ... Toss with the watermelon salad and garnish with fresh basil . Don't forget to  ...
     5  -2 2014 jan 30male chastity reviewThe Drs: Male Chastity Device Dangers & Male Member Shrinks The Doctors: Male Chastity Device Review . A man wrote into The Doctors saying he wanted to spice up his love life and he was thinking about trying a male  ...
     5  -1 2013 dec 24dr oz headache reliefDr Oz Headache Relief : Cluster Headache Symptoms & Migraine The Dr Oz Headache Relief quiz can help you pinpoint the type of headache you are having based on your symptoms and the most effective means of treatment.
     5  -2 2013 dec 17spirulina for adhdDr Oz Spirulina Can Help With ADHD & 3 Other Natural Remedies Dr Oz talks with two experts about ways to combat ADHD , including eating spirulina , lots of protein, taking a break from around you & doing deep breathing.
     6  -1 2014 feb 11dr oz bacon brain cancerIs My Headache Brain Cancer ? Dr Oz Brain Cancer Risk FactorsDr Oz shared risk factors for Brain Cancer , including the possible links to ... in lowering Brain Cancer risk is skipping foods like cooked ham, fried bacon ,  ...
     6  ~ 2014 feb 01allen lyle watches reviewsAllen Lyle Sport Watches Review - RecapoGood Morning America: Holiday Deals and Steals The GMA team put together a list of the best Holiday Deals & Steals with a Stocking Stuffers [  ...
     6  +8 2013 dec 23clinton kelly partnerThe Chew: Clinton Kelly's Husband Damon Bayles & Viewer Vote The Chew February 25 2013 will include a home tour with Clinton Kelly and husband Damon Bayles, and the results of viewer votes for the  ...
     8  ~ 2014 feb 07allay menstrual pain 2011The Doctors: Allay Menstrual Patch - Menstrual Pain Remedy The Doctors TV Show: Allay Menstrual Pain Relief. Dr Lisa Masterson showed the Allay Menstrual Patch product on The Drs TV Show, and Dr ... on Jan 10, 2011
     8  -6 2014 jan 27dr oz peptide creamsDr Oz : Peptide Creams , Silicone Scar Bandage & Natural Age Spot Dr Oz had dermatologists give their beauty advice, from peptide creams for wrinkles to silicone scar bandages and an all natural age spot remedy under $1.
     8  -3 2014 jan 26dr oz hydrogen peroxideDr Oz : Green Snot, Hydrogen Peroxide First Aid & Menstrual MythsDr Oz debunked more of your health myths about green snot, using hydrogen peroxide first aid treatment, and whether women's periods can sync up.
     8  +2 2013 dec 29montel and safslimDr Oz: Safslim Review with Montel Williams | Does Safflower Oil Work?Montel Williams gave Dr Oz his Safslim Review & Dr Oz explored whether Safflower Oil can really make belly fat disappear; Safflower products.
     8  +3 2013 dec 09kardashian kollection gmaGood Morning America : Kardashian Kollection Anniversary Coupon Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian joined Lara Spencer on GMA to celebrate the one year anniversary of their clothing line, the Kardashian   ...
     9  -2 2014 feb 07montel williams safslim
     9  +17 2014 jan 28clinton kelly boyfriendThe Chew February 25 2013 will include a home tour with Clinton Kelly and husband Damon Bayles, and the results of viewer votes for the  ...
     9  -2 2014 jan 26dr oz lingonberryDr Oz : Lingonberries Smoothie Recipe & Where To Buy LingonberriesDr Oz shared his Lingonberries Smoothie Recipe and health benefits of this emerging superfood that is popular in Europe; where to find it.
     9  -3 2014 jan 01vaser shape reviewsDr Oz: Vaser Shape Cost, Reviews & Ultrasound Fat Loss ResultsDr Oz learned about the Vaser Shape cost of this ultrasound fat loss treatment that gives visible results in minutes using a non-invasive  ...
     9  +4 2013 dec 23klima confidence handsprayDr Oz: Klima Confidence Hand Spray & SweatBlock Wipes ReviewsDr Oz shared solutions to embarrassing health problems, such as gas and hiccups. Plus, products that can help reduce excess hand sweating are reviewed.
     9  +6 2013 dec 13daphne oz soupThe Chew: Daphne Oz's Healthy Roasted Garlic & Chicken Soup Daphne Oz explained all the health benefits of her healthy Roasted Garlic & Chicken Soup Recipe, which is anti-inflammatory and boosts your immunity.
     9  ~ 2013 dec 10dr oz spiral slicerDr Oz : Wakame Seaweed Salad, Skinny BBQ Sauce & Sambal OelekChefs shared their Skinny Secrets, including Wakame Seaweed Salad, the Spiral Vegetable Slicer & homemade Salad Dressing, with Dr Oz .
     10  -1 2013 dec 30bonito peptides dr ozDr Oz : Moxa Spray, Ubiquinol, Bonito Peptides & Devil's Claw Dr Oz shared emerging natural treatment products, including Moxa Spray, Ubiquinol, Bonito Peptides , and Devil's Claw for arthritis.
     10  -1 2013 dec 26rooibos dr ozDr Oz : Rooibos Tea & Weight Loss Worldwide Secrets - RecapoDr Oz shared secrets of Weight Loss Worldwide, including South African Rooibos Tea, pickled foods in Hungary, and Muesli in Switzerland.
     10  ~ 2013 dec 25ervaring toppik proDr Oz: Hairmax Laser Comb Review , Minoxidil & Toppik for Thinning Check out Toppik , Minoxidil, and the Hairmax Laser Comb Review . ... and she felt that hair loss was damaging her professional reputation.
     10  -3 2013 dec 24today show lemon squaresKelly & Michael: Trisha Yearwood Lemon Squares & Pork Chops Trisha Yearwood demonstrated how to make her lemon squares recipe along with a ... to watch Oprah on the show today , adding that she loved the show today .
     10  +86 2013 dec 04male t-shaped chastityThe Doctors went over the dangers of wearing a male chastity device and ... A man wrote into The Doctors saying he wanted to spice up his love life and ... very dangerous because the male member changes shape often throughout the day.
     10  +3 2013 dec 03melissa rauch stand upThe View: Melissa Rauch Big Bang Theory Bernadette Voice Melissa Rauch made her own dream come true as a guest on The View, explaining her Big Bang Theory voice, early days in standup , and being fired by Sherri.
     11  ~ 2014 jan 29montel williams suicideDr Oz: Montel Williams Shocking Suicide Attempts - RecapoMontel Williams opened up to Dr Oz about his opinion of suicide , and the times the pain of his MS was so great he tried to take his own life.
     11  -2 2013 dec 13winterize your strollerThe Doctors TV Show: Winterize Your Baby & Germs Stroller Sign The Doctors TV Show did an entire show on the topic of How to Winterize Your Family. The Drs TV Show mentioned some tips for How to Winterize Your Baby.
     11  -3 2013 dec 08fashion playtes today showFashion Playtes Review - RecapoToday Show Kid's Product Reviews The Today Show on August 2, 2011 had a list of Cool Kid's Stuff for everyone with kids and babies. [...].
     12  -1 2014 mar 04vaser shape costDr Oz: Vaser Shape Cost , Reviews & Ultrasound Fat Loss Results
     12  -2 2014 feb 13wrinkles and osteoporosisThe Doctors: Vertical Frown Wrinkles Osteoporosis Risk - RecapoEveryone will probably experience frown lines at some point in life, but what can these tell you about your overall health and risk for Osteoporosis ?
     12  +3 2014 jan 09caviar angelina jolieThe Doctors: Fluzone Intradermal Review & Caviar Stretch Mark Cinnamon has been found to help diabetes; caviar stretch mark remedy. ... What high end delicacy did Angelina Jolie rub on her stomach to prevent stretch  ...
     12  +7 2013 dec 14happy hunger chewsDr Oz: Montel's Emotional Eating Plan: Kola Nut & Happy Hunger Montel also suggested the Happy Hunger Chews , which use Saffron to raise your natural Serotonin levels. He's such a fan of this product that he agreed to be a  ...
     12  ~ 2013 dec 13dr oz brushing teethDr Oz Toothbrush Hygiene: Brush Your Teeth In The Shower?Maybe you are pressed for time or just like to be efficient, like the woman in the audience who said that she brushes her teeth in the shower. Dr Oz said he had  ...
     12  -3 2013 dec 13mercedes ramirez johnsonThe Revolution: Plane Crash Survivor Mercedes Ramirez JohnsonMercedes Johnson shares her amazing story of survival in the plane crash that killed her parents. Learn how she wants her Revolution to honor  ...
     12  -6 2013 dec 10randy bick facebookThe Talk: Kathy Griffin Calm Down Gurrl Special & Boyfriend Randy Google+ Like Recapo on Facebook Follow Recapo on Twitter Recapo's Pinterest ... The Talk: Kathy Griffin Calm Down Gurrl Special & Boyfriend Randy Bick   ...
     12  +1 2013 dec 04dr oz stroke testsDr Oz : Avoid Food Fraud, Ibuprofen Stroke Risk & Olive Oil Purity TestDr Oz February 11 2013 went over tests to determine if you have been duped bu food fraud when you bought fish or lemon juice & ibuprofen  ...
     13  -6 2014 mar 02male chasity belt reviewThe Drs: Eating Placenta is Safe, Miracle Berries & Male Chastity BeltThe Doctors: Benefits of Eating Placenta & Pixie Harness Review ... The Drs: Male Chastity Device Dangers & Male Member Shrinks with Age?
     13  -6 2014 feb 18bittman watermelon saladMark Bittman , author of "Eat Vegan Before 6:00," brought recipes and ideas to eat watermelon dishes all summer long, including watermelon salad with bacon!
     13  +5 2014 feb 02sage and weight lossMaitake Mushroom Extract, Sage Leaf Tea & Glucomannan: Dr Oz Dr Oz weight loss products included Maitake Mushroom Extract, Sage Leaf Tea, Glucomannan, and Alpha Lipoic Acid, at different times of day.
     13  +16 2014 jan 01club monaco suitsLatest Suit Fashions: Club Monaco Suit Review & How To Wear A SuitOn Today Show, men's editor Tyler Thoreson showed us the most stylish suits , including tailored suits from Club Monco and Banana Republic.
     13  ~ 2013 dec 23dr oz konjacDr Oz : Best Time To Weigh Yourself, Take Fiber & Konjac Root Dr Oz talked with Valerie Bertinelli about the best time to weigh yourself, when to take fiber, and when to cheat on your diet; Konjac Root Powder.
     13  +10 2013 dec 11dr oz hangoverDr Oz : Hangover Helper, 2-Day Detox Recipes & Caregiver BurnoutDr Oz offered some solutions for Caregiver Burnout, a meal plan of 2-Day Detox recipes for the holidays, and hangover helper tips on his  ...
     13  ~ 2013 dec 03dr oz orange lightDr Oz : Orange Lens Glasses Review & No Bake Energy Bars RecipeDr Oz shared energy boosting solutions such as an orange lens glasses review ... filter out the blue light rays that come from our electronics and keep us awake.
     14  +3 2014 feb 28madonna favourite drinkEllen: Madonna Drinks Krug Rose Champagne & Is Related to EllenThey drink Krug Rose Champagne, talks about Madonna's tattoos & Ellen reveals ... open a bottle of Krug Rose Champagne, Madonna's favorite champagne.
     14  -3 2014 feb 02allen lyle watches
     14  +3 2014 jan 08angelina jolie caviar
     14  +7 2013 dec 28safslim dr ozDr Oz : Safslim Review with Montel Williams | Does Safflower Oil Work?
     14  +17 2013 dec 04alpha and polyhydroxy acidsDr Oz: Glycolic, Lactic & Polyhydroxy Alpha Hydroxy Acid ReviewsDr Oz and Dr Graf broke down the three alpha hydroxy acids that will help every skin type. Check out glycolic, lactic, and polyhydroxy acids .
     15  -2 2014 feb 08prickless blood sugar monitorPrickless Glucose Monitor & Imiquimod for Scars - RecapoTherapeutics in precisely this area. Echo Therapeutics' Prickless Glucose Monitor . The Doctors reviewed the Echo Therapeutics' Prickless Glucose Monitor .
     15  +9 2014 feb 05seapak salmon burgers couponsDr Oz: Amy's Burritos Giveaway, Sea Pak Salmon Burgers & Evol Dr Oz's diet meal guidelines included a sample menu with reviews of Kashi Thick Crust Pesto Pizza & more; soup & salad dressing advice.
     16  -3 2014 feb 13big breakfast gwenGwenies Breakfast Wagon The Big Lou French Toast-Egg Sandwich Gwen Grevely owens Gwenies Breakfast Wagon in Schenectady, New York. Show opened in ... Kelly and Michael: The Big Lou Sandwich Recipe Directions.
     16  -3 2014 jan 06ellen degeneres cardboard cutoutEllen : One Direction Life Size Cutout & Andy Zebor's Aussie Pub QuizOn April 8 2013, Ellen gave Chris O'Donnell a life size cardboard cutout of ... been cold, but I think she was just starstruck by Ellen DeGeneres .
     16  -6 2013 dec 25dr oz yeast infectionDr Oz Yeast Infection Remedies: Fluconazole vs RepHresh Pro B If you have embarrassing questions about women's health issues, Dr Oz has answers about Incontinence, Yeast Infection Treatments, Hysterectomy & more.
     17  +8 2013 dec 16ellen sends to australiaEllen Sends Jeannie on Vacation to Hayman & Jessica Mauboy Ellen and Australian Idol winner Jessica Mauboy played Finish the Lyrics with some fans from Melbourne. Jeannie went on vacation to Hayman in Australia .
     17  -2 2013 dec 08dr oz tim ferrissDr Oz : Tim Ferriss Natto Review, Plantain Salve & Basil Bowl RemedyDr Oz shared the Tim Ferriss Natto review, along with some other ideas to boost your energy. Try the Plantain Salve and Basil Bowl remedy they discussed.
     17  +1 2013 dec 07marc martel on ellenEllen : Marc Martel Somebody To Love Performance & Queen CoverEllen featured a Marc Martel "Somebody To Love" performance and got the story of the singer's audition for Queen Extravaganza.
     18  +4 2014 feb 19good morning america recipesGood Morning America : Buddy Valastro Margarita Cupcakes RecipeFrom the new book Family Celebrations, Cake Boss Buddy Valastro showed off his cocktail party idea for Margarita Cupcakes on Good Morning America .
     18  +7 2014 feb 10philforest and groupDr. Phil: Forest Fires And Child Abuse - Ralph & Jennifer's FamilyDr. Phil: Forest Fires And Child Abuse – Ralph & Jennifer's Family ... Kayla, the oldest of the group , said that Ralph had both thrown a phone book at her and  ...
     18  +50 2014 jan 26halle berry underwearEllen: Ludacris Fast & Furious 6-Pack Ab Review & Halle Berry Fast 7?He hopes that Halle Berry joins Fast & Furious 7. ... to London for the premiere of the film and she gave Ludacris and the cast personalized Ellen underwear .
     18  +16 2013 dec 26zaca hangover patchThe Doctors: Zaca Recovery Patch Review & Hangover Smoothie Zaca Recovery Patch Review for Hangovers The Doctors TV Show spoke about the Zaca Recovery Patch for hangovers , and I have to admit that it intrigued me!
     19  -1 2014 feb 02tim ferriss vitamen cDr Oz: Hot Chocolate Wine Recipe, Vitamin C Powder & Pineapple Dr Oz and Tim Ferriss discussed cooking with Vitamin C Powder, a Hot Chocolate Wine recipe to make at home & pineapple storage for extended freshness.
     19  -5 2014 jan 30dr oz and bacopaDr Oz : Beet, Avocado & Cashew Memory Booster SuperfoodsDr Oz : Bacopa Extract 150 mg, Avocado &Tuna Memory Booster Superfoods ... There is one more health myth on Dr Oz's agenda. That is the  ...
     19  +35 2014 jan 09dr oz palm reading#OzLips: Lip Print Personality & Days of Our Lives Better LivingDr Oz got personality insight from expert Anna Snodgrass. ... I guess this is not that different from palm reading , numerology, and other alternative ideas about  ...
     19  +5 2013 dec 29dr oz tea dietDr Oz Weight Loss Tea : White Tea Vs Oolong Tea Vs Yerba Mate TeaDr Oz weight loss tea reviews explained what types of teas can help you lose weight: white tea vs oolong tea vs yerba mate tea and best times to drink each.
     19  -4 2013 dec 04travis stork water dietThe Doctors: Dr. Travis Stork's Lean Belly Shopping List - RecapoDr. Travis Stork went to the grocery store to show you how to make a healthier ... Drinking eight glasses of ice water daily burns up to 500 calories each week. ... She wonders if she's doing something wrong, or if her diet could be to blame.
     20  +4 2014 feb 09darrell hammond dr philKathie Lee & Hoda: Darrell Hammond Garden of Laughs Comedy During his 14 year run on the show, Darrell mastered hilarious impressions of President Bill Clinton, Regis Philbin, Donald Trump, Dr . Phil , Sean Connery and   ...
     20  +3 2014 feb 01peta kourtney khardashianLate Show: Kourtney and Kim Take Miami Review & Kim ... - RecapoDavid Letterman invited Kourtney and Kim Kardashian to talk about their reality show Kourtney and Kim Take Miami & Kim got berated by PETA for wearing fur.
     20  -4 2014 jan 28howie mandel plastic surgeryToday Show Heidi Klum No Plastic Surgery & America's Got Talent Heidi Klum said she will not be getting plastic surgery and loves her new job on America's Got ... She called Howie Mandel “goofy” and he always makes her life.
     20  -13 2014 jan 03julianne hough gmaGMA : Julianne Hough Safe Haven Review & Meggings Male LeggingsGood Morning America shared Julianne Hough's personal connection to her role in Safe Haven and explored the new fashion trend of meggings, or male  ...
     21  -1 2014 jan 12clinton kelly marriedDamon Bayles and Clinton Kelly were married in 2009. Find out what life is like at home for the couple, coming up on a new episode of The  ...
     21  +25 2014 jan 11ipad keyboardcase scooponToday Show: Confabulous Cases, Ultrathin Keyboard Cover - RecapoThe ladies gave us The Scoop on The Today Show, as they talked about Unbaby Me app, a list of despicable words, Friday Funny & WeMo reviews .
     21  +7 2013 dec 23diet rehab bookDr Oz Diet Rehab Review: 28 Day Plan To Stop Food CravingsDr Mike Dow is the author of Diet Rehab : 28 Days To Finally Stop Craving The Foods That Make You Fat. This book is designed to help you through a  ...
     21  +5 2013 dec 12hyaluronic acid dr ozDr Oz : Hyaluronic Acid Review, DIY Lactic Acid Peel Recipe + Brow Dr Oz and dermatologist Dr Elizabeth Tanzi shared anti-aging beauty secrets, such as a brow lift, Hyaluronic Acid review, and DIY Lactic Acid Peel Recipe.
     21  ~ 2013 dec 10maca energy fruitDr Oz: Maca Supplement, Dragon Fruit & Pea Protein Powder ReviewDr Oz talked about his favorite energy boosters, from Beets and Dragon Fruit to Watermelon Juice, Maca Supplement, and a Pea Protein Powder review.
     22  ~ 2013 dec 09dr oz fiosVerizon FiOS - RecapoHome / Posts tagged 'Verizon FiOS '. There are no posts in this ... Dr Oz : Sian Green Amputation, Daily Mucus & G. Garvin Sloppy Joes. 28th November 2013  ...
     22  -8 2013 dec 07winks rust removerHow To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants & Wink's Rust Stain Remover For Lou Manfredini of House Smarts showed how to get rid of sugar ants, remove deep-down toilet stains, and get oil-based paint off a wood floor.
     22  +79 2013 dec 04john cryer orlandoKelly & Michael Walt Disney World: Jon Cryer Two and a Half Men Join Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan at Walt Disney World in Orlando , Florida ... Kicking things off will be Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer and a  ...
     23  -2 2014 feb 28malaika for lifeMalaika For Life Bracelets Fight Malaria & 4 Ds of Mosquito ProtectionA woman was inspired to start the Malaika for Life charity after surviving a deadly Malaria infection in Tanzania. Learn the 4 Ds of mosquito protection.
     23  +18 2014 feb 22today show steals and dealsJill's Steals & Deals : Beryll Cashmere Wrap Review & Philip B HairJill's Steals & Deals had big savings and deep discounts on Beryll cashmere wraps, Philip B. hair care products, and Outer Style yoga apparel.
     23  -6 2014 feb 04jill's steals and deals
     23  -17 2014 jan 26male chastity devicesThe Doctors went over the dangers of wearing a male chastity device and they also debunked the myth that the male member shrinks with age.
     23  -6 2014 jan 15ellen keith urban phoenixEllen : Keith Urban Throat Surgery For Polyp & Golden Globe The last time Keith Urban was on the show, Ellen and Keith made a fake commercial for Keith Urban's Phoenix Cologne. In the commercial, Keith Urban looked  ...
     23  -3 2013 dec 28dr oz tea
     23  +28 2013 dec 19ron white memory pdfDr Oz: Ron White Brain Yoga & Memory Booster Foods - RecapoDr Oz invited memory expert Ron White to share his memory boosting strategies you can try at home, including diet solutions to fuel your brain.
     23  ~ 2013 dec 05rachael ray lasagnaRachael Ray Lasagna Joes: Lasagna Sloppy Joes Recipe with Rachael Ray's Lasagna Joes recipe features the best of two classic meals: Sloppy Joes and Lasagna, served on toasted garlic bread with a homemade butter.
     24  +22 2014 feb 16kiwi clogsDr Oz Foods for Clogged Arteries – The Unclog Your Arteries DietDr Oz shared how fruits and other superfoods can help clear clogged arteries. She said she is ... Doctor Oz: Kiwi & Cantaloupe For Clogged Arteries. Did you  ...
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