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     1  ~ 2014 mar 01rissRISSThe Regional Information Sharing Systems ( RISS ) Program provides services and resources that directly impact law enforcement's ability to successfully resolve  ... ‎Logon - ‎Nespin - ‎Magloclen - ‎Overview
     10  +47 2014 jan 26information sharing portalRegional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) ProgramA Proven Resource for Law Enforcement. The RISS program is designed to support law enforcement efforts to combat crime and to promote officer safety.
     23  +63 2014 feb 28organized crimeMid-States Organized Crime Information Center® (MOCIC) - RISSMOCIC; Mid-States Organized Crime Information Center®; Serving Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and  ...
     28  -9 2014 feb 14new england statesNESPIN - RISSNew England State Police Information Network. ... Serving Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont, as well as parts of   ...
     40  +20 2013 dec 21crime in pikesville mdMAGLOCLEN - RISSCRIMINAL INVESTIGATION BUREAU/MARYLAND STATE POLICE. 1201 REISTERSTOWN ROAD. PIKESVILLE , MD 21208. 1-410-653-4212 (Phone).
     50  +12 2014 feb 16regional network information centerMiddle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network ®. MOCIC. Mid-States Organized Crime Information Center ®. NESPIN ... RISS; Regional Information Sharing Systems®; A Proven Resource for Law Enforcement.
     54  ~ 2014 feb 07glary utiROCIC IMPACT IN TEXAS - RISSA joint investigation by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, uti - lizing the .... glary and theft in their jurisdiction.
     56  +9 2014 feb 02video enhancement servicesAnalytical Products - RISSscene diagrams, and telephone toll analysis reports, as well as financial analysis reports, computer forensic analyses, and audio/ video enhancement services .
     58  +31 2014 jan 31secure bulletin boardRISSGangRISSGang is the only comprehensive gang resource that offers a criminal intelligence database, a website, informational resources, and a secure bulletin board .
     66  -9 2013 dec 27sharing center websitesMOCIC. Mid-States Organized Crime Information Center ® ... RISS; Regional Information Sharing Systems®; A Proven Resource for Law ... RISS Impact Website
     79  +22 2014 jan 14pawnshop rhode islandRhode Island - RISSOn June 6, 2012, the Rhode Island Fusion Center became a RISSafe .... Kingston , Rhode Island Police Department by using the NESPIN Pawnshop Database  ...
     88  +13 2013 dec 12massachusetts state policeNESPIN; New England State Police Information Network®; Serving Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts , New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont, as well as  ...
     90  +11 2014 feb 09raleigh sheriff deptROCIC - RISSShelby County Sheriff's Office . Post Office Box 1095. Columbiana ... Monroe County Sheriff's Department . Post Office Box 276 .... Raleigh County Sheriff's Office .
     92  ~ 2014 jan 27event sharing websitesRISSafeSafeguarding Law Enforcement Through Information Sharing ... In other cases, agencies or officers may be coordinating an event focusing ... The RISS Officer Safety Website serves as a nationwide repository for issues related to officer safety.
     93  -1 2014 feb 26interpol stolen motor vehicle databaseRISS Supports Federal Information Sharing InitiativesNational Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) .... that enables investigators to access INTERPOL's range of criminal databases .
     95  ~ 2014 jan 27plice survalicne vanNew England State Police Information Network (NESPIN) Located in Rye, New Hampshire, Police Department. “The use of the NESPIN surveillance van allowed the Smithfield detectives to conduct surveillance on the targets that  ...
     95  -3 2013 dec 09mass state police
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