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     1  ~ 2014 sep 28how to store dry mushroomsShroomery - Preserve MushroomsOnce you have dried your mushrooms you will want to store them without loss of properties. Here are various ways to do so. Other methods of preservation. ‎Storing - ‎Drying - ‎Other methods of preservation
     1  ~ 2014 sep 28hydroponic mushroom doseShroomery - Magic Mushroom Dosage CalculatorRoughly estimates a dosage in grams based on the species and potency of the mushroom , whether or not it's dried, and other factors.
     1  ~ 2014 sep 27fresh mushrooms at aholdProblem getting ahold of dessicants. - Mushroom Cultivation EDIT: I have fresh mushrooms right now, so I can't wait to get the dessicants delivered from a website, or else I would do it that way. First lib hunt of the year in Slovenia - Mushroom
     1  ~ 2014 sep 25antibiotics psilocybinantibiotics with shrooms? - The Psychedelic Experience - Shroomery ok,i had my wisdom teeth taken out friday morning, and now im on antibiotics ( amoxicillin) and tomorrow is the last day i have to take them, and i 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 25shroomeryShroomery - Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms) DemystifiedDetailed magic mushroom information including growing shrooms, mushroom identification, spores, psychedelic art, trip reports and an active community. Message BoardMushroom Cultivation - The Pub - Mushroom Hunting - SearchMushroom CultivationYou'll gain access to additional forums, file attachments, board 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 21broken veil mushroomVeil broken ? - Mushroom Cultivation - Shroomery Message BoardSomeone said the best time to pick fruit is when their veil breaks, is that the case with this guy? B+. veil broke ...Jun 12, 2014 Veils breaking early?Sep 26, 2011 veil breaking, and some confusion.Apr 12, 2010Those of you who think shrooms lose potency after veil breaks ... Apr 3, 2010More results from
     1  ~ 2014 sep 20making lcA *beginner friendly* method for making Liquid Culture - Mushroom Hey everyone - I'm writing this because I see a lot of questions being asked about Liquid Culture . My first ever grow started off with a LC and I ... Making LC 20 posts5 Dec 2013 Make a syringe of live culture with a colonized brf cake ...20 posts31 Aug 2011 Making LC from Agar8 posts23 Feb 2011GRAIN LC 20 posts22 Apr 2007More results from
     1  ~ 2014 sep 15the pub shroomeryThe Pub - Shroomery Message BoardWelcome to the Shroomery Message Board! You are experiencing a small sample of what the site has to offer. Please login or register to post messages and 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 15panfoeAre Pan Foes Deadly? - Mushroom Hunting and Identification If the shroom is a pan foe , is it deadly? poisonous? hazardous? FYI I "think" I bought pan foes before and ate them, with no after effect (I had a 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 11similar to zeitgiestGreat movies like the Zeitgeist series? - Conspiracies and Cover Can anyone list me a bunch of great movies with similar talkings to Zeitgeist ? Thanks guys.
     1  ~ 2014 sep 07mushroom veil breakveil breaking , and some confusion. - Mushroom Cultivation Okay well is this mushroom ready to pick? and it is supposed to be B+, but in my little experience that doesn't look like B+. Veils breaking early? - Mushroom Cultivation - Shroomery
     1  ~ 2014 aug 27research chemicals on blotterBlotter Research Chemicals - The Psychedelic Experience Do you guys know of any research chemicals that fit on blotters ? I know none will be a potent as LSD, but even one that's half as potent would 
     1  ~ 2014 aug 25best salvia pipeSmoking pipe /piece advice, Salvia newbie... - The Psychedelic Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and to Salvia in general. My friend
     1  ~ 2014 aug 24bug zappers fungus gnatsGood Bug Zapper to fight Fungus Gnats ?? - Mushroom Cultivation ive never used a bug zapper , but the ultimate way to get rid of bugs is positive
     1  ~ 2014 aug 23spore syringe storageSpore syringe storage - Mushroom Cultivation - Shroomery Message BoardJust wondering how you all keep your spore syringes ? do you keep them individually bagged or just in a box ? How long can you store Spore Syringes ?6 postsFeb 27, 2012 Spore syringe shelf life12 postsApr 5, 2011Correctly Storing A Spore Syringe 4 postsSep 23, 2009long term spore storage 4 postsJul 9, 2003More results from
     1  ~ 2014 aug 22golden teacher mushroomsShroomery - The Golden Teacher' Golden Teachers ' ... Ingested: 3.5 grams of Brazilian Golden Teachers (Cubensis ) ... I have tripped on Mushrooms approx 10 times, and LSD approx 15 times.
     1  ~ 2014 aug 21mushroom growing chamberShroomery - Fruiting ChambersConstruction how-tos for various mushroom fruiting environments, such as Shotgun Terrariums, Monotubs, and others. ‎Monotub - ‎Poor Man's Pod - ‎A Different Growing Chamber - ‎The Hobo's Terrarium
     1  +1 2014 aug 21interesting lsd tripsShroomery - First LSD Trip , AMAZINGMy first time doing LSD I took 6 hits of what I believed to be 250 microgram blotting paper. It was a very bitter taste... and it made my tongue pretty numb/ tingly.
     1  +12 2014 aug 11leaking shower repair regroutI need to regrout my bathtub/ shower . Any tips? - DIY and Home During the inspection, my inspector found a Jerry-rigged repair on the ... if water is leaking through to the floor then the real issue isnt the grout ...
     1  +1 2014 aug 08ecuador shrooms in horseShroomery - Psilocybe cubensis Identification for BeginnersI would like to know what type of shrooms can be picked and when? please tell me ... Costa Rica, Ecuador , El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Venezuela, ... most commonly on cow poop, they can also be found growing on horse poop.
     1  +2 2014 jul 31jwh drug testHELP JWH DRUG TEST MONDAY!!!!!! - The Pub - Shroomery Message BoardHello I need to know how long aprocimenty how long about 1 gram of jwh will stay in your system I smoke untill about 11:00 pm Friday I will be ...
     1  +4 2014 jul 30acupuncture needle wristbandJet Li's Movie: Kiss of the Dragon... what was that accupuncture In that movie, he had a bracelet with a bunch of acupuncture needles that he used in various ways during combat. Does anyone know if this is ...
     1  ~ 2014 jul 29psilocybe cubensis equadorPsilocybin Cubensis Ecuador - The Psychedelic Experience Hey guys! I started cultivating psilos at home to try them out, the only problem I have is about the dosage or potency of this strain, as I have only 
     1  ~ 2014 jul 29golden teacher mushroom
     1  ~ 2014 jul 28help trigger pinningQuestion about a pinning trigger - Mushroom Cultivation Will this "cold shock" help , and if so how should i do it?
     1  ~ 2014 jul 28how to pasteurize manureShroomery - How To Pasteurize Straw/Poo (Pillowcase Method)Illustrated step by step guide on hot water pasteurization . ... Straw is not recommended if using horse manure as it already contains anti-bacterial straw.
     1  ~ 2014 jul 27peruvian torch powderPeruvian Torch Powder - Good deal? - The Psychedelic Experience I am curious in trying mescaline, and I found a website that sells 400g of Peruvian Torch powder for $29.00, is that a good deal or no? It's the ... 35g dried Peruvian Torch powder - Trip Reports ...2 postsJan 11, 2013Best way to ingest peruvian torch powder 5 postsFeb 19, 2009 Peruvian torch powder dosage20 postsFeb 18, 2008best way to dry and powder peruvian torch ?14 postsMay 18, 2006More results from
     1  +1 2014 jul 26lsa cause ear ringingLSA : bad trip on Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (be careful!) - Trip LSA will cause you to become cold as it constricts your blood flow a bit.
     1  ~ 2014 jul 25amanita muscaria in michiganamanita muscaria formosa found in lowereast michigan - Mushroom i found these mushrooms out in the woods in lower east michigan , i pick
     1  ~ 2014 jul 24remagnetize neodymium magnetsRe-magnetizing Neodymium magnet : How to? - Science and Technology On accident, I heated a small Neodymium magnet above the Curie Point. Rendering it useless... Any ideas on how to re-magnetize it back fully ...
     1  ~ 2014 jul 23outdoor mushroom cultivationOutdoor Cultivation - Shroomery Message BoardOutdoor cultivation topics. ... Mushrooms, Mycology and Psychedelics >> Mushroom Cultivation >> Mushroom Cultivation Archive >> Outdoor Cultivation ...
     1  ~ 2014 jul 22mushroom drying chamberHow to Build a Drying Chamber - Mushroom Cultivation - Shroomery 1. Get two tupperware bowls with lids that snap on securely. One bowl should be larger than the other. 2. Place several cotton balls or similar 
     1  ~ 2014 jul 21avatar blotter acidExpecting to get Avatar Blotter soon. *Got it, just dosed!* - The I was gonna pick up on some Avatar blotter from the NL. Ive heard nothing but good things about it. I don't really prep for LSD because it's alot ... using cartoon blotter paper and sour patch kids gives ...41 posts25 Aug 2011Alex Grey blotters - RC or LSD 65 posts11 Aug 2007More results from
     1  ~ 2014 jul 20psilocybe cubensis texasPsilocybe cubensis Identification, tons of pictures to help you ID Psilocybe cubensis on the field. ... What psychoactive mushrooms can be found in Texas ?
     1  ~ 2014 jul 20second layer internetProject Kleinrock: a " second layer " of the internet without ISPs "Following are the details of a project to create a completely autonomous " second layer " of the Internet , completely free of the influence of or ...
     1  ~ 2014 jul 19psilocybe cubensis koh samuiPsilocybe Cubensis Thailand Koh Samui Classic - Mushroom So i have my first grow going and i was wondering if anyone else has cultivated this particular strain before ( Psilocybe Cubensis Thailand- Koh  
     1  ~ 2014 jul 18magic mushroom cookiesShroom Cookies - The Psychedelic Experience - Shroomery Message BoardI need a good recipe for some chocholate chip cookies . I had some good.
     1  +3 2014 jul 17chuck for angle grinderangle grinder to high speed drill - Gourmet and Medicinal When you look at the parts drawing of a makita angle grinder you can see that you have to find a chuck that fits onto the spindle (part no. 37).
     2  +1 2014 oct 01marijuana detox tipsHow to detox THC ( weed ) and prepare for a drug test - The So if you have a week or 2 to detox and are that lazy you cant exercise, ... Last tips ; Don't smoke cigarettes or weed (obviously), dont drink dont ...
     2  ~ 2014 sep 29m postingSorry if I' m posting too much tonight. - The Pub - Shroomery I'm just speeding, that's all. ... Sorry if I' m posting too much tonight. #20628179 - 09/27/14 09:09 PM (10 minutes, 54 seconds ago) ... I'm speedballing!
     2  -1 2014 sep 27mushrooms turning blueDrying mushrooms are turning blue /green - Mushroom Cultivation Re: Drying mushrooms are turning blue /green [Re: MagicCarpet] #10746600 - 07 /26/09 11:11 PM (5 years, 2 months ago) 
     2  +1 2014 sep 22inject puppies with heroinDrug dealers inject their pet dogs with heroin to 'make them more THE shocking revelation came after the Scottish rescue centre told how some 40 per cent of ... DRUG dealers are injecting their dogs with heroin .
     2  +3 2014 sep 18welcome to tittyland 2A experiment - Mushroom Cultivation - Shroomery Message BoardWelcome to the Shroomery Message Board! You are experiencing a small
     2  ~ 2014 sep 17buy lophophora koehresiiLophophora koehresii - The Ethnobotanical Garden - Shroomery I thought that there were only 2 types of lophophora . ... get to know the species better so I have some sort of idea what to look for when buying ? More results from
     2  ~ 2014 sep 16mycotopiaMYCOTOPIA - The Pub - Shroomery Message BoardHas anyone here tried getting on to Mycotopia , I registered on their site and belive them to be fake. I say this because i am unable to even ... Mycotopia offline error?23 Oct 2013 Mycotopia ???21 May 2013 Mycotopia claiming upcoming Hydroponic Mushroom Tek ...26 Jan 2012More results from
     2  +4 2014 sep 09lysol vs tilexKills 99.9% of household Mold & Mildew? - Contamination Forum So my plan would be to use the tilex and the Lysol together. You can't .... Do you think I am at a higher risk of infection compared to the average ...
     2  -1 2014 sep 08button preparationPeyote Preparation - The Psychedelic Experience - Shroomery Anyway, the button should be cut off, leaving the root (so its slightly above the soil ). As far as preparation goes, either just eating it or drying and ...
     2  +2 2014 sep 05coca leaf extractCocaine extraction from Coca Leaves - ShroomeryCocaine extraction from Coca Leaves . Reagents Needed: Kerosene. Solid Na2CO3. Distilled H2O. H2SO4 5%. Solid KMnO4 (6% Solution is used). NH4OH 10 ...
     2  +1 2014 sep 05free spore ring europeFree Spore Rings . - Mushroom Cultivation - Shroomery Message BoardPeople seem to be getting their spore prints from Free Spore Ring Earth ( Europe ) . Has anyone looked into this one Free Spore Ring Earth Questions AustraliaJan 31, 2012 Free Spore Ring Europe , Any Good???May 23, 2005More results from
     2  -1 2014 sep 02best psilocybe cubensispsilocybe cubensis ... best strain? - Mushroom Cultivation I'm just getting starting on this shrooming "hobby" and was wondering the best type of spore to use. I've read the " psilocybe cubensis " is best  
     2  ~ 2014 sep 01free spore ringI guess the Canada spore ring is now generally agreed to be defunct. People seem to be getting their spore prints from Free Spore Ring Earth ... Free Spore Ring [USA]27 Nov 2012is FSRE ( free spore ring Earth) in netherlands still running ... 6 Apr 2012FSRE Free Spore Ring Earth Questions Australia31 Jan 2012 Free Spore Ring Europe, Any Good???23 May 2005More results from
     2  ~ 2014 aug 29flow hood ebayHEPA flow hood /grow box Cheap!! This aint ebay @LOOK@ - Boxes here we go the true 20$ flow hood /fruiting chamber I think!? all easily obtainable from wal mart or k mart or similar store 1-clear plastic box 
     2  -1 2014 aug 27mescaline and depressionmescaline / depression - The Psychedelic Experience - Shroomery does mescaline use cause manic depression or any kind of depression after use. Have you noticed: Trip enjoyment before and after ...12 posts27 Jan 2014Psychedelic First Time. LSD Mushrooms or Mescaline ?4 posts1 Oct 2013Reflections on mescaline 19 posts2 Jul 2012solo-tripping on mescaline good idea?10 posts10 Mar 2009More results from
     2  ~ 2014 aug 23gram of salviahow much of my 1 gram of 10x salvia should i smoke? - The alright guys, if everything goes as planned i should be smoking my 10x salvia tomorrow. I have 1 gram of it and it smells like dirt. how much of 
     2  +2 2014 aug 22where to buy limeTHE RIGHT TYPE OF LIME !! And whare to buy ! Info here!!! - Mushroom Hey all so I thought I would share with you a little about lime whare to get it and what types! I have been rushing around for a good two weeks ...
     2  +1 2014 aug 17amanita muscaria dosageShroomery - Preparation of Amanita muscariaAmanita muscaria does not occur in the USA except for the yellow form that grows in ... But it only exacerbates toxic effects of the raw Amanita muscaria several ...
     2  +2 2014 aug 16sage goddess emerald essenceSalvia tincture experiences - The Psychedelic Experience the instructions that came with the sage goddess emerald essence i ordered from david's sagewisdom site instruct to hold the tincture in the ... Salvia Tinctures?2 posts5 Mar 2010Liquid Salvia??10 posts28 Sep 2006Aztec Gold Salvia Tincture Dosage10 posts14 Aug 2005salvia essense question..2 posts2 Feb 2002More results from
     2  -1 2014 aug 13joe rogan board creatinecreatine doesn't work?... pffff - Physical and Mental Well-Being I just realized where I heard about creatine's mental benefits. Autor Tim Ferriss was talking about it on the Joe Rogan Podcast a few weeks 
     2  ~ 2014 aug 09mid west grow kitsAnyone had experience with substrate jars from Midwest Grow Kits Mod edit: non-sponsor link removed. Curious about these or any others you may recommend
     2  ~ 2014 aug 03tide detergent quotesOften-stolen Tide detergent may be new drug currency - Shroomery Theft of Tide detergent has become so rampant that authorities from New York
     2  ~ 2014 aug 02midwest grow kitsMod edit: non-sponsor link removed. Curious about these or any others you may recommend... Thanks! Please observe the rules about ...
     2  -1 2014 aug 02roulette and astrologyRoulette and Astrology - Philosophy, Sociology & Psychology Quote: learningtofly said: Quote: Icelander said: And you call our posting Alice and Wonderland. You just go from one fail to the next and don't ...
     2  +7 2014 aug 01cia busted cocaineCIA plane crash lands with four tons of coke /Ron Paul: George Bush I found this recent 2012 story on CIA coke trafficking to establish that it is ... was busted with 5.5 tons of cocaine , a major international scandal is ...
     2  +1 2014 jul 31rivea corymbosa seedsI'm eating rivea corymbosa seeds right now - The Psychedelic I'm a litttle nervous though as my past few LSA experiences weren't something I'd wish to repeat, but I've been reading lots of peoples reports 
     2  +1 2014 jul 31shroom grow kit yieldhomestead EZ grow mushroom kit - Mushroom Cultivation - Shroomery Would this be a good investement,and if so,what kind of yield would we be
     2  -1 2014 jul 31kratom extract dosageRecommended dose of 15x Kratom Extract ? - The Ethnobotanical Yesterday I bought 3 grams of Kratom Extract from a local shop up at the mountain house my friends and I were staying at. The lady at the shop ... Just ordered some 20x Kratom - The Psychedelic ...16 posts27 Oct 2009 kratom extract dosage - The Psychedelic Experience5 posts6 Apr 2007Proper Kratom resin extract dosage ?2 posts23 Aug 2005More results from
     2  +1 2014 jul 29hostilis root barkMimosa hostilis root bark ? - The Psychedelic Experience I have been looking every where and don't really know what conclusion to come up with. First off is Mimosa hostilis root bark illegal and can I ... mimosa hostilis vs Acacia Confusa Root Bark 43 posts10 Apr 2013Large mimosa hostilis bust - Shroomery News Service ...56 posts18 Apr 2012More results from
     2  +1 2014 jul 28ez gro kitHomestead EZ grow mushroom kit - Mushroom Cultivation - Shroomery im saving up to buy this right now but first i have alott of questions on growing. ( this will be my first time growing) ... Homestead EZ - GRO Kit 1st time7 postsFeb 15, 2011Is the Homestead EZ Grow mushroom kit worth the ...8 postsMay 21, 2009homestead EZ grow mushroom kit 20 postsMar 16, 2007homestead book company e-z gro kit 2 postsFeb 12, 2006More results from
     2  ~ 2014 jul 25dmt smoked reportsThe First Time I Smoked DMT . . . . - Trip Reports - Shroomery just wrote this up for some friends to read over, and realised i never really posted the story of my first and most memorable DMT trip on here. so ... First Smoked DMT Experiences6 postsFeb 2, 2014First Changa/ DMT experience!!!9 postsJun 18, 2013Second Smoked DMT report - First Contact!4 postsJan 21, 2013 smoked DMT trip4 postsMay 22, 2011More results from
     2  -1 2014 jul 24remagnetize neodymium magnet
     2  ~ 2014 jul 22syrian rue extracthow would i make a syrian rue extract ? - The Ethnobotanical Garden syrian rue extract ? What would I do? Not much out there. Is syrian rue 10x extract smokeable? - The Psychedelic
     2  -1 2014 jul 20trippy jam bandsTrippy jam bands ? (instrumental rock) - Music, Art, and Media Any good suggestions for jam /intrumental bands that play trippy stuff??? Thanks ps If you like instrumental rock check out 2 tracks by the arctic ... Hit me with some Trippy jam bands - The Pub20 postsJul 17, 2014Firefly Festival - The Pub11 postsJun 1, 2014So who here digs jam bands ? - Music, Art, and Media6 postsApr 23, 2014Suggest some trippy bands similar to shpongle? - Music ...20 postsSep 16, 2008More results from
     2  -1 2014 jul 16magic mushroom huntingShroomery - Hunting MushroomsEverything you need for successful mushroom hunting , where and how to find and identify ... Shroomery - Magic Mushrooms Demystified ... Hunting Mushrooms . ‎Mushroom Locations - ‎Psilocybin Species - ‎Hunting FAQ
     3  +1 2014 oct 02identifying magic mushroomsShroomery - Magic Mushroom Field GuideWARNING: Unless you are well versed in the identificationof mushrooms , do not try to identify any species of mushroom fromthe included pictures without the ...
     3  +2 2014 oct 02morning glory seedsWanting to try morning glory seeds - The Psychedelic Experience I just picked about 25g of blue heaven morning glory seeds . I know this is way more then a dose. I'm wondering if anyone is experianced with 
     3  ~ 2014 sep 28rivea corymbosa
     3  ~ 2014 sep 23rc seedsseeds taste a little gnarly, but nothing too bad, just a little bitter. ..... but rc seeds on theyre own arent much of a "fun" time and for the price you ...
     3  -1 2014 sep 23how to identify psilocybin mushroomsAn overview on how to find Psilocybin Mushrooms . - Mushroom An overview on how to find Psilocybin Mushrooms Last updated 4/17/2010 The reason for writing this guide is that a large percentage of new ... Psilocybin mushrooms ?20 posts12 Jan 2013 Magic mushrooms in Victoria, Australia12 posts1 May 2012Evidence for psilocybin mushrooms in MN8 posts13 Jul 2009 Magic Mushrooms of South Australia??19 posts14 Jun 2009More results from
     3  +6 2014 sep 19trip incenseBad trip on Black Magic incense - Trip Reports - Shroomery Message I had a very bad trip on this stuff. It's been a month, and I'm still not 100% over the trip . I figured if I write down every part of my experience I will ...
     3  ~ 2014 sep 15psilocybe cubensisShroomery - Psilocybe cubensisCAP: 1.5-8 (10) cm broad, broadly conical or oval or bell-shaped (often with an umbo ) when young, gradually expanding to convex, broadly umbonate, or plane;  ...
     3  ~ 2014 sep 15lyrics glorious dawnCarl Sagan - 'A Glorious Dawn ' ft Stephen Hawking (Cosmos Remixed Lyrics : [Sagan] If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch. You must first invent the ... A still more glorious dawn awaits. Not a sunrise, but a ...
     3  +1 2014 sep 13autoclave all american pbneed directions for all - american 25x autoclave - Mushroom I just purchased a used all - american 25x autoclave . It came with no directions and I was hoping someone could help me out. Do you just fill it ...
     3  +2 2014 sep 10nbome ssriSo wait is it bad to combine an SSRI with 25i- nBOME ? - The Pub Just took a mirtazapine about 20 mins ago to try and sleep off a 3mg 25i- nBOME trip. The vasoconstriction seems to be worsening in my legs 
     3  -1 2014 sep 10avalon magic plantsAvalon Magic Plants Disappoint - Shroomery Sponsors Forum Sadly, I did the 20 dollar voucher trip report.. Got my 20$ vouch.. Ordered 5x Salvia. Confirmation email .. Said it shipped that was a month and ...
     3  +1 2014 aug 29mushroom field guideA complete, illustrated guide to picking magic mushrooms . This is a must-read if you've decided to go shroom hunting!
     3  +2 2014 aug 26church of santo daimeSo I contacted the Santo Daime church in Ashland, Oregon So I contacted the Santo Daime church in Ashland, Oregon #15079462 - 09/14/ 11 05:50 PM (2 years, 11 months ago) ...
     3  ~ 2014 aug 24peruvian torch capsulesgrounded peruvian torch in capsules - The Psychedelic Experience Hi Ive heard that taking grounded up peruvian torch in capsules takes away the sickness.I'll have 30 grams. I was thinking taking one capsule  ... Advice on Peruvian Torch Cactus Please.18 posts8 Aug 2012Best way to ingest peruvian torch powder5 posts19 Feb 2009Shelf life of dried cactus? San Pedro/ Peruvian Torch 14 posts11 Jan 2008 peruvian torch prep? - The Psychedelic Experience ...16 posts14 Oct 2005More results from
     3  -1 2014 aug 24bouncing bear botanicals raid[KS] Bouncing Bear Botanicals raided *Update - Charges dropped Vanchieri works at * Bouncing Bears Botanicals , which is Sacred Journey's distributor for K2. His warehouse was raided Thursday morning and 
     3  -1 2014 aug 22buy substrate jarsBuy a man a growkit/premade jars and he will grow mushrooms for a few months. Teach a man to grow mushrooms and he will be hooked for 
     3  -1 2014 aug 20how to make lsdAnyone know how to make LSD ? - The Psychedelic Experience Is there any easy way to make LSD without a lab? From home??? Details please! Affordable way to make LSD ?10 Mar 2012 How to Make LSD "TEK" Version 210 Mar 2011In response to all of the "how hard is LSD synthesis and is my ... 19 Sep 2009Video on how to make LSD (new, easy tek)?20 Sep 2008More results from
     3  +1 2014 aug 15psilocybe cubensis bComments on Psilocybe Cubensis B+. Positive and negative I'm a first time grower and thinking about going with the Psilocybe Cubensis B+ strain. Any comments positive or negative
     3  ~ 2014 aug 15mimosa hostilis rootbarkI have been looking every where and don't really know what conclusion to come up with. First off is Mimosa hostilis root bark illegal and can I ... mimosa hostilis vs Acacia Confusa Root Bark 43 postsApr 10, 2013Large mimosa hostilis bust - Shroomery News Service ...56 postsApr 18, 2012More results from
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