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     1  +1 2014 sep 25sjambok woundsHas anyone actually USED a sjambok ? - THRRed Wings and loud cursing drove it off as the owner finally showed up. Minor wound , but what the ****? A few incidents later, I get my sjambok  ...
     1  ~ 2014 sep 01beginner gunsmithing trainingBeginner Hobbyist Gunsmithing Training ? - THRI am relatively new to guns and I would like to learn basic gunsmithing . I am not looking to earn a living as a gunsmith .
     1  +1 2014 aug 29beginner gunsmith course
     1  ~ 2014 aug 27water gun with soapHot water and soap OK for gun cleaning? - THRI was watching this video (about alternative gun oils such as Mobil 1)
     1  +1 2014 aug 22beginner gunsmithing course
     1  +1 2014 aug 13shotgun barrel pipe cutterCutting a shotgun barrel ...any tips? - THRIm thinking of chopping down my single shot 410 to a 19 inch barrel to make ... Barrels are tapered, and a pipe cutter will want to walk down the ... Opinions on cutting an 870 Shotgun barrel 21 posts3 May 2013Shortening Shotgun Barrel 16 posts17 Jun 2009Proper way to cut shotgun barrel ?15 posts25 Aug 2008I cut my shotgun barrel down.7 posts22 Jun 2005More results from
     1  ~ 2014 aug 09the high roadTHR - Powered by vBulletinResponsible gun ownership is discussed, threads include firearms specifications, tools and technology with Activism and rally points. General Gun DiscussionsThreads in Forum : General Gun Discussions, Forum Tools 
     1  +8 2014 jul 24lee lead zincZinc in Lead - THRWith lead being more dense the zinc should rise to the surface, allowing me to ... I will put about 7-8 pounds in my Lee , get it melted and flux the ...
     2  +3 2014 sep 21clark trigger and searRuger MK II Trigger - THRI stoned and polished my hammer and sear and trigger .
     2  +1 2014 sep 16guns used in killer eliteKiller Elite - What gun is that? - THRI'm usually pretty good at IDing the guns they use in movies, but this one has got me stumped. It was used in Killer Elite ,
     2  +2 2014 sep 11officer harlessCanton Ohio Police Officer Daniel Harless Final Decision - THRPolice officer Harless resigns City, officer Daniel Harless reach settlement agreement. Harless, who threatened to kill a ...
     2  ~ 2014 sep 09polishing compound for tumbling casesBrass Polishing Compound - Refresh? - THRIf you enjoyed reading about " Brass Polishing Compound - Refresh? ... When I used to tumble dirtier brass from outdoor ranges, I tumbled them ... Brasso in the tumbler???36 posts19 Apr 2011 Polishing brass the cheap way?34 posts29 Dec 2010 Tumbling cases ???21 posts21 Aug 2010 Tumbled Brass Polisher??27 posts2 Jan 2010More results from
     2  ~ 2014 aug 26chamfer charge holesWhy chamfer charge holes on a revolver? - THRHello, I've seen several references to chamfering charge holes on some gunsmithing sites and I was wondering what is the benefit of this work. S&W Combat Revolver Package?9 posts8 Mar 2010GP 100 Modifications5 posts7 Apr 2006Talk me into a S&W 625JM.6 posts11 May 2005How can my S&W 686 be improved?27 posts23 Nov 2003More results from
     2  +1 2014 aug 21colorado school of tradesColorado School Of Trades - Review - THRI received a PM from a member asking me to post a review of CST.So here goes.. .. I attended in 01/02.In all I believe the.
     2  -1 2014 aug 07handgun hunting elkElk hunting with a .44 Mag Handgun - THRGreetings all! I am interested in the possibility of hunting elk with a handgun this fall. With all due respect for questions of distance and. Elk hunting in Colorado?17 posts31 Oct 2012 Hunting Elk with a Glock!51 posts10 Jan 2012Thoughts on 454 Casull for elk hunting ?14 posts5 Jan 2010More results from
     2  +1 2014 jul 29bec inc scopesBest Scope Under $150 for no more than 500yds - THRI want to spend less $150 and get the best scope that I can get to enable to .... One of the crappiest scope manufacturers that make the BEC Inc . Best Cheapo Scope ?31 posts4 Jan 2008Cheap scopes 9 posts21 Mar 2004 BEC scopes 3 posts17 Dec 2003More results from
     2  +5 2014 jul 28marlin barrel riflingWhat is your opinion of Marlin "Microgroove" rifling ? - THRI've got a Marlin 795 .22lr with the Microgroove rifling .
     2  -1 2014 jul 26ak magazine handgripWhat is the purpose of gripping the magazine ? - THRI grip my AK's the old fashioned way, and find I have much better ... Can't say I've ever seen anyone grip an AK or an AR by the magazine . Poll, Using the magazine as a grip .40 posts7 Feb 2011Vertical Grip on an AK 13 posts2 Nov 2008More results from
     2  +2 2014 jul 26gander mountain glock saleGander Mountain Prices...What Are They Thinking??? - THRGander Mountain $499 (on sale this week for $449, on website for $429) ... Bass Pro (didn't have a Glock 19 but their Gen 3 G23 was $599
     2  +99 2014 jul 25stun gun toleranceDefeating the Taser ? - THRAll I can say is that high pain tolerance has nothing to do with how tasers work,
     2  ~ 2014 jul 24cabelas gun transfer feeusing cabelas as an FFL - THRI'm wanting to use the local cabelas as an ffl and was wondering what the process is... i've never bought a ... Transfer fee : $10.00 per firearm What's the Deal with Cabela's Gun Library Prices?35 postsNov 14, 2010California interstate long gun transfer 24 postsAug 31, 2009Buying an out of state gun in person.27 postsAug 17, 2007Kittery Trading Post in Maine-BEWARE20 postsJan 28, 2006More results from
     3  ~ 2014 oct 05center point scopesCenter Point scopes any good?? - THRI went to Walmart the other day and noticed they have a new scope on the shelfs here, its a Center Point 3-9x40 scope , its. Moving reticle? Center Point Red dot Sight14 posts5 Nov 2011 CenterPoint scope review.19 posts31 Aug 2010 Center Point 4-16X40 scope from Walmart, should I ...76 posts16 Oct 2009 Center Point Rifle Scopes ?8 posts28 Nov 2008More results from
     3  -1 2014 oct 03stealth rifle casePossible " stealth " gun case - THRAnd it looks just like a shotgun or KY rifle case... Leave the ... The absolute best " stealth " gun case I've come up with yet are baseball gear bags.
     3  +98 2014 oct 01over thumbsHow do you grip it: Thumbs forward or thumb over thumb ? - THRI'm a thumb over thumb guy and it seems that I secure the gun more than thumbs forward. But I'd like to know how you grip your ...
     3  +26 2014 sep 26houge boot gripRuger LCR: Tamer vs. Boot grip / .357 vs. 38 - THROverall, I'm leaning right now toward the .38 with the boot grips . ... I have a .38 LCR with hogue grips that I have fired around 1500 rounds, ... pachmayr or Hogue grips ?27 postsJan 22, 2011 Hogue grips on sp10124 postsMay 20, 2008 Grips 34 postsFeb 18, 2008J-Frame Grip Choice - Hogue Bantam vs. Pachmayer26 postsJan 30, 2007More results from
     3  ~ 2014 sep 25gun that increase in vauleDo Guns Appreciate Or Deppreciate In Value ? - THRGun value like most other things is based in part on economice of the .... Old Colt revolvers seem to be slowly increasing in value almost daily. Do "extras" increase value of a used gun 26 posts6 Dec 2011Annual appreciation/depreciation of gun values ?....14 posts8 Oct 2011 Gun value as an "investment", and selling them53 posts22 Aug 2009Which guns are good as an investment?48 posts30 Dec 2007More results from
     3  +3 2014 sep 22ipsc bobbed hmmerWhat to do if a revolver with a bobbed hammer is cocked to SA? - THRI have a weird little .32 that a PO had bobbed the hammer and shortened the barrel on. For me .... IPSC and IDPA have ruined my accuracy. S&W 638 vs. 64225 posts14 May 2013S&W 469 decocker mod6 posts27 Mar 20111911 Hammer Bob15 posts3 Mar 2010Para Ordnance12 posts15 Jul 2005More results from
     3  ~ 2014 sep 17centerpoint scopesI went to Walmart the other day and noticed they have a new scope on the shelfs here, its a Center Point 3-9x40 scope , its. CenterPoint scope review.19 posts31 Aug 2010 Center Point 4-16X40 scope from Walmart, should I ...76 posts16 Oct 2009More results from
     3  +1 2014 sep 11rohrbaugh r9 velocityRohrbaugh R9 vs Other Small Pistols for CCW - THRI picked up a Rohrbaugh R9 the other day and decided to post a ... Seeing some actual muzzle velocity measurements of some typical SD ... Rohrbaugh R9 64 posts31 Jan 2014Which to pocket carry?25 posts1 Jul 2010Bought a Rohrbaugh R9S Stealth pocket 9mm yesterday32 posts22 Mar 2009 Rohrbaugh performance?27 posts27 Jul 2004More results from
     3  ~ 2014 sep 10are bullets waterproofWaterproofing ammo ? - THRI know some personal defense and military grade ammo is waterproof . I want to know if this can be done to standard factory ammo after it has ... .22 rimfire waterproof ?12 postsFeb 16, 2012Is ammo waterproof or can it be made so?23 postsFeb 5, 2012 Waterproof bullets 58 postsSep 16, 2010More results from
     3  -1 2014 sep 0622 250 barrel life22 - 250 barrel life and twist rate ? - THRHi there. I am looking for some advice about the barrel life and twist rate of a 22 - 250 . My friend has a Weatherby VarmintMaster in. Bullet Velocity Affecting Barrel Life 41 posts31 Mar 2012Minimum barrel length for 22 - 250 ?16 posts20 Dec 2010 Barrel lifespan30 posts30 Oct 2010 22 - 250 VS .24341 posts27 Jan 2007More results from
     3  +5 2014 sep 05name for gun companyGun Shop Names - THRBut seriously, I write ads and come up with company and product names all day long. My first question to a client is, what kind of image are you ... Help me name a gun company ...44 postsApr 9, 2013Best Name For A New Gun Shop?100+ postsOct 26, 2011More results from
     3  +2 2014 aug 31astra terminator for saleTrade Glock 19 for Astra Terminator .44mag? - THRchoice that I have to make. A friend has a blued Astra Terminator . ... 2013, 03: 40 PM. Sell the G19 and go buy something better than the Astra ... Latest purchase, Astra .44 Magnum14 posts15 Mar 2010Monster Snubby!61 posts26 Jul 2006 Astra Terminator .8 posts20 Jul 2006More results from
     3  +10 2014 aug 29stylized cardinal headAR 15 upper identification. - THRA keyhole or a cardinal head (sometimes called horsehead) gives you the name of the ... Cardinal's head ( stylized bird head ) is: Cardinal Forge
     3  +3 2014 aug 26microtech knives bankruptWhat happened to Microtech (MSAR)? - THRI bought a Microtech Small Arms rifle in 2009. ... It's a shame they went bankrupt , but with the attention to detail and craftsmanship of these rifles, ... Is the MICROTECH Archangel 9mm back?2 posts4 Oct 2012What happend to MSAR?9 posts8 Oct 2011Benchmade Balisong 5114 posts21 Aug 2010More results from
     3  -2 2014 aug 24concealed carry suspendersSuspenders as aid to gun belt in CCW ? - THRWhen I'm not deployed, I usually conceal carry a XD45C and I have both OWB and IWB holsters. I wear a good leather gun belt. Fat Guy Concealed Suspenders *Photo Thread*17 posts13 Apr 2007 suspenders for concealed carry ?23 posts9 Apr 2007More results from
     3  +4 2014 aug 23best handgun for farmersGeneral all around farm gun - THRI use the sks as a truck gun on our farm /ranch . but everyone concerned has somewhat a ... The best i can do is general ideas for your thought . What gun for carrying on ranch/ farm ?100+ posts4 Feb 2013 Best rifle for a farm 35 posts1 Dec 2010Homeowners insurance on your firearms 44 posts7 Jan 2009 Farm gun Help?21 posts23 Nov 2007More results from
     3  ~ 2014 aug 23nra life jacketNRA Life Membership - Jacket ? - THRMy annual NRA membership is up for renewal again, and I'm thinking of taking the plunge and going to Life membership. I'm planning to just.
     3  +10 2014 aug 13gun conceal backpackIs a handgun in your backpack consider concealed ?? - THRPretty sure it would be considered concealed in a backpack , but it ... the gun for self defense, what good is an unloaded gun in your backpack ? Concealed Carry in a backpack 40 posts1 Aug 2011 Backpacking Yellowstone with a gun : open or ...62 posts23 Mar 2011More results from
     3  ~ 2014 aug 08shims for rifle barrelsShims for barreling a rifle - Where to find?? - THRI have a 6.5 Italian Carcano that I got with the barrel loose. Upon trying to tighten it, I realized it over-times. I need to find some shims to get it to ... m1 carbine with bad barrel fixable?29 posts15 Jan 2013Scope Shimming Question16 posts7 Jul 2012Scope touching barrel ...Problem?23 posts10 Apr 2008The Mystery of the Inaccurate M39 Mosin19 posts9 Apr 2006More results from
     3  +1 2014 aug 03limp wrist gifIs " limp wristing " real or urban legend? - THRDo you think that limp wristing is a real phenomenon affecting auto handgun ...
     3  +7 2014 jul 30horizontal gun case plansHorizontal Gun Safes - THRI think a modular horizontal gun safe would be the perfect solution. .... If you are planning to concentrate all your valuables in a box and then not ... Rifle Crate8 postsJun 13, 2011 Gun safe modification for limited space. Ideas?23 postsFeb 2, 2008More results from
     3  +1 2014 jul 27blade tech eclipse reviewAnyone tried Bladetech Eclipse OWB holster? - THRI find NO reviews or comments anywhere on the web about this holsters so far
     4  +4 2014 sep 2570 pss ราคาMarlin 70PSS ? - THRI did a search on the forum and came up with very little. Purpose: A rifle for my G/ F to carry in her bug-out-bag in.
     4  -1 2014 sep 23taylor cutleryHow bad ARE the S&W Taylor Cutlery folding knives? - THRNow, to be fair, there is a Schrade/ Taylor Folding Hunter that I occasionally drool over, but it's US-made and it retails for something like $120.
     4  -1 2014 sep 17sm sporter 22lrOddball rimfire guns - THRSM Corp Sporter The Big Horn S&W Second Model 22lr . Any knowledge and/or experiences with these or others would also be appreciated? Need info on the S-M Sporter .22rf pistol11 posts8 Aug 2012What "Unique" factory guns do you own??92 posts10 Jun 2008Semi-Auto 22lr Boring72 posts5 Nov 2007More results from
     4  ~ 2014 sep 14conceals your favoriteWhats your favorite Conceal Carry Gun? - THRI am planning on trying to get my first CC wepon and take the class with that gun. Any recomendations on what gun to carry.
     4  +1 2014 sep 13why are stanag mags curvedbest magazine /magwell design? - THRThe Stanag magazine is a legacy of the M16's original design. ... sided exterior where it sits in the mag well, but a constant curvature interior, ...
     4  +3 2014 sep 12sig 556 with cheek restOpinions/ experience with Sig 556R ? - THRThere are airsoft accessory manufacturers who make a sort of cheek rest or what have you that may snap into place on your stock to assist with ...
     4  -1 2014 sep 11ted kaczynski home made gunAnybody have a homemade gun ? - THRI've been wanting to build my own derringer from scratch for a while now...I finally just ordered the ... Ted Kaczynski's non-machined pistol
     4  +1 2014 sep 09gun in spanishSlang gun terminology in Spanish ? - THRI was recently pondering the various English-language slang terms used for firearms, and realized that I have no idea what the equivalents are ...
     4  +1 2014 sep 05agi promo codesAGI Legitimate Gunsmithing Institute? - THRI'm thinking about getting some schooling in gunsmithing and hopefully getting certified. Is AGI (American Gunsmithing Institute) a legit and well ...
     4  -2 2014 sep 04bohica 50 bmg reviewsBohica Arms 50 BMG Upper - THRHas anyone heard anything about the Bohica Arms 50 BMG Upper? ... anyone has fired it or had any experience with one or seen any reviews . Budget based . 50 bmg rifles25 postsJan 26, 2013I want a . 50 BMG ...31 postsJan 14, 2010Let's talk . 50 BMG rifles44 postsJul 5, 2008 Bohica ar 50bmg uppers for under $1k100+ postsMay 21, 2007More results from
     4  +4 2014 aug 26shooting star magazinesChip McCormick " Shooting Star " Magazines - THRI'm asking if anyone has encountered problems with the Chip McCormick Shooting Star magazine ? My brother ordered two and neither one ...
     4  ~ 2014 aug 26lyman reloading handbookWhy is Lyman Reloading Manual Held in High Regard? - THRI've seen this manual recommended over and over again, and since I was wanting another manual I decided to order it. I've been going through.
     4  +25 2014 aug 26scarr gun kitsWhy is a SCAR so expensive? - THRThe reason SOCOM is still buying the SCAR - H is that there are so .... High Desert Dog is working on 9mm, .22LR and 7.62x39 conversion kits .
     4  +97 2014 aug 25flights thr mhbPicture of Ball In Flight - THRHere is the flash using 14 grs. of Swiss in her 32 cal. I.
     4  +2 2014 aug 24high noon pocket grabberRuger LCP Holster: HIGH NOON's Pocket Grabber ! - THRThe POCKET GRABBER is in natural horsehide with a black synthetic trim ... Like all other High Noon products that I've owned or tested. High Noon Holster Review: Ruger LCR - THR2 posts2 Feb 2011 High Noon Holster Review. Micro Desert Eagle ...1 post17 Jan 2010 Pocket holster for Kahr PM9??? - THR - The High Road13 posts13 Apr 2004Comparing Pocket Holsters - THR - The High Road6 posts2 Feb 2003More results from
     4  ~ 2014 aug 22mexican carry holtersways to conceal carry WITHOUT holster ? - THRA gun can be carried any number of ways without a holster , limited only by your imagination. The best known of these is " Mexican carry ," ... Conceal carry without holster 66 posts11 Sep 2010Hip Grip/ Mexican Carry Trigger Holster 9 posts3 Jan 2008Carry without holster aka " Mexican Carry "60 posts13 Jun 2007Dangers of " Mexican Carry ".100+ posts17 Dec 2004More results from
     4  ~ 2014 aug 19buy real bowling pinWhere can I buy real bowling pins ?? - THRI've searched around and can only find those cheap plastic pins. I want to get a set to have my own bowling pin matches but.
     4  +11 2014 aug 11lightning access decorDrop down hidden gun shelves? - THRHey guys, just doing a little surfing of the web tonight and came across Lightning Accent Decor's drop down shelf.
     4  -3 2014 aug 08clp gun cleanerIs Breakfree CLP all you ever need to clean a gun ? - THRI've been using clp on EVERYTHING - mechanism, trigger, finish, barrel, ... have i been doing a lousy job cleaning my guns ? to be honest, my ... CLP Gun Cleaning Products50 posts5 Aug 2010Break-Free or Hoppes #9 ?63 posts22 Feb 2010How do you use CLP ?30 posts2 Apr 2006Breakfree CLP on Polymer guns ?15 posts16 May 2005More results from
     4  ~ 2014 aug 04real muzzle flashHollywood and muzzleflash - THRIs it just me or does hollywood overexaggerate on muzzle flashes? ... That said, the real muzzle flash may be more or less bright than what's in ...
     4  ~ 2014 jul 31dpms panther reviewDPMS Panther Arms AR-15, any good? - THRThe Panther Arms series of .223 and. ... I have 2 DPMS's and they are very good rifles and they also are not ..... Get a chrome lined barrel, unless you are looking for the absolute best accuracy , then get an SS HBAR or Bull.
     4  +1 2014 jul 24military knives chaharacteristicsFighting knife characteristics - THRCritical characteristics are for the knife to have a good grip that won't .... There is no way I could carry such a thing unless I was in the military  ...
     4  -1 2014 jul 23black magic hubbard hallRe-bluing at home? - THRthe chemical from Hubberd- Hall , Black Magic , and have blued dozens. ...
     4  +1 2014 jul 21digital grain caliperAccuracy testing of "cheap" calipers and digital scales - THRFor those curious about how accurate cheaper calipers and digital
     4  +1 2014 jul 19tap rack cleartap - rack -bang drill..can someone explain it for me? - THRYou immediately tap , roll & rack in attempt to get the gun running. It's a nondiagnostic immediate action to clear a stoppage. IMO there's no ... Do you practice weapons malfunctions? How do you deal ...36 posts28 Sep 2013Stovepipe question.8 posts15 Mar 2011 Tap / Rack /Bang11 posts21 Apr 2004 Tap , Rack , & Bang?33 posts28 Sep 2003More results from
     4  +1 2014 jul 16survival knife spikes" Survival " Knives - THRand lastly the el cheapo garbage farmers market special survival knives you see everywhere always come with two metal " spikes ??" that screw ...
     4  +1 2014 jul 16fox labs msdsBest pepper spray option - THRAnd the Fox labs stuff is little oil capsules, millions of the buggers, that ....
     5  ~ 2014 sep 28tannerite chemical reactionSome Tannerite technical questions - THRFirst off, can someone explain exactly how the chemical reaction happens? The catalyst gets mixed with the AN, then a high speed bullet ...
     5  +1 2014 sep 26dan wesson 357for saleDan Wesson 357 for $350 -- Yay or Nay? - THRI don't mean to gush about Dan Wesson revolvers, but I just bought my 5th ... It's a shame that they never sold in the volumes that comparable ...
     5  -1 2014 sep 18bury your gunslegality of "burying your guns " - THRIf you are going to bury guns in your yard, I suggest burying other things like washing machines, dryers, old lawn mowers, anything with ...
     5  +2 2014 sep 15mernickle holstersDoes anyone have a Mernickle holster ? - THRAre Mernickle holsters good? Is it a good company? I'm thinking about getting a CA5 - 5 double rig for cowboy action. Please let me.
     5  ~ 2014 sep 14gander mountain gun safesTimber Ridge Safes or RSC ...whatever you want to call it - THRGander mountain sells a 50 cubic sq.ft liberty safe for $1800.00 how is that for a ... Gun safes are a small segment of the total safe market.
     5  +3 2014 sep 11poodle shooterStop using the " poodle shooter " argument! - THRLately I've seen any number of people using the following arguments -The AR15 is not even remotely the most powerful rifle -The AR15 isn't ...
     5  +6 2014 sep 10pre samples nfa for saleQuestion re: purchase of pre -'86 dealer samples - THRI've seen NFA dealer websites that offer pre -'86 dealer samples of full-auto ... Samples are just that: SALES SAMPLES , and can be owned by ...
     5  +4 2014 sep 10model 97 premier grade 357Freedoms Arms worth the price? - THRIt's written about the 353 ( a Model 83 ), and not the model 97. But I suspect a 97 ..... Model 97 Premier Grade - . 357 Magnum Model 83 Premier ... 353 Casull (Freedom Arms md 83 in 357 magnum)27 posts7 Apr 2013Freedom Arms 353 Casull, just thought I'd share..33 posts13 Feb 2011More results from
     5  ~ 2014 sep 09hglrw fv lopGot a new Savage Mk II FV - THRI received my FV today! ... I just got a new FV a few weeks ago. ... My FV , I put a DIP cheek riser, and I'm still fiddling with LOP , but I think I've got ...
     5  +24 2014 sep 09colt commander 765 param2 small guns vs. 1 big gun? - THRinstead of carrying two lcps, carry one colt commander 1911 in 45 acp, or as ... I'd rather have one Glock 19, 17, XD, XDm, 1911, Commander , M&P, etc .....
     5  ~ 2014 sep 02chemical reactions of tannerite
     5  -1 2014 aug 28sporting clays shotgunGood starter shotgun for sporting clays ? - THRHi fellow shooters! I just recently got invited to a sporting clays tournament. I've never shot skeet before and don't own a shotgun , but I'd. question for sporting clay folks-looking to buy gun27 posts30 May 2011entry level Sporting Clays gun.35 posts23 May 2011Female advice for sporting clay gun25 posts29 Sep 2010$2,400.00 for a beginners Sporting Clays gun??!!81 posts4 Mar 2006More results from
     5  -1 2014 aug 23saeco scale testerSaeco hardness Tester - just an interest post FYI. - THRIt is branded Saeco and all steel. It is just. ... with mark on lower vernier scale . ... I believe that Saeco still makes that bullet hardness tester . Anyone loading for Glock 17L or converted 24?19 posts26 Oct 2012BHN tester ?17 posts25 Jan 2009More results from
     5  -1 2014 aug 22pepper spray shu ratingACTUAL pepper spray SHU ratings , Spitfire - THRI am researching a pepper spray for my wife to carry and as part of my research I ran across this link which showed the stated SHU ratings for ...
     5  +10 2014 aug 22big brother hso bettingAdvice for a survival knife - THRKabar Big Brother , around $75. ..... the big end. But when all is said and done, I'm betting my survival (and kitchen) kit will still contain 4 blades: * 3" * 5" .... Hso , the street price for that Kabar Cutlass 'chete is $45 with sheath. Car knife suggestion48 postsJun 17, 2013The aclu is coming!40 postsSep 8, 2008Post your Favorite WWI/WWII blade. Marine Raider ...40 postsJul 1, 2008What do you think about the Tanto style blade?37 postsMay 1, 2008More results from
     5  +43 2014 jul 31sleeve gun carryHow feasible is a spring-loaded sleeve derringer? - THRA flick of the wrist or arm, and a derringer or small pistol swiftly ... Better yet... wear baggier sleeves , and have a full size M1911 on-the-rack.
     5  +10 2014 jul 27buy tapco hammerTapco G2 trigger in a Saiga? - THRThe Tapco G2 trigger specifically says "not for use in Saigas" but ... you can purchase the modified FCG, or shave down one side of the hammer  ...
     5  +4 2014 jul 26pocket knives by henkelJ. A. Henckels Pocket Knives - THRI've done a Google search, but I haven't been able to find anywhere selling any J. A. Henckels pocket knives . Can anyone comment if they are ...
     5  +7 2014 jul 25hand held pistol primerPriming with a hand held tool vs. Press - THRI use both the rcbs hand primer when I want to knock out a large ... Handgun ammo goes through the 650, and so, priming is its problem. RCBS hand held APS primer tool.14 posts2 Jun 2013 Hand Held Priming vs Press Priming28 posts4 Jan 2012"Flattened primers " w/ rcbs hand primer & 9mm26 posts26 Oct 2010 Handheld decapper?6 posts11 Apr 2003More results from
     5  +1 2014 jul 25hi standard revolverBought a Hi - Standard .22 Revolver - THRI bought a Hi - Standard model R-103 revolver Saturday. I bought it on impulse and don't know much about it (until I saw it, I didn't. Price opinions on Hi Standard revolver 26 postsJul 31, 2013Repair for High Standard Sentinel .2211 postsJan 13, 2012 Hi Standard Sentinel25 postsAug 30, 2011 Hi - Standard Revolver Timing10 postsFeb 10, 2010More results from
     5  -2 2014 jul 20buy guns wholesalewhere do small dealers buy their new guns ? - THRHow do small FFL dealers purchase their new guns , and what sorts of costs are they ... They buy from wholesalers like Bill Hicks and Accusport. Anyone know the wholesale price dealers pay for new ...29 postsMay 8, 2009FFL Dealer - need guns , help!!19 postsMay 5, 2005More results from
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