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     9  -3 2014 aug 22afghan body countCasualties in Afghanistan & Iraq - Unknown News | Helen & Harry's From the start of the Iraq invasion and occupation, an organization called Iraq Body Count (IBC) has offered its tallies of the announced civilian death toll in Iraq .
     17  +1 2014 jul 31afghan war civilian casualtiesIt is likely that many if not most civilian casualties will go unreported by the media ... or even several dozen American soldiers who have been killed in these wars  ...
     25  -6 2014 aug 25afghanistan war death tollIf thousands of American dead from these Middle East wars had been ... Mark Herold at the University of New Hampshire, for information on Afghan casualties .
     28  ~ 2014 sep 05campagne rogue trader vox ludiUS holds infants, Americans in East African secret ... - Unknown NewsBut the campaign hasn't netted any al-Qaida figures, and U.S. officials think that
     37  +6 2014 sep 22realtime death tool counterThus it's impossible to imagine that many casualties are not being excluded.
     43  -3 2014 aug 17wayne madsen reportWayne Madsen - Unknown News | Helen & Harry's cranky weblog of Wayne Madsen is a free-lance writer who publishes Wayne Madsen Report , a subscription-based website that is held in high regard at numerous websites, and  ...
     49  +52 2014 aug 29adwords editorial guidelinesGoogle refuses our ad - Unknown News | Helen & Harry's cranky In order to ensure your ad's success and relevance, our AdWords Specialists review each ad and keyword for compliance with our Editorial Guidelines .
     56  +24 2014 aug 11cranky word artWords of wisdom - Unknown News | Helen & Harry's cranky weblog U.S. Const., Art . II, §1. This is the source for the statement in McPherson v. Blacker, 146 U.S. 1, 35 (1892), that the State legislature's power to select the manner ...
     62  ~ 2014 aug 10toys for tots chubbuckNewer comments - Unknown News | Helen & Harry's cranky weblog No more Toys for Tots , no Angel Tree, no Salvation Army, etc. ♢ Dr Henrik Thomsen
     63  -9 2014 aug 18iraq badoy count
     65  +4 2014 jul 30iraqi civilian casualtiesAlso, IBC's methodology ignores even English-language media reports of Iraqi civilians ' deaths, unless matching reports of the same casualties are published by  ...
     67  ~ 2014 aug 17rove email destructionKarl Rove is not the spawn of Nazis - Unknown News | Helen By any honest standard Rove is guilty of treason, having revealed the name of an
     68  -14 2014 aug 18iraq body count
     72  -27 2014 aug 13afghanistan war casualties
     72  ~ 2014 jul 31new orleans inmate searchPrisoners, including juveniles, drowned in flooded ... - Unknown News2: South Louisiana inmates bound for lockup in Bossier Parish Sept. 2: Some prisoners ... 11: Australian tells of New Orleans jail nightmare. Sept. ..... They too were unable to call loved ones, yet couldn't go searching for them.
     76  +8 2014 aug 12casualties in afghanistanIf you simply go through the Pentagon press releases, you'll find numerous other deaths outside Iraq and Afghanistan , included in the count of military casualties  ...
     81  +4 2014 aug 06coulters corner restaurant oklahomaThe wit and wisdom of Ann Coulter - Unknown News | Helen Coulter has been writing a syndicated newspaper column since 1999, but she's added no
     81  +3 2014 jul 30civilian casualties in iraqFrom the start of the Iraq invasion and occupation, an organization called Iraq Body Count (IBC) has offered its tallies of the announced civilian death toll in Iraq .
     82  -6 2014 sep 08diy salt inhalerDo-it-yourself - Unknown News | Helen & Harry's cranky weblog of Further sources for do-it-yourself enthusiasts: Backwoods Home Magazine and
     82  -29 2014 aug 12us casualties in iraqIraq since the U.S. and coalition attacks, based on lowest credible estimates. .... In a nutshell, the theory is that the toll of American military deaths in Iraq and ...
     85  ~ 2014 jul 31bummers are deafCoping with people who are bummers - Unknown Newsof most bummers in your daily life. ..... video released under court order offers audio of Washington cop's instant killing of partially deaf man who ...
     88  -44 2014 aug 05aloe vera boulimiaI either make a aloe vera /aspirin liquid and apply it all over my face, or do a spot .... Research has shown it be effective in treating panic attacks, bulimia , ...
     88  +13 2014 aug 04aloe vera en boulimia
     94  -47 2014 aug 22casualties in iraq
     96  +5 2014 jul 29clive maund natural gasDialogue - Unknown Newswar as a last (not first) resort, and sensible stewardship of natural resources.
     98  -24 2014 aug 07hi-grow interview techniques-majid khanBush-Cheney asks court to silence torture victims - Unknown News The government says in new court filings that those interrogation methods are now
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