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     1  ~ 2014 oct 04htc desire s-off[TUTORIAL] How to S - OFF your HTC Desire | HTC Desire | XDA Forums Many people here want to be S - OFF on their HTC Desire but don't know how to be, this thread is for you ! Credits goes to all AlphaRev 
     1  ~ 2014 oct 04galaxy nexus radio fm[Q] Does the Galaxy Nexus have an FM tuner? | Samsung Galaxy Nexus I'd hate to use radio apps for the Play store as it drains a lot of data and I only have a 1GB plan. Does the Galaxy Nexus have an actual FM  
     1  ~ 2014 oct 04samsung vibrant forumSamsung Vibrant - XDA Forums - XDA DevelopersThe Samsung Vibrant is the T-Mobile specific version of Samsung's Galaxy S. Released in July 2010, the Vibrant was only the third Android 2.1 ... ‎Vibrant Android Development - ‎Vibrant General - ‎Vibrant Accessories
     1  ~ 2014 oct 03semc usb flashsemc usb flash driver | Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 | XDA Forums strange its working for me did u press back button when u are flashing the bb? try restarting ur pc. if that doesn't work uninstall that and try 
     1  ~ 2014 oct 03eee pad transformer accessoriesEee Pad Transformer Accessories - XDA Forums - XDA-DevelopersAccessories for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer (cases, screen protectors, batteries, etc)
     1  ~ 2014 oct 03cricket flashing software freeFree (for now) CDMA Flasher Software | Samsung Epic 4G Touch | XDA This is a software program that dealers pay a monthly fee to flash CDMA phones to Page Plus, Cricket , and MetroPCS among other services.
     1  ~ 2014 oct 03amazon kindle fire romsAmazon Kindle Fire - XDA Forums - XDA DevelopersThe Amazon Kindle Fire is a tablet version of Amazon's e-book
     1  +1 2014 oct 03android apps and gamesAndroid Apps and Games - XDA Forums - XDA DevelopersWelcome to the XDA Android apps and games forum. Here you can find apps and games made by XDA members. Many developers use this forum as a way to  ... ‎L MMS - ‎[23.apr.2013] *COLLECTION ... - ‎[APP][4.0+] Android L (5.0) - ‎XDA
     1  ~ 2014 oct 03xda skype video[MOD][2.2+] Skype - XDA -DevelopersSo here is Skype with some fixes, added features and support for video -calling on more devices! Read more / Grab it: Build v22 *REMEMBER: 
     1  +5 2014 oct 03android gold card[TOOL] Goldcard img creator | Android Development and Hacking Then, patch the sdcard using the Simple Goldcard Tool included in
     1  ~ 2014 oct 03htc sensation androidSensation Android Development - XDA Forums - XDA DevelopersAndroid development for the HTC Sensation . ... Sensation Android Development: Threads / Thread Starter. Views: 3,327,694 4th July 2012. Announcement: ... ‎[ROM][STABLE][4.4.4] - ‎Team Venom present… - ‎[UnORom][3.4Kernel] CM-11 ...
     1  ~ 2014 oct 02htc kaiser androidTilt, TyTN II , MDA Vario III Android Development - XDA Forums Android development for the AT&T Tilt, HTC TyTN II , T-Mobile Vario III.
     1  ~ 2014 oct 02htc sensation gold cardGold Card | HTC Sensation | XDA Forums - XDA-DevelopersHey guys, I have been trying for ages to get a goldcard to work for the Sensation . I have managed to create a goldcard , but sadly, when trying to 
     1  ~ 2014 oct 02t mix theme[ THEME ] Kalagas Mixed Theme (All GB-ICS ROMs… | Samsung Galaxy Older versions of Kalagas Mixed Theme in Second Post
     1  ~ 2014 oct 01htc sensation rom for htc desire[Q] What Is The Best Sense Rom For Htc Desir… | HTC Desire | XDA Hey Guys can u please tell me what the best sense rom is for the htc desire is also if u have leedroid please please attach it that was the best 
     1  ~ 2014 oct 01vibrant bible[REF]*** Vibrant Directory( Bible ) - XDA-DevelopersChange Log *(1/25/2011)* Complete re edit of bible by, r0man! *(1/6/2011)*
     1  ~ 2014 oct 01xda developers x8Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 - XDA Forums - XDA DevelopersThe Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 released in the fall of 2010 worldwide. In the US, the XPERIA X8 is available on AT&T's wireless network. The X8 shipped with 
     1  ~ 2014 oct 01statusbar rom[GUIDE]4.2.2 Statusbar for Samsung 4.1.2 ROM … | Samsung Galaxy S 4.2.2 Style Stausbar for Samsung 4.1.2 ROM (This tutorial is originally made for SGSA but it should work with all samsung 4.1.2 ROMs ) Before 
     1  +1 2014 oct 01tentang free one click file hosting![24sept12]How to Root/Unroot Samsung Galaxy … | Samsung Galaxy -Copy downloaded file to Ext SD card to root directory -Reboot into
     1  +1 2014 oct 01best wifi sniffer appBest Xda App ever . WiFi /Log/password sniffer | AT&T Samsung Galaxy It works fantastic with my Note2.Running CleanAtt LK7 base.How amazing is this Op?I have tested all the features and no bugs to reprort . [UPDATE] All Android Wifi Tools In One Place | HTC Glacier ... 28 Feb 2013[ APP ][MOD] Sniffing Apps ****ROOT****[Aroma Installer ...22 Jul 2012
     1  +2 2014 oct 01sony ericsson neo v haida mt11i review{Neo/ Neo V }[DEV][KitKat 4.4.4][CM11.0] Legac… | Sony Ericsson MT15i (Neo) users need to flash MT11i ( Neo V ) ftf. Steps required for ... LegacyXperia, ROM for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo Contributors [ROM] [KK] [ Neo / V ] VanirAOSP [official] … - Pg. 2 | Sony ... 20 Mar 2014{Neo/ Neo V }[DEV][JB 4.3.1][CM10.2] LegacyXpe…8 Aug 2013[ROM][ NEO - V ][4.2.2] DarkRom CM10.1 Customize…8 Feb 2013[NOOB-GUIDE][REQ][CM 9.1]FXP CM9.1 NEO V MT1…28 Jul 2012More results from forum.xda-developers.com
     1  ~ 2014 oct 01install rom via fastbootFlashing Guide - Android - XDA-DevelopersTo flash a ROM for your Android device you first need to meet the following ... your device into fastboot mode via one of the following options.
     1  ~ 2014 oct 01update firmware motorola s9Guide: Motorola S9 to S9-HD - XDA Forums - XDA-DevelopersMotorola S9 (1st Generation) Motorola ... Extract S9-HD firmware ( Snoop_full_v0113) 11. ... This Software Update will NOT Work on FAKE S9. [REVIEW] Motorola S10-HD Stereo Bluetooth Hea… | HTC Leo ...21 Nov 2010Bluetooth headset for HTC HERO | HTC Hero: G2 Touch | XDA ...4 Oct 2009More results from forum.xda-developers.com
     1  +1 2014 oct 01wp7modxda-developers - Threads Tagged with wp7 modAndroid and Windows Mobile Developers - The Largest Community for Smartphone Hacks and Development of Apps.
     1  +1 2014 sep 30samsung gt i9100 galaxy s ii v ukraine[Stock Official Firmwares] I9100XWMS2 (4.1.2… | Samsung Galaxy S Samsung Galaxy S II GT - I9100 Stock Official Firmwares [U]These stock firmwares are brought to you by Mod Edit link removed I9100XWMS2 ...
     1  +1 2014 sep 30unroot using sdb[ UNROOT ] Unroot any android device | Android Development and Firstly, in order to unroot your android device, you need:
     1  ~ 2014 sep 30pdaviet rom[ROM] PDAVIET ROM WM6.5.x (Core 29020) vSE-Ma… | HTC Blackstone PDAVIET ROM WM 6.5 - CE OS 5.2.29020 Build 29020.5.3.12.PV ----***---- [02/ 05/2011] Update: - Manila v2.5.20212114.0 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 30fastboot flash radioHow do I flash the radio using Fastboot ? | Samsung Galaxy Nexus Believe me I have searched and can't find a full procedure on using Fastboot to flash my radio . [Q] Is it safe " fastboot erase radio "? - XDA-DevelopersSep 29, 2014[TUTORIAL] How to flash a factory image | Re… | Google Nexus
     1  +2 2014 sep 30unlock htc jadeUnlock HTC Jade | HTC Jade: Touch 3G | XDA Forums - XDA-DevelopersHi all, I´m kind of new around here i would like to know if is yhere a way to unlock a Htc Jade with sim lock? what software to should I use? Unlock code reader for HTC Touch 3G / Jade 4 Sep 2009need help for unlock htc jade110 orange uk | HTC Jade : Touch ...12 Aug 2009How to CID unlock Jade 3232 | HTC Jade : Touch 3G | XDA ...11 Jun 2009Sim Unlock HTC Jade | HTC Jade: Touch 3G | XDA Forums1 Nov 2008More results from forum.xda-developers.com
     1  +1 2014 sep 30samsung galaxy s ii forumSamsung Galaxy S II I9100 - XDA Forums - XDA DevelopersThe Galaxy S II is Samsung's successor to the bestselling Galaxy S smart phone. With features such as being ultra-thin, a high quality rear 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 30elegance theme fruit of my and leomar 75View - XDA-DevelopersAfter hours and hours of hard and exhausting work I have been able to do the porting on Elegance theme ( fruit of my and Leomar 75 work) on ...
     1  ~ 2014 sep 30skin dvd gps doble din[Q] Chinese Car DVD GPS Double Din Head Unit… | Windows Mobile I bought a Chinese DVD GPS head unit for my car running Windows CE 6.0. The unit has every feature under the sun and works remarkably ...
     1  ~ 2014 sep 30rou launcher[TeamROU] ROU UI & Launcher - XDA-DevelopersTeam ROU - Aiming to bring a simple, yet elegant UI to Android *Thanks for all the developer interest guys :) We found the skilled team we 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 29mio flash rom[ ROMs ] MIO P350 latest ROMs by Ham3r - XDA Forums - XDA-DevelopersDO NOT FLASH THIS ROM BY SD CARD! DO NOT USE LOWLEVELFORMAT BEFORE FLASHING! Flashing tutorial: If you don't have a WM5, 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 29rsd lite 5RSD Lite 5.6 - XDA Forums - XDA-DevelopersRSD Lite 5.6 Upgrading, Modifying and Unlocking. ... 7 RSDLite 6.1. 5 RSDLite 6.1. 5 . solocchi2013-Jul-13 8:24. 7 RSDLite 6.1.4: Drivers:. HELP, RSD Lite 6.1. 5 Flash Failed | Motorola Droid Bionic ...Apr 23, 2014[TOOL] RSD Lite 6.1.4-6 | Moto G | XDA ForumsFeb 5, 2014[GUIDE][VIDEO] Droid MAXX/Ultra/Mini - Retur… | Motorola ...Dec 22, 2013 RSD Lite = FAIL? | Photon Q 4G LTE | XDA ForumsJun 1, 2013
     1  ~ 2014 sep 28chainfire 3d plugin[TUT] Chainfire 3D + plugins , works with almo… | Samsung Galaxy This is a tutorial on how to run almost all the games on samsung galaxy ace s5830i Install chainfire 3D ,click on it and select install CF3D 
     1  +1 2014 sep 28spb shell backlight icon[Tips] SPB Shell 3D - Theme - Pg. 14 | Android | XDA Forums - XDA Icons with SPB Shell and WP7 by rehuxley, on Flickr I used DV with a combo of icon
     1  ~ 2014 sep 28flyme os nexus one[Closed/POLL] Flyme OS for GSM Galaxy Nexus | Samsung Galaxy Nexus I got a number of PMs on how to / requests for Flyme OS for the GN. Here, i opened up this thread, to get others view if they would like to see 
     1  +3 2014 sep 28samsung galaxy antenna boosterantenna boosters , do they work? | Samsung Galaxy S III I9300 I've seen these things all over the place, some crazy designed hexagon sticker you stick on the back of your phone or battery that's supposed to ... Galaxy S3 4G Antenna Booster ?27 Sep 2014 antenna booster / USB antenna / car booster / a…27 Sep 2014 Signal booster without wifi, or phone mod? R… | Verizon Samsung ... 25 Jul 2014
     1  ~ 2014 sep 28kindle fire utility[Root][TWRP][FFF][CWM] Kindle Fire Utility v0.9.6 - XDA-DevelopersWARNING: DO NOT use this on 2nd Generation Devices or you risk bricking your Device. These procedures are for FIRST GENERATION 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 28samsung galaxy mini forumSamsung Galaxy Mini - XDA Forums - XDA-DevelopersForums ROMs Kernels Tools/Utilities. Loading... Kernels ... Galaxy Mini General. Discussion about the Samsung Galaxy Mini (general chat, tips & tricks, etc). ‎Galaxy Mini Android ... - ‎Galaxy Mini Original ... - ‎Galaxy Mini II Android ...
     1  +1 2014 sep 28fede music アプリFede's Music App | EVO Shift 4G | XDA Forums - XDA-DevelopersSaw this on Phandroid earlier and downloaded. It's pretty slick. - federico - carnales-working-on-windows-phone-7-ish- music -app/ 602649 Sent from my PG06100…
     1  ~ 2014 sep 28htc sensation verizonIs it possible to flash the HTC sensation to Verizon - XDA-DevelopersDon't live in the US but don't Verizon use LTE and CDMA and T-Mobile USA use HSPA + which is GSM? So I assume the actual hardware 
     1  +10 2014 sep 28samsung galaxy s 2 gpsFinally a working GPS fix solution after 1.5… | Samsung Galaxy S I do not know, what made the trick definitely this is a solution for all who are pained by the bad, bad GPS fix of the S2 . Who has time – and ...
     1  +2 2014 sep 28htc flyer usb[Q] Flyer Micro- USB | HTC Flyer , EVO View 4G | XDA Forums - XDA I tried one of my older HTC USB connectors (Athena, Hero), but it resisted and I didn't want to force the issue, so the Flyer is charging on the 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 28srs wow trubass for android[MOD] SRS Audio Effects (for 4.0 android onl… - Pg. 2 | Samsung will this work on xperia arc s with android 4.04 & dsp manager installed?? managed to install it but the srs wow & srs trubass cant be enabled. [APP][THEMED][4.0+] SRS Panel "2.0"… | Android
     1  ~ 2014 sep 28samsung galaxy s2 romSamsung Galaxy S II I9100 - XDA Forums - XDA-DevelopersThe Galaxy S II is Samsung's successor to the bestselling Galaxy S
     1  +2 2014 sep 27novo 7 advancedAinol NOVO7 Advanced - XDA-DevelopersDisplay: 7 " WVGA 800x480. Networks: None. Wifi: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz. Bluetooth: No. NFC: No. GPS: No. Video out: Mini HDMI (1080p). ‎Introduction - ‎Overview - ‎Specification - ‎Guide
     1  ~ 2014 sep 27ecpm 30 usdAdmob Insane CTR and eCPM (anyone else?) | Monetization | XDA By now, I set the refresh rate to 30 seconds which gave me a slightly ... the thing: In admob, I have a CTR of ~9, and my eCPM is at over 3 USD .
     1  ~ 2014 sep 27helauncher2[LAUNCHER][UPDATE] (8/2/2011) HeLauncher2 *1… | Android All Credit to HandlerExploit Dev of HeLauncher and owner of Simply-Android HeLauncher2 : Simplicity has a love/hate relationship. HeLauncher 2 | Android Development and Hacking | XDA Forums16 Feb 2012 HeLauncher 2 *1.0.51 Jul 2011More results from forum.xda-developers.com
     1  ~ 2014 sep 27evo shift deck rom[10-11-11][ ROM ] gingerbread-shift- deck [1.3]… | EVO Shift 4G Hey all. Been a while since my last release of anything, which was sense based, but I really wanted to start learning android and have a better ... [ ROM ][4.0.4][ICS] Shifty Bastard v2.0 - Moto…11 posts17 Nov 2012[11-15-12][ ROM ] CM10 for the evoSHIFT !11 posts15 Nov 2012What is the best ICS rom ?11 posts5 Jul 2012[ ROM ][ICS][4.0.3][3-19-12][WIP] ics- deck -shi…11 posts19 Jan 2012
     1  ~ 2014 sep 27nexus s backplateWhere can i get limited edition nexus s backplate - XDA-Developerswhere can i but the limited edition nexus s case with the androids. Different Backplate ( s )? | Galaxy Nexus | XDA
     1  +1 2014 sep 27fota kill[Q] What is FOTA kill ? - XDA Forums - XDA-DevelopersI just installed CM7 on my CDMA Hero, and there is an app running called FOTA kill that I haven't seen before. Just wondering what it is, and ... Fotakill.apk | Motorola Xoom | XDA Forums - XDA-DevelopersApr 3, 2012 FOTA kill | Droid Bionic | XDA Forums - XDA-DevelopersJan 3, 2012 FOTA kill | HTC Sapphire: myTouch 3G, Magic | XDA ForumsJun 28, 2011[Q] FOTA Kill | HTC Hero CDMA | XDA Forums - XDA ...May 7, 2011More results from forum.xda-developers.com
     1  ~ 2014 sep 27xperia arc root[Index] Xperia ARC /S [LT15i/LT18i] Roms/ Root … | Sony Ericsson Thread list : Post 1 & 2: Roms Post 3: Kernels & Unlocking Bootloader Post 4: Root & Mods & Tools All Of Updates At A Glance Stock Roms ... ‎[TUTORIAL] Sony Ericsson ... - ‎Xperia 2011 Easy Rooting - ‎[DEV][JB 4.2.2][CM10.1]{{NEW}} One Click Root [4.1.B.0.587/.431/ 4.…3 Apr 2013[ 4.1.B.0.587 ] How To Root Xperia™ Smartpho…7 Sep 2012[Arc/S] [PRO] Root for 4.0.4 ICS Update [4.1…31 May 2012[ ROOT ] Rooting Toolkit for Xperia 2011 ICS […15 Apr 2012
     1  ~ 2014 sep 27herms 100 sd cardsHTC Hermes - XDA-DevelopersMemory Card: microSD, TransFlash, SDIO. Battery: 1350 mAh. Additional Features: None. Contents. 1 HTC Hermes (Mercury, TyTN); 2 Official Websites; 3 Hardware
     1  ~ 2014 sep 27rom kryształy harmony[ ROM -AOSP][BL-1.2]G- Harmony Jellybean 4.1.2 ODEXed - XDA-DevelopersThis is AOSP Jellybean 4.1.2 built from source. This ROM is pure AOSP not CM based. The ROM was built with the user tag so the framework ...
     1  +1 2014 sep 27kindle fire news themeKindle Fire Themes and Apps - XDA Forums - XDA-DevelopersThemes and applications for the Amazon Kindle Fire .
     1  ~ 2014 sep 27htc sensation forumHTC Sensation - XDA Forums - XDA-DevelopersReleased in May 2011, the Sensation is powered by a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and high performance Adreno 220 GPU. ‎Sensation Android Development - ‎Sensation Themes and Apps - ‎Sensation General
     1  ~ 2014 sep 27nexus s rootNexus S Guide- Unlock Bootloader, Root , Inst… | Samsung Nexus S Hey folks, here I look forward to guide the Google Nexus S users of the XDA Community to go custom with their Samsung Nexus S . I shall try to ... [GUIDE] Root and Recovery for the Nexus S | Samsung Nexus S 25 Sep 2014[Toolkit] Wug's Nexus Root Toolkit v1.8.7 [U… | Nexus S 11 Nov 2012Galaxy Nexus & Nexus s ,one click root to… | Samsung Galaxy ...25 May 2012[GUIDE] MAC Rooting Nexus S | Nexus S 18 Dec 2010
     1  ~ 2014 sep 27lg p970 connot connect to computer[Q] Problem with connecting LG P970 to PC | Optimus Black | XDA After that, not impossible to connect the phone to a PC , even the software update mode, it can not recognize, anyway to connect it just throws a 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 27dell streak romDell Streak 5 - XDA-Developers3.1 Official; 3.2 Custom Roms ; 3.3 Rom Flashing Guide ... With a 5" (12.7 cm) screen, the Dell Streak tablet offers power and portability, while ... ‎Dell Streak 5/ROMs - ‎Dell Streak 5/Flashing Guide - ‎Category:Dell Streak 5
     1  ~ 2014 sep 27one click lag fix[APP][OUTDATED] One Click Lag Fix APK | Samsung Galaxy S I9000 OneClickLagFix V1+ - The included lag fix is called 'OneClickLagFix V1+' and is a heavily checked version of the original 1.0 One Click Lag Fix  
     1  ~ 2014 sep 27power amp vs player proPower amp vs player pro ! | Samsung Galaxy S III I9300, I9305 | XDA Hey guys I've been using player pro on my Android devices pretty much since release but It's getting to the point that I would like to see what ... Music Player Vs Power Amp | Galaxy S310 postsJul 25, 2012 PowerAMP vs Winamp Pro | Galaxy S II9 postsOct 28, 2011
     1  ~ 2014 sep 26udidfaker pour androidandroid udid changer. ID changer | Android | XDA Forums - XDA Changes your Android ID. Need root access. I am NOT the developer of this.
     1  ~ 2014 sep 26black pegasus xperia x8[Q] Modern combat 2 black pegasus for x8? | Sony Ericsson XPERIA hey i play modern combat sandstorm on my x8 all the time but i now i want the second game called modern combat 2 black pegasus . i wonder ...
     1  ~ 2014 sep 26kies failed to complete installation[Q] KIES "1628: Failed to complete installation ." - XDA-DevelopersHello, I'm trying to install samsung kies for my SGS2 on windows vista PC (32bit) but unable to complete the installation with the following error ...
     1  ~ 2014 sep 26cognition cog apps installer[ROM][2.2] »» Cognition 4.5.3 «« | The Original Captivate Rom It's appeared one time after flash, but after that is the old Android Market. Want to install Gmail back but cannot find where is the Cog App  
     1  ~ 2014 sep 26xda developerXDA Developers : Android, Windows Phone, and Windows Mobile The developer of this library, the XDA Senior Member k1ll3r8e, developed a new tool based on AndroidCtrl.dll: the AndroidCtrlUI.dll. This time 
     1  +1 2014 sep 26csc androidWhat does PDA, CSC mean? which firmware to c… | Samsung Galaxy And i wonder what does the PDA and CSC mean in the firmware upgrade to ICS ?
     1  ~ 2014 sep 26defy 2ndinit[APP] 2ndInit Recovery Installer v2.3 [Updat… | Motorola Defy This is the installer for the 2ndInit Recovery Mod that's been seen on the XDA community in the last days ( This application automates the 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 26wolf xperia[ROM] Wolfs TW Gingerbread | Feel the differ… | Sony Ericsson Wolf TW | Gingerbread 2.3.3 | Theme, Tweaks & Extra's | How to install my ROM Video | Demonstration Video of my ROM Requirements Any 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 26htc sensation on verizon
     1  ~ 2014 sep 26wildfires farsiFarsi ( Persian ) Font | HTC Buzz: Wildfire | XDA Forums - XDA Please Help me I have HTC Wildefire , want to use farsi keyboard and font. [rom]marvel[ persian wild][very fast&sta… | HTC
     1  ~ 2014 sep 26leedroid htc sense lags[ROM] LeeDROiD Sensational V3.1.0 [KERNEL] Le… | HTC Sensation Q12: The screen is not very responsive and is lagging . A: Let the
     1  ~ 2014 sep 26xxke7Never contact Samsung if you found "this version of the device As I know, the latest upgradeable official firmware is XXKE7 . Please kindly assist me on how to update my Samsung Galaxy S2 firmware to ...
     1  +1 2014 sep 25640x480 smartphoneASUS P565 - 800Mhz, 640x480 VGA, The most powerful smartphone ever I might be getting old - I can't read GPS with 2.8" mon when I am driving. I am already using the Asus P550, which is good except for the 64M ...
     1  ~ 2014 sep 25evo 3d goldcardWorking goldcard on EVO 3D ? | EVO 3D | XDA Forums - XDA-DevelopersHey Folks, I am trying hard to get people full "freedom" on their devices. I made here: post #2 a tool which downgrades unbranded devices. [TOOL] HTC Easy Unlock Bootloader Tool | Android11 postsFeb 4, 2013Question About HTC EVO 3D GSM | EVO 3D 4 postsMay 27, 2012[Q] Downgrade Hboot with Goldcard | EVO 3D 3 postsOct 21, 2011[Tutorial - How to revert back to Original R… | EVO 3D 11 postsSep 14, 2011More results from forum.xda-developers.com
     1  ~ 2014 sep 25adb g1[GUIDE] Rooting G1 , ADB /Fastboot Setup, Part… | HTC Dream: G1 This guide is compiled of various guides and threads that I've read and I want to sum it all up in one post so you can root your HTC Dream ( G1 ) ... [Guide] SDK r11, Installing adb /fastboot dri…11 posts15 Jun 2011[Q] Help! Cannot get adb to connect to G1 7 posts2 Jan 2011[GUIDE] ADB , Fastboot, and Nandroid for Noob…11 posts2 Jul 2009 ADB USB Driver11 posts22 Oct 2008More results from forum.xda-developers.com
     1  ~ 2014 sep 25android revolution hd incredible s[ROM] Android Revolution HD 6.0 | High Quali… | HTC Incredible S Proudly presenting you the most popular ROM for HTC Incredible S
     1  ~ 2014 sep 25android flasher[UTILITY] Android Flasher! - XDA-DevelopersAndroid Flasher needs you! Are you an experienced Android user? We need people to update the Pro database for each device, this means 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 25showthreadRoot MANY ANDROID! - XDA-DevelopersHi, i made a small script which is able to root ICS/JB phones. It uses a remount timing issue in Androids "adb restore" service. So normally it 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 25rooting droid 2 gingerbreadRoot Droid 2 on Gingerbread 2.3.4 [WINDOWS] | Droid 2 | XDA Forums Still holding on to that Droid 2 ? Looking to root it, but it's hard because it was updated to 2.3.4? Well, good news for you! I've found a way to root  ... [TOOL] Root tool for Droid2 / Droid2 Global - …11 postsMar 27, 2012[TOOL] Root tool for Droid2 /Droid2G Android Froyo ...6 postsMar 27, 2012Unable to Re- Root Droid 2 after Gingerbread …11 postsSep 5, 2011Easier 1-2-3 Droid 2 Root for Windows / Linu…11 postsSep 14, 2010More results from forum.xda-developers.com
     1  ~ 2014 sep 25the overclocker cerosRoot Ceros revolution - Pg. 4 | Android | XDA Forums - XDA-DevelopersOverclocking the cpu to 1.7ghz brings Antutu to 18530. O… ... you have the drivers already? Sent from my CEROS CT9716-W using Tapatalk ... 14911 postsJan 4, 2014511 postsJun 9, 2011
     1  ~ 2014 sep 25fm radio nexus sHas nexus s fm radio on the board like nexus… | Nexus S | XDA Hi, i have a question,does nexus s have fm radio on board like nexus one but it isnt enabled by software or it doesnt have at all?samsung 
     1  +1 2014 sep 25galaxy mini gingerbread[TUT]Official Gingerbread 2.3.6 05.05.2012 G… | Samsung Galaxy Hi guys i'd searched this forum but i didnt found a direct link on who to update the Galaxy mini to Android 2.3.6 aka gingerbread .So i did a lil 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 25android manually mount sd card[TUTORIAL] How to Mount SD card manually ? (S… | Galaxy Tab | XDA emmc.sh on sdcard open emmc.sh copy this command : busybox mount -t vfat
     1  ~ 2014 sep 25hd7 androidHTC HD7 - XDA Forums - XDA-DevelopersHTC HD7 . ... Android App Review: Chromecast Screen Cast at 1080p – XDA Developer TV. For a while now, the Google Chromecast has had ...
     1  ~ 2014 sep 25arc setcpusetcpu settings se xperia arc s - XDA Forums - XDA-Developerssetcpu settings se xperia arc s Upgrading, Modifying and Unlocking. [Q] Best SetCPU settings for Xperia Arc S | Xperia Arc
     1  ~ 2014 sep 25super cid[Script] Super CID for HTC S-Off Devices | HTC One | XDA Forums This tool will grant you Super CID on your HTC Device Tested on the following devices: HTC One M7_UL HTC One X/XL Evita ... [MOD] Super CID Cmdline | Verizon HTC One (M8)7 Apr 2014VomerGuides [M7]: S-OFF, SuperCID , Firmware … | HTC One16 Jul 2013[NOOBS Guide] HTC ONE SUPERCID method via fa… | HTC One10 Jun 2013[Guide] to Installing S-off, Unlocking, ClockWork, Root ...30 Jul 2011More results from forum.xda-developers.com
     1  ~ 2014 sep 24xda forumXDA Forums : Android Forum for Mobile Phones, Tablets, Watches The largest Android forums in the world, XDA makes mobile phones better. Apps, games, ROMs, development discussion, and more. Join the experts. All Devices - Android Forum
     1  ~ 2014 sep 24xda hp touchpadHP TouchPad - XDA Forums - XDA -DevelopersThe Hewlett-Packard Touchpad was released in July 2011. It was famously discontinued only 49 days later. The tablet runs on HP's own linux-kernel based 
     1  ~ 2014 sep 24xda wallpapersxda -developers - Threads Tagged with wallpapersXDA Developers Android and Mobile Development Forum · Google+ Login ... NEW *** Wallpapers for WP7 .. also available via the Windows Phone App. [ 1 2 3 .
     1  ~ 2014 sep 24odin galaxy mini upgrade[TUT]Official Gingerbread 2.3.6 05.05.2012 GalaxyMini s5570~ ODIN Hi guys i'd searched this forum but i didnt found a direct link on who to update the Galaxy mini to Android 2.3.6 aka gingerbread.So i did a lil 
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