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alligator kill spot

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Swamp People - Where is the quarter-sized kill spot on an alligator ?When Troy Landry, Willie Edwards, and the other stars of Swamp People catch an alligator on a hook baited with rotten chicken, pull the line in, ...
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Swamp People - Alligator Hunting...why do they only use .22 rifles they say on the show its hard to kill them...why dont they use a larger gun to shoot ... I also never said I shot a gator at night or in the day time.
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The History Channel Must Stop Airing “Swamp People” - ForceChangeIn doing so, these “swamp people” go around on a boat looking for alligators to slaughter. Usually, the alligators are not easily killed with one bullet shot , so it ...
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How to Survive an Encounter with a Crocodile or AlligatorCrocodilians-- alligators , crocodiles, caimans, and their kin-- kill hundreds of ... a distance and thus may lie in wait for the next time you come to the same spot .
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Where is the kill spot on an alligator - Wiki AnswersWhy are alligators killed ? Mnay are killed for food. Or they maybe killed to make clothing. Either way i think animals shouldn't be killed ! What kills alligators ?
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How to kill an alligator - THRA friend has an alligator threatening his condo community. ... finds or goes near a gator nest by accident. the mother gator will kill . on the spot .
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Alligator control and managementHooked alligators are most effectively killed by a shot to the brain with a small caliber (.22) rifle. Powerheads (“bangsticks”) can also be used to kill alligators , but ...
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Swamp people !(History channel ) Why are hill billy losers killing WHY DO THESE SOUTHERN PEOPLE KILL GATORS !!!! WTF THEY JUST GO
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Hunter shoots dead record breaking 1100 pound 14-foot alligator on Alligator hunter, Drew Baker, on only his second outing in Arkansas is
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So what about an alligator gun... - Smith & Wesson ForumThe gator has to be subdued before killing . (shotgun with #4 or smaller shot or a 38 or larger bangstick may be used.) You have to get the gator  ...
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PHOTOS Swamp People – Where is the quarter-sized kill spot on an When Troy Landry , Willie Edwards , and the other stars of Swamp People catch an alligator on a hook baited with rotten chicken, pull the line in ...
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Alligators - The Firing Line ForumsAlligators The Hunt. ... They claim there is only a quarter size kill zone on their head somewhere. Other then that I honestly don't know but for ...
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Truly Disgusting: Woman catches, kills 13 foot alligator - News But she killed a 13 foot alligator , weighing in at 900 pounds Wednesday during South ... They shot him 8 times, but he was still moving. So, she ...
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Texas fishermen charged with shooting 11-foot alligator insist it was Two Fort Worth, Texas, fishermen have been charged in the killing of a large alligator , but both say they ... Miller admitted that he shot the gator .
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Alligator Dispatch TechniquesAlligators may only be dispatched with a shotgun with shot size no larger than #6 ... a noose or snare around the neck or leg so that the alligator is controlled.
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Swamp People might kill big gators, but so can a five-year-old The gator was killed near or on Lake Livingston - about 70 or 80 ... Supposedly there is a quarter-sized soft spot on the back of a gator's head.
 19  ~ careersatquincy.comSchuckman: Heed the warning, gator hunting not easyThey're passionate about hunting alligators , work hard to care for their ... The kill zone for an alligator is described as a quarter-size spot on the ...
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Dangerous Beasts - Alligator - HubPagesThe best way to kill one is to shoot it in the head. Unfortunately the " kill spot " on a ' gator is only about the diameter of a quarter. Shooting exactly ...
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Need some Gator Hunting Advice - Forums2) Do you need to use a bang stick or will a shotgun do fine? 3) Is it legal to bate in Florida? 4) Where is the kill spot on a gator ? I appreciate it.
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Gator Shot Placement Info - by Bowhunting - PrintableWe weren't trying to kill the gator , just get the muzzy head deep enough so it wouldn't pull out and then let the gator tire out by dragging the ...
 23  ~ howtokillthings.comHow to Kill AlligatorsSome people like to wrestle gators. These people are stupid. I mean really stupid. You should never 'wrastle' a gator unless you know what you ...
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3-D Kill Zone Chart - TradTalk ForumsAs I understand it the Kill Zone varies from brand to brand of 3D targets. ... Moreover, on some targets such as the McKenzie Alligator , the kill  ...
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American alligator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe largest alligator shot in Florida was 5.31 m (17.4 ft), as reported by the ... In Arkansas a man killed an alligator that was 4.03 m (13.2 ft) and 626 kg (1,380 lb).
 27  +7 28-Ft. Florida AlligatorThis is a real photo of a gator killed in Bay City, TX. ... walks past a 13-foot, 1-inch alligator that he shot and killed in the back yard of the home at ...
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ALLIGATORS - Texas Parks & Wildlife DepartmentIn all counties, line sets shall be inspected daily, and alligators shall be killed , tagged or ... A person who kills an alligator in a non-core county (except for special ...
 29  ~ crocodopolis.netLiving Among Alligators | Alligator Safety Tips: What You Need to "Living Among Alligators " is the Internet's most visited alligator safety and
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Alligator Hunting Guides and Outfitters – Trips and Guided HuntsAlligator hunting guides and outfitters are only found in a few locations in the
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A Typical Hunt for an Alligator - Night Hawk PublicationsPerrin comes from a family of alligator hunters as far back as 1930 and guides hunters to alligators ... If the gator is shot directly in the kill spot , he's already dead .
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Massachusetts Woman Kills Giant ' Gator , Internet Weeps | Field They then shot it with a .22 caliber gun. But the ' gator proved hard to kill . To put the animal out, Mara-Christian severed its spinal cord with a ...
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Snakes and Alligators Questions AnsweredQ: Is it legal to kill snakes if they try to hurt you or attack you and you can't get ... that spot , but to deter snakes over a large area with mothballs is not effective.
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Swamp People - - A Nissan Sentra ForumThe people that hunt alligators are a damn tough bunch, has anyone down south ever been alligator hunting, is the kill zone really only the size ...
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'Swamp People': Hunters Finally Kill The Alligator Known As 'Big On "Swamp People" (Thu., 9 p.m. ET on History) alligator hunters Joe ... When the hunters caught up with Big Jake, Tommy shot it dead-on, but ...
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South Carolina kill policy for nuisance alligators creates controversy It used to be that nuisance alligators weren't killed . ... people — finding an isolated spot to put a gator that's already caused trouble for humans ...
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Huge alligator — with largest head ever found in Florida — caught Florida alligator trapper Lane Stephens showed off his skills on
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Later, Gator - American Hunter“ Alligators have a kill spot no bigger than a quarter—a tiny brain in the back of their heads 2 to 3 inches behind the eyes,” Hoppy said. “Shoot ...
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12-foot alligator killed while crossing US 59 - Your Houston News The alligator was killed Wednesday evening, Oct. 30, when the Groh family's ... not be overly concerned if they spot an alligator in natural areas.
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Copy of How to kill an Alligator by Marley Nicholson on PreziWhat are tips on staying alive when trying to kill an alligator ? Does an alligator have a kill or weak spot ? What is a reasonable size alligator to ...
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WEC203/UW230: Living with Alligators : A Florida Reality - EDISToday there are only two species of alligator in the world, the American alligator
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Here There Be Alligators : In the rivers and swamps of Mississippi A man holding a rod and reel with a hook embedded in an alligator dictates nothing. ..... Usually, a single shot to the soft spot is enough to kill .
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Killing 500 lb Alligators with a .22 Rim Fire - AR15.Com ArchiveHave you guys been watching " Swamp People" on the History Channel? Those dudes are instantly killing 300-500 lb alligators with one shot  ...
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Giant Gator Killed In Trinity River | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth - KXAS... Killed In Trinity River. Man claims "lucky shot " finished off 14ft alligator ... All it took was one gunshot to the gator's head to kill it. Man Kills 14ft ...
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HowStuffWorks " Alligator Attack"Instead scream, splash and generally create as much confusion for the alligator as possible. As soon as you can get a clear shot , drive your thumb or fingers ...
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Giant Alligator Killed in Alabama - It's Guy CodeYea, a 28 foot alligator was killed in Alabama because buba just had to say he ... past the 28 foot, 1 inch alligator 8.5 meters he shot and killed in their back yard.
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Alligator Hunting | Big Game HuntAlligator hunting across the southern states; Florida, Louisiana, Texas, ... "Gators have small brains and it takes a well-placed shot to kill them.
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An alligator ate my arm: Should we kill it? - SlateThe fact that the alligator was killed elicited a surprising storm of ... They do this because any lion or stingray they spot might be the killer.
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Print - Atlanta MagazineWhen Phillip Scott first noticed the alligator in his backyard pond four ..... Wilheit hesitates, trying to find the kill spot , while the gator lunges ...
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Stumpy the Alligator Killed at St. Andrews State ParkRangers believe someone purposely killed the alligator for it's meat. ... with a large fishing hook, drug in and then shot to the head and killed .
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Later, Gator | The Daily CallerAs the gator performed the infamous “death roll,” spinning rapidly as it ... “ Alligators have a kill spot no bigger than a quarter—a tiny brain in the ...
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Lufkin man pleads guilty to killing 13-foot, 800 pound alligator According to information presented in court, Michael Wayne Scoggin, 38, shot and killed a 13-foot American alligator on April 8, 2011.