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alligator kill spot

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Swamp People - Where is the quarter-sized kill spot on an alligator ?Well, you shoot the gator in the famous “quarter-sized kill spot ” on the back of its head. This is the only good spot to kill a gator for one reason: it  ...
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Swamp People - Alligator Hunting...why do they only use .22 rifles they say on the show its hard to kill them...why dont they use a larger gun to shoot ... I also never said I shot a gator at night or in the day time.
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PHOTOS Swamp People – Where is the quarter-sized kill spot on an When Troy Landry , Willie Edwards , and the other stars of Swamp People catch an alligator on a hook baited with rotten chicken, pull the line in  ...
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Swamp People might kill big gators, but so can a five-year-old The gator was killed near or on Lake Livingston - about 70 or 80 ... Supposedly there is a quarter-sized soft spot on the back of a gator's head.
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Alligator Dispatch TechniquesAlligators may only be dispatched with a shotgun with shot size no larger than #6 ... a noose or snare around the neck or leg so that the alligator is controlled.
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Texas fishermen charged with shooting 11-foot alligator insist it was Two Fort Worth, Texas, fishermen have been charged in the killing of a large alligator , but both say they ... Miller admitted that he shot the gator .
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South Carolina kill policy for nuisance alligators creates controversy It used to be that nuisance alligators weren't killed . ... people — finding an isolated spot to put a gator that's already caused trouble for humans  ...
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The History Channel Must Stop Airing “Swamp People” - ForceChangeIn doing so, these “swamp people” go around on a boat looking for alligators to slaughter. Usually, the alligators are not easily killed with one bullet shot , so it  ...
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Alligator control and managementHooked alligators are most effectively killed by a shot to the brain with a small caliber (.22) rifle. Powerheads (“bangsticks”) can also be used to kill alligators , but  ...
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Truly Disgusting: Woman catches, kills 13 foot alligatorBut she killed a 13 foot alligator , weighing in at 900 pounds Wednesday ... that is about the only spot that a bullet will penetrate for the kill shot .
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Need some Gator Hunting Advice - Forums2) Do you need to use a bang stick or will a shotgun do fine? 3) Is it legal to bate in Florida? 4) Where is the kill spot on a gator ? I appreciate it.
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How to kill an alligator - THRA friend has an alligator threatening his condo community. ... guy that said a .22 will kill it if shot at the base of the scull is right. the gator's head  ...
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How to Survive an Encounter with a Crocodile or AlligatorCrocodilians-- alligators , crocodiles, caimans, and their kin-- kill hundreds of ... a distance and thus may lie in wait for the next time you come to the same spot .
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Alligators - The Firing Line ForumsAlligators The Hunt. ... They claim there is only a quarter size kill zone on their head somewhere. Other then that I honestly don't know but for  ...
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Swamp People. They Hook Alligators and Viewers! - Yahoo Voices Hooking, shooting and skinning alligators is what the show is about. ... There is a small kill spot on the head that will stop the alligator if shot   ...
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ALLIGATORS - Texas Parks & Wildlife DepartmentIn all counties, line sets shall be inspected daily, and alligators shall be killed , tagged or ... A person who kills an alligator in a non-core county (except for special  ...
 19  ~ careersatquincy.comSchuckman: Heed the warning, gator hunting not easyThey're passionate about hunting alligators , work hard to care for their ... The kill zone for an alligator is described as a quarter-size spot on the  ...
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Gator Shot Placement Info - by Bowhunting - PrintableWe weren't trying to kill the gator , just get the muzzy head deep ... I had a bad shot and and hit one in the jaw and the arrow bounced off.
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Where do you shoot an alligator to kill it - Wiki Answersuse your head...where would you shoot ANY living thing if you wanted it to die in one shot ?...think. Can an alligator kill an elephant by the bite  ...
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In single shot on his first hunt, Dallas lawyer kills one of America¿s With a single shot to the brain Levi McCathern killed what is believed to be one of the biggest ever alligators ever found in the America - a  ...
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So what about an alligator gun... - Smith & Wesson ForumThe gator has to be subdued before killing . (shotgun with #4 or smaller shot or a 38 or larger bangstick may be used.) You have to get the gator   ...
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Hunters kill 742-pound alligator , but before properly restraining it The hunters who killed the biggest alligator since the state of Alabama ... When the alligator surged after the initial shot , Horton said the single  ...
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Giant Gator Killed In Trinity River | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort WorthKilled In Trinity River. Man claims "lucky shot " finished off 14ft alligator ... All it took was one gunshot to the gator's head to kill it. Man Kills 14ft  ...
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Scott Disick Shot An Alligator On TV - Business InsiderScott Disick Is The Most Hated Man In America After Killing An Alligator On TV. Aly Weisman. Mar. 27, 2013, 11:38 AM 19,978 30  ...
 27  ~ howtokillthings.comHow to Kill AlligatorsSome people like to wrestle gators. These people are stupid. I mean really stupid. You should never 'wrastle' a gator unless you know what you  ...
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Dangerous Beasts - Alligator - HubPagesThe best way to kill one is to shoot it in the head. Unfortunately the " kill spot " on a ' gator is only about the diameter of a quarter. Shooting exactly  ...
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American alligator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe largest reported size was a male killed in 1890 on Marsh Island, Louisiana, ... The largest alligator shot in Florida was 5.31 m (17.4 ft), as reported by the  ...
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3-D Kill Zone Chart - TradTalk ForumsAs I understand it the Kill Zone varies from brand to brand of 3D targets. ... Moreover, on some targets such as the McKenzie Alligator , the kill   ...
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City Of Jacksonville Posts Signs Warning Of Alligators After Gator NEW PHOTOS: Alligator Shot , Killed In Jacksonville After Eatin. ... A huge alligator was killed Wednesday after eating an 80 pound husky.
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Alligator Hunting Guides and Outfitters – Trips and Guided HuntsAlligator hunting guides and outfitters are only found in a few locations in the
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Lufkin man pleads guilty to killing 13-foot, 800 pound alligator According to information presented in court, Michael Wayne Scoggin, 38, shot and killed a 13-foot American alligator on April 8, 2011.
 34  +66 28-Ft. Florida AlligatorThis is a real photo of a gator killed in Bay City, TX. ... walks past a 13-foot, 1-inch alligator that he shot and killed in the back yard of the home at  ...
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Alligator Hunting | Big Game HuntAlligator hunting across the southern states; Florida, Louisiana, Texas, ... "Gators have small brains and it takes a well-placed shot to kill them.
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Taxodermist prepares alligator that ate 80-pound dog for display A Smithfield taxidermist is preparing for the 12-foot alligator , killed by ... A police officer then shot the alligator , causing it to sink into the water,  ...
 37  ~ crocodopolis.netLiving Among Alligators > Alligator Safety Tips: What You Need to Welcome to "," the Internet's alligator safety and ... suggests that many victims of alligator attacks were hurt or killed by alligators that were .... narrow functional 'blind spot ' appearing directly in front of it at close range.
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PETA Responds To Scott Disick's Alligator Kill On Kim & Kourtney PETA Responds To Scott Disick's Alligator Kill On Kim & Kourtney ... the swamps to find the perfect gator — one that he soon found, shot with a  ...
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Massive Alligator Gar Shot in Texas Could Have Been a Record On Memorial Day weekend Brent Crawford arrowed this massive alligator gar in Texas. He estimates it weighed 400 pounds and could have been a record.
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Snakes and Alligators Questions AnsweredQ: Is it legal to kill snakes if they try to hurt you or attack you and you can't get ... that spot , but to deter snakes over a large area with mothballs is not effective.
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Huge alligator — with largest head ever found in Florida — caught Florida alligator trapper Lane Stephens showed off his skills on Saturday ... State policy says a nuisance alligator over 4 feet long must be killed , while .... Aerial shot of demonstrators supporting Egypt's military government on.
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A Typical Hunt for an Alligator - Night Hawk PublicationsPerrin comes from a family of alligator hunters as far back as 1930 and guides hunters to alligators ... If the gator is shot directly in the kill spot , he's already dead .
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Giant Alligator Killed in Alabama - It's Guy CodeYea, a 28 foot alligator was killed in Alabama because buba just had to say he ... past the 28 foot, 1 inch alligator 8.5 meters he shot and killed in their back yard.
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How to Kill an Alligator ? - Ask.comThe alligator is classified as a threatened animal. In order to kill or trap one you must have a special license or permit. ... Where is the kill spot on an alligator ?
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How to kill an Alligator by Marley Nicholson on PreziDoes an alligator have a kill or weak spot ? What is a reasonable size alligator to capture? Primary Research What would we do differently?
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Stumpy the Alligator Killed at St. Andrews State Park - WJHGRangers believe someone purposely killed the alligator for it's meat. ... with a large fishing hook, drug in and then shot to the head and killed .
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Alligator Hunting in Florida, state hunting laws and restrictions.Alligator hunting and charters in Florida, state of Florida hunting regulations, ... and the guide has the client target the head of the alligator for the shot placement .
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Swamp people.... gator hunters, a few questions - AR15.Com ArchiveMy question is: Are these people using .22s to kill gators? And if so why? In the short bit I watched, I saw a guy missed his shot and it ricocheted  ...
 51  ~ ronsguideservice.comAlligator Hunt | Ron's Guide ServiceSmaller alligators can be very fast and a good shot is key. Larger alligators ... Your hunt is over once each hunter in your party has killed an alligator . How long   ...
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Dog killed by alligator in Jacksonville - Cops, Courts And Calamity shore of a Northwoods-area creek was killed by an alligator this week. ... waters Wednesday afternoon after being shot by Jacksonville Police  ...
 54  ~ texascryptidhunter.blogspot.comTexas Cryptid Hunter: Monstrous Alligator Killed in Leon County The beast in question is an alligator ( Alligator mississipiensis) that was recently shot and killed in a stretch of the Trinity that flows through Leon  ...