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Aperture Science - Half-Life WikiAperture Science , Inc. is a fictional United States-based scientific research corporation appearing in Portal and Portal 2, as well as its logo on the Borealis in Half  ... ‎Black Mesa - ‎Minor Aperture Science ... - ‎Enrichment Center - ‎Conversion Gel
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Aperture Science - Portal WikiLogo aperture.png. Aperture Science is a scientific research company founded by Cave Johnson. Portal and Portal 2 take place in Aperture  ...
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ThinkGeek :: Portal 2 Aperture Laboratories Logo SpatulaPortal 2 Aperture Laboratories Logo Spatula - Food touched by the Aperture Spatula will taste ... Features the Aperture Science logo ; Cook like Cave Johnson !
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How do I enter the Aperture Science Innovators initiative? - Arqadefling through with a second portal; Hurl through the portals, smash nose against the Aperture Science logo , or land right above it. Quickload.
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Aperture Science Co-operative Testing IniativeWelcome, test subject, to the Aperture Science Collaborative Disposition Test. ... Valve, the Valve logo , Portal, the Portal logo , Source, the Source logo , Steam  ...
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Vintage Aperture Science Logo - InstructablesAperture Science Innovators - bringing science into your home. Our scientific trifecta of salt, asbestos, and curtain keeps us on the cutting edge of ...
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Aperture Science Logo Leather Keychain Handmade by WingedCraftsA Portal-themed Keychain, portraying the Aperture Science Logo ! It is handmade from 6-7 oz vegetable tanned leather, then tooled and painted with.
 9  +7 Aperture Science Portal Logo Vinyl Die Cut Decal Aperture Science Portal Logo Vinyl Die Cut Decal Sticker 8" White ---Size: 2.00" x 8.00" --- ---Color: White --- This decal is cut to be placed on the outside of the  ...
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Aperture Science - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreAperture Laboratories. Hacemos lo que debemos porque podemos. ApertureLabs logo .svg. Tipo, Instalaciones secretas de investigación. Fundación, 1953.
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Aperture Wallpapers - Full HD wallpaper searchAperture Wallpapers - Aperture desktop wallpapers - 155  ...
 12  ~ jamisonjudd.comAperture Science Logo in text — Jamison JuddReposting an old page I found hanging around in my web directory: Aperture Science logo … painstakingly recreated from a screen capture.
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Portal Aperture Science logo 1€ by ... - ThingiversePortal Aperture Science logo 1€. by Feuerkraft, published Aug 13, ... Description. Just the logo in the sice of 1€ perhaps for a shopping cart.
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Aperture Science Decal | eBayFind great deals on eBay for Aperture Science Decal in .
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File: Aperture Science .svg - Wikimedia CommonsDescription Aperture Science .svg. English: Logo of Aperture Science company. Derived from ":Image: Aperture Science .png" by VernerVernerio.
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Laser Plays Portal Theme While Etching Aperture Logo | GeekologieThis is a video of a blue laser playing the Portal theme 'Still Alive' while etching the Aperture Science logo into a sheet of metal. pretty cool.
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Hidden Aperture Science logo found inside April Fool's Half-Life 3 Those of you with LED monitors may already see the Aperture Science logo inside the circle surrounding the lamdba. Otherwise you will have  ...
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CSS3 only Aperture Science Retro Logo - CodePenI love Aperture Science , I love Portal and Portal 2 and I love CSS....
 19  ~ americanurbex.comAperture Science – Exploring America's Gritty HistoryIt was companies that dared to dream big, like Aperture Science , that brought those scientific innovations into American lives. Exploring the  ...
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The Aperture Science Logo Totally Looks Like The New Google+ The Aperture Science Logo Totally Looks Like The New Google+ Logo. Favorite. The Aperture Science Logo Totally Looks Like The New Google+ Logo.
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Aperture Science logo T-shirt Inspired By Portal All Colours: Amazon Aperture Science logo T-shirt Inspired By Portal All Colours: Free UK Shipping on Orders Over £10 and Free 30-Day Returns on Selected Fashion Items sold or  ...
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Portal 2 Aperture Laboratories Logo Leather Wallet - J!nxThe Aperture Science Wallet has been shown to lessen the effects of lost cards and bills when conducting tests within the grounds of the Aperture Science   ...
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Portal 2: In what year did Aperture Science change its logo from its Portal 2: In what year did Aperture Science change its logo from its old one to the new one? Sign in to read all of Quora. Continue with GoogleConnected to  ...
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How to draw the APERTURE SCIENCE logo on ScratchHow to draw the APERTURE SCIENCE logo on Scratch by wolves4ever10.
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Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory – Free listening Watch videos & listen free to Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory: Science is Fun, Want You Gone & more, plus 3 pictures. The Aperture Science   ...
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GAMEBANANA: Aperture Science Logo DR Meter (Team Fortress 2 Replaces the Dead Ringer gauge with the Aperture Science Logo ... I saw Crumblehop's Aperture Science DR skin and liked the idea, but was sad that there  ...
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Laser Cutter Plays Portal Theme Song While Cutting Aperture We're at a total loss to think of anything more geeky than a laser cutter programmed to simultaneously laser cut the Aperture Science logo while  ...
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themes - my terminal and the Aperture Science logo - Ask UbuntuI was wondering if it was at all possible to totally revamp my terminal. I want to put the Portal II Aperture Science logo in my terminal and have it  ...
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Aperture Science - Combine OverWiki, the original Half-Life wiki and As with Black Mesa, the Aperture Science logo is directly based on the company's name, appearing as a stylized,  ...
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Hidden Aperture Science logo found inside April Fool's Half-Life 3 Those of you with LED monitors may already see the Aperture Science logo inside the circle surrounding the lamdba. Otherwise you will have to try tilting your  ...
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Caught in Portal 2: Cooper Black on the 70s Aperture Science logo A subreddit for the arts of typesetting and glyph design. What not to post? No typeface identification requests. Use /r/identifythisfont instead.
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Aperture Science Logo Pack Cursors - RealWorld GraphicsAperture Science Logo Pack Cursor Set by Random Eye. This took a nice day away from my summer to make. hope you enjoy. all 15 curs...
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Aperture Science Font - forum | dafont.comAperture Science Font. #1 · Johan1994 · Quote. Oct 30, 2012 at 23:38. I was just curious, what is the font of the logo ? Aperture Science Font. Identified font.
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How to Make an Aperture Science Themed Ubuntu Computer: 11 Find a special paint and paint your laptop/computer white. then print the Aperture Science logo onto a piece of plastic. after that, tape the plastic on your  ...
 35  ~ shinshayoriginals.tumblr.comAperture science logo Logo Stencil Tutorial. - Paradise - TumblrA Tute for SCIENCE! Aperture science logo Logo Stencil Tutorial. Today as I was working, I stopped along the way to make this short tutorial on how to make a  ...
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Aperture Science Logo as Vector graphic? | View Topic But what nags me, is that I can't find the Aperture logo with the corresponding " Aperture science laboratories"-writing as .svg anywhere on the  ...
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Aperture Labs Hard Hat - Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team Fortress WikiThe side opposite to the potato sports two pieces of grey electrical tape covering an old Aperture Science logo , which can be uncovered via its style. This hat  ...
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portal 2 aperture 1970s logo vinyl decal -56% now $3.49 - ValveThis 1970s Aperture logo decal is perfect for your shag wag or any other place you would listen to kicking tunes and thumping jams while discussing theoretical   ...
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Aperture Logos by Zeptozephyr on deviantARTHere are all the Aperture Logos from the Portal series, vectored and in .ai and . svg format ... Aperture Science : Now Hiring by LabsOfAwesome.
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LuxRender • View topic - Aperture science logo and a haribo ringThis is something for the portal fans on these forums. The circular edges of the logo should really be smooth, and there is some funky stuff  ...
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Does anyone know of the font used in the aperture science logo yes, i know the front of the logo . Reply With Quote ... 1,132 Posts. Apparently the Aperture bit is Segoe whilst the Laboratories bit is Helvetica.
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Drawing Aperture Science Logo | boreal-kiss.netA company logo of Aperture Science drawn on Processing. Aperture Science is a virtual company appearing in a video game Portal.
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Aperture Science : We Advance Science, Mainly Because A ... - PreziAperture Science: When Life Gives Us Lemons We Start TESTING! THE CAKE IS ... on your face. - Aperture Science logos probably represents
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Aperture Science - BF4 EmblemsAperture Science - BF4 Emblem. 1 · 1. Aperture - Science . If you don't know how to copy this .... Logo · No-Premium Account. © 2014 BF4 Emblems All Rights  ...
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Can You See The Hidden Aperture Science Logo ? | GotGameBehold, the Aperture Science logo hidden in the Half Life 3 logo in the photo below. You guys didn't need to do all that crazy stuff I just said  ...
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Portal 2 - PC PS3 XB360 MAC/Chapter 6: The Fall - WikiCheatsJump into the portal on the floor and you will fly through the Aperture Science logo to the exit. After the lobby you will ride an elevator up. At the top look in the  ...
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Aperture Science Innovators Logo - SolidWorks, STEP / IGES, STL Aperture Science Innovators Logo - One of the 'vintage' Aperture logos from the game Portal 2.
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Valve Copyright Aperture Debate - Steam Users' Forums"Aperture" is a term used frequently in photography, and the Aperture Science logo is based on a camera aperture, so there's a reasonable  ...
 50  ~ devinedesignuk.wordpress.comPhotoshop Tutorial: Aperture Laboratories Logo | DevineDesignukThis logo took some thinking before hand and I wanted to share the quick and easy method I used to create the basic Aperture Science Logo .
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