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as3 duplicate currentlabel

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MovieClip - Adobe ActionScript® 3 ( AS3 ) API ReferenceThe MovieClip class inherits from the following classes: Sprite, DisplayObjectContainer, InteractiveObject, DisplayObject, and EventDispatcher. Unlike the Sprite ...
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Check if Frame Label Exists (in Flash/ActionScript)That always returns -1 since currentLabels is an array of FrameLabel objects, not String. You have to loop through the objects and check the ...
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Actionscript 3 :: Using The CurrentLabel Property? - FlashI tried a standard "if" statement but the currentLabel property is tripping me up. .... Actionscript 3 :: Getting The Value Of A Property Within Another Property Via Square Bracket Notation .... 1021: Duplicate function definition.
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actionscript 3 - as3 how to repeat part movieclip timeline number of as3 how to repeat part movieclip timeline number of times from label to label
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AS3 Frame Change (by label) Listener - Gists - GitHubAS3 Frame Change (by label) Listener - Gist is a simple way to ... You can clone with HTTPS or SSH. ... currentLabel ; // set this equal to this.
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AS3 : FullScreen - ActionScript 3 - Snipplr Social Snippet Repositoryif( currentLabel == "upStateFull")"overStateFull");. else if ( currentLabel == "upStateNormal")
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Pivot3D - API Documentation - Flare3DcurrentLabel : Label3D ... Creates a copy of the object and all its elements. Pivot3D. copyFrom(pivot:Pivot3D):void. Copy basic pivot properties to anotheer pivot.
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currentFrameLabel, different layers - Flash Kit Community ForumsHow can I make AS3 to detect the specific "currentFrameLabel" of a named layer ?
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CLIK & AS3 .0 errors when copy&pasting components from Hi, I started looking into CLIK components and ran into a problem: If I copy&paste some components such as DefaultTextArea from ...
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AS3 Using Frame Labels with gotoAndPlay as Animation Sheets AS3 Flash Games for Beginners: Adding Library Objects to Stage with AS3 · AS3 Flash .... That way if something happens and currentLabel is destroyed our ship will no ..... Do not copy or distribute articles without permission.
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Flash Error 1021: Duplicate function definition. - KirupaHello i have little problem.. i want to make 2-5 different buttons but have the same action script. The 1st one is perfect using the code. but when i ...
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Go to Next or Previous Frame Labels Programmatically In Your ... is part of the Menus, Buttons, and Interfaces section of our Flash and ActionScript 3 index. ... currentLabel ; // gets current frame label as string
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[ AS3 ] String.split() [SOLVED] discussion on KongregateKongregate [ AS3 ] String.split() [SOLVED], post your thoughts on the
 14  ~ in as3 -buttons | source code search enginein as3 -buttons located at /src/de/stephanpartzsch/ui/button/framelabel. ... currentLabel ) ); } private function handleFrameLabelEnd() : void { dispatchEvent(  ...
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Intro to AS3 using Flash CS3 - WordPress.comIntroduction to ActionScript 3 using Flash CS3 ... gotoAndStop( ); nextFrame( ); prevFrame( ); currentFrame; currentLabel ; currentLabels ; totalFrames.
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[ AS3 ] movieclip doesn't play when holding arrow keys down [Archive I'm having a problem with a little game that I'm making in AS3 . I'm pretty new to AS ... To demonstrate, copy this code into a new fla file and run it: stage. ... New in AS3 is the " currentLabel " property, which comes in handy here.
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how to get the TweenLite to be reborn - GSAP (Flash) - GreenSockcurrentLabel == play) I want my Tween to be reborn. If you can help me again ... I' m not using class as I'm new to AS3 . addEventListener(Event.
 18  -1 - View topic - Looking for AS3 .xml with all AS3 I tryied to add all AS3 keyword one by one but it's really boring. So many
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AS3 Multiple Frame Video Game Problems - Begginer - GameDev.netAS3 Multiple Frame Video Game Problems - Begginer - posted in Game Programming: Hey All,I am ... else if ( currentLabel =="Character Sheet")
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Create a Slot Machine Game in Flash Using AS3 - Game DevelopmentDuplicate the shape, change its size to 316x156px and change its color to the .... currentLabel ) { /* Sound */; /* Get current label to ...
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Actionscript 3 - FreezingBlue.comActionscript 3 ... The current label in which the playhead is located in the timeline of the MovieClip instance. Public Properties - currentLabels : Array ..... contains classes used for copy -and-paste and drag-and-drop operations, ...
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Sidescrolling Platformer — Part 9 — Animated Player Movements Click OK to create this duplicate , and then click OK once more to swap it.
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AS3 trouble movieclips - Newgrounds.comcurrentLabel ) { case "up": char. .... Try to be more specific with the errors you get... maybe even copy and paste them. Here's what you wrote:.
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Iggy Development History - RAD Game Toolsbugfix: ( AS3 ) fix TextField.y accessor for certain textfields created from timeline
 26  ~ tuckerconnelly.comFlash AS3 MovieClip Button Tutorial | Iron CodingLike I've said before, if you're using this tutorial to learn, DON'T COPY AND PASTE. If you just
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Frogger game in Actionscript 3 - Code Review Stack ExchangeI am creating a Frogger game in Flash AS3 and just wanted to see if anyone can help me ... Warning: 3596: Duplicate variable definition.
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getURL in Actionscript 3 : ScriptplaygroundOne of the bigger changes in Actionscript 3 is the way in which you call a link.
 29  ~ saumyaray.wordpress.comcurrentLabel and currentFrameLabel | saumya" currentLabel " and "currentFrameLabel" are those two properties which will give you the label string of ... Tags: Actionscript3, as3 , basics, Flash ...
 30  ~ edapskov.narod.ru100 советов по ActionScript 3 - Edapskov - Narod.ruВ ActionScript 3 , можно динамически менять частоту кадров (frame rate) ролика .... var user2:UserInfo = clone (user) as UserInfo; .... MovieClip) добавлены новые методы для работы с метками фреймов: currentLabels и currentLabel .
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ActionScript 3 button that stay in the down state. - Flash PerfectionClick on the about_btn on the stage, hold down the Alt button from the keyboard and drag a new copy of the button. Right click on the new button and chose ...
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Legend of Krystal Forums • View topic - Flash AS3 - using (You can simply copy said code into its own file just like the .... And, as I' ve said before, using currentLabel in AS3 is a really good ...
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AS3 Examples: Simple MMO worldcopy the file (containing the Zone configuration) from the /deploy/zones folder to your SFS2X ... currentLabel ; // Add listeners .
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ActionScript 3 Workshop Slides - gSkinnerAS3 is the core imperative language of Flash CS3, Flex 2&3, and AIR. Main drawback to AS3 is verbosity (more
 35  ~ asv3.wordpress.comas3 | Asv3's BlogPosts about as3 written by asv3. ... When we create a symbol master copy of that symbol is stored in library. Whatever we ... gotoAndStop( ); nextFrame( ); prevFrame( ); currentFrame; currentLabel ; currentLabels ; totalFrames.
 36  -10 - gskinner - A collection of public AS3 Source path: svn/ as3 / FrameScriptManager/ experimentalVersion/ ... obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation. * files (the "Software"), to deal in the ... currentLabels ;. labels = {};.
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Data binding and ActionScript 3 | blogu' lu' mrmData binding and ActionScript 3 .... After we set the ObjectProxy , we save the current label property for later use in the labelLocale property.
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flash.display.MovieClip (ActionScript 3.0) - Главнаяcopy . Отправляется, когда пользователь активирует комбинацию клавиш ... Если текущий кадр не имеет подписи, значение свойства currentLabel равно  ...
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Handling Basic Animation with a Divided Timeline — Michael James It might help to know that you can copy a frame through the right-click
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Flash Actionscripting ActionScript 3 button that stay in the down state Click on the about_btn on the stage, hold down the Alt button from the keyboard and drag a new copy of the button. Right click on the new button and chose ...
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Aymeric Lamboley » actionscript 3Posts tagged actionscript 3 ... wrote in C++ and translated into many languages such as Java, Objective-C, AS3 , JavaScript… .... currentLabel !
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AS3 tweening platform - EduTech WikiTweenNano - a super-lightweight (1.6k in AS3 and 2k in AS2) version of
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Help As3 get current Label in an Array - BestSolveError.comHelp As3 get current Label in an Array. and Thank ... currentLabels ; [mainInsight. .... i:int= 0; i var matrixRotation:Matrix;matrixRotation = objMatrixArr[i]. clone () ...
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How To Make A Tower Defense Game (Part 2)currentLabel == "ice") { //Add Slow Effect to monster this. ... *UPDATED* If you want a copy of the Tower Defense with a Boss at the end of the ... If you are interested tell me, I can link you source code of level editor in as3 , but it is not tutorial.
 45  ~ uniswf.comuniSWF - ManualAdded Examples/common/ as3 /uniSWF_as3Api_v2.swf, fluid layouts version 2. * ft_dump.exe .... TEXTURE_READWRITE, true );" * TextField clone () bug fixed, will clone correct font class linkage and text contents. * Export ..... currentLabel .
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Пакет для растрирования анимаций - Форум bitmapData. clone (); } else if (clip is DisplayObject) { var $clip: DisplayObject = clip as DisplayObject; ... currentLabel ; } else { Error.
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Biochimistu's Corner: ActionScript 3 button that stay in the down state.Click on the about_btn on the stage, hold down the Alt button from the keyboard and drag a new copy of the button. Right click on the new ...
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Flash Actionscript 3 Tipps, Tricks und Tuts - On-DesigncurrentLabels :Array Ein Array mit allen Bildbezeichnungen. siehe unten ..... Der Befehl duplicate Movieclip wurde in AS3 ersatzlos gestrichen.
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addFrameScript and currentLabels | Flash MonkeyToday I've been setting up a very simple project – an intro animation and then some text/links fade in. The designers are making the animation ...
 51  ~ demetri-media.comFlashTalker - Animating Sections In and Out IndependentlyActionscript version: AS3 ... For this example, I created a new AS3 .fla named ' externalLoads.fla' which will ... The next layer ( copy ) has text.