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astroglide vs ky

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 1  ~ Customer Reviews: Astroglide Personal Lubricant, 5 Also, some lubricants I have run across have a very odd or
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Lubricant - AskMenWet: This one is almost as popular as Astroglide , but Wet is a bit thicker. It's also ... KY Jelly:The world's most famous water-based lube, KY frankly isn't the best. ... ID Millennium is a good lube, but not quite as smooth as Eros or Wet Platinum.
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KY or Astroglide ?? - DateHookup.comand be nice to each other. or else. ... Astroglide when needed..its not as sticky as KY . 11/29/2007 ... i have noticed that. ky does get a bit sticky.
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Why Not K-Y ? - Shepherd ExpressLots of people come into the Tool Shed looking for either K-Y or Astroglide brand lubricants and wonder why we don't carry them. One reason  ...
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What are the differences between types of K-Y Jelly? - Yahoo AnswersMy gynecologist recommended Astroglide to me instead because she ... are fine with just lubricated condoms or nothing) then KY might suffice,  ...
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Astroglide Personal Lubricant | drugstore.comAstroglide is extremely slippery - clean spills immediately. Keep out of reach of children. If irritation or discomfort occurs, discontinue use immediately and  ...
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KY or Astroglide ? - Interstitial Cystitis NetworkI am using KY now and its been okay but sometimes I feel that the burning is ... astroglide and ky both caused burning for me. we use replens  ...
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Astroglide - Side Effects & Reviews - Treatoa good intimate lube like Astroglide (my fave), Replens or K-Y ...Thanks for posting. I hope members who have switched from OTC-OTC Lo to Yaz will stop by  ...
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CK alternative - Astroglide vs . KY Silk - CurlTalk - NaturallyCurly.comI haven't gotten around to ordering CK yet but have been experimenting with KY and Astroglide as alternatives for a few weeks now. Thought I'd let you.
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Astroglide vs Ky Jel - Forums - Battlelog / Battlefield 3Astroglide because we are MLG pro and go across the galaxy or KY (Killing You - Jealous)? need input. FinalNecrosis. US Enlisted: 2011-10-  ...
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Astroglide , 5 oz - Top & Best Rated Products - WalmartFor the first minute or so, Astroglide is very slick and effective, but it gets very tacky very fast, like KY does, requiring frequent splashes of water to keep it slick.
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Forum Topic - KY vs AstroGlide - EtsyKY vs AstroGlide ... Security reminder: Do not give out your Etsy username or password to ... Post is abusive or insulting to another member.
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Astro-glide vs . KY @ TigerDroppings.comAstro-glide vs . KY - Which do you prefer? ... after about an hour or so, you run out both spit and the natural stuff... Back to top. TideHater
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KY Jelly, Astroglide , Or Carrageenan - All Natural Personal LubricantsNow, perhaps you are wondering what makes a natural personal lubricant like Carrageenan a better choice than either Astroglide or KY Jelly.
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Astroglide vs . KY Jelly - What's OT's choice for IDP? - NASIOCJust bought some Astrogluide for some IDP action with the GF. Yes, I'm giving, not receiving. Is Astroglide > KY Jelly ? * Registered users of the  ...
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What is the best personal lubricant - Wiki AnswersIt does not stain clothes or sheets, is very slippery and you only need a small quantity, whereas you .... Get a water based product such as astroglide or KY jelly .
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ASTRO GLIDE vs KY ...... - Toronto JungleAny water based lube is the better. Washes off with no residue. No stickyness and if you decide to go down for some oral fun after no  ...
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KY & Astroglide - JustMommies Message BoardsKY & Astroglide Trying to Conceive. ... I don't know if this would be for you or not but you can always take robitussin to help produce more of  ...
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What is the differance between Petroleum Jelly and KY Jelly Now they tell me I was wrong I should have used KY Jelly..can ... ... KY Jelly or Astroglide or other "personal lubricants" are water based.
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What are popular lubricants besides KY -Jelly? - Ask.comThere are numerous popular lubricants besides KY -Jelly. They can be used for several ... One of the highest rated lubricants is Astroglide Personal Lubricant.
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ASTROGLIDE vs . K-Y | Tolunaeatmydots. 15 months ago. ASTROGLIDE vs . K-Y . Closed. Embed this battle on your blog. Left, 18 votes. 38%. Right, 29 votes. 62%. See all results · arejay.
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Anyone use KY or Astroglide ? - www.ifish.netSo my question is, has anyone tried a water soluble lubricant like KY or Astroglide to lube your egg loops? I'm sure theres many other brands  ...
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Bored tonight.... Vs .'s time: KY vs . Astroglide - AudiWorld Forums. Vs .'s time: KY vs . Astroglide Off-topic Discussion.
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Vaginal Dryness - MD Anderson Cancer Centercan also be caused by menopause that occurs naturally, or that has been ... lubricants include popular brands such as Astroglide . ® and K-Y . ®.
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Vaginal Dryness MenoNote - North American Menopause SocietyVaginal changes often result in pain during intercourse or pelvic exams ... a prescription, including K-Y Jelly, Astroglide , K-Y Silk-E, Slippery Stuff, and Just Like  ...
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Vaginal dryness - American Cancer SocietyLubricants can usually be found near the birth control or feminine hygiene products in ... Common brands include K-Y Jelly® and Astroglide ®.
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Move over K-Y and Astroglide -- re> CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, July 9 Because it is a mousse it is self-contained, causing no runny mess or sticky ... with the current lubricants which are primarily offered by K-Y and Astroglide .
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How can menopausal women restore vaginal tissues without Vaginal dryness is a common complication due to menopause, but products such as K-Y jelly or Astroglide lubricants, and the Replens  ...
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Why is Astroglide better than Ky jelly? | ChaChaMadeline Killen 10 months ago. I'm not sure it is. There seem to be as many who say KY is better as say the opposite. ! 0. Login or Sign Up to answer this  ...
 37  ~ healthbaba.comWhat is the difference from Astroglide , KY Jelly, and Surgilube Also, it's a good conception to avoid lubricants that are flavored, scented, or hold out a ... For example, if you go to CVS pharmacy, you will find KY and Astroglide   ...
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AnswerParty | Do you prefer KY or astroglide ?Get plenty of fluids to help control your body temperature and keep your bowels moving ... on the side where you had surgery. This is more likely if you also have   ...
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Lubricants and Related Items - University of Michigan Health SystemAstroglide ® A long lasting, light lubrication that is odorless and flavorless. ... They can tell you if a local pharmacy carries it or you can mail order ... K-Y Jelly® Considered an all-purpose lubricant that many people have found.
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Studies Raise Questions About Safety Of Personal Lubricants Although most people will list only K-Y Jelly when asked to recall the names of
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Spermicides & Lubricants | Brown University Health EducationSpermicides contain the chemicals non-oxynol 9 (N-9) or octoxynol that .... Water- based lubricants such as Astroglide , KY , Probe, and Wet have no oil and don't  ...
 43  ~ vainpills.blogspot.comHave You Taken Your Vain Pills Today?: KY vs . Astroglide ; It's Time KY vs . Astroglide ; It's Time To Give Up. I am aware that this happened a while ago, but since i just started and nothing has happened today,  ...
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Astroglide Personal Lubricant & Moisturizer | WalgreensAstroglide is extremely slippery - clean spills immediately. Keep out of reach of children. If irritation or discomfort occurs, discontinue use immediately and  ...
 45  ~ drtorihudson.comPersonal Lubricants– it matters what you are using!!!In this comparison study, a product called “Good Clean Love” had the ... higher osmolarity (ex/ Astroglide 6,300; KY Jelly 2,500, KY Warming  ...
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Conception while using Astroglide - BabyCenterAstroglide and KY never worked for us, but neither did Pre-Seed. .... with preseed , or have any of you conceived just using astroglide ( or any  ...
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stark. raving. mad. mommy.: Another Reason Astroglide Should Be Another Reason Astroglide Should Be on Every New Mom's Shopping List
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KY Yours & Mine??? Want your reviews/opinions...... - Weddingbee It felt the same as the KY Intrigue and Astroglide , for like half the price. .... You can use it anywhere sensitive- both on yourself and/ or your guy- and it definitely  ...
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KY Jelly - Trying To Conceive - WhatToExpect.comAnyone get pregnant using KY Jelly as a lube? ... I got pregnant using lots of Astroglide or KY . I never knew there was an issue with certain lubricants, but I have  ...
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KY or Astroglide ? Who wins? | AnswerbagWell, I've been to Kentucky (specifically the Derby) on numerous occasions but have not been to Astroglide , so I'd have to say Kentucky .
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Vaginal lubrication answers - Medicalfaq.netThere are several external lubricants such as Astroglide or K-Y jelly. These can be used as needed prior to intercourse or at any other time dryness is a problem.
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Best Personal Lubricant – Compare Reviews and Ratings | BestcoveryK-Y Yours + Mine Couples is a unique style of personal lubricant because
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KY Jelly in a suppressor: Good to Go? - AR15.Com Archiveabout the same as water or wire pulling gel...I would recommend AStro glide , it doesn't seem to get as gooey if you let it sit for awhile  ...
 60  ~ associatedobgyn.netCommon Prenatal Questions - Associated Obstetrics & GynecologyTylenol (regular or extra strength) is safe to take for a headache, fever, or any general discomfort. .... Lubricants such as Astroglide or KY Jelly are not harmful.
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KY Jelly instead of vaseline for thermometer lubricant Pretty embarrassing, but do you think it's safe to use KY Jelly instead of ... DH and I actually have some Astroglide gel, a "personal" lubricant,  ...
 62  ~ thinprep.comThe ThinPrep Pap Test: Common Technical QuestionsLubricants increase the risk of contaminating or obscuring the cellular sample ... to avoid the tip, using a water-based lubricant such as KY Jelly® or Astroglide ®.
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Astroglide X Premium Personal Lubricant, 2.5 oz Reviews My wife & I were looking for something better then KY as it is very greasy and gets ... not smelly or irritating and isn't very thick or sticky feeling at all. it's a #1 pick,  ...