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bacillus pasteurii culture

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Sporosarcina pasteurii (ATCC® 11859™)Medium. ATCC® Medium 1376: Bacillus pasteurii NH4YE medium ... Additional information on this culture is available on the ATCC® web site at
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Sporosarcina pasteurii - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaSporosarcina pasteurii formerly known as Bacillus pasteurii from older taxonomies, is a bacterium with the ability to precipitate calcite and solidify sand given a  ...
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Bacillus - Google Books ResultColin R. Harwood - ‎1989 - 414 pages Bacillus pasteurii and Sporosarcina urea can be isolated from pasteurized soil ... from soil by anaerobic culture in a nitrogen-deficient medium supplemented  ...
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Urease activity by Sporasarcina pasteurii - Murdoch UniversitySporosarcina pasteurii was cultured in a batch culture to ensure that there was enough cell growth to carry out a chemostat culture . The experiment was run for 8   ...
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Sporosarcina pasteurii - ABIS EncyclopediaHistorical synonyms: Bacillus pasteurii (Miquel) Chester 1898, Urobacillus pasteurii Miquel 1889, Bacillus probates Vihoever 1913. -1.3-4.0/0.5-1.2 µm - Gram-positive but easily decolorized, motile -spores: spherical or slightly ... Culture media  ...
 6  ~ ccug.seBacillus pasteurii - CCUG - Culture Collection, University of Sporosarcina pasteurii (Miquel 1889) Yoon et al. 2001
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Effect of bacterial calcium carbonate precipitation on the Bacillus pasteurii the most abundant alkalophilic soil microorganism, ... An isolated bacterial culture of Bacillus pasteurii NCIMB 8221 was used  ...
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DSMZ: List of Media for MicroorganismsCatalogues · Catalogue Microorganisms · Culture Technology List of Media for ... BACILLUS PASTEURII MEDIUM ... BACILLUS ACIDOCALDARIUS MEDIUM.
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What is Biocement? - Civil Engineering PortalBesides building materials preservation of the cultural heritage, socioeconomic ... (where I used Sporosarcina pasteurii , previously known as Bacillus pasteurii ,  ...
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Bacteria Collection: NCTC 4822 Bacillus pasteurii - Culture Gibson 22 DSM 33;ATCC 11859;CCM 2056;NCIB 8841 Bacillus pasteurii .
 11  ~ throughthesandglass.typepad.comcontinuing performances of bacillus pasteurii - Through The It's synthetic sandstone. All that's happening is crystals are growing around sand grains.” The way in which Professor Ginger Dosier describes  ...
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Topic: Marble from sand, calcium chloride, urea, and bacillus pasteuriiBacillus pasteurii , the microbe itself, must be produced. If we could find one ... could go around with a culture of them attached,. as a component  ...
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Osmotically Regulated Synthesis of the Compatible Solute Ectoine To study ectoine biosynthesis within the group of Bacillus species in greater ..... Total RNA was isolated from B. pasteurii cultures grown to log phase (optical  ...
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Urease activity and induction of calcium carbonate precipitation by of calcium carbonate precipitation by Sporosarcina pasteurii NCIMB ... Bacterial cultural characteristics were examined macroscopically on  ...
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Biocalcification by Sporosarcina pasteurii using corn steep liquor as nutrient source to grow Sporosarcina pasteurii , a bacterium used to remediate ... Fifty mL of S. pasteurii culture (OD600 = 1.0) was mixed with 100 g sterilized  ...
 17  ~ vetoquinolusa.comIn Vitro and In Vivo Assessment of Intraintestinal Bacteriotherapy in vitro, in batch culture experiments simulating conditions en- countered by ingested ... Bacillus pasteurii ) was obtained from American Type Culture . Collection.
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kinetics of calcite precipitation by ureolytic bacteria - ScholarWorkswas Sporosarcina pasteurii (ATCC 6453, formerly Bacillus pasteurii ), a highly .... studies showed that the S. pasteurii culture with the higher OD600 value  ...
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bacillus pasteurii culture search volume,cpc,competition -WordGub WordGub -the free Keyword Research Tool & free keyword tool.
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Modification of recycled concrete aggregate by calcium carbonate through the participation of Sporosarcina pasteurii bacteria should constitute an ... S. pasteurii culture kept under these conditions for 24 h was next moved to the.
 21  ~ bacterio.netSporosarcinaand Bacillus pasteurii (Chester 1898) to the genus Sporosarcina as Sporosarcina ... two recognized culture collections in different countries are documented.
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Magnus Larsson: Turning dunes into architecture | Video on TED.comIn our accelerated media culture , desertification is simply too slow to reach the ... And the answer is, perhaps, that you use these guys, Bacillus pasteurii ,  ...
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Microbiologically-Induced Soil Stabilization ... - ASCE Librarya naturally occurring soil microorganism, Sporosarcina pasteurii , which is capable of inducing calcium .... American Type Culture Collection (Bethesda, MD ).
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Yahoo Canada Answers - Where Can I but this Special Bacteria Bacillus pasteurii is an unique type of bacteria t… ... Science & Mathematics · Social Science · Society & Culture · Sports · Travel · Yahoo  ...
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Studies on the characterisation of Biosealant properties of Bacillus In previous works Bacillus pasteurii was the only well known species used to precipitate ... The broth culture was subjected to Atomic Force Microscope studies .
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Deoxyribonucleic acid base composition of <Emphasis ... - SpringerSummary. The guanine ~- cytosine (GC) content of the DNAs of 11 cultures of .... ureae and one culture of , Bacillus pasteurii determined from the Tm values in  ...
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Team:Brown-Stanford/REGObricks/Characterization - 2011.igem.orgCharacterization of Sporosarcina pasteurii ... Cultures of S. pasteurii were obtained from American Tissue and Culture Collection (ATCC 11859) to be  ...
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Strength improvement studies using new type wild strain Bacillus and Bacillus pasteurii in different cell concentrations. Test results showed that the .... tion, MTCC 1761 (equivalent to American Type Culture . Collection, ATCC  ...
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Microbially Induced Cementation to Control Sand Response to addition, cells of Bacillus pasteurii do not aggregate; this ensures a high cell ... sand and Bacillus pasteurii (American Type Culture Collection.
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A new proposal for urease mechanism based on the crystal Results: The structures of native and inhibited urease from Bacillus pasteurii
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Printer-friendly Version - BGDand the non-ureolytic species Bacillus subtilis. .... Ureolytic bacterium: A pure culture of Sporosarcina pasteurii (DSMZ 33) was grown. 20.
 33  ~ sci-edit.netProduction and Characterization of Alkaline Protease ... - Sci-Edit.netas Bacillus pasteurii using cultural , microscopic and biochemical ... Keywords: Alkaline protease, Bacillus pasteurii , Lonar Soda Lake.
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pp. 55-59 - International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary B. megaterium De Bary, 2. pasteurii (Miquel) ... neotype cultures for 20 species in the genus Bacillus . The abbreviations for the culture collections from which.
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Biocalcification of Sand through Ureolysis - AydilekS. pasteurii 11859 was maintained on Bacillus pasteurii urease. (BPU) medium ... at 4°C. The culture was transferred monthly to fresh plates. To pre- pare the  ...
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83 - 88 - Indian Academy of SciencesBacillus pasteurii DR2, a broad-spectrum Hg-resistant bacterial strain, exhibited ... of culture taken out aseptically and diluted serially at different hours of  ...
 37  ~ jamirose.wordpress.comBacillus Pasteurii : Research Documents | Jewellery & Objectthat is threatening our planet. And the source of inspiration for my Mutant Material choice Bacillus Pasteurii . Website resources that were used for the research  ...
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Effect of ammonia on the growth of Bacillus species and some other Japanese natto is now made with pure cultures of. B. subtilis but the ... kinema, B. pasteurii, a known alkaliphilic, ammonia-requir- ... T37,T40. Bacillus pasteurii .
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Biocalcification by Bacillus pasteurii urease: a novel application Biocalcification by Bacillus pasteurii urease: a novel application ... several antibiotics substances after growth for 20 h at 37 C in a mineral culture medium.
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Urease from Bacillus pasteurii Type X, ≥100,000 U/g, pH 8.2 Sigma-Aldrich offers Sigma-Aldrich-U7127, Urease from Bacillus pasteurii for your research needs. Find product specific information including CAS, MSDS,  ...
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Full PaperIn this study, an enrichment culture of ureolytic bacteria was ... Sporosarcina pasteurii is widely used as a source of urease enzyme for BioCementation reaction  ...
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Copyright by Zeynep Basaran 2013 - The University of Texas at AustinUYE medium and cement; Bacterial paste: S. pasteurii culture (concentration of .... 3.1a: Growth curve for ATCC 6453 Sporosarcina pasteurii (formerly Bacillus.
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Strain Passport NCIM 2477 Bacillus pasteurii - StrainInfotype strain of, Bacillus pasteurii , Sporosarcina pasteurii .... TYPE CULTURES AND PROPOSED NEOTYPE CULTURES OF SOME SPECIES IN THE  ...
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Shengting Li MS-Thesis.pdfRehydrate freeze-dried Bacillus pasteurii . ... Re-suspend in new culture medium. ... Mix the culture medium and bacteria with soil (Figure 6) .
 46  ~ claisse.infoA way to Enhance the Durability of Building Structures - Claisse.infomicroorganism ( Bacillus pasteurii and Pseudomonas aeruginosa) showed a significant ... culture was routinely maintained on Nutrient agar (pH 8.0) medium.
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View - OMICS GroupBacillus pasteurii with urea hydrolysis mechanism. ... were shown to precipitate CaCO3 in batch culture , where grown in the light in a hard  ...
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09_chapter 1.pdf - Shodhgangapure cultures of a bacterial strain. However ... pasteurii , Bacillue sphaericus, E. coli etc. ... Table 1.5.1 Biochemical characteristics of the pure culture Bacillus .
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Rate of Urea Hydrolysis by Streptococcus Thermophilus KB19 is Soil Bacterium Bacillus Pasteurii and Genetically Engineered Urealytic E. Colia ... and grown under proprietary conditions from a GRAS status yogurt culture .
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Catalogue Culture Collection of Bacteria US Army Natick LaboratoriesBacillus, as proposed by Smith et al. (25) have been added ... Indeed, cultures of Bacillus- comprise k&f> of the Collection. ..... Bacillus pasteurii (Miquel) Migula.
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Effect of Bacterial Calcite Precipitation on Compressive Strength of bacterial and culture medium for above mentioned days with control cubes immersed ... Microorganisms Bacillus pasteurii (NCL-2477) and. Bacillus sphaericus  ...
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BioGrout_290909v2.pdf - TU Delft Institutional RepositoryThis micro-organism, formerly known as Bacillus pasteurii , is also well known ... from a freeze dried sample of the type species from a culture collection (DSM 33.