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Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories - Wikipedia , the free Right-to-left: Barack Obama and Maya Soetoro with their mother Ann Dunham ... named him " Barry " rather than "Barack"; and that Barack Obama, Sr. was not his  ... ‎Background - ‎Release of the birth certificates - ‎False claims
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Who is barry soetoro - Wiki AnswersThere is NO evidence that Barack Obama used the name Barry Soetoro , nor did his stepfather ever legally adopt him. Some of the Birthers like to claim Mr.
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Obama citizenship denial - RationalWiki6.1 Senator John McCain; 6.2 George Romney; 6.3 Barry Goldwater; 6.4 President
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The Fraud Of Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama) (Feb. 24 Feb 24, 2009. If Mr. Obama has nothing to hide, then why fight the more than 42 cases in federal courts alone (according to Justia) and similar  ...
 5  ~ democracy-project.comIs it Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama? : Democracy ProjectIt appears that Barack Obama's official birth certificate actually reads Barry Soetoro . His named was changed from Barack Obama to Barry  ...
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Why did Barry Obama Change his name after traveling to the middle Once he returned to the U.S. he still used the name Barry Soetoro until he left Occidental College and made his trip  ...
 7  ~ thenewalexandrialibrary.comBarry Soetoro /Barack Obama - the new alexandria libraryOn his application to attend school Barry Soetoro / Obama Jr was listed as an Indonesian citizen. ...
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A Natural Born Citizen...Orly?: Proof Obama went by Barry Soetoro There is a biography of Barry Soetoro 's Occidental College days. ..... Rights Wiki · Overview of Eligibility Controversy on Save Our Rights Wiki .
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Barry Soetoro Wikipedia ? - UADDitWhy is there nothing about Barry Soetoro on Wikipedia ... The name “ Barry Soetoro ” is the key to Obama's past and the liberal media never  ...
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Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama - FACTS!!! by Benton Bain - El Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama - FACTS!!! by Benton Bain. Anybody, along with Sen. Barack Obama can seek the presidency of the United  ...
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Barry Soetoro - Indonesia MattersBarry Soetoro aka Barack Obama's Indonesian connection. ... Sinyo Purba – you could have at least given wiki a reference. The Last Mardijker.
 12  ~ barrysoetoro.blogspot.comBarry Soetoro And Barack Obama: About Obama From WikipediaBarack Hussein Obama (born August 4, 1961) is the junior United States Senator from Illinois and a leading candidate for the Democratic  ...
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Google Manually Removes Prisonplanet Article from " Barry Soetoro I am still getting this when I do a search for barry soetoro . ... SimilarBarack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories - Wikipedia , the free .
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Who is Barry Soetoro ?: @JoeCorey17 Snopes & Wikipedia are @JoeCorey17 Snopes & Wikipedia are propaganda run by ... Who is Barack Hussein Obama, or is it Barry Soetoro ?
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The unraveling of Barry Soetoro , a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama IITrumping up the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama, The unraveling of Barry Soetoro , a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama II, Bruce  ...
 17  ~ contracoma.comWer ist Barry Soetoro – auch genannt Barack Obama ... - ContracomaWikipedia co-founder: 'U.S. should be actually seeking out criminals, not wasting ... Wer ist Barry Soetoro – auch genannt Barack Obama?
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Barack Obama - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopediaIf you haven't yet made up your mind about Wikipedia , get a load of their kid- glove treatment of ..... Also known as Barry Soetoro , from his Indonesian passport .
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Barack Obama - MetapediaAlthough the school was Catholic, Barry Soetoro as he was known then, was
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Barack Obama Running From Barry Soetoro ... - no quarter usa netBarry Soetoro . The adoption was processed in Indonesia after Barry and his mother moved to Indonesia.
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Bombshell-Obama High School Friend: Barry Soetoro "Portrayed Mia Marie Pope says that Barry Soetoro “always portrayed himself as a foreign student.” While Soetoro ..... Just look up the Wikipedia article.
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BREAKING: On CNN right now... Barry Soetoro sister - Godlike ... Wikipedia for Maya Soetoro -NG: "is the maternal ... She looks like she is more related to Michael Jackson than Barry . afro.
 24  ~ cmblake6.wordpress.comFraudulent B. Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Harrison J WARNING SIGNS by DON FREDRICK Barack Obama, Sr. Barack Obama, Sr. Baby-daddy? I don't think so. (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) Thursday  ...
 25  +76 Barack Obama Was a Foreign College Student?Released today, the transcript indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro , received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia  ...
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Wicked Servants - Jesus is SaviorThe article is locked on Wikipedia, which means no one is allowed to edit it. No mention is made that Mr. Obama's real name is Barry Soetoro . Wikipedia is given   ...
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Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama: Identity and Racial Hypocrisy ... - Google Books ResultPeter J. Mccusker - ‎2011Bono and Geldof. ipedia .org/ wiki / Bob_Geldof Williams,Joseph. Supreme Court rules in favorofConn. Firefighters.
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TruTube.TV - Barry Soetoro Indonesian school enrollment card Barry Soetoro Indonesian school enrollment card ... English language Calvert School homeschooling by his mother.
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Who Linked Barry Soetoro with Barack Obama?, page 1 - Above Top SecretIf memory serves me correctly, he was known as Barry Soetoro until he completed college, and then sometime he changed ... en. wikipedia .org.
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The Indonesian Adoption " Barry Soetoro " Myth - Bad Fiction - TypepadThe Indonesian Adoption " Barry Soetoro " Myth ... Zayd ibn Harithah) ( wikipedia ), the child is always seen as a member of the biological father's family, should  ...
 32  ~ brunswickcounty.comWill Barack Obama usher in the Mahdi? It's all in a name.Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro , Barry Obama, Barack Dunham and Barry Dunham. Meaning of Buraq:
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U.S. Constitution Closing In On Barack Obama: Barry Soetoro's BARRY SOETORO NOT COMMANDER IN CHIEF ...... Barry In Indonesia. No one has ......
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Obama le sans-papiers - AgoraVox le média citoyenAnecdote amusante, l'encyclopédie en ligne Wikipedia y perd son latin : dans la .... S'appelle-t-il Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Obama, Barry Soetoro , Barry  ...
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The Perfect Manchurian Candidate - John S. Torell - Eaec.orgBARRY SOETORO RETURNS TO HAWAII ..... quote his sister's statement as it has been listed on the biography of Ann Dunham on Wikipedia :.
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FOREIGN STUDENT: BARRY SOETORO aka B.H. Obama Columbia University FOREIGN STUDENT: BARRY SOETORO aka B.H. Obama Columbia University in the .... If you would like to check it - Wikipedia , encyclopedia,.
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Barack Obama -- What we know about Barack ObamaIt didn't match the dates Wikipedia had for Stanley Ann Dunham. .... Barry Soetoro , his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and his Indonesian stepfather, Lolo  ...
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the tap: Meet US President Barry Soetoro , Citizen Of.....? Indonesia!Barry Soetoro (more recently using another name viz. Barack ... Wikipedia mentions the relationship between Barry and Frank like this -
 39  ~ peopleofyahuwah.wordpress.comIn The Name Of President Barack Obama- Soetoro [YAHUWAH http://en. wikipedia .org/ wiki /Number_of_the_Beast ... President Barack Obama, Obama went by the name Barry Soetoro after his mother married  ...
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Exposes of Barack Hussein Obama/ Barry Soetoro ... -"Is Soetoro/Obama a good soul that is (a) under mind control and unconscious ... Exposes of Barack Hussein Obama/ Barry Soetoro by Alfred Lambremont Webre: ..... Prophecy of the Popes - Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia
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Major Propaganda Bullshit claiming Bin Laden plotted to Kill Barry http://en. wikipedia .org/ wiki /Barack_Obama ... Lameduck vacation specialist Barry Soetoro aka Obama to fly with David Scameron on Air Force  ...
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Why Is Obama's “Body-Man” Reggie Love Leaving? | Fellowship of Reggie began working for Barry after he… ... According to Wikipedia , the reason is to complete his Master of Business Administration ..... the next logical twist in a very sordid story that makes up Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama.
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D.C. Board Of Elections Now Has Barry Soetoro Pending Approval BACKGROUND: PJ Media: Obama Alias Barry Soetoro Registered To Vote At White House .....
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Barry Soetoro - Obama Conspiracy TheoriesAnd we also see Barack Obama, not Barry Soetoro , in the Columbia graduation .... This happened in about 1920 (edited from Wikipedia ):.
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Obama/ Soetoro , Time-Travel, & the US Supreme Court | StrangeSOURCES:ia .org/ wiki / ... 1980 – Barry Soetoro and Stanley Ann Dunham participate in secret CIA jump room training program  ...
 46  ~ pixelpatriot.blogspot.combreaking: evidence emerges fbi protecting usurper obama soetoroEven though Wikipedia does not mention her parents in their .... identity documents proffered by Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah. ..... we've read on the ongoing fraud of barry soetero with government collusion.
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IS Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro A Heroin Addict or What?http://en. wikipedia .org/ wiki /Hypodermic_needle ...... have exercised when Barry Soetoro was running for the highest elected office in the land.
 49  ~ sainthoward.blogspot.comThe Apocalypse of Saint Howard: Barry Soetoro : HypocriteThe children of Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. Obama ad-Dajjal) go to the Sidwell Friends School. This is a Quaker ... (from Wikipedia ) Obama ad-Dajjal  ...
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Who Is This Guy Barack ( Barry ) Hussein ( Soetoro ) Obama ... - ZimbioPoints to ponder from this posting: Barack “ Barry ” Obama's roommates ... Muhammad Hasan Chandoo: From wiki He's a wealthy  ...
 51  ~ ahnlich.infoBarack Obama Running From Barry Soetoro : NO QUARTER USA Barack Obama Running From Barry Soetoro : NO QUARTER USA NET. ... Read More about Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories - Wikipedia , the .
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Examples of Bias in Wikipedia : Obama - ConservapediaIn a most deceitful, fascist political tactic Wikipedia's biography on ... out factcheck .org falsely claims that Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama)  ...
 53  ~ apoliticalawakening.comObama's Fraudulent Birth Certificate - a political awakeningBarry Soetoro – an official citizen of Indonesia and a Muslim. Barry became a citizen of ... Lolo Soetoro in 1971. Photo: