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certification error when opening facebook

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Facebook - Expired Certificate error - KioskeaSocial media websites like Facebook which support the SSL protocol are subjected to
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" Certificate Error : Navigation Blocked" - Help - Microsoft CommunityI need help. Lately, every time I try to go into Facebook I get a " Certificate Error " message. I tried their suggestion of adding "www" to the URL  ...
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Whenever i open my facebook ...i get security certification error when ever i login facebook its not opening due to some certificate errors why?
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Solved: Facebook Certificate Error - Tech Support GuySometimes when I go to Facebook I get an SSL error saying that I have ... Prompt, select "Run as Administrator" to open a command prompt.
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Certificate Error Facebook ! - MajorGeeks Support ForumsBasicly when i go onto facebook i seem to get a certificate error ... which is ridiculous .... I guess they finally figured out it isn't working properly.
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Security Certificate Error While Opening Web-sites - TroubleFixersMost common reason for such security certificate error is that the
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"SSL Security Error : Invalid Server Certificate " problem/issue on This happens when I open a Google homepage and other https:// secure ..... www . facebook .com, but the server presented an invalid certificate .
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Trouble Fixers - How To Avoid Security Certificate Error ... | FacebookSecurity Certificate Error is most common type of error while opening a website. While for most website, this error does not appear, but at the same time,  ...
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SSL Certificate Errors - SSL ShopperLearn about some common SSL certificate errors and how to fix them. ... Just open up the offending web page and search for
 13  ~ crbug.comIssue 118706 - chromium - HTTPS/ Certificate websites always have I had a question about the Facebook error you're reporting, and wanted to see if it's the same as the error or ..... Chrome Certificate Working .cer
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How to fix Failed - Certificate error (revocation check) 221 | Ninite HelpHow to fix Failed - Certificate error (revocation check) 221. This error
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Website Certificate Error and Facebook Weird Display :FIXEDWebsite certificate error and facebook weird display can be fixed by following the steps given ... Fix Website Certificate Error and Pages opening in Weird Form.
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Safari users hit by Facebook certificate error | MacFixIt - CNET A hosting error for Facebook's embedded services resulted in a brief but widespread error for Safari users. Read this article by Topher Kessler  ...
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"Safari can't verify the identity of the website" - certificate Safari can't verify the identity of the website "static.ak. facebook .com" (or ANY other address)
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Why am I getting security certificate errors ? – Ask Leo!OpenDNS could be keeping the security certificates from working , but that's not the first ... It's possible that there really is a certificate error on the server; perhaps .... I just bought a new laptop and Facebook gave that error.
 20  ~ vistotech.comFixing of Security Certificate Error While Opening Web-sitesFixing of Security Certificate Error While Opening Web-sites
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Certificate Errors on Facebook and Gmail | Windows Secrets LoungeCertificate Errors on Facebook and Gmail: A friend's PC is ... Moving the machine is difficult - business PC, and am working remotely.
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How to Fix Security Certificate Error Windows Computer | eHowWindows Internet Explorer will display a certificate error notification if the digital certificate
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Google chrome not accepting any security certificates - Super UserAlso when I try to log in to facebook - same message.
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facebook share button script not loading on https because of Why there is a certificate error on Facebook ? ... How can I use Open Graph so Facebook embeds a swf in the wall when viewed in https?
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Certificate Error with Facebook - Opera for Windows - Opera Certificate Error with Facebook . Hello, Lately when I open a web page in Opera, I get a message saying that the certificate is erroneous  ...
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How can i fix Google Chrome`s Invalid Server Certificate error Open the browser and hit the settings ... certificate error of the facebook   ...
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OpenDNS Community > Forums > Certificate error for *.opendns.comIf i push Continue i have open non continues tabs in IE, if i close task for IE ... I got the certificate error message after loading Skype, and when I  ...
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Certificate error navigation blocked Problems & Solutions - FixyaGet free help, tips & support from top experts on certificate error   ...
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Facebook App Server Certificate Error - BlackBerry Support The problem though is now, whenever I load up Facebook on my BB, it comes up with an error saying “You are attempting to open secure  ...
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Certificate error due to Kaspersky while browsing website | Support It is happening because Kaspersky is using its own certificate to check the traffic ... When i open Facebook it shows error “There is a problem with this website's  ...
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i have had a certificate error when trying to sign into hotmail Once that's done, please try opening Hotmail again and let me know how it
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Fix for security certificate error in internet explorer. - answer on internet explorer,internet explorer error 401,unable to open facebook , unable to browse internet explorer,unable to open images in internet  ...
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How To Get Rid Of Security Certificate Error - ForumsStatus: offline, How can I get rid of the error "The security certificate was .... Click on OK twice to exit windows and close and then open Internet  ...
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Fix for certificate error - Userscripts.orgThe certificate is only valid for, .akamaihd-
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Smarsh FAQ - I'm seeing a certificate error when visiting Facebook I'm seeing a certificate error when visiting Facebook , LinkedIN, or Twitter ... This will open the certificate import wizard, click next and you will be  ...
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Adobe Community: Certificate ErrorsWhy do I get this error "Content was bloocked because it was not ... certificate " when trying to open my formscentral form as a facebook app?
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Internet Explorer Certificate Error : Navigation Blocked - Support This error may be caused by having: ... your computer (which causes Internet Explorer to think the website's security certificate has expired) ... Facebook · Twitter.
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Certificate Error · Issue #1 · erickthered/ Facebook -PHP-SDK-for public erickthered / Facebook -PHP-SDK-for-Zend-Framework ... Certificate Error #1. Open . VishwaKumar opened this Issue May 28, 2012 · 1 comment  ...
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How Do I Fix "Invalid Or Expired Security Certificate " Errors Another common cause of Invalid Security Certificate errors is a problem with the .... I have my clocks set correctly and I still have the server certificate error when opening web pages, .... I can't get to my facebook .advice please.
 42  ~ wavejam.comCertificate Error in FirefoxYou can then click the "Add Exception" button, which will open up a "Add Security Exception" window. Please click the "Get Certificate " button and finally click the  ...
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what do you mean by certificate errors and how to fix it - Tech i can't access my criminal case game because of certificate errors , how ... after installation of borland 5.5 from where i can open it mean i cant  ...
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keychain - Safari not accepting website certificate - Ask DifferentI've looked in my Keychain to see if there was a certificate that I could
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Error when authorizing Facebook "Invalid or no certificate authority This error means that cURL is misconfigured on your server. Most probably curl ssl( open SSL) is broken or it simply can't find the certificates at the pointed  ...
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I am getting invalid certificate errors in Chrome for gmail and facebookhave outlined. Glad to hear it's working now, though. .... I am getting invalid certificate errors in Chrome for gmail and facebook .  ...
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Certificate Errors - SCRABBLE - Forum for PagesCertificate Errors ... Yesterday, the above starting popping up on my screen when I tried to play the game..will ... (You can also try to log out/log in to facebook ).
 48  ~ tytosoftware.comProblem with Automating gmail web page (HTTPS SSL certificate Problem with Automating gmail web page (HTTPS SSL certificate error ) ... But the problem is that the script stops working as soon as the gmail login page ... Login with Facebook Sign In with Google Sign In with OpenID Sign In with Twitter.
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SSL Error – Certificate Not TrustedFirefox 3 – “The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown . ( Error code: ... How to use my SiteGround SSL with my Facebook Fan Page? ... My SSL has been just installed and my website is not working correctly, why?
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How to Stop Certificate Error in Internet Explorer? | Anvisoft malicious websites. A certificate error will pop up when the website. ... Step1, Open your Internet Explorer;. Step2, Go to Tool, and then switch  ...
 51  ~ tandt-u.blogspot.comTips & Tricks for You: Fix Invalid Security Certificate Error in FirefoxThe certificate is not trusted because it is self signed.
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Fix Safari certificate error | Connect Help | Washington University in Fix Safari certificate error . Symptoms. Safari users on Mac OS X may receive one or both of the following browser warnings when using WUSTL CONNECT login  ...
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Solutions to an Android email and untrusted server certificate problemMicrosoft closed this service and has opened with a revamped ... I do if it doesn't get as far as connecting when the certificate error comes up?
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Security Certificate Errors message keeps coming up Security Certificate Errors message keeps coming up Techie Stuff.
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Facebook page throwing a security certificate error on IE8 - Miva When going to the app using IE8 we are getting a security certificate error . Does not happen on Firefox 4.x This site is using a shared SSL.