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certification error when opening facebook

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" Certificate Error : Navigation Blocked" - Help - Microsoft CommunityI need help. Lately, every time I try to go into Facebook I get a " Certificate Error " message. I tried their suggestion of adding "www" to the URL ...
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Facebook - Expired Certificate error - KioskeaSocial media websites like Facebook which support the SSL protocol are subjected to digital certificates, ascertaining web server identifications to internet  ...
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Whenever i open my facebook ...i get security certification error when ever i login facebook its not opening due to some certificate errors why?
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Solved: Facebook Certificate Error - Tech Support GuySometimes when I go to Facebook I get an SSL error saying that I have ... Prompt, select "Run as Administrator" to open a command prompt.
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Why am I getting security certificate errors ? – Ask Leo!It's possible that there really is a certificate error on the server; perhaps ... go download, install, and then open Firefox1 to see if it displays the same warning. I don't .... I just bought a new laptop and Facebook gave that error.
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Security Certificate Error While Opening Web-sites - TroubleFixersSecurity Certificate Error While Opening Web-sites ..... my computer had an certificate error when im log in to my facebook ,, i cannot log in can ...
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Certificate Error Facebook ! - MajorGeeks Support ForumsBasicly when i go onto facebook i seem to get a certificate error ... which is ridiculous because the site is obviously safe. I wouldnt really mind it ...
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Why does my browser give me security Certificate errors from it was helpful, thanks you guys.
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Trouble Fixers - How To Avoid Security Certificate Error ... | FacebookSecurity Certificate Error is most common type of error while opening a website. While for most website, this error does not appear, but at the same time, ...
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Unable to open Facebook due to invalid certificate - Google Product Unable to open Facebook due to invalid certificate ... to 18.0.1025.168 and i am still facing the "invalid server certificate " error message.
 13  ~ crbug.comIssue 118706 - chromium - HTTPS/ Certificate websites always have I had a question about the Facebook error you're reporting, and wanted to see if it's .... After the first run I closed Chrome, opened again and did exactly the same  ...
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How to Fix Security Certificate Error Windows Computer | eHowWindows Internet Explorer will display a certificate error notification if the digital certificate cannot ... Also post on Facebook .... Certificate errors occurs when you attempt to open a website that has an unauthorized or faulty security certificate.
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How to fix Failed - Certificate error (revocation check) 221 | Ninite HelpHow to fix Failed - Certificate error (revocation check) 221. This error
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FIX for: "Safari can't verify the identity of the website Safari can't verify the identity of the website "static.ak. facebook .com" (or ANY other address)
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SSL Certificate Errors - SSL ShopperLearn about some common SSL certificate errors and how to fix them. ... Just open up the offending web page and search for
 18  ~ vistotech.comFixing of Security Certificate Error While Opening Web-sitesFixing of Security Certificate Error While Opening Web-sites
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Website Certificate Error and Facebook Weird Display :FIXEDWebsite certificate error and facebook weird display can be fixed by following the steps given ... Fix Website Certificate Error and Pages opening in Weird Form.
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Fix for security certificate error in internet explorer. - answer ... on internet explorer,internet explorer error 401,unable to open facebook , unable to browse internet explorer,unable to open images in internet ...
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Certificate error due to Kaspersky while browsing website | Support It is happening because Kaspersky is using its own certificate to check the traffic ... When i open Facebook it shows error “There is a problem with this website's ...
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Certificate Errors on Facebook and Gmail | Windows Secrets LoungeCertificate Errors on Facebook and Gmail: A friend's PC is experiencing certificate errors on Facebook and Gmail with the following message: ...
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Certificate Error Trying to Open OWA - SpiceworksOne of our departmental heads brought back a new Win 7x64 laptop we'd given him last week, since he was having issues using OWA to c.
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SSL Error - Certificate Not Trusted - SiteGround Web Hosting FAQFirefox 3 – “The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown . ( Error code: ... How to use my SiteGround SSL with my Facebook Fan Page?
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keychain - Safari not accepting website certificate - Ask Different"Safari can't open the page "https://.
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Chrome doesn't open every HTTPS website (SSL Security Error Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter · Sign In · Create ... It doesn't open ANY https url (SSL Security Error : Invalid Server Certificate ). Firefox ...
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Continually getting Certificate Errors on all browsers - Super UserFor some reason I am constantly getting certificate errors when hitting sites where I really shouldn't
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How to Stop Certificate Error in Internet Explorer? | Anvisoft ... malicious websites. A certificate error will pop up when the website. ... Step1, Open your Internet Explorer;. Step2, Go to Tool, and then switch ...
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OpenDNS Community > Forums > Facebook Certificate Error via by-passAdministrative: Facebook Certificate Error via by-pass. Bottom of Page ... We have Facebook blocked. ... I have opened a case with support.
 32  ~ ourtechweb.comHow To Fix SSL Security Certificate Error In Browsers - Our Tech WebThe main reasons for ssl certificate error is your Computer's date is wrong or the
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Safari users hit by Facebook certificate error - CNETA hosting error for Facebook's embedded services resulted in a brief but widespread error for Safari users.
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ssl - Facebook Client Certificate error - Stack OverflowFacebook Client Certificate error ... found same problem in other forum. Open below link, and read the answer given, It can solve your question.
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What does "There is a problem with this website's security certificate Certificate errors are worth paying attention to.
 36  ~ wavejam.comCertificate Error in FirefoxYou can then click the "Add Exception" button, which will open up a "Add Security Exception" window. Please click the "Get Certificate " button and finally click the ...
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Internet Explorer Certificate Error : Navigation Blocked - Support This error may be caused by having: The wrong time and date on your computer ( which causes Internet Explorer to think the website's security certificate has ...
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Facebook App Server Certificate Error - BlackBerry Support The problem though is now, whenever I load up Facebook on my BB, it comes up with an error saying “You are attempting to open secure ...
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Why I am receiving “invalid certificate error ” after Cyberoam is Below mentioned are the 2 reasons for receiving “invalid certificate error ” after ... When HTTPS scanning on Firewall is enabled and Cyberoam Certificate is not ...
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Solution - Certificate Not on Phone or SIM error (Nokia s40)Solution – Certificate Not on Phone or SIM error (Nokia s40)
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Solved: Facebook Certificate Error | Webmaster FactsSo you have just seen Facebook Certificate Error and you don't know what ... to identify the opened website which in your case is – Facebook .
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Smarsh FAQ - I'm seeing a certificate error when visiting Facebook The error messages can be resolved by instal. ... This will open the certificate import wizard, click next and you will be prompted with what file to ...
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Invalid certificate -static.ak. facebook - Mac OS X - Apple Invalid certificate for 's-static.ak. facebook .com Help!
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Error when authorizing Facebook "Invalid or no certificate authority This error means that cURL is misconfigured on your server. Most probably curl ssl( open SSL) is broken or it simply can't find the certificates at the pointed ...
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How can i fix Google Chrome`s Invalid Server Certificate error For fix google chrome invalid server certificate error follow this video https://How ... Invalid server certificate when i try to open facebook with google chrome. no ...
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facebook certificate error - ITDunyaSalam dosto umeed hain k ap sub thik ho ge it Expert please muje is error ka koi slution btaye main jab b fb open kart hn to yeah error ata hain muje.
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How to Troubleshoot Internet Explorer 8 Certificate Problems Certificates identify a website to the Web server, and security certificate mismatches can result when the website is
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The easiest way to resolve security certificate error problem while I was thinking that it may be certificate problem with Gogadaddy website try to open another website but same error . then i tried to open chrome browser and just ...
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Facebook login - certificate error - Projects, Templates & Content Facebook login - certificate error : Hi, I'm having trouble in my project with ... and FormFiled elements, I'm trying to open the submit template and ...
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I keep getting uses an invalid security certificate error .What to do if you are getting invalid security certificate error on a webpage.
 51  ~ tytosoftware.comProblem with Automating gmail web page (HTTPS SSL certificate Problem with Automating gmail web page (HTTPS SSL certificate error ) ... But with Sahi Open Source i downloaded all the certificates and still i was getting ... Login with Facebook Sign In with Google Sign In with OpenID Sign In with Twitter .
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How To Get Rid Of Security Certificate Error - ForumsStatus: offline, How can I get rid of the error "The security certificate was .... Click on OK twice to exit windows and close and then open Internet ...
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Google SSL Certificate Error Navigation Blocked | MalwareTips.comGoogle SSL Certificate Error Navigation Blocked - sad thread here .. If I wish try ... Log in with Facebook · Log in with Twitter; Log in with Google.