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chemical reactions of tannerite

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Tannerite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaTannerite is the brand name of a binary explosive marketed primarily for ... in addition to "bombs and destructive devices designed to operate by chemical ,  ...
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Sciencemadness Discussion Board - Tannerite - Powered by XMB 1.9.11Tannerite is a composition of NH4NO3, NH4ClO4, Al, ZrH2, and titanium ...
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Tannerite Exploding Targets Official WebsiteTannerite ® binary rifle targets, when mixed and used correctly per ... sec. minimum) it causes a chemical reaction which results in a large water vapor cloud  ...
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Some Tannerite technical questions - THRFirst off, can someone explain exactly how the chemical reaction happens? The catalyst gets mixed with the AN, then a high speed bullet  ...
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How Tannerite Works – The Blogs at HowStuffWorksTannerite is a binary explosive that is readily available from the website ... The chemical formula and mixing process is described here: What is Tannerite .... The changes are effective as of Thursday, October 30, 2008.
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Tannerite —Little Bottle of Boom - Cheaper Than DirtTannerite simply melts when exposed to flame, unlike other explosives. ... bullet hitting the container causes a chemical chain- reaction to occur.
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A physics and chemistry question for ARFCOM, when you shoot A physics and chemistry question for ARFCOM, when you shoot Tannerite ,
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Tannerite Discussion - 458 SOCOM ForumsTannerite Discussion. ... Your explanation for how the reaction works is pretty good. You need ... I love non-chemists trying to explain chemistry .
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What is Tannerite ? | KIMT TV 3You can find Tannerite on the shelves of most of your local gun shops and it is pretty ... He said Tannerite works like a chemical reaction .
 10  +5 Message Forums - Tannerite , anyone make their own?so all in all Tannerite is a mix of 5 different chemicals /substances. ... Zirconium and Titanium doesn't react in the explosion itself - but it gives the  ...
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Anatomy of a Binary Exploding Rifle Target - Ammoland.comTannerite Binary Exploding Rifle Targets, Photo courtesy of Outdoor Life
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The feds are going after Tannerite [Archive] - Maryland Shooters[Archive] The feds are going after Tannerite National 2A Issues. ... MSM tells us how to use chemicals for big booms anyway. People will make their ... The same reaction will soon be made for gasoline, kerosene and diesel
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Tannerite - Utah Wildlife NetworkHeard a rumor that tannerite is now illegal in certain counties, does anyone have any details on this ... Its a chemical reaction started by impact.
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Tannerite - Back Country Rebels - ForumsTannerite LOCKED and LOADED. ... So if say you knew someone who had a load of tannerite and a high powered ... Is it a chemical reaction ?
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Tannerite PSA: 'Our product does not start fires!' (VIDEO) - Guns.comTannerite , the company that's synonymous with binary explosives has been ... The efficiency of the chemical reaction makes a lot of energy at  ...
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Tannerite (il)legality challenged [Archive] -[Archive] Tannerite (il)legality challenged California 2nd Amend. Political ... I think they wanted to ban all chemical reactions AND only dry ice.
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Tannerite – The FIRST and BEST Remains the SAFEST | SurvivalThe chemical composition and formulation of Tannerite brand targets is ... the minimum energy required to initiate the chemical reaction – 22's  ...
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Tanerite fun [Archive] - PowerStrokeArmy[Archive] Tanerite fun General Discussion Forum. ... It's a chemical reaction the vapor you see is actually water. And it's legal to shoot on public  ...
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Chemical Reactions Of TanneriteCompetition among domains by keyword: chemical reactions of tannerite ... 4, + 97, found by keywords: Tannerite Exploding Targets Official  ...
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MythBusters Episode 173: Walk a Straight Line - MythBusters ResultsA load of mixed binary explosive ( tannerite ) in a car trunk can .... the activation energy of the chemical reaction first needs to overcome.
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What are the chemicals used in tannerite ? | ChaChaChaCha Answer: Tannerite is just ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) and ... A chemical equation is the symbolic representation of a chemical  ...
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tannerite [Archive] - The AK Files Forums[Archive] tannerite General Discussion. ... The commercial targets are just bulk chemicals conveniently packaged for ease of use. You can buy  ...
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tannerite exploding targets - TopixMay 11, 2013. i was told today that it is now illegal to shoot tannerite targets.does anyone have any information on this. iam1. Grant, MI. Reply ». |. Report Abuse.
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Tannerite !!!!!!! OHHH YEA! - Page 4 - FirearmsTALKThere really isn't a problem with tannerite . .... sec. minimum) it causes a chemical reaction which results in a large water vapor cloud along with  ...
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Tannerite | Outdoors | Forums | TexAgsI think he was asking if different calibers blow up tannerite better. ... moving around 1700fps to start the chemical reaction that creates the big  ...
 27  ~ buckshank.comTannerite PSA: 'Our product does not start fires!' (VIDEO) - BuckShankTannerite , the company that's synonymous with the best-known binary ... The efficiency of the chemical reaction makes a lot of energy at  ...
 28  ~ theexplodingtarget.wordpress.comTannerite Exploding Targets – An Innovation in Fireworks | The The bottle of tannerite is placed at a distance and shot with a high speed rifle bullet. The impact of the bullet induces some chemical reaction in   ...
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UtahConcealedCarry.Com • View topic - Exploding Star Targets?It is an unstable and exothermic reaction. Anything .... the Tannerite reaction is a chemical reaction , the compressed gas is a physical reaction,  ...
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Need some Tannerite advice - Page 5 - Texas Gun TalkI don't recall what chemical we used, but in high school, some ... and I used a base of some sort mixed with tin foil to create a chemical reaction .
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Binary Explosive Target Fun - Page 2 - Hipoint Firearms ForumsThis target formula needs less energy to set it off and has a different chemical reaction than tannerite . It is more volatile and releases more  ...
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Brewing up gunpowder with household products - Hack a DayHere you can see just how easy it is to make with chemicals that are common ... use ammonium nitrate and water to start an endothermic reaction . ... or Tannerite exploding target indicators (which also has ammonium nitrate)?
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Exploding Targets - Chemistry - APC ForumPage 1 of 8 - Exploding Targets - posted in Chemistry : Hi I want to ... Thanks for responding but I know about tannerite but i was hoping for a ... fast the projectile needs to move to initiate the reaction would be good to know.
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Pyrotechnic Chemical listExploding Rifle Targets- Explosive, Tannerite & Shooting Targets for Sale
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Let's talk ...... EXPLOSIVES!!! - IDOfishing.comThe ONLY explosive that IMPRESSIVE is tannerite ...and it's legal (unless ... It needs a high velocity bullet (or something similar) to start the chemical reaction that  ...
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Tannerite , Exploding Targets: The next target on the agenda for An ammonia tanker and a chlorine tanker... be a big pile of salt once the chemical reaction and resulting gas cloud disperses.
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Tannerite Explosion sends Shrapnel into Shooters Forehead - Page 2 People underestimate the power of a chemical reaction . Anything from this, to people blown up lighting a bonfire soaked with gas or losing  ...
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Washoe County attempting to ban Tannerite type targets - Nevada Have you ever used Tannerite or another brand of binary targets? Did you have .... The chemical reaction does not produce flames or sparks.
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Reactive Targets for Rimfires - Tannerite Alternative [Archive [Archive] Reactive Targets for Rimfires - Tannerite Alternative
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Anatomy of a Binary Exploding Rifle Target | The Truth About GunsIt's been the best of times and the worst of times for Tannerite lately.
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Tannerite on Sale - Page 3 - 1919A4.comTannerite on Sale for a limited time only at Tannerite is an ammonium nitrate-based binary ... explosion by a chemical reaction .
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What else do you have fun shooting ?? - Ammosmith.comI thought tannerite was not combustable and created no flame when going off. Was told it was just a chemical reaction that causes an excellerated high pressure  ...
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Don't know where to post, Tannerite chemical makeupChlorates react with sulphur and if you mix the two together, you will learn a ... I was under the impression that Tannerite contained ammonium  ...
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legal exploding targets on the cheap - The Firearms Forum - Gun I've posted before about tannerite and the commercial options , but ... For example, the chemical equation 2 H2 + O2 → 2 H2O implies that 2  ...
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Southern Fried High Energy Chemistry on VimeoWhat better way to learn about it than watching the reactions happen in real time. This is a compilation of videos of tannerite explosions with  ...
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The Truth About Binary Explosives - Myths.Answers.comand a combustible powder (like tannerite or another metal-laden powder) as a .... Most explosions are chemical reactions but they can be electrical (lightning)  ...
 49  ~ stevesfishingsupplies.comTannerite TNTG8; Goliath Rimfire Exploding Target - 8 PackTannerite ® was the first to come to market with binary (two-part) exploding targets, ... sec. minimum) it causes a chemical reaction which results in a large water  ...
 50  ~ ketr.orgLoud 'explosions' reported across region | 88.9 KETRTannerite is an explosive that creates a loud "boom" that can be heard ... the chemical will react with a large, fire-less, explosion which can be  ...
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Iowa Sportsman - Forum [printable version of topic 323404]mixing the chemicals together!!! after that it is then tannerite and therefore a .... by air pressure not chemical reaction (aka smoke and flame).
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OT: Anybody playing with Tannerite ? How is this stuff legal I just had my first experience with Tannerite ! ... I have never messed around with Tannerite but had a Thermite reaction take off one day in my abrasive cutoff saw. ... The chemistry is simple, well known to the mole fraction and  ...