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collective noun for mules

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List of collective nouns in English - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThis is a list of traditional or whimsical collective nouns . The large number of collective nouns in English is based on a tradition of venery ..... mules , barren. pack.
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Fun With Words: Collective Nouns - RinkWorksThere is great diversity of collective nouns associated with animals, from a sleuth of bears to a murder of crows. .... barren, of, mules . pack, of  ...
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Animal Group Names ( Collective Nouns ) - Christchurch City LibrariesAnimal Group Names ( Collective Nouns ). Animal, Group Name.
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Animal Groups - TheAlmightyGuru.comAnimal Collective Nouns .... Mules . Pack, Span, Barren, Rake. Nightingales. Watch. Otters. Romp, Bevy, Family, Raft. Owls. Parliament, Stare. Oxen. Team, Yoke ...
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Animals : some collective nouns - HerbWebAnimals - Some Collective Nouns ... A band of coyotes/gorillas/jays/men; A barrel of monkeys; A barren of mules ; A bask of crocodiles; A battery of barracudas ...
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What do you call a group of ...? - Oxford Dictionariesa barren of mules a watch of nightingales a yoke of ... You can read more about collective nouns on the Oxford Dictionaries blog. Here you will find more details ...
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What is the collective noun of donkeys - Wiki AnswersA collective noun is a word used to group people or things taken together as one whole in a descriptive ... Can you answer these Donkeys and Mules questions?
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Collective NounsCollective Nouns . One of the many ... Many of these collective nouns are beautiful and evocative, even poetic. .... A barren of mules (pack, rake, span) A family of ...
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Appendix:Glossary of collective nouns by collective term - WiktionaryHere is a list of collective nouns by collective term: ... bank of monitors; bank of swans; banner of knights; barrel of monkeys; barren of mules ; bask of crocodiles  ...
 11  ~ opundo.comCollectives - OpundoCollective adjectives from Rick Sutcliffe's Arjay Enterprises. ... A collective noun is a descriptor for a group of entities of one kind, such as a herd of cows or a flock of birds. More interesting are a gaggle of ... Mules barren, pack, rake, span.
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Collective nouns , groups of animals, terms for animal and other Collective nouns for animals and birds - names for groups of animals, birds and ... COLLECTIVE NOUNS ..... MULES , A BARREN, PACK* or SPAN of mules .
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Common Questions: What Do You Call a Group of...?So you're stuck on 15 down (the collective name for a group of ... Whatever the motivating factor, we have received a spate of questions on collective nouns or group names for all sorts of critters. ... Mules , A pack, span, barren.
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99 strange collective animal names | MNN - Mother Nature NetworkThese group nouns are rarely used, even by scientists, but they ... Monkeys: a troop or barrel; Mules : a pack, span or barren; Otters: a romp ...
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Collective Noun - Probert EncyclopaediaFully searchable and cross-referenced information about Collective Noun from The Probert Encyclopaedia. ... Barren is the collective noun for a group of mules .
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Collective nouns for groups of animals - Cardboard Box Travel ShopCollective Nouns for Animals ... troop of monkeys; cartload/pack/span/barren of mules ; match/puddling/watch of nightingales; flock of ostrich; bevy/family of otters  ...
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Collective nouns of animals - Did you know?... Phobias | What | Why | Sitemap |. Home » animals » Collective nouns of animals ... A barren or span of mules . O A parliament of owls. A yoke ...
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collective noun for mule - EviWhat is the collective noun (the word for a group, such as "herd") for the class mule , an offspring of a male donkey and a female horse?
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Examples of Animal Collective NounsAnimal collective nouns are always interesting. ... Moose Herd; Mosquitoes Scourge; Mules Pack, Rake; Nightingales Watch; Otters Romp, Bevy, Raft; Owls ...
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List of collective nouns - Photographic DictionaryCollective Nouns . List of collective nouns . Did you ever need to ...
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Who made up the collective noun word barren? - Answerl.comThe Collective Noun Recognize a collective noun when you see one.
 22  ~ collectivenouns.bizCollective nouns for animals | Mammals, birds, fish, insects, reptilesThese collective nouns can have a long history, and have been developed ... Animal, Collective Nouns ... Mules , Pack, Span, Barren, rake.
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Collective noun - Everything2.comCollective noun . See also: ... The following is as comprehensive a list as I could find of collective nouns . Note there may be ... A barren of mules . A bed of clams
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The Collective Noun Page - OjoHavenThe Collective Noun Homepage. ... A barren of mules (-MG-); A battery of tests (- submitted by David Henderson,; A beautification  ...
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Collective Nouns : EnchantedLearning.comCollective Nouns : Parts of Speech from
 26  ~ antithetical.org15th Century Collective Nouns - antithetical dot orgA harem of mules . A trip of goats. A warm of bees. A route of wolves. A drift of fishes. A dole of turtles. A scale of fish. A leap of leopards. A shrewdness of apes
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spinning mules - The Free Dictionarymule noun. Related words collective noun barren. Translations. mule 1 [mjuːl]. A . N (= animal) → mulo/a m/f (fig) (= person) → testarudo/a m/f (as) stubborn as a ...
 28  ~ annexed.netAnne'Xed Network's Collective NounsSometimes a collective noun can be used as a plural noun.
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Collective nouns for animals - Macquarie DictionaryA number of medieval sources provided lists of collective nouns for various animals and birds, purportedly as ... mules – barren; span (a team of two); string.
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mules , mules , mules , mules , mules , musicians ... - Sanjeev.NETworkCollective Nouns List: mules to mythological. ( Collective Nouns collected: 765). mules : A barren of mules mules : A span of mules mules : A harem of mules
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500 Creative Classroom Techniques for Teachers and Trainers - Google Books ResultMarlene Caroselli - ‎2006 - 300 pages Collective . Nouns . The most-effective teachers are able to use humor in the ... A band of gorillas A band of jays A bank of monitors A barren of mules A bed of ...
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examples - Collective nouns list - Factscollective noun examples - list of collective noun examples - complete list of collective noun ... Examples of Collective Nouns - A ... barren, A barren of mules .
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Examples of Collective nouns and phrases? - Yahoo Answerstroup of monkeys herd of moose barren of mules pack of mules rake of mules span of mules watch of nightingales bevy of otter family of otter
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a barren of mules - definition and meaning - Wordnika barren of mules . Love. tags (1). Free-form, user-generated categorization. collective noun . Log in or sign up to add your own tag. Lists. These user-created lists ...
 38  ~ 13eth.comCollective Nouns for Creatures - 13eth.comBarren of mules . Bask of crocodiles. Battery of barracuda. Battery of hens. Bazaar of guillemots? Bed of clams. Bed of oysters. Bed of ducks? Bed of scorpions
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collective nouns | Not-the-APS Message BoardI was sure we had a thread on collective nouns , but 20 minutes of searching hasn 't brought it up, .... mules = barren, span (team of two), string
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Collective noun list - SlideShareCollective noun list Document Transcript ... A bank of circuits A bank of monitors A barren of mules A battery of tests A beautification of spatulas ...
 42  ~ gardenoflifetemple.comCollective Nouns - Garden of Life PortalCollective Nouns (a bunch by any other name . ... A Barren of Mules . A Bask of Crocodiles. A Batch ... A Collectiveness of Nouns. A Colony of Ants. A Colony of ...
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collective nouns for animals, groups - Loyola Jesuit CollegeCOLLECTIVE NOUNS FOR ANIMALS, GROUPS - valid, if not frequently used. Army of caterpillars. Bale of turtles ... Span of mules . Steam of minnows. String of  ...
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Twitter / lehmo23: The collective noun for Embed Tweet. Steve Mules ‏@ stevemules 4 Jan 2013 · @lehmo23 the collective noun for ferrets is a business of ferrets, explains the smell and ...
 45  ~ of collective nouns - highlight pressCollective nouns often have cryptic crossword potential. Use this list to help recognise collective nouns or just to enjoy the images they evoke. ... barren of mules
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A fusion of emotions - Hindustan TimesThere is another devastatingly apt collective noun : 'a barren of mules '. It reminds me of Krishna Menon speaking to students at St Stephen's ...
 47  ~ badns.orgCollective NounsCollective Nouns . Birds Mammals Invertebrates Insects & Arachnids .... A barren of mules (pack, rake, span) A family of otters (bevy, raft, romp) A team of oxen ...
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Why Is A Mule Sterile? - BlurtitThe collective noun for mules is a barren of mules. They are also often called a rake of mules. It is interesting to note that, in general, mules are thought to be ...
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13sep163b What is the collective noun for mules ? BARREN (accept Pack, Rake, Span) 4a If Monday's child is fair of face what is Saturday's child?
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Collective Nouns - SIght WordsCollective nouns name a certain kind of group or collection of people, animals and things. It is a single unity ... Examples of Collective Nouns ... barren of mules .
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Pub Quiz Reference - Collective Nouns for Mammals, Birds and FishA List of animals including birds, mammals and fish with their collective nouns . Some creatures have more than one noun attributed to them depending on certain criteria which is listed here and explained. ... Mules , Span. Nightingales, Watch.
 52  ~ guybrarian.wordpress.comINFORMATION BOOKS | Collective Nouns :: A Zeal of Zebras + INFORMATION BOOKS | Collective Nouns :: A Zeal of Zebras + Brian ... of coyotes/gorillas/jays/men; A barrel of monkeys; A barren of mules  ...
 53  ~ woopstudios.comCollective search results | Woop StudiosA-Z collection by noun · People and Professions ... Collective nouns by subject. an Armoury of Aardvarks ..... a Barren of Mules . a Pack of Mules . a Rake of Mules .
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A-Z of Collective Animal Nouns - Fun Facts, Questions, Answers Click Here To Play: A-Z of Collective Animal Nouns ... Richness. A mischief of Mice A barren of Mules A troop of Monkeys ...