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delete history in htc

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HTC One Support - Clearing your browsing history | HTC United StatesTip: If you want to delete a single webpage entry, go to the History or Most visited tab, press and hold the webpage entry, and then tap Remove from history or ...
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how to clear internet history for HTC desire? - Android ForumsHi, I desperately need to clear my internet history . On my new HTC all previous addresses come up when typing in an address and there are ...
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Htc one xl- clear cookies cache and internet history - EEHere we'll explain about cookies, your cache and internet history , why you might want to clear them and how to do it on your HTC One XL.
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How to Erase Certain History on an HTC EVO | Everyday Life The data cache and histories from your apps and Internet browsing can be a drain on your HTC EVO's resources. With a limited amount of memory available,  ...
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How do i delete my internet history on the HTC Evo? - Yahoo AnswersFollw this my friend: open Internet then hit menu then press more. List pops up go to history hit menu again and clear history pops up at the bottom.
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Blog of My Life: How to clear Google Search history in HTC Desire HDClear all cookie data ( clear all browser cookies); Clear cache ( clear locally cached content and databases); Clear history ( clear the browser ...
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How do you delete your entire internet history on your htc inspire 4g Answer: Menu/more/ history /menu/ clear history ... Can you answer these HTC Devices questions? How do you set an HTC One Max screen like in the store?
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Clear Temporary Internet Files - HTC Rezound™ - Verizon WirelessSelect Clear cache; Select OK. Select OK; Select Clear history . Note A listing of URLs (website addresses) that have been recently visited.
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Internet & data: HTC Amaze 4G | T-Mobile Supporticon. Scroll to and tap Internet. Tap the Menu menuicon.png key. Tap Settings. Tap Privacy & security. Scroll to and tap Clear history . Tap OK.
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How can I edit and/or delete search history on my HTC Vivid As far as I can see, the only way to delete the search history is to go into the phone settings - Apps - Earth and " Clear data". This will of course ...
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Is there a way to delete a single entry in your call history Is there a way to delete a single entry in your call history without deleting the rest of your call history ? I've been ... HTC One (M7) Accessories.
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how to clear search history on HTC vivid - Ask CommunityYou can clear your HTC Vivid's search history by tapping on all apps and then going into Internet. There press the Menu key, choose More and then ...
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Clear browser cookies - HTC EVO™ 4G LTE - Sprint SupportRe: HTC Evo 4G low disk space ... Clear the cache, cookies and browser history from your phone web browser setting/option before at.
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Deleting browser history on HTC Desire - boards.ieI'm trying to clear internet browsing history on the HTC desire. When I go to Browser > Menu > More > Settings > Delete History , it says that ...
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What is the process to delete cookies, history and memory caches I am using HTC One V mobile and I want to delete all the recent history and cookies and caches from my mobile is there any application ...
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Here's how to delete your Google Web search History - Phone ArenaHere's how to delete your Google Web search History
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Delete Browsing History On HTC One X | How To Clear Browsing Now, deletion of browser history on HTC One X becomes very easy by using the ... with this advance app, you can delete all cache, history , cookies, toolbar etc.
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How to Delete the Search History in the Android Market on the HTC You can delete your search history in the Android Market app, now known as the Google Play Store app, on the HTC EVO. When you search for apps in Play ...
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When I click on History to clear recent History it is not activated to be I am building a website on ipage everything was working . I log on to continue and my design page would not load. I was told by ipage they ...
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Erase History | HTC Evo Design 4G Mobile User Guide | Boost MobileErase History . From the Home screen, touch > People. Touch the Call History tab ( ). Do either of the following: To delete an entry, touch and hold the entry, and ...
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How to delete search history from google quick search box htc desireThis link to the HTC Wildfire manual may help you. Page 122 deals with deleting history .
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How to delete frequent sms list on my HTC One S? - Android - Stack Enter contacts/groups/frequent, then press menu and select " remove from group, (UNTESTED). 2.Phone/call history / press menu and delete  ...
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How to clear Google maps search history on HTC One X - xda-developersOk I know to clear data from an app such as Google maps it should be Settings > Apps > Maps > Clear data but this just doesn't clear my ...
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HTC 8X - Clear browser data - Device guides - VodafonePress Internet Explorer. Press the dots in the bottom right corner of the display. Press settings. 2. Clear browser data. Press delete history . Press delete to confirm ...
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HTC sensation XL - Using Call historyOn the Call History screen, do one of the following: Remove one name or numberPress and hold the name or number, and then tap Delete from call history .
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View or Clear the Call History Log with the HTC Titan (PI39100 Learn About: View or Clear the Call History Log with the HTC Titan (PI39100) from AT&T Wireless Customer Support.
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Unable to delete chat history of Skype on new HTC One X I am having HTC one X and I have been using Skype since sometime now. When I try deleting the chat history of Skype on this device, it is just ...
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How to Clear Temporary Internet Files on Android Devices: 4 StepsFrom the same screen you can clear your cookies and history . Ad ... .com/2010/ 07/ clear -temporary-internet-files-on- htc .html reproduced with permission.
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How to delete history from htc cha cha - Skype Communityskype Please tell me how can I delete history from HTC Cha Cha.
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How to clear browsing history on the new Chrome for Android - CNETClearing the browsing history on Chrome for Android has always been a bit of a ... HTC's stunning sequel steals the show $149.99 4.5 stars ...
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Check Call History - HTC Windows Phone 8S - Telecom New Check Call History - HTC Windows Phone 8S. ... Swipe up or down to view your call history . Image; Tap the desired ... Clear the Browser History - HTC S523.
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HTC TP2: Selectively Deleting Entries from Call History - Howard When I am looking at "Call History " is there a way to selectively delete entries? I' ve found a way to delete all calls but I'd like to be able to ...
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HTC Desire :: How To Clear Internet History For HTC Desire?I desperately need to clear my internet history . On my new HTC all previous addresses come up when typing in an address and there are two in particular I need ...
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Want To Delete that annoying Android Market Search history ?Usually – as far as I could tell – you couldn't delete the history of the market without factory ... WORKs perfectly on HTC hero, no fuss! well done.
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How to clear the cache/cookies on my HTC Raider 4G LTEThe cache stores files for faster web browsing. Clearing the cache can help resolve some issues and also save space on the HTC Raider 4G LTE. Cookies are ...
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HTC Droid Incredible: Clear Call Log History List - TechnipagesClear out the call log history on your HTC Droid incredible smartphone if you don' t care to keep a list of the people you've called or called you.
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Problem with deleting Web history on HTC 8X Windows phoneHi, i am using Bing app on my windows phone and use it mostly to surf net but don't know the method to delete previous searched data.
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how do you delete text frequent history on a htc 4g lite. - JustAnswerQuestion - how do you delete text frequent history on a htc 4g lite. - MC. Find the answer to this and other Android Devices questions on JustAnswer.
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HTC Desire - How Do I Clear The Search History In ... - Vodafone Hello, Does anyone know how to clear the search history in Andriods apps... I now have a huge box appear everytime i hit search and i want it ...
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tips tricks htc first | New HTC Phoneon your htc first ever needed to clear your internet browser history ... choose the kind of knowledge that you'd prefer to delete and click Clear .
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How to Delete Call-log on Android (Single/ Multiple/ All) - DroidViewsIf you have a HTC device and you wish to delete call log entries, open Phone> Call History and tap on the 3 dot menu icon on the top left corner ...
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How to clear the Internet Browser History on your Android Phone Clearing out the Internet Browser History and Cache gets rid of all that data ... I've bought HTC Sensation and it doesn't work anymore, but one ...
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HTC Thunderbolt – Clear browser cache and cookies | Phone Tips HTC Thunderbolt - Clear browser cache and cookies - In your browser go to ... Then select Clear Cache / Clear all cookie data / Clear history / Clear form data ...
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android - HTC wildfire clear history does not clear browser history Thanx for editing Lukas, but i would love to see an working answer here .. pl help  ...
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How to Delete the Navigation History on an HTC Hero | eHowHow to Delete the Navigation History on an HTC Hero. The Android-based HTC Hero smartphone includes a Web browser that allows you to access the Internet ...
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Zakyri Tricks: HTC First Tips and TricksResetting your HTC First will restore the default settings of your device. It will also .... Here's how to delete or clear call history on your HTC First device. To delete  ...
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Deleting Songs From HTC 8x Windows Phone - Windows Phone Central Heres the story, I downloaded the Ringtones App that was on the HTC Windows 7 phone and saved them to my computer. When I got my new ...
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delete call history - HTC Thunderbolt Forumhow do i delete the call history . ... Bring up call history , tap menu, tap delete all. Sent from my ADR6400L using Tapatalk. Share. Share this post ...
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How do i delete history from my htc one XHTC One Forum - HTC One Series Phone Forum & Community ... my one x and iam unable to delete the history , can anyone help me? thanks.