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dog names and meanings

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Need a Perfect Dog Name or Cat Name for your new Pet?Try out our dog and cat name search facility to find pet name meanings , compare your pet names with others in pet name popularity, try the top 20 pet names ...
 2  ~ dogscope.comDog Names : popular names and meaning of the Dogs - Dog ScopeLooking for a suitable dog names for your dog, here we have provided most popular dog names and their meaning .
 3  ~ seedogpictures.comMale dog names with meanings | Male dog names - Dog Breeds Male dog names - The choice of names is an important issue therefore we are providing a big list of male dog names with meanings .
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Tough Dog Names : More than 200 Tough Names and Meanings for Explore more than 200 tough dog names and meanings for your dog. Discover thousands more names to fit any breed of dog.
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20000-NAMES.COM: Male Pet Dog Names , Page 1 of 2-- meaning ACTAEON: Latin form of Greek Aktaion, meaning "effulgence." In mythology, this is the name of a hunter who was torn to pieces by his own dogs . He was then ...
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21 Awesome Dog Names Collections! - Ace PetnamesFind dog names and meanings that make sense. See examples you'll love a lifetime! Pick the perfect one for your loving dog.
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Dog NamesDog names free searchable database and list of over 6000 popular dog names with meanings including categories such as female dog names male dog names  ...
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Behind the Name : Name ThemesLooking for a name with a particular meaning or association? You can find them using this site's search feature. Below are links to pre-constructed searches.
 10  ~ htmlplanet.comMale Dog Names - Dog Pet NamesPresenting a big library of male dog names and meanings from every corner of the globe. From Norway to Africa
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Dog Names & Meanings - Dogs4saleA. ABBA Swedish Abba, one of most successful pop groups of the 1970's. ABBERDEEN City in Scotland. ABBY ABEL ABERCROMBIE ABRACADABRA.
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Browse Male German Shepherd Dog Names | petMDChoose from a list of over 5000 male puppy dog names -- a list that grows daily! ... We want to make this puppy name list the best around. ... Submitted Meanings .
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Female German Dog Names and Meanings - About Great DanesLong list of female German dog names , perfect puppy names , no pop ups, includes meanings .
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Unique Pet NamesYou can sort these Unique pet names by gender and you can view their full meanings by clicking on the name. You may also rate the pet names that you like  ...
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Dog Names and Meanings - Puppy NamesLooking for interesting dog names and meanings ? Our mega database has thousands of quality names from all over the world. From Chinese to Celtic to Native ...
 17  ~ japanesedog.orgJapanese dog names and meanings - All About Japanese Dog BreedsA comprehensive list of popular male and female Japanese dog names , along with their meanings , to help you decide on the perfect name for your new pup.
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Stray Dogs : Name Ideas for Stray, Found or Rescued Dogs - Page 1Do you want to know what the most common dog names mean ? Learn about the "meaning" behind common Male dog names and Female dog names.
 19  ~ afrikannames.comDog Names - Afrikan NamesLooking for the perfect dog name ? Each of the names below is accompanied by its meaning , pronunciation and place of origin. Which names are your favorites?
 20  ~ dogpsycho.comFemale Dog Names and Meanings - DogPsychoBelow are girl dog names and their meanings (listed alphabetically). Happy hunting. Psst…did you just adopt a puppy? Be sure to check out our top tips for potty ...
 21  ~ irishwishes.compet names of irish descent - Irish WishesIrish Pet Names - Alphabetical lists of Irish names and meanings for PETS of Irish descent + Celtic pet names at!
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Tough Dog Names , Tough Male or Female Dog Names , Page 1Tough Dog Names for your male or female dogs, Page 1.
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What Dog And Cat Names Actually Mean - BuzzFeedWhat Dog And Cat Names Actually Mean . The straight-up TRUTH about cats and dogs . posted on June 18, 2014, at 4:03 p.m.. Leonora Epstein BuzzFeed Staff ...
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Sled Dog Names - ames with meanings for sled dogsBecause of the culture of the people who utilize the strength of the breeds, sled dogs often end up with very cultural names. Most sled dog names will come from  ...
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Dog Names and Meanings : Amazon.comAt, we not only have a large collection of dog names and meanings , but also a comprehensive set of reviews from our Below we've selected a.
 28  ~ pet-dog-magazine.comMale Dog Name , top male dog names , discover the meaning of your Male Dog Name , use our name database to learn the meaning of your dog's name . Browse through our list of the most popular male dog names and see our list ...
 29  ~ happypetheadquarters.comWhat Is The Meaning Of Male Dog Names ? - Happy Pet HeadquartersCertain dog names are associated with certain characteristics and traits. Find the meaning of the top 30 male dog names .
 30  ~ siberescue.comDog Names - Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky RescueCheck out the names we have used! Search and findthousands of dog names here. You can also find out what your dog's name means and ...
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Unique Puppy NamesYou can sort these Unique puppy names by gender and you can view their full meanings by clicking on the name. You may also rate the puppy names that you  ...
 32  ~ drmark1961.hubpages.comTough and Badass Dog Names : Outlaws and Gangstas - DrMark1961One of these names will be the perfect accessory to make your dog tough. ... Hades; Hera (female; it may mean warrior); Loki; Maya (female) ...
 33  ~ highnames.comTop 10 - popular dog names and their meaning - High Names agencyPeople get new pets all the time and have the freedom to be creative when naming them. Find out what the top 10 dog names currently are and ...
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Dog Names - Giving Your Pit Bull Their Name - PitBullLovers.comFollowing is a list of dog names and information about choosing the right name for your Pit ... For example the name "Adair" is a celtic name meaning , "Noble.".
 36  ~ magical-hawaii.comHawaiian Pet Names - Magical HawaiiLooking for Hawaiian pet names ? Here is a list of great names for your dog, cat, horse, bird..... and their meanings . Pepe (Baby), Meli (Honey), Ole Kea (White ...
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Male Dog Names - Dr. OddMeaning : One; one unit. Adam Origin: Hebrew Meaning : Of the earth. Tip: A great male dog name for your first four-legged best friend. Ajax Origin: Greek
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Top 100 Dog Names - Dogs - LoveToKnowWhat's in a dog's name? Names ... Here are the top fifty male dog names compiled by VPI Pet Insurance from their own client list. ... Puppy Names and Meanings .
 39  ~ - Names and their Meanings for Huskies Siberian Husky, Malamute and Sled Dog Names and Meanings ... Anna, From Hebrew 'Channa'; means 'Favour' or 'Grace'. Anoushka. Anubis, Egyptian Jackal  ...
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Male Pet Names From the Bible - Christianity - About.comFor others it's the meaning of the name that influences the choice. This collection of male pet names suggests several ideas from the Bible and why each might ...
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Names by Chinaroad - About Dogs by LowchensAustralia.comShowing our little lion dogs off to the rest of the world! ... Our own exciting list of Maori Names , with meanings and gender, plus links to other sites. HAWAIIAN ...
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pet name - definition of pet name by The Free DictionaryNoun, 1. pet name - a name of endearment (especially one using a diminutive suffix); "`Billy' is a hypocorism for `William'". hypocorism · name - a language unit  ...
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Fun Names for British and Irish Dog BreedsIf you are looking for a country-appropriate name that matches your dog's ancestry, consider ... Meaning : From the olive tree, symbolizing fruitfulness and dignity
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Native American Names and Meanings Pg 1Finally, I will be adding to the list as I find new names and their meanings . If the name is not on the list,
 45  ~ pumi.orgPUMI.ORG - Hungarian Dog namesHungarian Dog Names Meanings and pronunciations. *Feminine given names ** Masculin given names .... How to pronounce: Kutya (dog) Kutyus (doggie).
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Australian Dog Names - Dog Paw PrintAustralian Dog Names - A list of interesting Australian names that we think make ... Names from the land &qout;down under," with descriptions of their meanings .
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Dog Names Search - Find the Perfect Name for your DogSearch through our list of dog names by category to find the perfect name for your puppy. Dog names that are friendly, tough, funny, cute, geeky and more!
 48  ~ Names - Husky, Alaskan Malamute and Sled Dog Names . Light Yellow Quartz ... Anna, From Hebrew 'Channa'; means 'Favour' or 'Grace'. Anoushka.
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Puppy Names - Welcome to - The Most Browse thousands of puppy names from all over the world. Give your puppy a biblical name or a futuristic one. Sort alphabetically, by gender or meaning .
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Dog Names CenterWant to know which dog names are the most popular for mixes, purebreds or celebrity dogs? And what do these dog names mean , anyway? Get some great ...
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Russian dog nameChoosing the right Russian puppy name is very important. Most of them have their meanings and may sound inappropriate for your pet if translated from Russian ...
 52  ~ huskyresources.comSiberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute and Sled Dog Names and Siberian Husky and Sled Dog Info, Food, Health, Kennels, Puppies, Books, Links etc. ... Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute and Sled Dog Names and Meanings  ...
 53  ~ petsinitaly.comItalian dog names - Pets in ItalyGet ideas for Italian dog names both male and female from this ... Favourites are Lupo for an alsation type dog (lupo means wolf), Lassie ...
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2000 DOG NAMES : Naming your puppy - petrix.comThe name you choose says as much about you as it does about your dog. ... dog name in North America is Sam, Sammie or Samantha (which means "listener").