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Need help with group specific start page after logging in Hi, The wiki I have setup is closed (I mean by it that users have to login to see its content) and its users are divided into several groups. Some of  ...
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Controlling user access for edit pages in DokuWiki | InMotion HostingAllowing certain registered users the Edit capability. Log into DokuWiki . Click the Admin link at the top right. Select the Access Control List  ...
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Cannot log in dokuwiki | TurnKey Linux ForumI try dokuwiki , I can log in webmin/webshell ...etc but I can't log in ... There have similar issues in the past but they have been related to specific   ...
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DokuWiki - Debian WikiSome plugins may break because of the specific file layout. ... You can still reconfigure the package dokuwiki itself to get all the questions:  ...
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php - Dokuwiki Link to login page - Stack OverflowI use the dokuwiki and the users need to login for viewing several pages. .... Why does the compiler let me cast a null to a specific type in C#?
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Dokuwiki - ArchWiki" DokuWiki is a standards-compliant, simple- to -use wiki which allows users to create rich documentation ... 3.1 Apache; 3.2 lighttpd Specific Configuration.
 8  ~ unsim.plDokuWiki Trouble with Varnish [Unsimplness, Dokumented]So for this setup I'm going to stick with DokuWiki , but I may choose ... Using Firefox's Cookies viewer, I found that just after logging in as ..... work to get the real advantage of Varnish in combination with specific applications.
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pief/authsplit · GitHubThis is most probably specific to DokuWiki . ... otherwise the user seems to DokuWiki to be not logged in and will thus most likely see an "Access denied" page.
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dokuwiki :configuring [JFusion Documentation Wiki]Most hosts use 'localhost' to connect to their databases but certain provide ... to that which is paired to the master group when the user logs in .
 11  ~ desertflood.comImplementing a Locked Down PHP Site : DesertFloodThis will let me log in as the dokuwiki user to edit the dokuwiki site (and ... I copied the default configuration, to make one specific for Dokuwiki ,  ...
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Debian/nginx/ dokuwiki /namespaces: IP ACL for certain ... - FreeListsFrom: "georg@xxxxxxxxxx" <georg@xxxxxxxxxx>; To : dokuwiki @xxxxxxxxxxxxx; Date: Tue ... My doubts are not related to a specific webserver.
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DokuWiki Usage StatisticsLog in or Sign up for Free to see DokuWiki history back another year to ... 100k, and 1 million sites groups that are categorized as being in the specific vertical.
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DokuWiki powered by BitNami on AWS MarketplaceBitNami DokuWiki is a pre-configured, ready to run image for running DokuWiki on Amazon EC2.
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scratchpad:random_magic_spells [Evergreen DokuWiki ]Unable to login through the web interface or staff client after a .... this clause and adjust to limit to specific org_units -- AND IN (17, 18)  ...
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Publish and manage content with DokuWiki | Linux UserBefore you start using your wiki, you should configure DokuWiki's settings. To do that, log in using the username and password you specified during installation,  ...
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DokuWiki Integration to glFusion CMSIn order to get around this delete all .htaccess files in ... If you want only allow access to DokuWiki for a specific group, place that group name in   ...
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wiki:syntax - SlackDocsDokuWiki supports some simple markup language, which tries to make the .... DokuWiki can convert certain pre-defined characters or strings into images or  ...
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VMware ESXi/en – Hetzner DokuWikiHetzner - DokuWiki ... 2 Hetzner specific information ... To get these MAC addresses assigned, log in to Robot, choose "Server" from the menu on the left, select  ...
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Dokuwiki Bloglinks Plugin - foosel.(net|org)Extract it into your dokuwiki plugin folder (eg lib/plugins ) ... Using a configurable regex3), you can exclude certain pages in the allowed namespaces from showing the bloglinks bar. .... You could leave a comment if you were logged in .
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application_specific_backups [Bacula DokuWiki ]Normally, Bacula backs up a file simply by reading its contents and various attributes. In the case of certain applications, however, this will not  ...
 22  ~ fristercons.deIssueTracker Plugin [fcon - DokuWiki ]You may detect an issue you are interested in and want to follow up its progress. You can easily add your mail  ...
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Readme - BitnamiPlease see the appendix for the specific licenses of all open source
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Wallpaper Template for Dokuwiki - TUHHIn addition to general dokuwiki style options there are two template specific options ... show search box if logged in : will show a search box, if you are logged in   ...
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2011:03:16:how- to -create-a-maintainable- dokuwiki -templateIt is used to determine which files are getting loaded for a certain .... First of all, DokuWiki will get a new default template called “ dokuwiki ” in the  ...
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wikiconverter - openwiki to dokuwiki , dokuwiki to mediawiki However, you may get a few more results than you expected. When you need to ... You can narrow the search to a specific field by using the name of the field.
 27  ~ gareus.orgwiki:tagentry [Robin Gareus]This plugin can be installed standalone, but makes only sense in
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Where to host my own DokuWiki on a stick [closed] - Web Applicationsa stick) in which I've been gathering ... stuff (my gawd, is this guy specific or what? ... Given that DokuWiki is written in PHP, you can't just host it on ... They're also on a pre-pay setup, so you get even more control over how  ...
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plugin [ DokuWiki ]NP_ArchiveExtras, Show articles in your archive by any timeframe specified in .... a google live chat if you are currently logged into your Google Talk account.
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How to install DokuWiki from Softaculous (Web Hosting Tutorials admin panel. Please also make sure to indicate a valid email address in the ' Admin Email' field. ... If you need specific help with your account, please contact Support. Usefulness: / 5 ... Password. Login Password Reminder.
 31  ~ turtlezero.comwiki:syntax [ DokuWiki ] - turtleZERODokuWiki supports some simple markup language, which tries to make the datafiles to be as readable as possible ... Linking to a specific section is possible, too.
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DokuWiki Plugins | CosmoCode GmbHIf you are using OpenID and want to serve your delegates with DokuWiki , then this plugin is the right choice for you. ... This plugins seperates users to specific groups independently which authentication backend is used. ... Get in contact:.
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wiki:manual [Flamerobin Wiki]By default they are all logged in the history, but you can turn logging off ... All these options will open specific windows in which you can select  ...
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Configuring your network in Slackware - Alien's WikiThis new card could get detected before the old one and this would result in the kernel assigning .... If you need to configure specific parameters to make the wireless card talk to your Access Point ..... Monobook for DokuWiki .
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plugins: dokuwiki - Geeklog FranceLog into your site as the Admin user, select “Plugins” from the “Admins only” .... The DokuWiki plugin allows you to integrate certain parts of  ...
 37  ~ lingalog.netDokuwiki Formatting Syntax - LingalogDokuWiki supports some simple markup language, which tries to make the .... DokuWiki can convert certain pre-defined characters or strings into images or  ...
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Change log : “ dokuwiki ” source package : Oneiric (11.10) : Ubuntudokuwiki (0.0.20110525a-2) unstable; urgency=low * debian/postinst: check ... Debian: document the way to disable plugins for a specific site (not enabled by  ...
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reCAPTCHA Dokuwiki Plugin - Dokuwiki - Public Liip WikiAfter the registration you get a public and a private key. Both keys must be specified in the configuration. You can also select a skin for the  ...
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Upgrading Dokuwiki (server-side changes) vs git vs backup I have a couple of Dokuwiki webapps in a shared hosting provider. ... If I host those dokuwiki apps (using PHP53 cartridge, not the specific dokuwiki cartridge), I think that the "Wiki Upgrade" plugin ... Login to post comments.
 41  +3 :: DokuWiki : An elegant and lightweight wiki engineYou can also install DokuWiki into the root of your server by moving ... The available tools allow you to grant granular privileges to specific users and groups . ... which can help you get the most out of this excellent wiki engine.
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Help:Editing - BitWise DocuWikifor a narrow image is too wide. In this case, you can add |???px| as a property, which will force the thumbnail to be the specified number of pixels wide. ... Personal tools. Create an account or log in   ...
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DokuWiki | ORGANIZING CREATIVITYSelect View – Show Tags to get the tag bar below the entry. .... Link- to -edit, Links to specific functions, Using the Logo in the top-right corner,  ...
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Mac Wiki [ DokuWiki ] - Technische Universiteit EindhovenUser Tools. Login ... These pages are for Mac users in the Department of Mathematics and ... Not really Mac- specific , but good to know.
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warping_manual:start - Jefferis Lab DokuWikiIn collaboration with Chris Potter (when he was in Liqun Luo's lab) and Torsten ... 2010 Registration Parameters ( Specific parameters introduced in our 2010  ...
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DokuWiki - a free software wiki system | FOSSwireDokuWiki is a GPL 2-licensed, PHP-based wiki system. ... it means you don't have to have any specific hosting requirements, and DokuWiki will ... of a caching system to avoid most slowdowns for when you're not logged in .
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DokuWiki vs MediaWiki benchmarks - MetaCopied the raw page text onto DokuWiki , so markup other than ... be installation specific , for example mounting DokuWiki pages into ramdisk;
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WikiMatrix / Dokuwiki suitable for my Project? - Compare them allFor each IT-Service the admin should be able to create a new structure form a ... Dokuwiki is much easier to get up and running than twiki.
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Drupal authentication backend for dokuwiki . | Mohammed Sameer'sthen $_SESSION is either false (not logged in ) or is populated with ..... How do you give Dokuwiki editing privileges to specific Drupal userids?
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Digging the wikis | ZDNetDokuWiki to be specific , but it's more the idea and use of wikis in general ... It takes a while to get the hang of creating namespaces (essentially  ...
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Linking to Headings and Anchors - Atlassian Confluence Wiki As well as linking to pages, you can also link to specific places within a page. ... Hints|#Hints and Tips] [Helpful Hints|#Hints and Tips| Get some hints and tips].