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Controlling user access for edit pages in DokuWiki | InMotion HostingAllowing certain registered users the Edit capability. Log into DokuWiki . Click the Admin link at the top right. Select the Access Control List ...
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New Install - AD Authentication to allow login only for a specific This may be more relevant in plugins - apologies... As a new user, I'm finding AD authentication somewhat messy.... $conf['title'] = 'IT and ... Customer Facing/Redirect group of users to specific page ... 2 posts3 Jul 2014Restrict viewing/editing to specific group with ACL3 posts12 Nov 2013 DokuWiki Template tpl_userinfo(); /* ' Logged in as ...2 posts15 Sep 2013Giving Specific Rules to Registered User?10 posts7 Dec 2011
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How To Install DokuWiki with Nginx on an Ubuntu 12.04 VPS In this guide, we will discuss how to install DokuWiki with an Nginx
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Cannot log in dokuwiki | TurnKey GNU/Linux ForumI try dokuwiki , I can log in webmin/webshell ...etc but I can't log in ... There have similar issues in the past but they have been related to specific  ...
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DokuWiki - Debian WikiDokuWiki is available in the official Debian repository and is installable
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DokuWiki Integration to glFusion CMSSet to 0 to allow non- logged in users access. ... If you want only allow access to DokuWiki for a specific group, place that group name in the .
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Handle some common Administration tasks in DokuWiki Find out how to handle a few DokuWiki management tasks from the ... you want to let only certain users add pages or read only certain sections of ... Automatically sign up for TechRepublic's Linux and Open Source newsletter.
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Dokuwiki - ArchWikiIn other words, DokuWiki is a wiki written in PHP and requires no database. ... 3.1 Apache; 3.2 lighttpd Specific Configuration; 3.3 nginx.
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faqs:evergreen_roadmap [Evergreen DokuWiki ]Evergreen DokuWiki .... Work log (Customizable logging of staff actions) ... Dojo profile build specific to Evergreen, increasing load speed ...
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DokuWiki Installation and Configuration [Razvan's wiki]DokuWiki is one of the most popular wiki implementations.
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css - Customizing a single element in a Dokuwiki page - Super UserIs it possible to customize the style of a single element in a dokuwiki ... Sign up or log in ... Automated hiding of specific CSS while browsing.
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automation - Options to update dokuwiki page contents I am having some issues with DokuWiki in the terms of content
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VMware ESXi/en – Hetzner DokuWikiHetzner - DokuWiki ... 2 Hetzner specific information ... To get these MAC addresses assigned, log in to Robot, choose "Server" from the menu on the left, select ...
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application_specific_backups [Bacula DokuWiki ]Normally, Bacula backs up a file simply by reading its contents and various attributes. In the case of certain applications, however, this will not ...
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DokuWiki powered by Bitnami on AWS MarketplaceBitnami DokuWiki is a pre-configured, ready to run image for running DokuWiki on Amazon EC2. Launched in 2004, DokuWiki was built for small companies and  ...
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JFusion - View topic - Joomla will not log into DokuWIKI .Logging into DokuWIKI logs into Joomla, but as soon as I browse away .... object pointing to the specific subsections with the exact URL I want.
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Wallpaper Template for Dokuwiki - TUHHIn addition to general dokuwiki style options there are two template specific options ... show search box if logged in : will show a search box, if you are logged in  ...
 19  +4 :: DokuWiki : An elegant and lightweight wiki engineIts access control list feature offers a user-friendly and flexible mechanism for restricting access to certain pages and namespaces. You can ...
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DokuWiki Plugins | CosmoCode GmbHIf you are using OpenID and want to serve your delegates with DokuWiki , then this plugin ... This plugins seperates users to specific groups independently which ...
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How to install DokuWiki from Softaculous (Hosting: Software Please also make sure to indicate a valid email address in the ... If you need specific help with your account, please contact our support team.
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DokuWiki Usage StatisticsDokuWiki usage statistics and trends. ... Log in or Sign up for Free to see DokuWiki history back another year to August 2012. View plans for historical access ...
 23  ~ tum.deDOKUWIKI CHEAT SHEET - LNT WikiDokuWiki recognized external URLs automatically. Link w/name: ... DokuWiki page in the specified namespace: [[wiki:pagename]]. Link to the specified section:  ...
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How to enable sortable table in DokuWiki - osDocsIf you're looking to automatically sort your tables in DokuWiki with your default
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Readme - BitnamiPlease see the appendix for the specific licenses of all open source components
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[ dokuwiki ] Group specific start page possible? - dokuwiki - FreeListsRather then lowering the acess rights for the start page, I would prefere to redirect users of the guest group to a certain page where I can ...
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Bloglinks Plugin [foosel.(net|org)]Extract it into your dokuwiki plugin folder (eg lib/plugins ) ... Using a configurable regex3), you can exclude certain pages in the allowed namespaces from showing the bloglinks bar. .... You could leave a comment if you were logged in .
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Linking to Headings and Anchors - Atlassian Confluence Wiki As well as linking to pages, you can also link to specific places within a page. This tutorial shows you how to link to headings and how to create and use anchors.
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executive summary - SympaThis is achieved by allowing DokuWiki to constitute groups of users based on the .... subscribe to a list with a certain address and log in to DokuWiki with another ...
 30  ~ desertflood.comImplementing a Locked Down PHP Site : DesertFloodThis will let me log in as the dokuwiki user to edit the dokuwiki site (and ... I copied the default configuration, to make one specific for Dokuwiki , ...
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wiki:syntax [IBG Wiki]Linking to a specific section is possible, too. ... DokuWiki can convert certain pre-defined characters or strings into images or other text or HTML .
 32  ~ unsim.plDokuWiki Trouble with Varnish [Unsimplness, Dokumented]DokuWiki is a wiki engine - the one that is powering this wiki. .... Using Firefox's Cookies viewer, I found that just after logging in as administrator ..... to get the real advantage of Varnish in combination with specific applications.
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Using an Eclipse-based IDE [ChibiOS/RT free embedded RTOS]Importing ChibiOS/RT demos into the Eclipse environment.
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plugins: dokuwiki - Geeklog FranceLog into your site as the Admin user, select “Plugins” from the “Admins only” .... The DokuWiki plugin allows you to integrate certain parts of ...
 35  ~ fristercons.deIssueTracker Plugin [fcon - DokuWiki ] - fristercons.deYou may detect an issue you are interested in and want to follow up its progress. You can easily add your mail ...
 36  ~ sluug.orgDokuWiki - SLUUG WikiThese instructions detail how to install DokuWiki on our Debian
 37  ~ 0xf8.orgHTTP authentication / Single Sign -On (SSO) with DokuWiki | 0xf8.orgWhen ACLs are used (as in my case), DokuWiki has a concept of ... is implemented depends on the site's particular LDAP setup and such a ...
 38  ~ wikigenerator.comDokuWiki HowTo - WikiGenerator DocumentationRegistering and Logging in ... Some details on specific requirements. DokuWiki ... XRef. skip to content. DokuWiki . It's better when it's simple. User Tools. Login .
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2011:03:16:how- to -create-a-maintainable- dokuwiki -templateSure, not everyone has the time to follow the development of an application ... It is used to determine which files are getting loaded for a certain  ...
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Mac Wiki [ DokuWiki ] - Technische Universiteit EindhovenThe scan will be sent to you by email. Not really Mac- specific , but good to know. There are two ways to get a scan to your computer.
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start [SimSig]If you want to edit anything, you will need to login (top-right corner of the screen) to do so. Due to ... Glossary (SimSig- specific ), Glossary of terms specific to SimSig. /home/simsig/public_html/ dokuwiki /data/pages/start.txt · Last ...
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Configuring your network in Slackware - Alien's WikiThe Network Configuration chapter in the Slackware Linux Essentials book
 43  ~ freedif.orgDokuwiki , host your own wiki on your server | FreedifDokuwiki is a free and opensource wiki for your own server. Easy to install and use (no Database, easy user management, . ... As I like to use Virtualhost to set a specific domain name and to force SSL connection, let's create a dedicated vhost and .... Log in · Entries RSS · Comments RSS ·
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How to start (or advance) the process of getting OpenWrt support for Create a DokuWiki account for yourself (note: it's different to a forum account). Click on Login in the Actions block on any page, then click on Register… ... A particular syntax is used so examine existing rows in the table in  ...
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mesh_issues [Phoenix Firestorm Project - Wiki]Depending on your specific hardware, certain settings that need to be enabled for mesh, ... Log back in and see if the mesh renders correctly.
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DokuWiki - a free software wiki system | FOSSwireDokuWiki is a GPL 2-licensed, PHP-based wiki system. ... it means you don't have to have any specific hosting requirements, and DokuWiki will ... of a caching system to avoid most slowdowns for when you're not logged in .
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#3021 (wiki namespace support like the one in dokuwiki ) – The Trac Having proper namespace support would indeed help to clean up some wiki issues. Real namespaces would also allow to narrow a search down to certain sets ...
 48  ~ lingalog.netDokuwiki Formatting Syntax - LingalogDokuWiki supports some simple markup language, which tries to make the .... DokuWiki can convert certain pre-defined characters or strings into images or ...
 49  ~ smbitjournal.comdokuwiki | SMB IT JournalLarger businesses often place their limited documentation into ... platform ( MediaWiki, to be specific ), but this is hardly the only use for a Wiki. ... Wikis are often used to allow anyone to log in and make documentation changes.
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Using DokuWiki with simpleSAMLphp | Feide RnDYou should already have installed DokuWiki and simpleSAMLphp on the same host. ... are not allowed to register themselves /* * Specific for simpleSAMLphp integration ... Optional: Adding list of groups to template footer.