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drupal - 960 Grid System is actually 1180 wide. How to fix it? - Stack I am using it with Drupal Omega Theme but this is a minor detail. I chose a normal layout not fluid. ISSUE: I have a problem because my actual width is 1180 instead 960. ... If I switch to 16 columns it has 55px instead 40px.
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Omega /Delta/Context - Show/hide Block(s) depending on screen size In my case with Omega , I would like to change eliminate the sidebar and ... it seems awkward for working with something that is a fixed width in ...
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Drupal Omega Theme Review | Friendly MachineWhen it comes to Drupal , Omega theme is hard to beat for building a responsive, ... and I've written a new post that will bring you up to speed on all the big changes . ... which instantly turns your theme into an old-fashioned fixed width website.
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Omega's Grid Layout Settings | My Drupal Journey*I am not a Drupal or Omega theme expert by any means, but someday
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7 - How to increase the width to the Omega sub ... - Drupal AnswersHow to increase the width to the Omega sub-theme more than 950
 6  ~ binarybrand.comHow to theme with Omega 4 - Drupal TutorialsTo turn on guard (to watch for changes and compile sass files), navigate to the sub-theme .... $gutters: 20px; // sets a fixed width for the gutters.
 7  ~ herbal-jazz.netDrupal theming: Zen vs. Omega | Herbal JazzInside of that, each container is assigned a width , and then zones and regions .... Zen templates are much easier to modify than Omega's .
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The Drupal Content Block and the Omega ThemeThe Drupal content area, where the text of your article or page goes, has an odd property.
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Using a Modern Grid System with Drupal - MediacurrentYou may define fixed width gutters or set gutters to expand or ... When paired with the Drupal base themes Aurora or Omega 4.x, the ... If we convert these numbers into a ratio it would look like 20px:60px which equals 1:3.
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Theming: simple responsive site header ( Omega sub ... - DrupalwooMy custom theme is an Omega 4 subtheme. ... but increases the size/ width and changes the position slightly for desktop and tablet displays:
 11  ~ banoodleland.comHow to Style Responsive Omega Subthemes | banoodle landOmega comes with four breakpoints (note: the devices are just examples ... default/files/grate-wide.jpg) repeat; background-attachment: fixed ; width :100%; font-size:100%; .... How do you theme the node edit page in Drupal 7?
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Drupal 7: Fancy up Omega « William Hall - Web Developer William The Omega theme for Drupal 7 is pretty awesome, the theme options are
 13  ~ tbdug.comResponsive Omega Themes: 100% width menu tabs for small screens I was designing a responsive Omega 3.0 theme for a Drupal 7 site and was having trouble ... I was using the Nice Menus module and solved the problem with the following CSS changes : ... fix a range for each menu tab */
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Remove/ change Omega's viewport meta tag on user-set pages Omega sets the viewport meta tag to something like this by default when you enable (it is enabled by default) ... <meta name="viewport" content=" width = device- width , initial-scale=1, ... Fortunately, there was a pretty easy fix .
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The new face of Omega 4 | Amazee Labs Drupal Development and And although the community has HUGELY embraced Omega … making it the
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How to theme Drupal 7 with Omega 3 | MechDeveloperOmega is the best when it comes to Drupal theming, that's why we're ... (other properties such as " width " are also set), therefore, changing these ... and the footer section, they must be considered as static content wrappers.
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Omega + delta + context | ADCI Solutionsomega -example-alpha-default-narrow.css — file for screens with width of approximately 800 px
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Review: Omega Base Theme for Drupal 7 | Urban InsightFor a recent Drupal 7 project however, I decided to go a new direction and
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Drupal Meets Sass: Getting Started With Aurora (Part 3) | Phase2Specifically, full width on mobile, fixed width on tablets, and fluid width on desktop. Now, when we convert this to Sass and make use of the Breakpoint ..... Next I try to get it done with omega 4 but I think it will be much more ...
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Topic: Omega sub-theme (1/1) - OSTraining Support - OSTrainingThe new site design in in Drupal 7 has Omega and a ST Alphorn
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omega_core/lib/ Drupal / omega /phpsass ... - Drupalcode .orgpath: root/omega_core/lib/ Drupal / omega /phpsass/Extensions/Susy/
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Omega 4 - A modern base theme for Drupal 7 | PeterMoulding.comOmega is the second most popular theme for Drupal after Zen.
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Sticky Footer with Omega Theme for Drupal | Daniel WentschSticky Footer with Omega Theme for Drupal ... width : 100%; height: XX; }. Pure CSS, no template changes needed, works with Omega right out ...
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Drupal 7 – Apply sticky footer in Omega theme | Eureka!We can make the section-footer sticky in Omega theme by adding the following piece of code in
 25  ~ 7 responsive layouts with Omega , Delta and Context Details: The build used Drupal 7, with the Omega Theme.
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Responsive Web Design – What You Need to Know to Get Started design using the Drupal Omega theme and solutions adopted to transform an existing, fixed width library web site to a responsive design will also be shared.
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Developing Responsive Websites in Drupal | Segue Technologies Convert all margins and padding from fixed width based on pixels to ... discussed techniques, Drupal offers some themes like omega , zen, ...
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Let's dig into the Omega Theme! - SlideShareThe Omega Drupal 7 Base Theme is a highly configurable HTML5/960 grid
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Responsive & adaptive grids with Susy, Sass & Compass in Drupal 7Responsive & adaptive grids with Susy, Sass & Compass in Drupal 7
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Boilerplate 1.0 for Drupal 7: Responsive HTML5 & SASS | Metal ToadThis is fine if you fully account for it, but changing the width of an ..... I'm currently using the theme Omega and as long as I use a fixed width  ...
 31  ~ drupalmethods.comBootstrap: Why the change | Drupal | Drupal Denver | Drupal Secondly, why we are changing our approach from one framework to another.
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Zen Grids Reference: a responsive grid system built with Compass Specifies the width of the gutters; half of the gutter will be placed on each side
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omega_settings | Drupal API Reference HelpThis is accomplished by making the width of the grid elements for the logo and menus to equal the container width for those items, however, to make them stack,  ...
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Omega | AcquiaResponsive Web Design with Drupal and the Omega Theme [March 28, 2012] ... An adaptive design, you have multiple fixed width layouts, meaning that you ... are also a specified width in pixels and they change from one layout to another.
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Case Study: Building a Responsive Site in Drupal 7 | TechneblogWe launched the site for the magazine, built in Drupal 7, in November 2011.
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Latest Drupal Themes | My DrupalURL: https:// drupal .org/project/project_theme/index/full
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Friendly Machine: Understanding Omega Theme | How to Use When it comes to Drupal , Omega theme is hard to beat for building a ... at a time and explain what's happening so you can modify your site as you see fit. ... instantly turns your theme into an old-fashioned fixed width website.
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Fixed Width Gutter bug · Issue #128 · Team-Sass/Singularity · GitHubI'm seeing a serious bug with fixed width gutters. I built a brand
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Responsive Web Design: Look Great On Any Device | Drupal If architects can design rooms that change according to the number of people inside ... All too often though, those grids still limit themselves to a fixed - width ... is the Omega theme, developed by Jake Strawn ( Drupal .org user profile: himerus).
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Omega 4 - GitHub PagesOmega 4 has done away with the UI and instead, focuses on providing a
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"Responsive Design and Drupal ," Jeremiah Davis: Drupal Camp We'll talk about how this provides one solution for changing the user
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Themes | drupal .org - Open StorageTo change the color scheme or customizing color, you need to use the public file system. ... The Omega Drupal 7 Base Theme is a highly configurable HTML5 / 960 grid .... Newswire is a 4 column, table-less, fixed width theme for Drupal 6.x.
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Storefront | DudenhoferRecently I released my first public original Drupal 7 theme to the community.
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Tutorial - How to Work and Style Breadcrumbs in Drupal 7Breadcrumbs usually fall by the wayside on most Drupal sites because at the default ... difficult to manage if you have multiple admins or change you page URLs or categories. However, for small and medium sites this is a good quick fix that has a ... #breadcrumb { width :924px; height:38px; background:url(.
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Drupal 7 using different themes on pages using omega and delta at I have created two omega sub themes - Theme 1 (set as default) and Theme 2. ... open-source, which has allowed programmers and the Drupal community at large to alter ... They can also choose between a fixed width or liquid width, which c.
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Responsive Design's Dirty Little Secret | Palantir.netInstead adaptive designs pick a series of specific viewport widths they support and those viewports that don't exactly match those widths get the fixed -pixel layout for
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Free Drupal Themes 6.X - dark30 sportsSidebar Manager Drupal 6. preset update 6. edit to of for 10 import with 6. is now matter fixed - width It overview: and 6. ... 5 Drupal versions search many are as Free X. Omega are Do webmasters Guide. and X, 10 More estate powerful ...
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Place blocks side by side | Drupal GardensI've designated a 4-column layout they aren't all at a fixed width . ... You can adjust the values above as needed, but it will get you pointed in the ...
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A Responsive Drupal theme in 50 lines of code or less - ZivtechYou are changing your doc to change your presentation, yeah it's necessary but ... full- width #sidebar-second +columns(2) + omega #sidebar-first .... and expensive Drupal site, desperately needing it fixed in a number of ways.