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Buying Guide - ForeFlight : iPad and iPhone aviation apps for pilots ForeFlight's iPad Buying Guide for Pilots. Short advice: buy the 32GB iPad Air or iPad Mini Retina display Wi-Fi + ... Dual XGPS160A Bluetooth GPS receiver
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ForeFlight 5.4.2 fixes Dual GPS bug, adds Stratus sharing - iPad The latest update from ForeFlight (version 5.4.2) was released today, and while it isn't a major one, there are a few improvements that are worth ...
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Matt Rutland - Fix for ios 6.1.3 users iPad 2 with dual ... - FacebookFix for ios 6.1.3 users iPad 2 with dual gps 150 no fix in foreflight . 2 fixes... 1st... delete dual gps app. Dont reload. Power cycle iPad . enable bt if needed.
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Dual GPS quit sharing coordinates on iPad - Pilots of America Dual GPS quit sharing coordinates on iPad Flight Following. ... Foreflight is the app I care about, and it shows "No Fix", but I can see that the ...
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XGPS170 - GPS + ADS-B Weather and Traffic Receiver for iPad and Dual is working with nearly all of the EFB app providers including AOPA FlyQ efb,
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Stratus ADS-B Receiver for iPad - Second generation - Sporty's Pilot Dual band ADS-B trafficStratus includes a dual band (978 MHz and 1090 MHz) ADS-B ... WAAS GPS unlocks track up and terrainWith the built-in WAAS GPS receiver, Stratus ..... ForeFlight Mobile - iPhone/ iPad Aviation App (Pro Subscription).
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Dual XGPS150A Bluetooth GPS Receiver - MyPilotStore.comThe Dual XGPS150A brings GPS capability to your Apple iPad /iPod touch/ iPhone, Android phones .... Review: Worked as advertised with Foreflight on Ipad 2.
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Replacing a Garmin 595 GPS with iPad / Foreflight / Dual GPS | Ask a I currently fly VFR with a Garmin 595 GPS (it's like the 596, but without weather). I also use an iPad and Foreflight for flight planning and ...
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Flying Reviews Dual Model XGPS170 ADS-B GPS Receiver | Flying Dual Electronics' compact and stylish ADS-B receiver caught our eye the ... moving-map/charting apps, ForeFlight Mobile Pro and Garmin Pilot, are ... in our estimation — the best moving-map iPad apps currently available.
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The truth about the iPad - Air Facts JournalThe on-board iPad GPS isn't bad, but for $99 I think a remote one is ..... I decided to get an iPad , ForeFlight , and the Dual Bluetooth GPS as a ...
 11  -2 Customer Reviews: Dual Electronics XGPS150A I downloaded the free app " Dual GPS Status Tool" onto my iPad and it gives all sorts of .... I had a bad elf external gps , which was being used with foreflight .
 13  ~ aviationmentor.blogspot.comAviation Mentor: ForeFlight Mobile 5.4, iOS 7, etc.Putting the iPad to sleep or stopping ForeFlight seemed to prevent the ... Launch the Dual GPS app and wait for it to show enough satellites to ...
 14  +5 • BT - Best iPad GPS for Foreflight : Dual or Bad Elf Question is: Which GPS : Bad Elf Pro or Dual 160. Searching on the forum here, Bad Elf products seem more popular. Both seem ot offer the ...
 16  ~ administrivia.comForeFlight's IPad Buying Guide For Pilots - Administriviaforeflight . Short advice: buy the 32GB iPad 4G+WiFi on Verizon ... be paired with an external GPS like the Dual to provide location fixes in flight.
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Lessons learned during my iPad year — General Aviation NewsForeFlight works problem-free with my iPad's built-in GPS . .... Â I purchased the “ Dual GPS reciever” and have never lost the GPS fix since.
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Drawbacks to the Dual GPS vs the Bad Elf? - StudentPilot.comHow much better is the measurement error with the Dual ? In- iPad Mini gps , ... In- iPad Mini gps , Foreflight gives me 5m at best. Will the Dual  ...
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Ipad 3 GPS Issues? [Archive] - EAA ForumsI also fly with foreflight and prefer it over the competitors I have tried. With the dual gps , foreflight is laser accurate at altitude. Hope this helps.
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10 Best Apps for Dual Gps (iPhone/ iPad ) | AppCrawlr"Have been using with Dual GPS on IPOD for biking. ... ForeFlight Mobile is the critically acclaimed flight planning, flight support, and electronic flight bag ("EFB")  ...
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Ipad Air w/ Foreflight - reception issues? [Archive] - Airline I have an iPad Air with internal GPS and Foreflight that I've been ... ( Dual gps antenna is my favorite) You do not need a data plan, but its nice to ...
 23  ~ cloudahoy.comExternal GPS devices and iOS 6.1.2 / 6.1.3 | All Things CloudAhoy... his Dual XGPS150 stopped working with both CloudAhoy and with ForeFlight running on his iPad (Scott's name is used with his permission).
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after updating to iOS 6 gps signals are no more... | Apple Support Reboot your iPad (press-and-hold the top button for 5 seconds, slide the
 25  ~ appareo.comStratus – Second Generation - Appareo SystemsThe all-new Stratus turns your iPad into the ultimate pilot tool, delivering subscription-free weather, ADS-B traffic, GPS position and attitude information
 26  ~ paperlesscockpit.comHow to use the Dual GPS direct connection feature in ForeFlightThe latest version of ForeFlight allows the app to connect directly to the Dual XGPS150
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DUAL XGPS170 GPS + ADS-B WEATHER RECEIVER from Aircraft DUAL XGPS170 GPS + ADS-B WEATHER RECEIVER Enhance your ... and Weather data directly to an EFB app on your iPad or Android tablet - without subscription fees. ... More are in the works but ForeFlight does not look to be one them.
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Testing the iPad GPS with ForeFlight Mobile on Vimeo6 min This is "Testing the iPad GPS with ForeFlight Mobile" by ForeFlight on Vimeo, the home for ...
 29  ~ ia-kapa.comForeFlight Sample iPad Operating ChecklistExternal GPS active/connected. Check / Check ForeFlight Devices view. iPad Radio Settings (Bad Elf). Airplane mode (On). iPad Radio Settings ( Dual XGPS ...
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Ipad 2 and foreflight help - General Mooney Talk - MooneyspacePage 1 of 2 - Ipad 2 and foreflight help - posted in General Mooney Talk: ... is a bluetooth GPS for ~$100 (Bad Elf and Dual are two I know of).
 31  ~ kpilot13.blogspot.comThe Life of a Pilot (In Training): Review: ForeFlight , iPad and GLOiPad with ForeFlight : ... The Full Review: ForeFlight , iPad and GLO ... The lack of a GPS receiver in the wireless model isn't a secret to the industry, .... with the more notable ones being the Dual , Bad Elf, and Garmin units.
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Opinions on iPad Air wifi only [Archive] - VAF Forums - Vans AirforceWill my wifi iPad 4 with Foreflight get the iPhone's GPS data through the ... using the wifi only iPad gen3 for 2 years with the DUAL 150 GPS .
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Dual Electronic iPad Gps fail... | JetcareersIt's weird because when it disconnects from fore flight , it is still ... I was flying with an iPad with FF and using the Dual GPS and it refused to ...
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Foreflight and Dual xgps160 - Dual XGPS160 SkyPro GPS ReceiverBoth Foreflight documentation and Dual documentation show ... My Dual GPS used to work fine with my iPad , but now sometimes it doesn't ...
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IFly 720 vs iPad Mini (running Foreflight )....Results are in Using a Dual Bluetooth GPS antenna provides decent accuracy and there are no wires to be's what the iPad should have been.
 36  ~ touringmachine.comTouring Machine Company » Blog Archive » Foreflight and GPS unitsBad Elf GPS for iPad . Dual GPS Nobody has anything bad to say about it. Rated 4 or 5 stars by all but one or two people on Amazon and ...
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COCKPIT DEVICES - Professional Pilot MagazineMany of us have at least 3-4 Garmin GPS systems of some sort at home, whether for a car, boat or ... Numerous professional cockpits carry the Garmin as well as an iPad as a backup. ... Dual Electronics GPS operates smoothly with ForeFlight .
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Hardware Support - XavionYou can run Xavion on an iPad or iPhone with no other external devices, if that iPad or iPhone is one of the units that has an internal GPS . ... We currently support the iLevel, Sagetech Clarity, Dual XGPS-170, and SkyRadard ADSB receivers. ... they have a CLOSED format, and have chosen to work ONLY with ForeFlight !
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Which GPS Receive to Choose - for iPad ? - Northeast Pilots Group Bad Elf, or Dual XGPS150? Both are GPS receivers, both work with iPad and with applications like WingX and Foreflight , both are WAAS.
 40  ~ thoughtsfromaloft.comAirborne with the iPad Mini | Thoughts from AloftOf course, other external GPS devices can be used, and Dual's XGPS150 was also tested ... An IFR low chart in ForeFlight on the iPad Mini…
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Ipad GPS reception??Does the wifi Ipad even have GPS ? ... I think the best external is called the Dual XGPS150 which is switchable between usual bluetooth mode ...
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EAA - Bits and Pieces - Electronics Corner - ForeFlight User ReportA GPS receiver feeds your exact position to the map via Bluetooth; no more comparing the ... Along with the iPad and ForeFlight subscription, we bought a DUAL  ...
 43  ~ shortwingpiperclub.orgiPad & Foreflight - SWPC Forums - Short Wing Piper ClubI just got the Dual GPS puck and will use it with my iPad 2 wifi, along with Foreflight . It's maiden voyage will be when I pick up my 'new toy' in a ...
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Bad Elf GPS Pro - External Bluetooth GPS Receiver for iPadTop Selling Bluetooth iPad External GPS - Blue Tooth GPS Receiver for iPad & iPhone. Ability to pair with multiple ... Dual GPS (XGPS150A). Dual GPS $99.99.
 45  ~ jdpricecfi.wordpress.comADS-B Configuration Choices « jdpricecfiAbove is a very cool ADS-B “buildout” map, courtesy of ForeFlight , showing
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Ipad vs Ipad mini for charts, Foreflight , etc. - AR15.Com ArchiveI use the iPad mini wifi + Dual XGPS150 + Foreflight , and I don't have any ... If you get the ipad mini 4G you will not need the external gps for ...
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iPad GPS Foreflight duda.. [Archivo] -[Archivo] iPad GPS Foreflight duda.. Aviación ... GPS externos altamente recomendados para aviacion son el Dual XGPS 150 y el Bad Elf, que ...
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dual xgps170 gps + ads-b weather receiver - Aircraft Spruce CanadaDUAL XGPS170 GPS + ADS-B WEATHER RECEIVER Enhance your
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Foreflight /Garmin Pilot Question - SuperCub.orgI've found articles about 135 operators getting Foreflight approved for their ... I used a DUAL external GPS for my last IPad , and it too would go ...
 50  ~ mmopa.comFlying with the iPadiPad and ForeFlight - Sporty's Advanced iPad seminar
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PilotEdge Forums • View topic - Ipad ForeFlight /SkyChartsI have try to find a solution to conect Foreflight to x-plane for the moving map, ... I bought the $99 Dual external GPS and love it for RW flying.
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AV - App for aviation on PinterestEver seen the iOS6 "location services" bug when using ForeFlight or WingX? ... Dual unveils a new iPad GPS - the SkyPro XGPS160. Details from iPad Pilot ...