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email marketing api

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Email Marketing API Overview - SendGrid Documentation | SendGridSend newsletters & other marketing emails to subscriber lists by an API . Take advantage of SendGrid's deliverability & developer focus to send email .
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Email Marketing API - ActiveCampaignActiveCampaign email marketing API has been designed to allow integration with external services to provide a complete marketing solution. ‎API Overview - ‎Webhooks - ‎Articles - ‎Example Scripts
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eAPI - Email Marketing API | YesmailYesmail's eAPI ( email marketing API ) allows you to easily access your email marketing data. Learn more about using the eAPI here.
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Email Marketing Webinar - Deliverability - StreamSendEmail Marketing API . The StreamSend API uses representational state transfer ( REST) style software architecture to allow direct connectivity with core account ...
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Email Marketing API for Integrated Email Marketing | EmailDirect.comEmailDirect's email marketing API makes it easy for businesses to integrate internal business systems into an email marketing platform for the purpose of better ...
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Email Marketing API Overview from Benchmark - Benchmark EmailEmail Marketing API from the pro's at Benchmark. Easily integrate your email marketing programs with our award-winning email service. Click or dial ...
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AWeber Labs: AWeber Email Marketing APIEmail marketing integration is easy with AWeber's API ! Create an email marketing plugin for your favorite web applications.
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Mailigen Email Marketing APIIntegrate your email marketing with your favorite applications using Mailigen API .
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Email Marketing API Integration | Vision6Synchronise your website, CRM or eCommerce systems with Vision6 and your email marketing using our API . Start free.
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ReachMail's Email Marketing APIReachMail API provides access to all the core functions of your email campaign so you can use this data in a way that works for you.
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Email Marketing API - Integrating with Pure360API from Pure360 - Integrating your Email Marketing .
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.Net Email Marketing API for MailChimp | MailChimp Email Do you find yourself constantly importing lists from your company database into MailChimp? You should use our API to keep…
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APIs do Email Marketing - Wiki LocawebIntrodução. As APIs de integração do Email Marketing permitem que você integre sua base de contatos com a base da ferramenta, ...
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HTTP API Email Marketing | Email Marketing Introducción. ¿Qué es? El API HTTP es una herramienta que te permite integrar con tus aplicaciones mediante simples llamadas a URLs.
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Email Marketing Web Based Software API AMS CRM Integration Easy to Use Informz Web-based Email Marketing Service offers secure, seamless AMS CRM database integration and targeted email communications for ...
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Email Marketing Integrations & Developer API | Zoho CampaignsZoho Campaigns integrates with Zoho Apps and other third-party services that let you bring subscriber lists from them and also send out email marketing  ...
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API | Doppler Email MarketingNow, you will be able to synchronize your Database or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with our innovative Email Marketing solution. Our API allows  ...
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API ( application programming interface ) - Email service provider In email marketing an API can be used to integrate different systems with your email platform, such as CRM systems or customer service applications. An API  ...
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Email Marketing developer integrations | GraphicMailUse our API to leverage our experience in the email, social, and mobile messaging arena to provide a top-tier email marketing service. Rely on us to ensure ...
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Email Marketing & Email Marketing Automation - Act-OnAct-On provides everything you need to easily and quickly create, test, deploy, and measure your email marketing campaigns.
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221 Marketing APIs : SendGrid, MailChimp and Eventbrite For reference, here is a list of all 221 marketing APIs . 18amail API : Email marketing service. ActiveCampaign API : Email marketing service.
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Email Marketing | Ferramenta de email marketing | API de Utilize a API do emailmanager para conectar-se à sua aplicação da web favorita! Faça como outros usuários do emailmanager que já estão usando nossa API  ...
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Email Marketing API - Inwise.comEmail Marketing API . InwiseWebServices API Center. Recipients. Recipients_AddOrUpdate Add/Update Recipient Recipients_CancelUnsubscribe Removes an ...
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API -Application Program Interface | | Email MarketingBoomerang's Email Application Programming Interface ( API ) connects your company's infrastructure with our award-winning Email Marketing services.
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Mailer API methods : Mad Mimi Email MarketingMailer API . The Mailer API that lets you use Mad Mimi to send your transactional emails like welcome letters, password resets, and account activations. You can ...
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Email Marketing API - Net AtlanticThe API allows administrators to access and manipulate the database tables ... Open API allows you to customize your email marketing account to accomplish ...
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Mandrill: Transactional Email from MailChimpMandrill is a transactional email platform from MailChimp. ... scalable and affordable email infrastructure service, with all the marketing -friendly ... API Error Rate.
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Email Marketing API from Listrak - IntroductionMany organizations are already using Listrak's API to build, manage, automate, report, and streamline elaborate email marketing processes remotely. The API  ...
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locawebemailmarketing/Locaweb- EmailMarketing - API · GitHubAPI de uso dos Webservices do Email Marketing da Locaweb. · 1 branch · 0 releases ...
 34  ~ emailcontactor.comEmail Marketing API | Features | | Monster E emailContactor Email Marketing API . emailContactor Email Marketing has been designed to allow integration with external services to provide a complete ...
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DirectIQ: API for intelligent email marketingDirectIQ API allows you to integrate your applications with DirectIQ. We provide a range of API methods, which can be used to access many of the key DirectIQ ...
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Posts tagged " email - marketing - api " - MailUp BlogOur objective is to provide one of the very best APIs for email marketing out there and we're working hard to do just that! We recently took the ...
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Email Marketing API - leadsNyou - OverviewleadsNyou Email Marketing API makes it easy for you to synchronize your application with leadsNyou.
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Siebel Email Marketing Stand-Alone API Guide - Oracle Version 7.5.3, Revision A. Siebel Email Marketing Stand-Alone API Guide 3. Contents. Siebel Email Marketing Stand-Alone API Guide 1. Introduction. Additional ...
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API Reference - Marketing API - Unsubscribe - SocketLabs Email Marketing API Method Documentation. ©2009-2014 ... Either the contact integer ID or the email address can be used with this method. If the contact is not found, ...
 40  ~ Marketing integration, plug ins and API by GraphicMail Develop your own GraphicMail plugin with full API access and premium support. ... Contact us today to discuss our unmatched email marketing integration and ...
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API - Emma Email Marketing Blog | Emma, Inc.Emma staffers share email marketing tips & best practices, product news & updates and ... How to access Emma's API for custom integration with other programs.
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Email Marketing que chega na caixa postal - UnderIntegre seu sistema com o email marketing da Under através da API . Códigos de fácil implementação, documentação completa e com vários exemplos.
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Dolist - Email Marketing API Connector - Magento ConnectOfficial extension for Dolist email marketing solution.
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Cooler Email API -XML | Email Marketing SolutionsAPI and XML support is included with every CoolerEmail subscription along with high-deliverabillity HTML email in an affordable easy-to-use package.
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Enterprise Email Marketing SoftwareWe offer a comprehensive set of APIs that allow you to quickly and easily build your own email marketing solution. Build your own bulk or transactional email ...
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Integration API - WhatCountsPlug into our Integration API . Looking for email marketing data integration? WhatCounts offers one of the most thorough application programming interface ( API ) ...
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Email Marketing Techtionary – 7 Terms You Need to Understand Do you know the common email marketing terminology needed to ... common example of API usage is when current weather conditions are shown in an email.
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Email API Integration - SubscriberMail by Harland Clarke DigitalSubscriberMail offers many ways to connect your email marketing campaigns with your other existing sales and marketing tools. Using our open API to integrate ...
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Expand Your Software Product Our Email Integration Choose from fast & easy-to-integrate email solutions or create your own custom configuration with our robust and flexible Email Marketing API  ...
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Mailjet: SMTP server, bulk & marketing email serviceCreate, send and track your marketing and transactional emails . ... reports Cruise & Optimize - Leverage Mailjet's analytics and integrate further with the API .
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Email Best Practices — Mailgun REST API 2.0 documentationThis guide is a brief summary of email best practices that we have learned from .... emails may get queued behind a large batch of bulk/ marketing emails .
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How to display information from the GetResponse Email Marketing APII am using PHP to display a list of email campaigns from the GetResponse Email Marketing campaign. The API information is listed here: ...
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Comm100 Email Marketing API GuideComm100 Email Marketing, making integration with other solutions simple. You can ... To access and use Comm100 Email Marketing APIs , you need to:.