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SIM expiration after month pass use up | T-Mobile SupportI have heared that SIM card has expiration and after that I have to come ... can be used after month pass use up without new SIM card setting up.
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Question about expiring of SIM card - Vodafone eForumHello, I have been abroad for a while, using a local SIM card . Now I'm back, I was wondering about a few things regarding the expiring of my c...
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Reuse expired SIM? - Howard ForumsIf I get an AT&T SIM, activate it for gophone, use if for a bit and then don't ... Actually, you can re-activate the SIM card , but it mostly depends on  ...
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What happens to my Roam SIM Card if I let it expire ? - Roam MobilityAs long as you use Roam's service once a year, your SIM card and dedicated US phone number will remain active. After 365 days of inactivity,  ...
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Maxis Forum - reactivate expired sim cardI've called customer service regarding activation of my brother's sim card which expired 3 days ago. The num wasn't in use for 3 months as he's  ...
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Sim card where credit doesn't expire . Only for occasional use I want a sim card that I can use in a mobile phone - but I only really need it for incoming calls. I'd rather not spend any money on credit, but if I  ...
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How long does it take before my Globe Prepaid SIM ... - Globe Your Globe Prepaid SIM card will expire within two (2) months from first use and any remaining/unconsumed balance will be forfeited.
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Go Sim |International Sim network - International SIM CardsGO SIM international network allows you to insert their Sim Card and use it when ... Q. Does the credit on the SIM card expire if the card is not used for a while?
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amaysim SIM card - amaysim AS YOU GO mobile planYou only ever pay for what you use . ... will auto-renew every 30 days. amaysim AS YOU GO has a 90 day credit expiry . ... SIM cards for all types of devices.
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Does the Giffgaff sim card expire if not used ? - The giffgaff communityLet's say I activate a new Giffgaff sim. I topup £10 Let's say I don't use for 18 months Does the sim become de-activated because of non usage ?
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Question about sim card expiration due to inactivity - how can I 1) how long does a simcard have to remain unused before it expires ? 2) can i take the ... Perhaps give it to a friend to use while you are gone?
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My SIM card has been cancelled - O2 CommunityI use my mobile infrequently and purchased it mainly in case of a medical ... I was told my SIM card may have been cancelled, with about £20 pre-paid ..... also transfer the credit that was on the old expired sim to the new one!
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Long Expiry Cap Prepaid Plans - OptusI have 'big data' tastes on a 'little data' budget. I need to Facebook and text all the time (it's not an addiction, I swear!) All my friends are with Optus. I don't use my  ...
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Why Do Prepaid SIM Cards Expire ? | eHowThe SIM card itself never expires , as the SIM serves only to allow the handset ... although you may be able to see this information within the interface you use to  ...
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Terms of Use For OneSimCard ServiceThe international SIM card phone number and account will expire if no outgoing usage is made for 2 years. The outgoing usage could be any of the following:  ...
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Telstra Pre-Paid Elite Wi-Fi.. Does the sim card expire ?My laptop screen broke a while after the credit on the stick expired and just ... Can I extend the usage period as I do not have high usage on this device?
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Sim card that never expires - Mobile carriers - WhirlpoolHi, Is there a mobile carrier that provides low cost sim cards (like the $2 ... you recharge it (ie does not expire if I use it to receive calls only)?
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How long can a SIM card in the Philippines stay inactive before You see, I've used a Smart sim card the last time … ... Your Globe Prepaid sim will expire within 2 months from first use and any  ...
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Mobile phone sim cards expiry date? - Consumer Action GroupHopefully most readers know what a mobile phone sim card is, the little chip ... from one year onwards, they will have expired and will not be useable. ... always the case) and would be disconnected if not used for 6 months.
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Expired Sim Card - Would like to use the same numb... - Vodafone Heya, So I'm aware that my sim card is expired since I haven't used it in over a year. I am planning on using vodafone again and possibl...
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United States SIM Card - - The SIMple Calling US SIM Card comes with $10 of prepaid credit providing up to
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WorldSIM - International SIM Card for FREE International RoamingOur SIM card is unique and has three distinct uses – use it one way or all three… ... Unlike other SIM cards that expire in 90 days, with WorldSIM your SIM card   ...
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Sim Card expiry - Taiwan Forum - TripAdvisorHi all, I got my sim card last dec in taiwan and im going to taiwan again this dec. would like to ask can i still use this sim card or the same line again and buy top  ...
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Terms & Conditions for the use of Lycamobile SIM and TOP-UP 3.1 The LYCAMOBILE SIM Card is used by inserting it into a compatible .... from LYCAMOBILE DISTRIBUTION LIMITED, or within 30 days after the expiration of  ...
 26  ~ satellitephonesdirect.comIridium SIM Card Rules - Satellite Phones DirectA Prepaid SIM card is also considered expired on the date that all minutes have been consumed. Once your Prepaid SIM card expires , whether due to usage of  ...
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ekit, Terms of UseAll SIM cards remain the property of, which reserves the rights to alter ... The initial included credit balance expires three (3) month after initial use if you  ...
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SIM card expiration problem - Vodafone Community - 212836Search. Vodafone Community; : Prepaid; : SIM card expiration problem. Register; ·; Connect ... I use my sim card regularly. What's the problem?
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PAYG SIM that does not expire after 30 days - Mobile Phones Hi all, I want a PAYG SIM card for a spare smartphone that I might not need to use but that will be ready to use (including internet) if required.
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How to recover expired , lost or broken SIM number? | Ask YugaTech!Joef asks: Since I got abroad, and i almost forgot to use my late simcard number for 2 years. How can I retrieve or rather bring back this number.
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Questions? - Petro-Canada Mobility Prepaid Cell Phone PlanYou can purchase a Petro-Canada Mobility SIM card to use our services, ... The expiration date of these vouchers is based on the denomination purchased.
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Terms and Conditions | LycamobileYou will be liable for any fraudulent or improper use of your SIM Card or Account ... 4.6, For the avoidance of doubt, any Top Up Voucher shall expire on the date  ...
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No expiration prepay sim card for GSM intrusion system? | AVForumsWhich is the best sim card to use that I can load and forget for this purpose? Don't mind loading up every 6 months or so, but I don't want to  ...
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Tracfone SIM: International Travelers - JLog - JGENThe reason Tracfone expires SIM cards is because they want to be able to re- use your phone number if you're not using it. You have to keep  ...
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Mobile Phones & Travel: Save Money With Local SIM Cards Local Prepaid SIM Cards : When overseas, I always use local prepaid ..... Hey Annie – You are right, most cards do expire but usually I make it  ...
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Vodafone CallYa sim card for data use only - Germany - Toytown GermanySim card expiry and websessions. ... It worked perfectly, using the sim card for data only in a "MiFi"dongle to connect by WiFi to my iPhone  ...
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What happens when my Thuraya SIM Card expires - Thuraya Explains what happens when your Thuraya pre-paid SIM card expires and how to reactivate it.
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SIM card expiry ? - GeekzoneTried to use a 2degrees SIM card I haven't used in a while, and it doesn't work anymore - I assume this is because it's been inactive for so long.
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Terms & Conditions - Boost MobileYou agree that your use of this Website is subject to these Terms of Use .
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Re: Registering a payg sim card to a "about to expire " - The EE I have recently cancelled my contract as it expires today, and I have ... You need obtain and use a PAC before your account gets cancelled to  ...
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Top up, Where to Buy and Check Balance | SingTel$10 and $20 Top-up (For users with high IDD, incoming call and data usage ) .... Check 3G $50 hi!Singapore SIM Card balances and expiry date. Call *139*10#.
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Lycamobile Terms & ConditionsThe SIM Card is used by inserting it into a compatible GSM mobile telephone. ... 4.6, For the avoidance of doubt, any Top Up Voucher shall expire on the date  ...
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Reactivate a deactivated SIM card | SIM Cards | Phones & Devices You are transferring ownership of your TELUS account. To reactivate your TELUS SIM card , do one of the following: Contact us; Visit a Product Care Centre. Use   ...
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Vodafone Non- Expiring Sim Card for use in iPad or USB Dongle Vodafone Non- Expiring Sim Card for use in iPad or USB Dongle in Mobile Phones & Communication, Mobile & Smart Phones | eBay.
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International SIM Card : Cello MobileInternational SIM card for international travelers to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Middle East. Worldwide ... Can be used with IPhone, Blackberry or any unlocked GSM phone. ... Your phone service and balance will NEVER expire
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How Long Before Sim Car Expires ? - Texting, Calling, & Cell Phones posted in Texting, Calling, & Cell Phones: I just wondered when my sim cards from Smart and Globe will expire if I don't use them? Since I may  ...
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Terms & Conditions | About SIMPLE Mobile | SIMPLE MobileIf you have purchased a Simple Mobile SIM card for use with your own ..... Expiration period of 180 days after last purchase or 30 days after the Simple Mobile  ...
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Rogers SIM card has 3 month expiry ??? - ForumsI had an extra SIM card that came with one of my previous phone upgrades ( about a year ago). I just lost my phone and would like to use this  ...
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LoadXtreme - Frequently Asked QuestionsDoes subscription to LoadXtreme service expire ? ... Does use of web membership facilities qualify as valid activity to avoid dormancy? What if the ... Do I still need to purchase a new LoadXtreme Kit in case my SIM card or phone gets lost?
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Frequently Asked Questions - USA SIM cardA prepaid SIM card is a SIM card with a “pay as you go” account. ... Yes, your account can expire , so you must use your SIM card once every 3 to 12 months to   ...