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Prepaid SIM Card Expiration Before Activation | T-Mobile SupportSo, I need to know if this SIM card will expire after a period of time if I ... If it's an active SIM in use , the activation date can come and go (which is. SIM card expiration date3 postsMay 7, 2014prepaid chip expiration 4 postsJan 21, 2014More results from
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Reuse expired SIM? - Howard Forumsuse if for a bit and then don't use if for a while so the account expires ,
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Does an actual sim car expire ? - Vodafone - Mobile carriers I know credit on prepaid sim cards expire after a certain period of time (30days, 6months etc.). Am wondering though if let's say you havn't used  ...
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What happens to my Roam SIM Card if I let it expire ? - Roam MobilityAs long as you use Roam's service once a year, your SIM card and dedicated US phone number will remain active. After 365 days of inactivity, ...
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Question about sim card expiration due to inactivity - how can I 1) how long does a simcard have to remain unused before it expires ? 2) can i take the ... Perhaps give it to a friend to use while you are gone?
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How long can a SIM card in the Philippines stay inactive before You see, I've used a Smart sim card the last time I was on vacation in
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PAYG Inactivity: Time Before Credit Expiry & Account TerminationIf You do not, Your SIM Card will be disconnected from the Network and You will not be able to use the Services. You will lose Your mobile ...
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Does the Giffgaff sim card expire if not used ? - The giffgaff communityI topup £10 Let's say I don't use for 18 months Does the sim become de-activated ... (My thinking: if I've topped up £10 why should it expire !).
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Maxis Forum - reactivate expired sim cardI've called customer service regarding activation of my brother's sim card which expired 3 days ago. The num wasn't in use for 3 months as he's ...
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Keeping SIM card active on GoPhone (not a US resid... - AT&T Community... I am back home in the Caribbean, I cannot use the AT&T SIM card . ..... If the money on your account expired , the cell phone number is still ...
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Expired Sim Card Service - Vodafone CommunityHello, I have had a sim card with the same number since 2009, and ... Prepay number has not expired you are just using the wrong SIM card .
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[Other] For occasional visit to US -- SIM card with long I want something low-priced that will last 365 days before expiration . ... I have a T -mo prepaid SIM that I haven't used in years, but I keep it ...
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Tracfone SIM: International Travelers - JLog - JGENThe reason Tracfone expires SIM cards is because they want to be able to re- use your phone number if you're not using it. You have to keep ...
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iPhone 4 activation and sim card questions - MacRumors ForumsI got this iPhone 4 used for a good price and my plan is to use it like an ... I heard if you attempt to update the device with an expired sim card , ...
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M1 - M CardYour use of the Prepaid Mobile Services is subject to your compliance with ... All Prepaid SIM Cards should be activated and topped-up before their expiry date.
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This Data-Encrypting SIM Card Expires Days After Activation | Fast Ready SIM collects no personal data and expires within days of activation. ... SIM cards before arriving in the U.S. "Because of its ease of use , ...
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Terms & Conditions | About SIMPLE Mobile | SIMPLE MobileIf you have purchased a Simple Mobile SIM card for use with your own .... Your ILD Card airtime will expire after 180 days of non- use or after 30 days of inactive  ...
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My SIM card has been cancelled - O2 CommunityI use my mobile infrequently and purchased it mainly in case of a medical ... I was told my SIM card may have been cancelled, with about £20 pre-paid ..... also transfer the credit that was on the old expired sim to the new one!
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ekit, Terms of UseAll SIM cards remain the property of, which reserves the rights to alter ... The initial included credit balance expires three (3) month after initial use if you ...
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terms - Boost MobileYou agree that your use of this Website is subject to these Terms of Use .
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Re-loading expired prepay China mobile sim card - Shanghai Forum Hi, I was in China last year & bought a sim card . I didn't use it much & its now expired . Is it possible to re-load a expired China mobile sim card ?
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What is the expiration of my credit and SIM card ? - Vodafone Care Credit on your Vodafone Card is active always for a period of 10 months after last charging or after buying, if you haven´t charged. After your credit expires , you ...
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Meera Ali - My digicel Sim card was expired . Although i... | FacebookMy digicel Sim card was expired . Although i use it everyday. I haven't topped up in a couple of months and the girl told me that's why. What i want to...
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Does my SIM card and Credit expire ? - TravelSIMThe credit on your TravelSIM will only expire if it has been 180 days ... You will just need to top up your SIM card to use the service again.
 26  -5 Customer Reviews: H2O Wireless SIM Card Kit (H2O Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for H2O Wireless SIM Card Kit
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What happens when my Thuraya SIM Card expires - Buy Thuraya Explains what happens when your Thuraya pre-paid SIM card expires and how to reactivate it.
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amaysim SIM card - amaysim AS YOU GO mobile planYou only ever pay for what you use . ... will auto-renew every 30 days. amaysim AS YOU GO has a 90 day credit expiry . ... SIM cards for all types of devices.
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Telstra Pre-Paid Elite Wi-Fi.. Does the sim card e... - Telstra My laptop screen broke a while after the credit on the stick expired and just yesterday purchased a ne. ... you guys if the sim card number in the stick expires if you don't recharge within a certain period? ... Please use plain text.
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Validity Period - StarHubBy continuing browsing this website, you are giving consent to the use of ... You will need to top up your SIM card before the expiry date to extend validity period.
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Sim Card - Answers.comThis happened with me and all it means is that your SIM card has expired , because ... Ofcourse you can use your phone without a sim card you absolute pillock.
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Getting Started > Activation / Reactivation - TracFoneNo, in order to use TracFone service, you will need to buy a TracFone from any of our ... When your TracFone is turned on you may receive the message " SIM card ... you will only need to add Airtime if the Service End Date has expired .
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Local Prepaid SIM CardsHome · Prepaid SIM · Prepaid Products Local Prepaid SIM Cards ... Stored Value is used for deducting charges on local calls, and on various SMS, infotainment ...
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Sim card where credit doesn't expire . Only for occasional use I want a sim card that I can use in a mobile phone - but I only really need it for incoming calls. I'd rather not spend any money on credit, but if I ...
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USA 4G SIM Card - - If you're heading to the USA and are looking to make savings on your mobile bill, you can't do better than our 4G USA SIM card . Stay connected ...
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International SIM Card : Cello MobileInternational SIM card for international travelers to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Middle East. Worldwide ... Can be used with IPhone, Blackberry or any unlocked GSM phone. ... Your phone service and balance will NEVER expire
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PAYG SIM that does not expire after 30 days - Mobile Phones Hi all, I want a PAYG SIM card for a spare smartphone that I might not need to use but that will be ready to use (including internet) if required.
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Simple to use prepaid sim card for Malaysia - Malaysia - Reviews Read 2 Simple to use prepaid sim card for Malaysia reviews and ... Since my DiGi card has expired a few weeks ago, I had to buy a new one.
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No expiration prepay sim card for GSM intrusion system? | AVForumsWhich is the best sim card to use that I can load and forget for this purpose? Don't mind loading up every 6 months or so, but I don't want to ...
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Terms & Conditions for the use of Lycamobile SIM and TOP-UP If the LYCAMOBILE SIM Card is not used to make outbound calls and SMS for 6 ... From 5 August 2014 any new top up credit shall expire ninety [90] days from ...
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Expired top up card and inactive sim card - Vodafone eForumAfter what length of time does a SIM card expire . ... Trying to resuscitate the card and number, if there has been no use in over a year, would ...
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How long until Vodafone Sim cards expire ? - boards.ieI remember reading somewhere that the sim lasts for 2 years without being used but I can't find this on the vodafone website. I'll have been ...
 43  ~ satellitephonesdirect.comIridium SIM Card Rules - Satellite Phones Direct1000, 3000 and 5000 minute Prepaid SIM cards expire after two years. ... on your Prepaid SIM card at the end of the expiration period, and you plan on using the ...
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Can (Beeline) telephone numbers expire ? Question about SIM cards .I have been using an unlocked iPhone 4S with a Beeline (Moscow) simcard without difficulty for all of 2012 and then June 2013. However, I just ...
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EG Sim card A to ZUse your own phone in Korea and save money. ... If you recharge via website, not only you can recharge, you also get to see your EG SIM CARD expiry date.
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PS Vita SIM Card Not Recognized / 3G Won't Communicate - SupportMake sure to bring your PS Vita system and SIM card with you. Has the AT&T DataConnect Session pass expired or have you used all the available data?
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Service Subscription - Tune TalkPlease note that Malaysians must use NRIC and foreign nationals must use ... Tune Talk is not liable for refunding or compensating such expired SIM cards .
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Questions? - Petro-Canada MobilityYou can purchase a Petro-Canada Mobility SIM card to use our services, .... To display your account balance and expiration simply dial *777# and press the ...
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WorldSIM - International SIM Card for FREE International RoamingOur SIM card is unique and has three distinct uses – use it one way or all three… ... Unlike other SIM cards that expire in 90 days, with WorldSIM your SIM card  ...
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Lycamobile Terms & ConditionsYou will be liable for any fraudulent or improper use of your SIM Card or ... From 5 August 2014 any new top up credit shall expire ninety [90] days from the date ...