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firefox keeps resetting settings

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How to fix preferences that won't save | Firefox Help - Mozilla SupportIf a specific setting in Firefox keeps resetting or you are unable to change a single setting but other ... You should now be able to change your Firefox settings .
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Firefox keeps resetting all of it's settings ...?!?! • mozillaZine This is the fourth time it's happened now. Firefox resets all of its data, all of my extensions are there but they don't work. My theme reverts back to the original. More results from
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Mozilla Firefox keeps resetting my proxy settings ? - Yahoo AnswersCheck this site: he extension (add-on) FireShot did it for me =) ...
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Firefox keeps RESETTING . - Web Browsers and Email - Geeks to Go!xD It ( Firefox ) resets itself randomly, and when it does ALL my scripts' functions and settings , ALL get erased. My bookmarks also get erased ...
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ubuntu - Firefox spellcheck settings keep changing - Super UserThe spell-check language setting on Firefox keeps changing to en_CA rather ... On restarting I was happy to see that it was correctly using US ...
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Firefox keeps resetting all of it's settings ...?!?! - mozilla answersThis is the fourth time it's happened now. Firefox resets all of its data, all of my extensions are there but they don't work. My theme reverts back to the original.
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Setting your Browser CacheBy default, browsers keep previous versions of a page to accelerate page loading, but this behavior might ... Note: Internet Explorer and Firefox are the only two browsers that have been tested with Sakai. ... The next step is to clear your cache.
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Firefox homepage keeps resetting to Google - SpywareHammer.comFirefox homepage keeps resetting to Google. ... I have manually reset all the settings and locked the cookies from google which should ...
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How to easily reset Firefox to default settings - MalwareTips.comBy resetting Firefox settings , you return it to the state it was in when it was first .... To install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on your machine, keep  ...
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Proxy Settings Keep Changing - Infected? - Virus, Trojan, Spyware Recently (sometime in December) I started having difficulty logging into AOL mail via my Firefox browser. Found out that my Internet connection ...
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why does firefox keep resetting my home page to yahoo's search?Re: why does firefox keep resetting my home page to yahoo's search? ... What are your settings in Preferences>General for When Firefox starts.
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Tech support to resolve Toolbar keeps resetting issue in Mozilla iYogi Certified Technicians can troubleshoot Toolbar keeps resetting issue in Mozilla Firefox by changing some of the local settings in the browser. Changes ...
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Lesson 6: Setting Your Browser Cache5) Change Days to keep pages in history to 0. 6) Click the OK
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Designating Your Internet Browser Settings - ADPTo configure your security settings for Firefox , do the following: Start Firefox and ... Select Clear history when Firefox closes.
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Browser Security Settings for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer Set cookie storage to “ Keep until I close Firefox .” Select “ Clear history when Firefox closes.” Configure security settings : Under the “Security” tab ...
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Solved: firefox proxy problems!! - Tech Support GuyClose Firefox and reopen. If it still doesn't keep your setting , then create a new profile and see if it will work then. Your profile may have become ...
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Flash Player won't save any Website Storage | Adobe CommunityLet me know when you can and I'll keep in mind what you have .... Apparently the FireFox setting for the Clear cookies when FF closes was the ...
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Why does google chrome keep resetting my proxy server? - Google If you use a proxy server, check your proxy settings or contact your network ... the problem is that it doesnt stay unclicked. it ' resets ' it for my multiple times a day.
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Firefox spell-check keeps changing language - Ubuntu ForumsI am in the UK, and so I have my Firefox spell-checker set to
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Firefox network settings keep revert back to a proxy. - Microsoft Firefox network settings keep revert back to a proxy. I've done numerous ... Try resetting Firefox to default as add-ons may cause this problem.
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Firefox keeps crashing? Here's how to fix it - Pocket-lintFirefox is now five, however if, like many, you've found yourself having to ... when accessed will allow you to reset your browser to its "factory" settings . ... weed, you 've got to get right down to the roots to clear out the infection.
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How to Automatically Clear Private Data When You Close Your Click the Show advanced settings link at the bottom of the Settings page.
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Firefox keeps changing internet connection settings by itself Recently firefox has taken to changing my LAN settings to use a proxy server. .... At least yours doesn't keep crashing on you when you're in the ...
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Firefox Help - Firefox and Cookies (The Mozilla Help Site)This Firefox Help tutorial will show you how Firefox handles Cookies and how
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Firefox keeps resetting itself( resetting the settings ) - Unknown I tried searching already Everything is updated, and occasionally when I open firefox it may reset everything.
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How to change your firefox cache settingsHow to change your firefox cache settings ... The firefox browser cache settings are available by going to Edit ... There's also a button to clear the cache.
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Firefox's New "Reset" Feature Troubleshoots Problems Without Firefox's Beta and Aurora channels now have a new feature called "Reset Firefox ", which lets you start fresh while still keeping some of your old ...
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Fix: Firefox Browser Will Not Keep Toolbar Customizations | a Tech You customize your Firefox browser, get it looking the way you want it, but everything is set back to the default settings the next time you open it up, what do you ...
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WinXP - Auto Proxy Settings Keep Changing Firefox - Hi I have Auto Proxy Settings Keep Changing Firefox - Hi I have exactly the same problem ... This resets ALL of your custom settings u may have set wrong accidentally, ...
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How to speed up Mozilla Firefox | fixedByVonnieResetting Firefox returns the browser to the beginning.
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Firefox keeps resetting my settings !! - Tech & Computer ForumsArrgh! Why is it doing this to me? Everytime I restart firefox all of my settings revert back to the default. I like to browse without the bookmark.
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Clearing your browser cache - HuluOutlined below are the steps necessary to clear the cache for several
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Firefox Keeps Opening New Tabs Unexpectedly | Chron.comIf the new tabs keep opening unexpectedly, move to the next section. ... Resetting Firefox restores the default factory settings without deleting saved information ...
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google chrome after update keeps resetting to default settings after google chrome updated i have to constantly apply my settings and ... the same thing, Firefox is very user friendly to set up for the beginner.
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Run local java applet in browser (chrome/ firefox ) "Your security I'm trying to run a Java Applet (html file), but the browser keeps saying: "Your security settings have blocked a local application from running".
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Firefox proxy settings keep resetting itself - Club3G Forum I seem to have gotten myself into a similar issue --> ( m to get ...
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Clean Temporary Files from Browser CacheOptionally use the Settings button to set cache clearing when Firefox closes. Firefox 1.5 for ... For example, if you want to keep the cookies, don't use Clear All. 6.
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Newer versions of Firefox from firefox -next PPA keep resetting pdfjs I'm using the firefox -next PPA on Ubuntu 12.10 and prefer to disable the ... Firefox is updated the config setting pdfjs.disabled keeps resetting to ...
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Fix Internet Browser Display IssuesClear Browsing History in Firefox ; Silverlight or ActiveX Controls in Firefox ; IE Tab for
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Customize the history settings in Firefox and Internet Explorer - CNETMozilla Firefox Clear Private Data default settings Customize the categories of private data that Firefox deletes by default when you click Clear  ...
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How To Clear the Cache in Firefox 30 [Easy, 3 Minutes] - PC SupportA screenshot of the Clear All History Dialog Box in Firefox 29 ... You can change it back to your custom setting when you're done. ... similar processes for clearing the cache but please try to keep the latest version of Firefox installed if possible.
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7 Ways to Troubleshoot Firefox - wikiHowSeven Methods:Restart FirefoxClear Firefox CacheUse Firefox's Safe ... with Firefox are caused by faulty extensions or themes, incorrect settings , or corrupt files.
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Why is Firefox not saving my desired homepage, search engine, and Once I close my browser, it resets my search settings . ... So please help me figure out how to keep my Firefox settings how I want them even ...
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How do I enable or disable or delete Internet cookies?Within the Content Settings you'll be able to Allow local data to be set ( recommended and enable setting ), Keep local data only until I quit my ... Mozilla Firefox 1.0 users can delete the cookies on their hard drive by clicking the "Tools" menu, "Options", clicking the "Privacy" button, and under "Cookies" click the Clear button.
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firefox keeps resetting itself - Tech Helproom | 06-06-06 - PC The problem I'm having is that Firefox keep resetting itself every time I ... "Direct connection to the Internet" or "Auto-detect proxy settings for this ...
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Enabling cookies - BBC - FAQs - HomeWeather and local news Change your location settings . ... From the Keep until dropdown list, either select they expire or ask me every time. If you choose 'I close Firefox ', cookies will get removed automatically each time you close Firefox ; Click OK. ... To prevent resetting Safari from removing cookies, please do the following.
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How to change the default search engine and home page in Firefox ?Every time I change this, the settings do not stick until the next time I start ... must be some global settings that just keeps resetting these values.
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Adblock Plus • View topic - Adblock resetting settingsAdblock is always resetting general settings such as my entire list of ... new firefox profile ... keep only windows firewall enabled and disable all other security software (antivirus, anti malware, other firewall ) and test again.
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Remove "Search with Bing" toolbar from IE, Chrome or Firefox In first place this is not recommended, as restoring to default settings will remove