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firefox keeps resetting settings

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How to fix preferences that won't save | Firefox Help - Mozilla Support1 Reset Firefox to fix the problem; 2 Resetting preferences file; 3 Specific .... If a specific setting in Firefox keeps resetting or you are unable to change a single  ...
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Firefox keeps resetting all of it's settings ...?!?! • mozillaZine This is the fourth time it's happened now. Firefox resets all of its data, all of my extensions are there but they don't work. My theme reverts back to the original.
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Firefox keeps RESETTING . - Geeks to Go ForumsIt ( Firefox ) resets itself randomly, and when it does ALL my scripts' functions and settings , ALL get erased. My bookmarks also get erased too.
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Mozilla Firefox keeps resetting my proxy settings ? - Yahoo AnswersCheck this site: he extension (add-on) FireShot did it for me =)  ...
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Firefox homepage keeps resetting to Google - SpywareHammer.comFirefox homepage keeps resetting to Google. ... I have manually reset all the settings and locked the cookies from google which should  ...
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Firefox keeps crashing? Here's how to fix it - Pocket-lintFirefox is now five, however if, like many, you've found yourself having to ... accessed will allow you to reset your browser to its "factory" settings .
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How to easily reset Firefox to default settings - MalwareTips.comWhen you reset Firefox settings , all add-ons and customization are ... Free); When the installation begins, keep following the prompts in order to  ...
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Firefox's New " Reset " Feature Troubleshoots Problems Without There are a lot of ways to fix issues with your browser, but they often require you to delete all your data—stored passwords, cookies, form  ...
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why does firefox keep resetting my home...: Apple Support Communitieswhy does firefox keep resetting my home page to yahoo's search? ... What are your settings in Preferences>General for When Firefox starts.
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How to speed up Mozilla Firefox | fixedByVonnieResetting Firefox returns the browser to the beginning. ... This will keep Firefox running smoothly in the future. ... Privacy then under history set the Firefox will setting in the drop down box to Use custom settings for history.
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Firefox keeps resetting itself( resetting the settings ) - Unknown I tried searching already Everything is updated, and occasionally when I open firefox it may reset everything.
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Firefox Help - Firefox and Cookies (The Mozilla Help Site)Firefox's Cookie options. IMHO, the ideal setting is to check Allow Sites to set cookies and select Ask me every time from the " Keep Cookies" drop-down menu   ...
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Firefox Keeps Opening New Tabs Unexpectedly | Chron.comIf the new tabs keep opening unexpectedly, move to the next section. ... Resetting Firefox restores the default factory settings without deleting saved information  ...
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ubuntu - Firefox spellcheck settings keep changing - Super UserThe spell-check language setting on Firefox keeps changing to en_CA rather than ... On restarting I was happy to see that it was correctly using US English, but   ...
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Firefox settings keep resetting - Overclockers ForumsFirefox settings keep resetting Microsoft Operating Systems.
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How to Restore Firefox Settings : 5 Steps (with Pictures)Fortunately, you can restore Firefox settings without having to completely uninstall and then reinstall the program. ... The " Reset bookmarks to Firefox defaults" option will erase your current set of bookmarks ... Keep a Nail Steady Using a Comb.
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Firefox default search engine keeps switching to Yahoo - Google Firefox browser keeps switching to Yahoo, from Google. I prefer Google ... change all the Yahoo settings to Google, it lasts a little bit and then eventually I get ... What are you resetting and what do you have in about:config for:
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Firefox - Reset to default settings - KioskeaFirefox is not responding or is subjected to random crashes. You have already tried the following procedures, without any success: Un-install add-ons. Re-install   ...
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Reset Mozilla Firefox Settings to the Default Configuration without Reset Mozilla Firefox Settings to the Default Configuration without ... If Firefox keeps starting in Safe Mode see the following Mozilla Firefox  ...
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Something keeps setting my Firefox user agent string - Stack OverflowSomething keeps setting my Firefox user agent string ... my laptop, and I've noticed that the user agent string keeps getting reset by something.
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Toolbar keeps resetting in Mozilla Firefox 3.6 | Support by iYogiToolbar keeps resetting in Mozilla Firefox 3.6. Reason ... Footnotes: In order to fix the source issue of this problem, you just need to reset the toolbar settings .
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Firefox spell-check keeps changing language - Ubuntu ForumsI am in the UK, and so I have my Firefox spell-checker set to "English
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Enabling cookies in Mozilla/ Firefox - Time and DateTroubleshoot cookies when using Mozilla/ Firefox on
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Web Browser Secure Settings - Information Technology ServicesNote: These settings have not been tested with the Campus Business Systems. Please ... Set Firefox as your default browser; Keep your browsers up to date (ITS   ...
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Make Firefox run up to 4 times faster - Jim WestergrenThese are my recommended settings , feel of course free to adjust as you see fit for you.
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Firefox Redirect Virus Removal - Antivirus Software - About.comThe Reset Firefox feature provides a fast and easy way to fix most of your issues, including
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Browser Security Settings for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer Set cookie storage to “ Keep until I close Firefox .” Select “Clear history when Firefox closes.” Configure security settings : Under the “Security” tab  ...
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Firefox keeps changing internet connection settings by itself Or do you keep ticking it but something then changes it back? Edit - wait, I thought it was a Firefox problem, not a computer settings problem.
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Firefox /Flash Issues since March 2013 - Team LiquidAll of your Firefox settings and personal information are stored in your profile folder. ... Anyways, after I pressed the reset i noticed it changed how firefox looks ... I'm gonna see if anything else is different and keep it posted.
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Firefox window size keeps resetting - Tilted Forum Project ... - The TFPFirefox hasn't been the same since. Every new window I open. ... Firefox window size keeps resetting ... If it is set to "true", try setting it to "false".
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How to Reset Firefox Browser | Firefox Browser | SimplyLikeItReset Firefox Browser to restore original "factory" settings if you are ... makes using Firefox an exciting prospect for users as Firefox keeps   ...
 35  -27 - Firefox Tweak GuideFirefox saves all of your custom settings in a specific Profile. The profile(s) ... In the page that opens, click the ' Reset Firefox' button to commence the process. Bookmark ... The automated bookmark backups which Firefox keeps are held as .
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Reset Firefox / Reset when using ForceField - ZoneAlarmHow to reset Firefox : A corrupt profile can cause various problems with Firefox . ... Uninstall Firefox and do not save your settings when asked. ... Please keep in mind that I had also lost the toolbar in Internet Explorer.
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Firefox Keeps changing Proxy setting - Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Firefox Keeps changing Proxy setting - posted in Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs: I have to keep changing my proxy  ...
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(Solved) How to remove Delta Search Home Page - IE, Firefox Click on Reset Firefox option, It will take time to reset ... Start Google Chrome, click on Settings icon (Located in very top right side of the ..... Thanks. keep it up.
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How to Fix the Mozilla Firefox Proxy Server Connection | eHowIf you make an error or you are informed to change these connection settings , you can easily go into your Firefox browser to
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firefox keeps resetting itself - Tech Helproom | 06-06-06 - PC The problem I'm having is that Firefox keep resetting itself every time I ... "Direct connection to the Internet" or "Auto-detect proxy settings for this  ...
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Firefox 23 Arrives: New Logo, Mixed Content Blocker, Network MonitorMozilla today officially launched Firefox 23 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android .
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How to keep RES Keyword Filters from resetting every time I ... - RedditUpgrading Chrome should be automatic and won't touch any of your settings . Firefox may be automatic depending on whether or not you have  ...
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How To Stop Firefox From Stealing Window FocusOne of the most annoying habits Firefox has is stealing the focus from other ... If you need to undo the change, right click on the entry, choose Reset and restart Firefox . This changes the entry back to its default setting . ..... I don't want to keep clicking from browser to program, back and forth, over and over.
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Newer versions of Firefox from firefox -next PPA keep resetting pdfjs I'm using the firefox -next PPA on Ubuntu 12.10 and prefer to disable the ... Firefox is updated the config setting pdfjs.disabled keeps resetting to  ...
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My Firefox keeps crashing itself when I start it, why? - Firefox Q&ADiscover answers on My Firefox keeps crashing itself when I start it, why ... accessed will allow you to reset your browser to its "factory" settings .
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Firefox homepage keep resetting - solustion - DewlanceIs your Firefox homepage keep resetting even you change your ... Once you do this then firefox will reset your "startup.hompage" setting to  ...
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Lesson 6: Setting Your Browser Cache5) Change Days to keep pages in history to 0. 6) Click ... Changing Mozilla Firefox Cache Settings (PC) 1) Click ... Press the Return key to see Firefox settings .
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FireFox Keeps Crashing - How To Stop Mozilla FireFox Crashes For Mozilla Firefox , the leading web browser, has its advantages and disadvantages. ... The common cause of this is a wrong set of settings that prevent the ... be dealt with simply by refreshing the system or by restarting the PC.
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Fixing Adobe Reader in Firefox | JohnHaller.comAdobe Reader is the most common tool used to read PDF files, but, by default, it opens up within Firefox and this can sometimes be problematic. PDFs taking a  ...
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How to reset Google languages from Firefox search, manipulating But each time I use the Firefox search box, from a French IP, Google redirects to
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Solved: firefox proxy problems!! - Tech Support Guyhi i recently been having trouble with firefox ,the problem is when i click on
 53  ~ gnuski.blogspot.comGNUski bacon: Save Tabs when Quitting Firefox 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 When quitting Firefox , back in the day it offered to save your tabs: ... the "Do not ask next time" box, it will reset your "showQuitWarning" setting . .... MySQL needs to retain open source roots to keep developer base, survey shows.