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galaxy screen goes black

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Galaxy S5 black screen upon wake up - Android Forums at Screen goes black and I can't wake it up. The bottom buttons will light up but screen will not come on no matter what I do. So I constantly have 
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Samsung Galaxy S5 screen blank | T-Mobile SupportI have been using Samsung galaxy S5 for two months now. Screen goes blank and nothing works. Tried pressing home key, power button but ...
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Samsung Galaxy S3 Blank Screen of Death - SpiceworksI've not rooted my S3... yet, but I did my original Galaxy . .... HI, my phone went suddenly blank !!! the blank screen goes on but I cant do anything.
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The screen on my galaxy s3 won't respond or turn on the phone So it is best to go to Samsung Service Centre and they will help you. ... One of the results when you drop your phone is a black screen . Is it still ...
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What would cause the screen to go black on my Samsung Galaxy S4 If the screen went black , and pressing any buttons (the home button, the volume buttons, the power button) wont bring the screen back up again ...
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I have a Samsung Galaxy S and the screen went black yesterdaQuestion - I have a Samsung Galaxy S and the screen went black yesterda - P9. Find the answer to this and other Android Devices questions on JustAnswer.
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HELP! Samsung Galaxy S3, Black screen ! ? - Yahoo AnswersAll screen is black i can touch my Samsung and even the sound comes from it when someone calls me bu.
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How to Fix Galaxy S4 Black Screen Problem - The Droid GuyI tried to use GPS and the screen goes blank again.” ... Here are possible ways to fix the Galaxy S4 black screen issue: 1. Soft Reset. Hold the ...
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How to get a Samsung Galaxy S phone out of black screen of death One a as a black screen with a little mobile phone ! and computer on it ... on my phone (samsung galaxy s4) when the screen suddenly went  ...
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Thread: My screen goes black with Date and Time and won't let me I got my Galaxy S4 a couple of weeks ago and it started doing this weird thing yesterday where it blacks out to the Date and Time screen for a ...
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Sprint Community: Galaxy S4 screen goes black while charging also Galaxy S4 screen goes black while charging also the phone gets warm to the touch and the screen won't come back on until it cools down.
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Blank screen after page loads - Google Product ForumsOnce it loaded the screen would go blank after 3-5 seconds. If the background ..... Having the same problem with chrome on my Galaxy tab 3.
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water damage caused screen to go black - Samsung Galaxy S4 - iFixitmy phone still works, but the screen has gone black since spilling a small ... and am able to have a phone conversation - Samsung Galaxy S4.
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"The screen went black all of a sudden" - Samsung - Galaxy Note Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 at Check the word-of mouth "The screen went black all of a sudden" of Samsung Galaxy Note ...
 17  ~ droidista.comHow To Troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy S5 Blank Screen Problem There is an issue concerning Samsung Galaxy S5's display . I received at least 3 emails with the same problem--the screen goes blank and the ...
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Samsung Galaxy S - Screen Keeps Going Black in The AnswerBank galaxy -s-ii-help-desk/ screen - goes - black -cant-do-anything/ A common problem it appears.
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Screen went black . menu and back button light up nothing else I have the Samsung Galaxy S GT i9000M and I was loading an email and the screen went black . There is nothing happening at all on the ...
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iPhone Compared To Samsung Galaxy S5 - Business InsiderInstead of just playing the video on the screen , the background goes black and then the video boots up in full- screen mode. The experience is .
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Screen not working Active galaxy s4 - AT&T CommunityThis year i bought a samsung galaxy S4 active through AT&T. ... However, at the time of this posting my screen went black and would not ...
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Problem with making calls on Samsung Galaxy S2 - Vodafone Hi, Most of the time when I'm making a call on the Samsung Galaxy S2, the screen will go black once I dial a number or choose a contact.
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Samsung galaxy s4 screen goes dark | CounterPathWhen I go to the dial all setup fine as it worked perfectly before but now with the new updates I dial and on the calling screen it goes dark like when I haven't ...
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Screen Goes Dim Only When Reading Kindle Books | Android Tablet ForumMy wife has a Samsung Galaxy Tablet that has been working fine for past 3 months. ... Suddenly yesterday in the middle of reading a Kindle book the screen went dim. ... see the font size icon without taking my Samsung Tab 3 into a dark room.
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Phone on, screen black | Android Forums at DroidForums.netDiscussion in 'Samsung Galaxy S3' started by dsmusicbox, May 27, 2013.
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Permanent Black Screen - Samsung Galaxy S Forums : Galaxy S2 S II Then, one day, randomly the screen went black . The rest of the buttons were working, making sounds and lighting up; the phone was still very ...
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How can I prevent the S5's screen from coming o... | Verizon My old phone ( Galaxy Nexus) didn't do this. When the Nexus finished ... I've let it go for 20 minutes and the screen is still on. How can I fix this?
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The official Galaxy S5 issues post. : galaxys5 - RedditI'm probably going to have to go to the ATT store to have them take a look ..... Sometimes when I try to unlock my phone the screen is just blank .
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black screen on galaxy s | AfterDawn Discussion ForumsI have a sprint galaxy s with black screen . When powering up, I ... The backlight on the keyboard goes off and then turns back on. I can't confirm ...
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How to Fix Common Problems with Samsung Galaxy S4This version of the Galaxy S4 screen does not come with any type of frame. This one ..... Everything on my phone works, but my screen went black . How do i fix ...
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How to fix your Smartphone if the Camera shows a Black Screen This article will go over some of the possible causes as well as some possible solutions on ... Samsung Galaxy S5 black screen after dropping 2 ft onto carpet.
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my screen goes black during a call and it doesn't come back on my screen goes black during a call and it doesn't come back on until i
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My samsung galaxy screen is black . but the phone still works? - I My galaxy s3 screen went black when i dropped it in water but everything works ok but i cant see anything whats all need to be fixed · I dropped my galaxy s3 ...
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My Galaxy S3 freezes and the screen goes black , what could - AndroidI had this several times, my Galaxy S3 freezes and then the screen goes black and I can't wake it up. the only way is to reboot it and pull out the ...
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Recover Samsung Galaxy S2 from a black screen | Android | Mobile Recover Samsung Galaxy S2 from a black screen . If your phone ... like TNT and similar. If you still want to go through, press the Volume Up button to continue.
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[Q] Black screen when quickly pushing lock | Verizon Galaxy S 5 I had a similar issue with my Galaxy Nexus (rooted and running Kit .... I feel like half the time I go to use my phone the screen doesn't turn on.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 2: How To Fix 10 Common Problems On Samsung Galaxy Note 2 remains resilient with a chance to get Android ... Blank screen display can be indicated by drained batter, insufficient ...
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Screen goes black - Skype CommunitySo when I try to make a call from my android phone the screen goes black . ... I am using a samsung galaxy s IV - Android version 4.3.
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Use Galaxy S5 with Screen Turned Off - HOWikisThis is call the Dark screen feature. ... From Settings, go to Accessibility and tap on Vision.
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AT&T KitKat upgrade made my Galaxy S4 worse | Network WorldNext to manifest itself was the screen goes black issue. When I would try to pull down from the top of the screen to see my notifications, the ...
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Samsung P5113 Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 - New Black Touch Screen Samsung P5113 Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 - New Black Touch Screen Digitizer Touch Display Outer ..... Check your Internet connection and go to your cart, or try again.
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Thread: Phone drops, black out screen , unable to use phone # pad I just need some insight into why the calls are dropped, why the screen goes black , why no "bars" despite being in the center of 4G coverage, ...
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems: Battery Life & Display - GottaBeMobileIt appears that early adopters of the Samsung Galaxy S4 have run into ... To fix got second now my screen goes black black only way out of it to ...
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Galaxy S3 mini screen shutting off on voice call - Vodafone CommunityGalaxy S3 mini is about 1 month old. Screen switching off when using phone to make or take voice calls. Sometimes goes blank when dial a ...
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Samsung Galaxy S4 KitKat Update Android 4.4.2 Bugs and their FixesToday we're going to take a look at some common issues that Galaxy S4 ... S4 owners update to Android 4.4.2 is a black (or blank ) lock screen .
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Is this happening to anyone else with a new Samsung Galaxy S4 The screen would instantly go black when taken far, FAR away from my ear, within literally less than half a second. Nobody has any choice BUT ...
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I Ditched My iPhone For A Samsung Galaxy S5 And Was Blown So I got a Samsung Galaxy 5S, one of the big- screen “phablet” ... of just playing the video on the screen , the background goes black and then ...
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'Purple Smearing' Issues Found on Samsung Galaxy S4 DisplayAccording the XDA Developers forum scrolling on a dark grey or black screen brings up a purple glow or purple smearing on Samsung Galaxy S4 Display . ... go to settings where the background is black and there are greyish ...
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Screen Goes Blank with Voice Mail - Android ForumWhen I have a voice message and go and retrieve it, I click on the Dial pad (to enter my password, and ... If anything is blocking that sensor, the screen goes black . ... galaxy s4 screen goes black when hand goes over sensor.
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Galaxy Note 2 Random Restarts and black screen issue - Howard ForumsOne time it actually just went black and i had to pull the battery... I bought this at best but on 12/1/12 so i can still return it. Do you think i should ...
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android - PhoneGap - Keyboard makes the screen go black and When I tap on the text field, the screen does not go black , or flicker at all. I haven't got a Galaxy Tab, so I can't test there. Could you check my ...