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galaxy screen goes black

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HELP! Samsung Galaxy S3, Black screen ! ? - Yahoo AnswersAll screen is black i can touch my Samsung and even the sound comes from it when someone calls me bu. ... good luck this might only work on Galaxy S but give it a try that is all i could find : ... Let me know how it goes for you.
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Samsung Galaxy S3 Blank Screen of Death - SpiceworksI've not rooted my S3... yet, but I did my original Galaxy . .... HI, my phone went suddenly blank !!! the blank screen goes on but I cant do anything.
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HELP! My Galaxy S3 boots up but only have black screen - Android so i have no idea why this happened...i was using the camera app and the screen just went black on me so anyone got an idea whats wrong or ...
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galaxy note 3 screen goes black - DroidForums.netSeveral times now my screen has gone black and cannot be turned on. The first time I got it to work after pulling the battery a couple times and.
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I have a Samsung Galaxy S and the screen went black yesterda Question - I have a Samsung Galaxy S and the screen went black yesterda - P9. Find the answer to this and other Android Devices questions on JustAnswer.
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Black Screen During Call - Jfltexx - Samsung Galaxy S4 (GSM So I downloaded a proximity calibrator from the Play Store, but the screen went black immediately and it was not possible to get it back on.
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How to get a Samsung Galaxy S phone out of black screen of death How to get a Samsung Galaxy S phone out of black screen of death. ... If you are using Windows, Go to the start menu and right click Computer ...
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my galaxy s4 screen is black but the touch scre... | T-Mobile SupportYikes we want you to be able to see what is on your screen . If I understand this correctly you can touch the screen and you see the button light ...
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Black Screen - Samsung Galaxy S4 ForumI got a black screen . ... say that you'd done anything to cause it, it should go back to the store, carrier, whatever ASAP for repair or replacement.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Displays a Blank Screen [How To Fix]There were considerably many owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to ... Once the screen goes black , it seems that my device would stop ...
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Recover Samsung Galaxy S2 from a black screen | Android | Mobile If you still want to go through, press the Volume Up button to continue. ... " Black Screen of Death" is a synonym for the unresponsive state of your phone.
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Permanent Black Screen - Samsung Galaxy S Forums : Galaxy S2 S II Then, one day, randomly the screen went black . The rest of the buttons were working, making sounds and lighting up; the phone was still very ...
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"The screen went black all of a sudden" - Samsung - Galaxy Note Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 at Check the word-of mouth "The screen went black all of a sudden" of Samsung Galaxy Note ...
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Latest android chrome blacks out tabs - Google Product ForumsAlso occasional random black screen flash while browsing sites. .... On Galaxy S4 go to app manager select chrome and uninstall updates.
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My Samsung Galaxy Screen got pressed and half of it goes black My Samsung Galaxy Screen got pressed and half of it goes black how to fix it?
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What would cause the screen to go black on my Samsung Galaxy S4 If the screen went black , and pressing any buttons (the home button, the volume buttons, the power button) wont bring the screen back up again ...
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Galaxy S boots to a black screen - Android ForumsHello and thanks for looking, I have a Galaxy S (GT-I9000M) which doesn't boot past the start-up ... Eventually it will just switch to a black/blank screen and do nothing more. .... The screen just goes dark no matter what I do.
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Sprint Community: Galaxy S4 screen goes black and freezes during I have been to BestBuy and had the Samsung Rep plug in the devise to make sure all updates were current. We could not get the problem to ...
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Samsung Galaxy S2 shuts off when plugged in... screen goes black Samsung Galaxy S2 shuts off when plugged in... screen goes black then a grey empty battery appears for a second then disappears this ...
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how do I get my samsung galaxy s3 to turn the screen on if it is black This morning I woke up and my phone was fine the screen was working and I turned off my phone at 77% to go to school. Then at 4:20 I get ...
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My samsung galaxy screen is black . but the phone still works? - I My galaxy s3 screen went black when i dropped it in water but everything works ... Dropped samsung galaxy mini phone in water was working but screen gone ...
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galaxy s 3 . screen goes blank when caling. Can... | Verizon when i make a call, as soon as I finish dialing, the screen goes blank and the only way to get it back is push the power button, which ...
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(Q) Galaxy Note 2 screen gone black !! - xda-developers(Q) Galaxy Note 2 screen gone black !! Galaxy Note II Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting.
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My screen suddenly goes dark - Samsung Galaxy S II - iFixitthe screen on my galaxy S went black ,it was working properly minutes before when I sent a text. the bottom buttons are lit however not ...
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How do you fix Samsung Galaxy smart when the screen goes blackGalaxy Devices > How do you fix Samsung Galaxy smart when the screen goes black ? ... How do you fix your black screen on a samsung intensity 2?
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Samsung Galaxy Note 2: How To Fix 10 Common Problems On Samsung Galaxy Note 2 remains resilient with a chance to get Android ... Blank screen display can be indicated by drained batter, insufficient ...
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Galaxy S4 black screen during calls - Vodafone eForumThe screen goes black initially, but comes up with the call display and buttons after a short while. If I call back using Call Log, this is when it's ...
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Conserve the Galaxy Tab Power: Sleep and Off - For DummiesThere are two ways to conserve power when you're not using your Galaxy Tab – turn it off or put it to sleep. ... The display goes dark ; the Tab is asleep. In Sleep ...
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Black screen while game is loading, then exits the app. – Greed After clicking the game icon, the screen goes black for a few seconds then returns to ... Issue has been reported frequently on Galaxy tablet 3
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black screen on galaxy s (9 answers) - AfterDawn: ForumsDiscussion on topic black screen on galaxy s. ... The backlight on the keyboard goes off and then turns back on. I can't confirm anything though.
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Samsung Galaxy note 3 proximity sensor issue Fix - InfoTalesFew day ago I bought a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and after using ... When I receive a call and put phone to my ear screen goes black and ...
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black screen with Samsung S4 - Skype CommunityAnd when call is ended I can not switch off because screen is black . Try to hold power button do... ... Samsung Galaxy S4. Everyone's Tags:.
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my screen goes black during a call and it doesn't come back on my screen goes black during a call and it doesn't come back on until
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Why does my Samsung Galaxy Discover go black when I'm Why does my Samsung Galaxy Discover go black when I'm answering or calling? ... The screen goes black because of the Proximity sensor, it is to avoid ...
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Galaxy Tablet Reboot Trick - Nicole AcostaGalaxy Tablet Reboot Trick Has your Galaxy Tablet suddenly shut off? Are you ... An app caused it to freeze up and the screen went black .
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My daughters Samsung galaxy 2 tablets screen went black and we Take it back. Most cell phones have a product warranty that providers do not tell you about ... If you are %100 sure nothing has happened to the ...
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Escaping the black screen of death on a Samsung Galaxy S As attentive readers will know, I use a Samsung Galaxy S i9000. Previous to ... After a few seconds the screen went completely black . I released ...
 40  -9 Black Touch Screen Digitizer for Samsung Galaxy Tab Black Touch Screen Digitizer for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 Wifi P3110 Glass Display .... Once the old glass was removed (big pain), this went in without a hitch .
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Problem with making calls on Samsung Galaxy S2 - Vodafone Hi, Most of the time when I'm making a call on the Samsung Galaxy S2, the screen will go black once I dial a number or choose a contact.
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Re: Galaxy S4 screen went black after 2 months usage - My Optus After 2 months of re-contracting with Optus and getting the new S4 phone, it has finally died on me. The screen went blank and black. It would ...
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Thread: Blank Screen but still running - Galaxy Nexus ForumEver since 4.2.1 my Galaxy Nexus occasionally has its screen go blank (after briefly flashing). It is still running, and the touch screen is still.
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Galaxy S blank screen issue - Samsung - Android phones - WhirlpoolMy screen goes blank and wont respond just after one vibration.. which means a force close is about to happen. I'm not sure if this is the same ...
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Samsung Galaxy S4: A Definitive Guide - AndroidTappAfter spending quite some time with the Samsung Galaxy S4 we wanted to ... Screen goes black and you have to hit the start or power button to ...
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VZW Galaxy Nexus goes black after the Google logo - RootzWiki.comHi, I have a really tough problem with my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. After I boot it up it shows the Google logo and then the screen goes black .
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Six ways to Maximize the Battery Life on your Samsung Galaxy S4 From the Galaxy S4 home screen : swipe down from the top with two fingers to display the feature list.
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Galaxy S3 mini screen shutting off on voice call - Vodafone CommunityGalaxy S3 mini is about 1 month old. Screen switching off when using phone to make or take voice calls. Sometimes goes blank when dial a ...
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How to retrieve files from Samsung Galaxy S ( Screen is black a day before my bday and my samsung galaxy s (1) has been ruined out of nowhere the screen is black and pixelated, but. ... Here you go !
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Samsung Galaxy S - S2 Screen goes Black . Phone does a partial About 3 times a day the sometimes during a call sometimes not the screen goes completely black and the 4 bottom keys light up. It kills the call ...
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Galaxy S4 goes to black screen during outgoing call - How-Android One month old Samsung Galaxy S4's screen goes black during outgoing call, I think this problem occur ever since I update my whatsapp.