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galaxy screen goes black

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HELP! Samsung Galaxy S3, Black screen ! ? - Yahoo AnswersAll screen is black i can touch my Samsung and even the sound comes from it when someone calls me ... good luck this might only work on Galaxy S but give it a try that is all i could find :) ... Let me know how it goes for you.
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HELP! My Galaxy S3 boots up but only have black screen - Android so i have no idea why this happened...i was using the camera app and the screen just went black on me so anyone got an idea whats wrong or  ...
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Samsung Galaxy S3 Blank Screen of Death - SpiceworksWell at least the screen anyway. ... Sometimes booting in and out of that can somehow fix the black screen . ... Let me know how it goes for you.
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I have a Samsung Galaxy S and the screen went black yesterda Question - I have a Samsung Galaxy S and the screen went black yesterda - P9. Find the answer to this and other Android Devices questions on JustAnswer.
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Black Screen - Samsung Galaxy S4 ForumI got a black screen . ... Quickly drag down the screen and will show the Brightness control or either go to settings to select brightness and  ...
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How to get a Samsung Galaxy S phone out of black screen of death How to get a Samsung Galaxy S phone out of black screen of death. ... If you are using Windows, Go to the start menu and right click Computer  ...
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Galaxy S4 black screen during calls - Vodafone eForumThe screen goes black initially, but comes up with the call display and buttons after a short while. If I call back using Call Log, this is when it's  ...
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My samsung galaxy screen is black . but the phone still works? - I Screen goes black on my samsung galaxy s3 when on phone · I have problem with the battery. i purchase my phone samsung galaxy blaze around the january   ...
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Galaxy s3 black screen - Android ForumsGalaxy s3 black screen ... The only difference is my screen isn't smashed. ... started to turn green and purple and then the screen went black .
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note 3 screen goes black - DroidForums.netSeveral times now my screen has gone black and cannot be turned on. The first time I got it to work after pulling the battery a couple times and.
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Permanent Black Screen - Samsung Galaxy S Forums : Galaxy S2 S II Then, one day, randomly the screen went black . The rest of the buttons were working, making sounds and lighting up; the phone was still very  ...
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[Q] Samsung Galaxy S3 display went black and not turning on again [Q] Samsung Galaxy S3 display went black and not turning on again after charging even Galaxy S III Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting.
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"The screen went black all of a sudden" - Samsung - Galaxy Note Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 at Check the word-of mouth "The screen went black all of a sudden" of Samsung Galaxy Note  ...
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Samsung Galaxy S3 black screen and automatic reboots - Android Samsung Galaxy S3 black screen and automatic reboots .... In that case, it only leaves adb logcat if you want to go that way. Permanently hanging on a USB  ...
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Is this happening to anyone else with a new Samsung Galaxy S4 I have had a new Samsung Galaxy S4 for two days. ... The screen would instantly go black when taken far, FAR away from my ear, within  ...
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galaxy s 3 . screen goes blank when caling. Can... | Verizon when i make a call, as soon as I finish dialing, the screen goes blank and the only way to get it back is push the power button, which  ...
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Recover Samsung Galaxy S2 from a black screen | Android | Mobile If you still want to go through, press the Volume Up button to continue. ... " Black Screen of Death" is a synonym for the unresponsive state of your phone.
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My daughters Samsung galaxy 2 tablets screen went black and we Take it back. Most cell phones have a product warranty that providers do not tell you about ... If you are %100 sure nothing has happened to the  ...
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Problem with making calls on Samsung Galaxy S2 - Vodafone Hi, Most of the time when I'm making a call on the Samsung Galaxy S2, the screen will go black once I dial a number or choose a contact.
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Proximity Sensor- Screen Goes Black During Phone Call. - Samsung I am using samsung galaxy s3(international). During a phone call, the screen goes black , when I move it away from my face, it does not turn on  ...
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Conserve the Galaxy Tab Power: Sleep and Off - For DummiesThere are two ways to conserve power when you're not using your Galaxy Tab – turn it off or put it to sleep. ... The display goes dark ; the Tab is asleep. In Sleep  ...
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Screen Goes Black - Galaxy Tab2 ForumSeveral times my screen simply blanks. touching the screen anywhere does nothing. am able to turn off or restart. Battery is full, Tab is appx.
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Sprint Community: touch screen on Galaxy S4 is not working screen I was on my Galaxy S4 that I have had for a few months with no problems. ... Today the screen went black and the touch screen is not working.
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Re: Galaxy S4 screen went black after 2 months usage - My Optus After 2 months of re-contracting with Optus and getting the new S4 phone, it has finally died on me. The screen went blank and black. It would  ...
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Latest android chrome blacks out tabs - Google Product ForumsHandset is verizon galaxy s4, running Android 4.3. Also occasional random black screen flash while browsing sites. Uninstalling chrome updates and both behaviors go away. Latest android chrome blacks out tabs, Anthony  ...
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The screen went black after the first use,what happened? - Samsung I restarted the phone and took the battery out, but the screen won't illuminate. ... Samsung Galaxy S III. ... the phone worked fine, but while using the phone today, all of a sudden lines went through the phone and it went black .
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My Galaxy Tab went black | T-Mobile SupportI was using my Galaxy Tab and all of a sudden it went black . Now it ... HERE'S THE SECRET: At the same time, keep a finger on the screen .
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Escaping the black screen of death on a Samsung Galaxy S As attentive readers will know, I use a Samsung Galaxy S i9000. Previous to ... After a few seconds the screen went completely black . I released  ...
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Samsung P5113 Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 - New Black Touch Screen Samsung P5113 Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 - New Black Touch Screen Digitizer Touch ... camera, musical instruments, cell phones, electronics on the go , and more.
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VZW Galaxy Nexus goes black after the Google logo - RootzWiki.comHi, I have a really tough problem with my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. After I boot it up it shows the Google logo and then the screen goes black .
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SG2 screen goes blank when i make a phone call - Samsung Galaxy ForumMy screen goes blank (as if it was turned off) whenever i phone someone and most of the time i only get back to active screen is when they  ...
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Screen goes black when virtual keyboard hides - Samsung Galaxy In this activity, can you try some variations of android:windowSoftInputMode . For example, try ... Many thanks for this.
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my screen goes black during a call and it doesn't come back on so this just happened out of nowhere. it's never happened before. but now it happens on every call. the second i make a call, the screen turns  ...
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How to keep screen going black when making a call on ... - The InformrHow to keep screen going black when making a call on the Samsung Galaxy ... after a second or two, I cannot hear my caller talking and the screen goes blank .
 37  +52 • View topic - screen goes blackWhy does my waze screen go black in the afternoon? my icons are clear, only ... Knight • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (stock) • Android 4.3 • Waze  ...
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Samsung Galaxy S - Screen goes black cant do anythingSometimes when my Galaxy S screen goes black and you push the home button nothing happens and the only way to get the phone going  ...
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Samsung Galaxy S - Screen Keeps Going Black in The AnswerBank My friend has the above phone and every now and again the screen goes black . You can still hear the phone ringing or texts coming through  ...
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Thread: Screen goes blank while on phone - Samsung Galaxy Note2 Can anyone help me. When I am on the phone for any length of time (usually use speaker function) I have noticed the phone screen goes blank   ...
 41  ~ progeasy.blogspot.comfix camera screen black for samsung galaxy - Programming Easy camera screen black , fix screen for galaxy S2, samsung camera balck. ... Step 5 : Go back to All and select Google Services Framework.
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black screen on galaxy s - AfterDawn: ForumsDiscussion on topic black screen on galaxy s. ... The phone was working fine one day, and all of the sudden it just went dark . I tried connecting  ...
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ScummVM :: Forums :: View topic - Galaxy s3 - blank screen on loadHello, I just installed this on the samsung galaxy s3, but it won't load beyond the ..... startup screen (horizontally aligned), and then it goes black .
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Samsung Galaxy S3 black screen and automatic reboots [solved Samsung Galaxy S3 black screen and automatic reboots [solved, ... in a row... so it seems like at least the reboots are gone (I hope not to jinx it.
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How do you fix Samsung Galaxy smart when the screen goes blackHow do you fix your black screen on a samsung intensity 2? ... 2nd If you are using your computer and the screen goes black the it sounds like the screen is  ...
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Samsung Galaxy S4 goes official with new screen and CPU Samsung Galaxy S4 goes official with new screen and CPU. 15 March, 2013 ... Samsung Galaxy S 4 in Misty Black . At the back, the Samsung Galaxy S IV will  ...
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Modifying More Settings | Customizing Android 4 on Your Samsung Customizing Android 4 on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 ... After the screen goes dark , you can easily start it again by tapping the screen or  ...
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Galaxy Tab black screen after two weeks - Android Tablet ForumHello, all. I bought a Galaxy Tab 10.1 two weeks ago. Yesterday afternoon when I went to use it, it would not turn on. There should have been a  ...
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Galaxy S3 mini screen shutting off on voice call - Vodafone CommunityGalaxy S3 mini is about 1 month old. Screen switching off when using phone to make or take voice calls. Sometimes goes blank when dial a  ...
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Screen goes blank - The Galaxy Tab ForumIn a matter of seconds after turning on my Galaxy tablet the screen goes blank . I have the setting at 5 minutes without any activity, so that should  ...
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Galaxy S3 constant problem. Screen goes dark , won't power on.I had my S3 since the week of release. I've had this problem when you press the power button to dime the screen , that it won't come back up.