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 1  ~ - shorten that long URL into a tiny URLAre you sick of posting URLs in emails only to have it break when sent ... Then you can enter a URL into TinyURL, and your affiliate link will be hidden from the ...
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RarME - short & hide url !Protect, Hide and Short your URL . Here you can create a short URL that can be effectively used instead of an existing, long URL .
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html - How can i hide the full url of my website? - Stack OverflowWhen i upload my website files to my server and goto my website, ... to hide the extension of the page that you are on you need to have control of ...
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Adrian Roselli: On Hiding URLs in the BrowserIf Chrome really does hide URLs , I think as developers we can handle it (partly because we can set a flag to re-enable).
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Do we really need to hide the URL ? | FT LabsGoogle recently started experimenting with hiding the URL in Chrome and replacing it with an “Origin chip”, which seems a bit scary.
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Hide the Target URL of a Link in Status Bar - OpenJSHide the Target URL of a Link in Status Bar. There are some instances where you have redirect the user through one page to get them to another page. There is ...
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Do You Know How To ' Hide The URL '? | FacebookJust Paste Your Link As Normal. Once The 'Link Preview' Appears You Can Delete The URL . Posts Containing URL's Are Often Marked As Spam.
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What is url masking and why is different from link cloakingAlso known as Stealth Redirection or URL Hiding , this will ensure that your visitors see the orignal domain name and not the destination URL .
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Cannot find $form['path'] to hide form URL path settings [#1131786 Hello, I was just looking for a way to hide the " URL path settings" fieldset for a couple 7.x sites but I can't find the $form['path'] array anymore.
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ShadyURL - Don't just shorten your URL , make it suspicious and Free URL redirection service that makes links appear suspicious.
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Normalized hide address bar for iOS & Android - Gists - GitHubNormalized hide address bar for iOS & Android - Gist is a simple way to share snippets of ... And yes, we can hide the url bar with a vertival scroll of 0 on Android!
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confidentiality - Does SSL/TLS (https) hide the urls being accessed This question already has an answer here: Are URLs viewed during ... The HTTPS protocol is equivalent to using HTTP over an SSL or TLS ...
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Hide folder in URL : The Official Microsoft IIS ForumsIs there any way to hide that /localfolder/ in the URL ? or is there any .... Now I can see /folder/ in my url which is as if I don't have any rewrite ...
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Google experimenting with hiding URLs in Chrome | ZDNetJake Archibald, a "developer advocate" for Chrome at Google, has blogged about how the "Canary" version of Chrome is now hiding parts of ...
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Google Chrome's plan to hide URLs hits a snag - CNETChrome's "origin chip" feature, which hides URLs in the browser's location bar, may be vulnerable to lengthy Web addresses.
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How do you hide a URL link inside a text line? - Steam Users' ForumsYou can either highlight the text you want the url to be embedded in then click on the little globe, or you can click on the globe first, insert the url  ...
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Fullscreen on Chrome or how can I hide url bar? (GameMaker Hello comrades! I'm working on my new gamemaker game at the moment, and the sponsor is asking me too make the game. running fullscreen ...
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Issue 380005 - chromium - Status bar does not always hide in full The UI should hide itself completely in full screen video mode, even if the element on top contains a URL . What went wrong? Status/ URL bar ...
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How to Obscure Any URLHow to Obscure Any URL How Spammers And Scammers Hide and Confuse Last Updated Sunday, 13 January 2002. NOTICE: the IP address of this site has ...
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JW Player | Process to hide my URLs (php session) - I want to use the code below in order to " hide " the " url of my video. Everything works fine but I do not know how to file "hd": I have a two part ...
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[help] hide url tip at bottom of fullscreen videos : chrome - RedditMany times when I go into fullscreen to watch a video I see a little popup url tooltip at the bottom left. This tip window continues to show until I e.
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Hide Myspace URL - MyspaceGens.comHide Myspace URL , Remove Myspace URL , Delete Myspace URL , Get Rid of Myspace URL .
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How can we hide the URL with Webdispatcher afte... | SCNHow can we hide the URL with Webdispatcher after SSO redirect ... The URL generation in AS ABAP needs to be configured so that URLs are ...
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DOLPHINBROWSER | How can Dolphin hide the URL bar automatUnfortunately there is no API for tab and URL bar for Android 4.1+, so the tab would not hide by default. But by installing and enabling Dolphin ...
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Doing it right: skipping the iPhone url bar - Remy Sharp's b:logMaking the iPhone hide the url bar is fairly simple, you need run the following JavaScript: window.scrollTo(0, 1);. However there's the question ...
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Try Out Chrome's Space-Saving, Hidden URL Bar in the Canary BuildNetbook users rejoice: Google Chrome's Canary build recently added a new feature that completely hides the URL bar for serious vertical ...
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How can I hide the URL and write a phrase for a li... - Second LifeHow can I hide the URL and write a phrase for a li. ... enter the URL & click submit (OK / Done). That's it ... <a href="
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PHP: Hiding PHP - ManualA few simple techniques can help to hide PHP , possibly slowing down an attacker who is .... lets you hide /omit .php in the url without any rewriting, etc... up.
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phpBB • View topic - [ABD] Simple Hide URL MOD 0.0.1 (phpBB3 GOLD)MOD Title: [phpBB3] Simple Hide URL MOD MOD Description: Whenever [URL] BBcode is used in a message, the hyperlink is automatically ...
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Moodle in English: URL Course " Hide the URL "I have courses I have hosted external and I am looking for a way to hide the URL is there any pulugins taht do this. I looked into Jquery but it ...
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How to hide ( remove ) .ASPX extension in URL in ASP.Net | ASP In this article he has explained how to manipulate URLs by hiding (removing) . ASPX extension in URL using URL Routing in ASP.Net.
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Hippo URL Rewriter - Hide for non-adminsHide URL Rewriter for non-admins. Sometimes it is desired to hide the URL Rewriter for all users except those with admin rights. By default both authors and  ...
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Hide image path url - SitePointThe url path of the image direct to an external website which actually hosts the images. Is there any way to hide /encrypt the url from my page if ...
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Hide User Interface Elements Using URL Commands in IBM Cognos Elements Using URL Commands in IBM Cognos Viewer When Viewing Reports. You can use URL commands to hide user interface elements for a session.
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How to Hide the Trailing . URL for Internet Shortcuts? - Tidy FavoritesA: As a rule, Windows hides the extension for Internet shortcuts. After re-installing of a third-party web browser, it sometimes occurs that the trailing . URL may be ...
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Google's plan to hide URLs in Chrome could make users vulnerable Google is in the process of testing an “Origin Chip” that hides the view of a website's full URL . This new setup instead displays the domain ...
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How to Hide URL Links in a Facebook Message | Chron.comIf you do not want to send this Facebook-generated link, you can hide it so that only the URL is sent to the Facebook user. In order to do this in a Facebook ...
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SendinBlue Resources | How to hide a link's URLAnd to the question “Do you want to hide the url links?” Click the bubble that says “No” so that links are not visible, but this will lead to not being able to track the ...
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Google moves to kill off the URL entirely in new version of Chrome In a new version of Chrome, the full URL vanishes from the address bar, instead replaced .... Weather or not you hide the URL , it's always there.
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Dear BlackBerry, Hide the URL Bar in the Browser! - BlackBerry However, in the browser, the URL bar is always on screen, and it never ' hides ', which results in a significant amount of wasted screen space.
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Url : hide index.php | Wiki | Yii PHP FrameworkMaybe it looks simple, but some time ago I need some time to find a solution of this case. I finally got it, and I want to share that I also ...
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ip - Hide URL name, but still have a link to it - Super UserHide URL name, but still have a link to it [closed]. up vote 0 down vote favorite. Goal. Suppose I have original web page hosted on an URL like
 46  +54 hide your hide your referrer. Create an anonymous link that will hide the HTTP Referer header. Hide the referrer to your URL : bookmarklet - drag this link to ...
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Hide URL bar to Maximize Screen Real Estate | Mobile Web Best Quick tip for touch devices: add this: window.scrollTo(0, 1) to your page to hide the URL bar on iPhone, Android, and other touch devices that have a hide -able ...
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Hide URL in status bar of RadWindow - Window - UI for ASP.NET Forum thread about Hide URL in status bar of RadWindow in UI for ASP.NET AJAX. Join the conversation now.
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URL Forwarding - Hide new URL ? - cPanel ForumsHello Is it possible in CPanel/WHM to forward to a domain to another URL but keep the domain showing in the Address? ie I want ...
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[Drupal Pathauto][Drupal 7] How to hide the " URL path settings A number of Drupal users wanted to know how to hide the URL path settings fieldset in a Drupal 7 website. If you are a Drupal user facing the ...
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Can the built in domain be hidden from web Hello, we've launched our site and just recently submitted the URL to google but noticed that the built in domain version is showing up in ...
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How To Hide WordPress Admin URL - Tricks PandaIn last post we shared the trick to hide WordPress login URL using .htaccess file. This tutorial is bit different from the previous tutorial.