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hide code in php

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Commenting Code « WordPress CodexRemember the first time you looked at PHP , CSS, or HTML code ? Bet that gave you a ... italic; color: red; } */. To hide or deactivate PHP code in a template file:
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PHP : Hiding PHP - ManualA few simple techniques can help to hide PHP , possibly slowing down an attacker ... Or hide it as HTML code , which has a slight performance hit because all ...
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How to hide code in php PHP Server Side Scripting forum at How to hide code in php . nicknick msg:3733711, 5:54 pm on Aug 28, 2008 (gmt 0 ). okay this is a stupid question but im stuggling . /* is in css. but what is it in php ...
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Web Developer Class: How to Hide your Source CodeThis is by far the most popular way to try to hide one's source code . .... was linked the the website (suspecting php ), go to the address bar and type "index. php " at ...
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PHPshadow - Hide your PHP source codeHide your PHP source code by encrypting it with PHPshadow. Simply use the PHPshadow Encoder to encrypt your source code so that it can be distributed ...
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PHP Code is Hidden - PHP /MySQL - About.comYou can't see PHP code when you view a document source, you only see the HTML it outputs.
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encryption - Is it possible to hide /encode/encrypt php source code Is it possible to hide /encode/encrypt the php file/source code , and let ... Yes, you can definitely hide /encode/encrypt the php source code and ...
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how to hide source code ? • PHP Developers NetworkAs the php is open source, the software will be easily copied and ... Can I hide the code as we do by compiling and generating exe files in other ...
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Hiding JavaScript with PHP - SitePointSo, I thought instead of trying to protect my JS files, why not hide ... The PHP code is hidden from the user, because it runs somewhere else.
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How to hide some php code in single. php using pay-with-a-like pluginHow to hide some php code in single. php using pay-with-a-like plugin ... You don 't want to pass PHP code into the PWAL function like that. Mainly because it will ...
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Hide Comments In Php ? - PHP - W3Schools ForumIs there any way to hide all your comments in php ? ... I have a bunch of comments in my code , but i dont want them to visible to the user if they ...
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Hiding Php Source Code ! Any Ideas? - Programming - NairalandI have been developing PHP applications for quite some time. I have always wondered if there was any easy way of hiding your PHP source ...
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Code injection – a simple PHP virus carried in a JPEG image After a brief code inspection, it turned out that script written by him had ... Here is the result of my work, a JPG file with a hidden PHP code (you ...
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PHP Callback Functions: Another Way to Hide Backdoors | Sucuri BlogPHP Callback Functions: Another Way to Hide Backdoors. By Peter ... Everyone who writes code in PHP knows what the eval() function is for.
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How to encrypt or hide php code ? | DaniWebWhy? php code is run before it hits the client, so it can't be seen anyway. OR are you developing some stuff for users to download? If you're ...
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JW Player | Process to hide my URLs ( php session) - I want to use the code below in order to " hide " the "url of my video. Everything ... 2 ) and a main file with the player - (example 360. php ) : bc.
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How to hide something from custom home page with php code ?When the time i use "is_home()", the thing on blogging page is hiding and the thing is hiding when the time i use "is_page()". What code should ...
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Hide JavaScript code from the client - JavaScript / Ajax / DHTMLThis is the only working way to completely hide your JavaScript code from the client just like PHP or ASP code . Here we'll need the help of PHP  ...
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Forrst | How to hide php codes and mysql table schema - A post from Hi, We've a Clint requirement in which, all the PHP source codes + MySQL DB will be in their network. So all their data will not be visible to outside world.
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php code to hide errors..... - WXforum.netI seem to remember some code that can be added to a php file that will hide errors. Can someone help me remember? Thanks!!!! Logged.
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How to hide source code for HTML and javascript? - PHP - CodecallNot all my pages are generated from php files. I do use some static .html files. However, my question is how can I hide the source code being ...
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PHP - Secure coding - LXF Wiki - Linux FormatIf you do this, as well as using a different file extension, your use of PHP is mostly hidden . However, if your code generates any error ...
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PHP Code into JPEG Metadata: From hide to unhide | Anestis In this article i will go one step further showing how an attacker can use common EXIF JPEG metadata fields to hide PHP code (or even a whole ...
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Hide the Admin Bar in WordPress - David WalshHere's a snippet of code which will prevent the WordPress Admin toolbar ... I prefer to use the below code in 'functions. php ' to hide admin bar.
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Show or hide PHP formatting marks in Design view - MSDN - MicrosoftYou can display all the start and end PHP tags that appear in the source code of your web page in Design view. This is useful if you are working on a page and ...
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php hide and unhide form - Dynamic DriveGood day! i want to know if it is possible in php code that the form would be hide and unhide? What shoud be the syntax for that? Thank you.
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PHP Errors Show or Hide | FremontTech Code CornerPHP Hide Errors. { code type= php }<? php // hide all possible errors error_reporting (0); //overrides php .ini setting ini_set('display_errors', '0′); ?>
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Joomla! • View topic - Hide Module Through PHP CodeI don't want to hack the core, I have a separate file that I am loading different sub- templates, and I wanted to know if you can Hide / Disable a ...
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How to hide display of PHP errors? - OzzuWhen I have PHP typos on live site, people is able to see the full detailed error ... Or via PHP code ? ... Could it be that it also needs to be set in the PHP config?
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How to Hide Text in a PHP File | eHowHow to Hide Text in a PHP File. Adding a comment to a PHP file allows you to include instructions, bullet points or hidden text. A comment is a section of code  ...
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phpBB • View topic - How to hide what's inside [ code ] from guests?... 2009 1:31 pm. viewtopic. php ?f=70&t=1109225&start=0 ... ok, here is a very, very lite version to hide code -content from guests :idea: Screen
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hide a field by php code [#1078586] | Drupal.orgI must to hide a field by php code ; I see that there is module custom field , but I noticed that for some ubercart fields not work good (while normal ...
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How to Hide your Source Code ! - WebDeveloper.comIt involves adding a ton of white space before the start of your code so that the view source menu ... This is by far the most popular way to try to hide one's source code . ... Show Progress Report for Long-running PHP Scripts
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WordPress - Hide My WP - No one can know you use ... - CodeCanyonHide My WP control access to PHP files. ... Compress html output and remove comments in source code ; Remove WordPress meta Info from ...
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Hide Echo!?! - Kirupaiz there way to hide "echo" plz i pass varible from php - flash but text on ... Code : // echo(" hide me"); /* hide me*/. Edit: oh wait now I know you are ...
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HTML Tutorial - Hidden Fields - Tizag TutorialsA complete example with code of how to use and implement hidden fields into your HTML pages.
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Url Rewrite in web.config to Hide . php and .htm Extension on IIS 7 I have a question about url rewrite in web.config to hide . php and .htm ... By googling, I got the following code by adding a web.config file in my ...
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How to Hide HTML/JavaScript coding from source code using php I modified a Free script. but i cant release it in public, its in javascript and html and is easily to copy from source code , I need to hide that code ...
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DIV Popups from<view/ hide code >. <div id="simplediv" style="background-color:yellow;border:1px solid black;display:none;width:200px;height:200px;">Click anywhere in the ...
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[solved] Hide Piwik server in js - Piwik ForumsIs there a way to hide or obfuscate the Piwik server in the javascript and ... tracking code , but when I modify the PHP Proxy code in the HTML it ...
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How do I hide link code in Dreamweaver? | Adobe CommunityIs there a way to hide this using php or asp in dreamweaver? Thanks ... Don't think thers's a way of hiding a link in the pages source code .
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Hide And Unhide Code With PHP | #! codeBy far the easiest is to create a section of code that is hidden , the removal of which will cause the application to fall over.
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Hide contents of BBcode code , html and php to guest | XenForo These changes in templates allow you to hide the contents of the bbcode code , html and php in yours messages and will encourage visitors to ...
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can't hide . php and index. php in url with .htaccess - DreamHost Forumalthough you remove the file extension (. php ) from the links in the code , you do NOT remove them from the actual files. Thanks bobocat.
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Hide Certain PHP files or code segments with keywords. · Issue php errors for cool kids . Contribute to whoops development by creating an account on GitHub.
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Various Codes | gaf210CodesThis is a codes website intended to bring complex codes (and not so ... HIDE EMBEDDED WEBPANEL FOOTER WORDS EXCLUSIVE ... visitorPic(Nm){ return "
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HTML Comments to hide text of code from displaying at browserHtml comments code to hide data text or tags from displaying at browser window. ... SQL PHP HTML ASP JavaScript articles and free scripts to download ...
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Adding a show- hide column feature | FabrikYou have to put this code in the default. php file: ... Then we want to write some js code to observe each of the checkboxes and show/ hide the ...
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Hide the content of [ code ] tags from guests - Simple MachinesHide the content of [ code ] tags from guests. ... In Themes\Default\Languages\ Modification.english. php . Find: Code : [Select] ?> Add Before:.