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Joomla ! • View topic - Wrapper iFrame sizing issue & solutionIssue: The iFrame auto-height function in the Wrapper component the does ... to fail and give you a 100 pixel iFrame with a vertical scrollbar .
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iframe default border setting not working - JCEI am using JCE version 2.3.4RC6 for Joomla 3. The default iframe plugin border is set to no border, but every time I edit the iframe , it reverts to having a bor. ... frameborder="0" scrolling ="no" width="100%" height="1000px" allowtransparency="no" style=" vertical -align: top;" Then if I re-open the article and do ...
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How to get rid of the double scroll bar problem when using an iframeI want to keep the scroll bar in the iframe as auto, but I don't ever want a scroll .... With internal pages (same domain) only, two vertical scrollbars  ...
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embed - Joomla Wrapper with auto height to display the content Is it possible to display the content of other website in my Joomla page ... but I want to display it without vertical scrollbar inside of my frame .
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Iframe auto-height display problem in Safari/ChromeIn a Joomla CMS site, I'm using iframes ( wrapper menu item, ... may cause the outer page to become too long and develop a vertical scrollbar .
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Scrolling iframe on iPad - CSS-TricksHi, to scroll a scrollable DIV on the iPad, you use two fingers to scroll within the DIV. ... A iframe scrolling fix for the good old jQuery Thickbox.
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Sandhills Tribune - Joomla + Facebook Page Tab - Ditch the ... your website and up plops the dreaded vertical scroll bar for no reason? ... They code the iFrame to be no more than 800px and I certainly ...
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Crosstec :: Topic: QuickMode form in iframe issues (1/2)Setting it back to iframe got the vertical scroll bar to disappear. ... Everything about BreezingForms for Joomla seems to be working like a ...
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Problems with iFrame / Wrapper Height | Joomla - Select all//resize the iframe according to the size of the ... b) vertical scroll bars appear with the outer Joomla wrapper as they would for any page that is ...
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How to add scrollers within and article in Joomla ? - Yahoo AnswersI have limited space in my joomla template to scroll my articles. Where do I ... < Iframe src="link to file containing text" width="800" height="600" ...
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Joomla ! wrapper & Vanilla in Firefox - Vanilla CommunityBut a vertical scrollbar appears on the discussion, categories and ... If you use Firebug, you'll see an onload error for the iframe in which the ...
 12  +9 :: Topic: Iframe Wrapper (1/2) - Joomla TemplatesIn the picture attached I draw 2 vertical lines corresponding on the left ... You are right about the iframe in case you are using the scroll bars .
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Disabling "Horizontal Scrollbar " in < iframe >Hi All, I am trying to disable the "Horizontal Scrollbar " in . I used the following code, but id didn't work.
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How to Make the Browser Scrollbar always appear (using CSS)You may have noticed that in some browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox), the vertical scrollbar disappears altogether when it is not required, i.e. when the page content ...
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JoomlaCK Editor - vertical scrollbar disappears in frondend when Reviewed as the best out of the box editor for Joomla and is preconfigured, ... Franco July 15, 2014, 10:21 am; Re: iFrame plugin do not allow see ... The vertical scrollbar was present before i pressed the "bewerk=edit" button.
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Fixing "Page Shift" Problem - CSS Tutorials - by Zoffix The shift happens when you click from page with little content (no vertical scrollbar ) and land on a page with lots of content ( vertical scrollbar  ...
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Changing Joomla Messages Part 3 - Default Modules | Joomla If you want to change the text messages of the default Joomla modules, you ..... NAME OF THE IFRAME WHEN USED AS TARGET=Name of the IFrame when used as Target ... SHOW/HIDE HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL SCROLL BARS .
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Hide default IE vertical scrollbar | Shi Chuan's blogRemove IE iframe Background Color ... By default, IE displays vertical scrollbar even though the content fit nicely in the window without ...
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Add Storyline course to Joomla - E-Learning HeroesDoes anyone know where or how in Joomla I should add this course, not very tech savy. ... The 1st & 3rd line is only used for centering the iframe relative to your articles width. ... This way you will have no vertical scrollbar .
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CSS trick: Always show scrollbars | Egil Hansen's dot comUpdate 2011: Since Internet Explorer now always just display a vertical scrollbar , all that is needed to force a scrollbar in all other non-IE ...
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Add styling to Isis - template.css - JoomlaCode > Projects > Joomla Since class ".modal-body" has max-height:400px, the iframe can be at max ... I still get the vertical scrollbar . ... joomla / joomla -cms/pull/2215
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Building Internal Content Scrollbars using jQuery - Joomla Showroomcustom scrollbars demo tutorial spyrestudios preview image
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webtrees - webtrees - Topic: Joomla integration (1/1)Until then I'm going to try wrappers/ iframes for webtrees in a Joomla test ... I also don't like the two vertical scroll bars (outer one for the Joomla  ...
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iframe Vertical Scroll Bars - WebDeveloper.comHi All, I know you can switch iframe scrollbars on and off. I also know that ... The browser detects a vertical overflow and enables the scroll bars .
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joomla -prevod/en-US_joomla_lang_full_3.0.1v1/admin_en-US/en Slovenski Joomla prevod. ... COM_WRAPPER_FIELD_HEIGHT_DESC="Height of the IFrame window in pixels" ... the horizontal &amp; vertical scrollbars .
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Resize iframe according to page contents - atguy.comThat way if you have a long page inside your iframe then your iframe will be tall enough so that you can scroll the external page without scrolling the iframe itself.
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How to dynamically adjust an iframe's height - Matt CuttsSuppose you want to include a child iframe on your page. You'd like to resize the height of the child iframe so that it doesn't show a scrollbar .
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[RESOLVED] iframe scrolling - vertical only - HTML Forums - Free 100's of templates for joomla , drupal, wordpress, and more! ... I'm working with an iframe and I'm trying to manipulate the scrolling abilities.
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Scroll bar in module ( vertical ) | JoomlaI just added an HTML module, but it has a lot of height and I want to limit it with a vertical scrollbar . What code can I add for getting this?
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Auto expand/adjustable iframe « Appnitro Software ForumsscrollHeight; //change the height of the iframe document. ... onLoad="calcHeight() ;" src="your page here" scrolling ="NO" frameborder="0" height="1"> An iframe ...
 33  ~ coderexception.comJavascript function joomla iframe auto height - CoderExceptioni am hosting an iframe on my own domain and in joomla ! i have set up an ... 100 however it appears with a limited height and shows a vertical scrollbar how do i ...
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SimpleViewer Embedding GuideYou can also use an iframe to embed a gallery in a different folder.
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Joomdle :: Topic: Problems with iframe window size and popup I have Joomdle 0.51 working with Joomla 1.5.22 and Moodle 2.0.3. ... At the upload screen, a vertical scroll bar is appearing the wrapper is not ...
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How to create an iframe -wrapper with dynamic height in JoomlaIn Joomla you can insert an iframe inside the component area using the ... offsetTop; } var buffer = 0; // scroll bar buffer function iFrameHeight () ...
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How to create vertical /horizontal scroll webistes in Joomla | JoomlaWhen i google lot of vertical /horizontal scroll templates available for wordpress. ... How can i integrate this template to Joomla . ... Use iframes with scrollbars .
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joomla full size iframe Freelancers and Jobs - Freelancer.comHire the top joomla full size iframe Freelancers, or work on the latest joomla full size ... When the page loads, the iframe right now may show vertical scrollbar  ...
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How to Remove Scrollbars in iFrame based Facebook developer How to Remove Scrollbars in iFrame based Facebook developer ... showing horizontal and vertical scrolls and you are unable to get rid of them ...
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Trying to understand iFrame scrollbars and what I'm doing wrong Trying to understand iFrame scrollbars and what I'm doing wrong ... I'm seeing vertical and horizontal scroll bars around the entire iFrame in ... Wordpress and other CMS (Drupal, Joomla etc) related issues and discussions.
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Custom- Joomla - Iframes -in-Modules - LamploadWhen you work with Joomla modules, you can use installed modules or ... The iframe needed custom styling to remove the scrollbars and to fit ...
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Add an iFrame Facebook custom Tab - Paul KortmanAn iFrame allows you to display content from page A on page B. Typically ..... More than that, and you get a vertical scrollbar , which of course ...
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Menu-itembeheer - Nieuw/Bewerken | JoomlaCommunity .euURL for the web site to open inside the Wrapper IFrame . Scroll Bars. Whether or not to include horizontal and vertical scroll bars . Auto will add the scroll bars ...
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Troubleshooting No Scroll Bar in Internet Explorer: Quick FixesAre you sick of dealing with IE scroll bar problems? ... On other occasions, you may see the vertical scroll bar disappear after switching into ...
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Why isn't iframe working in Firefox? | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla I can't click anything inside the iframe , i can't scroll, i can't do anything with it. .... scrolling ="no" frameborder="0">Your browser does not support inline ... window, using only about 25% of the available vertical window-space.
 46  -19 - Wordpress pluginThis website contains lots of useful WordPress Plugins, Joomla and Drupal Modules with ... Drop In image slideshow · Continuous vertical rss scrolling module ...
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JoomlaCK Editor - vertical scrollbar disappears in frondend when Reviewed as the best out of the box editor for Joomla and is preconfigured, ... Franco July 11, 2014, 12:57 pm; Re: iFrame plugin do not allow see ... The vertical scrollbar was present before i pressed the "bewerk=edit" button.
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Videojs on Joomla 2.5 in jcepopup - several problems / Problems Jcepopup will start the Joomla native lightbox and the load the video into the ... There is no iFrame -construction and it uses only CSS and layers. ... presetted video format and so I have an ugly vertical scroll bar in the lightbox.
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JavaScript - How To Show Iframe Scrollbars Only On Mouseover I have an iFrame on which I wish to display scrollbars ONLY when the mouse is
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Absolute Floating Menu - Javascript Tricks and Code ExamplesThe visitors have to scroll to read the article on the page; however such scrolling hides the navigation menus (or a shopping cart contents) ...
 52  ~ johnmckerrell.comBlog What I Made » Resizing IFrames Across DomainsA simple search for “resizing iframes ” on Google returns 581,000 results, and ..... The coolest part is that I was able to integrate it into Joomla ! .... test files ok, but I get a vertical scroll bar on the inner iframe and it didn't resize.