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interesting lsd trips

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Acid trip 1 - Cowboy BooksNine drawings. These 9 drawings were done by an artist under the influence of LSD -- part of a test conducted by the US government during it's dalliance with  ...
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Shroomery - First LSD Trip , AMAZINGMy first time doing LSD I took 6 hits of what I believed to be 250 microgram blotting paper. It was a very bitter taste... and it made my tongue pretty numb/ tingly.
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HowStuffWorks " LSD Trips "LSD trips don't cause a person to hallucinate, but to perceive reality differently. Learn about the ... 10 Cool Things You Didn't Know About Stephen Hawking.
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So You Want To Trip ? 14 How Tos On Taking Acid | Thought CatalogPeople have made fun of me because when I decide that I want to take LSD , I really prepare. They say I should treat it with more spontaneity,  ...
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Funny Acid Trip - Roll It UpIn my younger years I used to trip a lot and so did all my friends. One night about 20+ got together on a buddy of mines private land and had a  ...
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Erowid Archives: Psychonaut: First Trip - LSDWhen I was 17 years old I tried LSD for the first time. ... Bad Trips , when they did occur, rarely or never resulted in death or dismemberment .... They're really cool .
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How Was Your First Acid Trip ? - Find Answers to this Questionit was really interesting . took two tabs. saw weird patterns on everything. saw ... experience that "How was your 7th acid trip " usually elicits more interesting tales.
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LSD - somewhat experienced - My best trip on acid yet... [Archive was VERY cool but my best trip yet was on two drops of liquid lsd . I wrote the experience down in an email to friends who trip , and I thought I'd  ...
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How to have a good LSD trip ? - Yahoo AnswersWhat are some ways to make sure you don't have a bad trip on LSD ? 5 years ago ... the state of mind your in is also important , for example
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The most amazing scary disgusting LSD trip of my life - LSD , LSA Hi ill start with a background of SWIMS drug use. i am now 19. from the age of 11- 12 SWIM starting using cannabis heavily also around that  ...
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Funny acid trip memory - Hip ForumsFunny acid trip memory is from Stoners Lounge forum, part of the Hip Forums. This is the place for stoners to discuss anything they like. Please  ...
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Lysergic acid diethylamide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaAn LSD trip can have long-term psychoemotional effects; some users cite the LSD ..... In the mid-1960s, the most important black market LSD manufacturer  ...
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3 Myths And 8 True Stories About LSD - BuzzFeedHow bout we take a crazy trip into the weird world of LSD facts and fiction?! posted
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9 Stages of an Acid Trip (Pic) | Daily Dawdlefew seconds. Daily Dawdle - Funny photos, funny videos, funny pictures everyday ... Posted in acid trip , artist, cool , government experiements, interesting . cool   ...
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acid trip on TumblrFind and follow posts tagged acid trip on Tumblr. ... marley# funny #psychedelic# psychedelyc art#psychedellia · 2,910 notes · sanguinebeforesunset.
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My first LSD trip - very intense, interesting read assured - PsychonautHeya people, I'm still fairly new to psychedelics, but I love it (and hate it), so here's a little intro: Seriously this was one of the most impacting.
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14 Ways To Trip Without Taking LSD - WildAmmo.comLargest Cat. funny -test-answers-by-damn-clever-kids-wildammo ( ... 14 GIFs That Make You Wonder Who Dropped Acid in Your Coffee.
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Series Of Portraits Painted Over Course Of LSD Trip | Happy Place"Someone should probably remove the pencils sticking out of that man's face." Back when the U.S. government was cool with everything except  ...
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Quotes About Lsd (22 quotes) - Goodreads“Taking LSD was a profound experience, one of the most important things in my life. .... far nuttier trip than sitting in some sterile chamber with a condescending  ...
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There is no hiding with LSD | Sue Blackmore | Comment is free Sue Blackmore: Beyond the flowers that turn into cats, an acid trip forces ... Of course the psychedelics can be just plain fun – the amazing   ...
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The Mushroom/ LSD Experience Explained & Explored(The image above has a really cool animation once it loads!) ... This is why having a 'bad trip ' is possible because people can get stuck at the negative end of this  ...
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Anyone have any trippy/ fun /awesome iPad apps for an LSD trip I really like beat hazard, strings lab, beatwave, gravilux, and fireworks toy. Would love to know your guy's favorite trippy/ fun iPad apps.
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Dangerous Minds | Woman draws self-portraits during LSD tripGood, now I don't ever have to wonder what an LSD trip is like. .... Always too long though - the first hour or two was generally exciting and  ...
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Drug info - Wants to use LSD or LSA, afraid of bad trip . - Drugs ForumI want to know though how to be sure i dont have bad trip on LSD . ... are always stressed so much, are so important to the outcome of the trip .
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MGMT Go On An Acid Trip With 'The Wire' Star For ' Cool Song No. 2 MGMT's " Cool Song No. 2" video, starring Michael K. Williams, is like "The Wire" on acid .
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Risks of LSD & Unpredictable Effects of Acid Trips : Foundation for a He might consider it fun to admire the sunset, blissfully unaware that he is ... Many LSD users experience flashbacks, or a recurrence of the LSD trip , often  ...
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Five Bad Acid Trip Stories - Addictions - About.comTripping on acid can be very unpleasant, even terrifying. Knowing about some first hand experiences of those who have been through it can help you know what  ...
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LSD Trip Report. long but interesting . - Pandora's Box - Grasscity LSD Trip Report. long but interesting . - posted in Pandoras Box:
 31  ~ interdope.comLSD - The Good Trip - InterdopeBack in the 70's I did acid a few times, but in the ten years since then I had no ... the notion of having a checklist seemed at the time to be so hilariously funny that   ...
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The Trip (1967) - IMDbPaul asks John to be the guide on his first " trip ". ... the help of his friend John ( Bruce Dern), a self-styled guru who's an advocate of LSD . ... Paul Groves: Funny .
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A glimpse of what LSD does to your mind - SciGuyI can't vouch for the accuracy of the following link, but it's interesting for two reasons: it provides some insight into what an LSD trip does to your  ...
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Acid Trip Videos, Acid Trip Pictures, and Acid Trip Articles on Funny Funny Acid Trip Videos, Funny Acid Trip Pictures, Funny Acid Trip Articles and Funny Acid Trip Lists featuring celebrities, comedians, and you.
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Did Dropping Acid Make Steve Jobs More Creative? - Slatea reporter that taking LSD was “one of the two or three most important ... a slight increase in inspiration or insight during and after an acid trip .
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LSD & Hallucinogens Literature - Lysergiagave Tim Leary his first LSD trip . .... DMT tends to generate more interesting trip reports than other hallucinogens, thanks partly to the condensed and intense  ...
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LSD : Trip To Hell? - National Geographic Channel - UKFancy a trip ? photo ... Outlawed in 1966, LSD became a street drug and developed a reputation as the dangerous toy of ... Get up close with amazing creatures.
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Acid Trip - Memoir Short story - Lsd , Acid , Acidtrip - BooksieAcid Trip . I tripped on acid for my first time over spring break 2013. ... People had recently been telling me about how much fun it was and that I  ...
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Richard Dawkins Would Like to Trip on LSD | TDG - Science, Magick The control in that experiment was a local vicar who they thought would be an interesting control. He also claimed that it had no effect. But his  ...
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The Bad Acid Trip - Mark MansonHow a bad acid trip inspired me to take a little more responsibility for my ... Everything that once felt important now felt silly and meaningless.
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Trip Hawkins: Steve Jobs, creativity and LSD - ForbesSometimes Jobs simply had a funny way of showing it. Hawkins shared a story with me about a conversation he'd had with Jobs about LSD .
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The CIA's 5 Most Mind Blowing Experiments With LSD | Cracked.comLSD has long been a staple of overweight, furry men with ponytails who list their ... a heretic, but I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun , fun , fun . Where .... 5 Little-Known Sequels That Ruined Iconic Stories .
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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor LSD Trip - Uncyclopedia - WikiaA scene from the lesser-known parody: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. One of...
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Dr. LSD to Steve Jobs: How was your trip ? - Apple 2.0 -Fortune Tech"I understand from media accounts that you feel LSD helped you ... called his LSD experiences "one of the two or three most important things I  ...
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Jeff Lennon: One Bad Trip < Amazing Stories on The 700 Club He was running for his life, but no one was chasing him. High on LSD , Jeff Lennon had nowhere to go.
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This Acid - Trip Game Looks Amazing , Even When I'm Playing It WrongI've never experimented acid or done any kind of psychedelics. People say it's great, except for all the flashbacks and stuff. From my  ...
 49  ~ luminist.orgSession Games People Play: A Manual for the Use of LSDBut this is a very different kind of fun from any that you know about, from ..... by circulating the belief that some people who go on an LSD trip “never come back.
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April 16, 1943: Setting the Stage for World's First Acid Trip | This Day 1943: Albert Hofmann accidentally discovers the psychedelic properties of LSD . Hofmann, a Swiss chemist, was researching the synthesis of a  ...
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Urban Dictionary: LSD TripIt's amazing how a trip can go from good, to bad, and even back to good very suddenly. Guy 1: Dude, that was a crazy LSD trip we went on last night. Guy 2: Hell  ...
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These Pictures Will Make You Trip Without Taking LSD (14 gifs These Pictures Will Make You Trip Without Taking LSD (14 gifs) ... Artistic under water vs fun girls on tubes. January 9, 2014  ...