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iphone default font name

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iPhone system font - Stack OverflowWhat is the name of the default system font on the iPhone ? I would ... To the delight of font purists everywhere, the iPhone system interface uses  ...
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Who designed the iPhone ? What font does iPhone use Covers iPhone design and development, the font used in the iPhone ... Trill, and Xylophone -- but as first spotted by DaringFireball, the default "Marimba"  ...
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What font does Apple use on iPhone ? - Webmasters Stack ExchangeI like the font , it is very clear to read it even when the text is very ... The iPhone 4 uses Helvetica Neue, a refined version of Helvetica [source].
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Beyond Helvetica: The Real Story Behind Fonts in iOS 7 “Skinny font as seen on the iOS 7 banner at WWDC.
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UIFont - iPhone Development WikiThere are 4 font sizes that can be obtained using +[UIFont someSize]. The last 2 are conventional values.
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UIFont Class Reference - Apple DeveloperAvailable in iOS 2.0 and later. ... Getting the Available Font Names ... The font name is a name such as HelveticaBold that incorporates the family name and any  ...
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iPhone 5 Default Font - MacRumors ForumsiPhone 5 Default Font iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting. ... User Name ... What is the default font that the iPhone 5 uses in Mail, etc?
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Apple iOS 7 Beta 3 Changes System Font - And Developers Go Wild Apple's new iPhone and iPad operating system iOS 7 has come in for a lot of heated criticism - amid similar levels of praise - since it was  ...
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List of Fonts Available on the iPhone | Ajnaware's WeblogI couldn't find the list of available font names anywhere in the iPhone documentation, or for that matter even with a web search (at least within  ...
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What is the name of the font ( typeface ) used in iPhone's ... - Quoracr. one /feat... ... Helvetica Neue. The same typeface Quora uses. Before iPhone 4, the system font was plain ol' Helvetica.
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This Is Apple's New Favorite Typeface (Updated) - GizmodoIt has appeared simultaneously OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6—which ... Some fonts of the Myriad typeface are included in OS X, but it is  ...
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iOS 7 beta 3 changes default font | iSourceAs part of the major aesthetic changes wrapped into iOS 7, Apple introduced Helvetica Neue Ultra Light as a default font for apps, menus, and  ...
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How to Change Your iPhone System Font - iDownloadBlogChanging the font on your iPhone with BytaFont is pretty quick and simple. ... I'm just looking for the font name for the Elite Pro HD Theme.
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iOS FontsAcademy Engraved LET. AcademyEngravedLetPlain, 5.0, 4.3. Al Nile. AlNile- Bold, 7.0, 7.0. AlNile, 7.0, 7.0. American Typewriter. AmericanTypewriter, 3.0, 4.3.
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cocos2d for iPhone : CCMenuItemFont Class Referencecocos2d for iPhone 1.0.0. 2D engine for iOS and OS X
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Default system font iPhone 4 | iPhone and iPad Forums at upload a copy of the default system font (for the iPhone 4) for me? ... the file name of the original and then use iFile to put the new font into the  ...
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info: font -family available on iPhone - Developers - AppceleratorAlso May I know android and iOS device default font family name supported in
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Typography of Apple Inc. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaA version of the font was also included under a different name in some versions ... After the introduction of iOS 7 in June 2013, Apple began using an extra-thin  ...
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Default Fonts :: Scott GrannemanFor more info on iOS fonts, check these websites out: ... Android versions 1 through 3 (code names : Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread,  ...
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How to adjust the systemwide font size on iOS 7 | How To - CNETAdjusting the font size on iOS 7 no longer only applies to select apps.
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iOS 7: what's changed since June? | The VergeAt the moment, anyone with an iPhone 3GS or older sees Helvetica as the default font across iOS , while newer devices use Helvetica Neue.
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Daring Fireball: iPhone Fonts[Update July 2012: Michael Critz's iOS Fonts website is a much ... Because Arial is a default Windows font and Helvetica is not, it is ubiquitous.
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Can any one help on the font name and font size used in Iphone app Hi, Can any one help on the font name and font size used in Iphone app. ... The default value for this property (the label's font property) is the  ...
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How to change the default font in the Notes app for iPhone and iPad iOS has always come with a built-in Notes app and serves as a pretty ... If the default font within the Notes app burns your retinas nearly as it does ... I think what I really want to do is change the account name to say "work".
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The iOS 7 Design Cheat Sheet - Ivo Mynttinen / User Interface Helvetica Neue is still the default font in iOS , but normal text is usually displayed in the Light face instead of Regular or Bold now. Text that should appear more  ...
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Add default fonts to Notes - Mac OS X HintsNotes only offers three default fonts , and there is no GUI option to change these or add others. ... <dict> <key> FontName </key> <string>Noteworthy-Light</string> ... How does this affect the Notes app on an iOS device?
 28  ~ forgecode.netBuilt-in System Fonts on iOS 4.0.1, 3.2.1 and 3.1.3 - Forge CodeAs a follow up to my last post about UIFont Name Grabber, I'm uploading a list of the fonts available on iOS 4.0.1, 3.2.1 and 3.1.3. At the …
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Common Mistakes With Adding Custom Fonts to Your iOS AppInclude your iOS custom fonts in your application plist 5.
 30  ~ jamesisbored.comChange the default font on your iPhone - James is BoredThe system font for the iPhone is Helvetica. The font is over 50 years old and is one of the most widely used fonts ever. Its success is due to its easy readability.
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Displaying Text - Sparrow WikiBy default , it uses the system fonts of the iPhone . ... height:80 text:@"Text" fontName :@"Helvetica" fontSize :12.0f color:0xff0000]; textField.
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iPhone Development 101: Designing an iPhone -friendly Website<meta name = "viewport" content = "width = device-width"> <meta name = " viewport" content = "width = 320">. If you set ... Helvetica is the iPhone's default font .
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PadGadget's iPad Tips: Bring Back Thicker Fonts to iOS 7 | PadGadgetThis week, we have a tip for getting the iOS 7 default font to look ... PadGadget's iPad Tips: Make Siri Pronounce Your Friend's Name Properly.
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Tutorial: Using Custom Fonts | Corona LabsiOS . For iOS , add the font file names to the build.settings file. iphone = { plist = { UIAppFonts = { "PTF55F.ttf", ... To use the fonts in Mac and iOS , you need to specify the font name (not the file name ). There is ... Using default .
 35  ~ iphonesdkbasics.blogspot.comiPhone SDK Basics: Default UITableViewCell font , and how to Default UITableViewCell font , and how to change it ... You can also change the font using the above statement with a different font name .
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How To Change Font In Notes App For IPhone (or IPad ... - TwelveskipWell there was a time when changing the default font of iPhone 'Notes' ... Click on your preferred font name to select your iPhone Notes font.
 37  ~ fuui.orgIphone 4s default font nameYou can browse the Web, read emails and more while watching the video.
 38  ~ bpkk.orgDefault iphone font nameThe following fonts are installed with iOS 7: Additional Information Apps can download the following fonts if necessary: Last Modified: Oct 21,  ...
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kawanet/KWFontPicker · GitHubAvailable font names are shown on the left side of KWFontPicker. All fonts in iOS are listed per default . You could specify names with NSArray:
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Developing C# Apps for iPhone and iPad using MonoTouch: iOS Apps ... - Google Books ResultBryan Costanich - ‎2011 - 512 pagesYou can also create a font based on the name via the FromName method. ... UIFont includes a number of built-in properties that give you default font sizes:  ...
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iPhone & Mac Development: Fonts and Font FamiliesHere's my snippet for generating font and family names . Cherish this; I slaved for hours over it. Well, okay… maybe not hours, but it did take me  ...
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Default Font for Iphone 4 on 4.1 - iTouch/ iPhone Fonts - xSellizeDefault Font for Iphone 4 on 4.1 - posted in iTouch/ iPhone Fonts: Since replacing my font, Beejive hasn't been working. I read somewhere that  ...
 43  ~ insyncperipherals.comIphone default system font name - Insync Peripherals CorpIphone default system font name . D5e1 Last Modified: Oct 24, One Moment Please Thanks for your feedback. For any and all apps that support  ...
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iOS tips: Custom Fonts | refactr blog on software development Add a key of “ Fonts provided by application”, and make sure it's an array, then add your font file name as an item in the array. Make sure you  ...
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Changing your font in the Notes app | iLounge TipsIf you're not a fan of the default “Marker Felt” font in the Notes app on your iPhone , ... see an option to choose Noteworthy of Helvetica as your default font ... 7: Changing the Mail Flag icon · iOS 7: Displaying Shortened Names .
 46  ~ andyyardley.comCustom iOS fonts and how to fix the vertical position problem | Andy The CustomFontName needs to be the name of the font from Font Book, ... Either they sit too low or too high when compared to the default fonts .
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Neven Mrgan: iOS 7 beta 3 switches the system body font from... on iOS 7 beta 3 switches the system body font from Helvetica Neue Light to Helvetica Neue Regular. I
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Default Font | iPad, iPhone , and iPod touch forums | iFansWhat is the default font ? i changed it with fontswap and i dont like it.
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Top 15 Mail Tips for iPhone & iPad - iPhone HacksiOS 7 now defaults to showing the first name of your contact in an email or iMessage/SMS thread. If you want to turn off this behaviour due to a  ...
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GUIDE - How To Change The System Font For iOS 7 | AVForumsTTF by pressing CTRL+ALT+G. Save the font as its original name of FONT00.ttf or whichever default font you edited. Now, repeat this process  ...