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lazy load in nhibernate aggregate

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Lazy loading - eager loading - NHibernate ForgeIn this article I want to discuss the lazy loading mechanism provided by .... OrderLines) { // just some dummy code to force loading of order line sum += line.
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NHibernate Lazy Loading Behaviour - Stack OverflowI was reading this article on Nhibernate Lazy Loading ... OrderLines) { // just some dummy code to force loading of order line sum += line.
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Not. LazyLoad - Eager Loading with NHibernate 3.0 - philliphaydon LazyLoad , NHibernate is kind enough to go and grab that information .... we wanted a single result that it knew the Root aggregate is distinct.
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Solving Performance Problems with nHibernate (or any ORM)Unless you explicitly partition your domain model (e.g. using Aggregate boundaries like DDD proposes), not using lazy loading can result in ...
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Does Lazy Loading via Properties Violate Domain Driven Design Using NHibernate's lazy loading , the LineItems property on an ... When appropriate for your aggregate , lazy loading collections is preferable.
 6  ~ awkwardcoder.comNHibernate , Lazy Loading , BlingBag « Awkward Coder... use a modern ORM like NHibernate that supports “ lazy loading ”. Lazy loading makes concepts like domain-driven design's ” aggregate root” ...
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Controlling How Entities Load - MindscapeIt is referred to as lazy loading because it lazily doesn't do any work it doesn't need to .... To eager load a particular aggregate using LINQ, specify it in your query ...
 8  ~ colinjack.blogspot.comColin Jack's Blog: Repository Implementation (DDD/ NHibernate )I don't acces the repositories from the domain, with NHibernate I rarely ... In the mapping files I don't lazy load within an aggregate though I do ...
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More on Lazy Loading vs. Pre-loading in O/R mapping scenarios He disagrees with the comparision between lazy loading and paging, because.
 10  ~ iannelson.systemsNHibernate and Mapping Aggregates - Ian Nelson Systemswhich due to the collection being lazy - loaded caused about 10 database calls so performance was sluggish even with second level cache.
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Don't Create Aggregate Roots - Udi DahanBy mapping the NewVisitors collection as a lazy - loaded bag, you can ... and ' adding' a new entry into it will cause an ORM like nhibernate to ...
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Repository pattern, done right | jgauffin's coding denI usually use fluent nhibernate to map my entities. imho it got a much nicer syntax than the built in code ... That also helps you to avoid the lazy loading problems. ..... It all comes down to how the aggregates are designed.
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DDD and repositories. Without nHibernate but with lazy loading With nHibernate you get lazy loading for free. ..... To me, the Order feels like the aggregate root of the order lines and as such you would get the ...
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NHibernate Part 3: Mapping techniques for aggregation – One To I'm not an expert on NHibernate mapping but have done some ... How do I correctly coordinate proxies with lazy loading for behavior. 2.What is ...
 15  ~ mehdi.meFrom NHibernate to Entity Framework 6 - Part 1: the mapping storyAfter having used NHibernate quite extensively for the past few
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Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns: With Examples in C# ... - Google Books ResultJimmy Nilsson - ‎2006 - 576 pages - ComputersWith NHibernate , the sets will be single row sets regarding how it's ... if you haven 't used a somewhat careful Aggregate design and haven't used Lazy Load .
 17  ~ jasondentler.comSimple CQRS + NHibernate event store - Jason Dentler.comI'm going to steal this idea to make our NHibernate code easier.
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session-per-request - Jeffrey PalermoI want to challenge a presumed best practice with NHibernate . ... If there was no session hanging around, the lazy - load invocation would throw ... session per request / unit of work and read up aggregate roots and modify state.
 19  ~ kevinberridge.comkwblog: DDD: Performance Trade OffsThe first way to handle this is through lazy loading , so the ... Ironically, I've even seen that loading the Aggregate at once would have ...
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Improving performance with Hibernate/ NHibernate - IDMNHibernate offers a lazy loading mode called "extra" as an addition to ... collection but, instead, will make a SQL request with an aggregation .
 21  +35 mvc - return nhibernate entity from web api? - Programmers How will lazy loading be handled in that case? nhibernate web-
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Lazy loading BLOBS and the like in NHibernate (zhuan) - pursue Lazy loading BLOBS and the like in NHibernate (zhuan) .... create a new person object having a photo and save this aggregate to the database.
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NHibernate Fetch strategies | Raffaeu's blogWith the Linq extension for NHibernate , I can easily eager load the two ... Future syntax and tell to NHibernate to build a Root Aggregate with ...
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FetchMode. Eager loading results in join and FetchMode ... - GmaneUsually I want to lazy load most relations which is NHibernate its default .... /09/06 / eager - loading - aggregate -with-many-child-collections.aspx 2 ...
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10 minutes to get LINQ to NHibernate (b) - Query articles - Sql 3 combined with Linq plus NHibernate lazy loading characteristics, to help us when necessary to generate a specific .... COUNT (*) aggregate function query
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Blame NHibernate , Why Not? - Ben ScheirmanI figured that we could optimize the way NHibernate is being used to help gain
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Keep Your IQueryable In Check | CodeThinkedThe repositories are for loading and saving specific " aggregate
 29  ~ xhalent.wordpress.comNHibernate vs EntityFramework – Experience From the Real World I got asked today what I considered in choosing NHibernate or Entity Framework.
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Known BREAKING CHANGES from NH3.1.0.GA to NH3.2.0.GA [NH-2670] - Stateless Session load no- lazy collection * [NH-2684] - More simple ..... too ** Bug * [NH-1734] - NHibernate aggregate function sum () to return Int64 ...
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Hibernate Community • View topic - Lazy Loading patterns with I'm currently suffering my non- lazy loading app. ... of course, because I have about 8 objects and only 2 are aggregate roots, so as soon as I load one of my objects, ... DataAccessLayer: Repositories with NHibernate reference
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NHibernate's - Ken EgoziNHibernate (and ActiveRecord's) show_sql in web application .... Aggregate ("", ( q1, q2) => q1 + q2); var count = queries. ..... Couldn't yet find a way to actually lazy load that property once the instance has already been loaded.
 34  ~ thinkbeforecoding.comHow *not* to inject services in entities - Think Before CodingI've already posted about ways to solve this problem in Lazy load and
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Dependency Injection and Unit Of Work using Castle Windsor and ORM tools (like Entity framework and NHibernate ) requires definition of mapping of Entities to database
 36  ~ wintalk.usnhibernate envers lazy load collection - Windows Dotnet Nhibernate Windows Discussion Forums : nhibernate envers lazy load ... How can be used an aggregate function using distinct +scalar function as ...
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Jef Claes: Repositories, where did we go wrong?In essence, repositories are a simple abstraction over aggregate storage. ... In general I think that lazy loading introduces unpredictable behaviour. Getting in ... That was a happy day when I turned off nHibernate lazy loading .
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NHibernate / Mailing Lists - SourceForgeLinFu.dll * If you want work using lazy loading with Castle.
 39  ~ moh-abed.comNHibernate 3.2 Mapping Entities and Value Objects by Code One of the major new features of NHibernate 3.2 is Mapping by Code, this is
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HunabKu: ConfORM: NHibernate un-Mapping - Fabio MauloThe “Map NHibernate using your API” post was matter a little discussion in the ..... About AggregateRoot and cascade-action+ lazyLoad , yes it is ...
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Eager loading of lazy loaded entities in nHibernate using I'm working on a project that has a rich object model with various sets of aggregate roots. We're using the Castle stack (Monorail through to nHibernate with ...
 42  ~ dotnettalk.infonhibernate envers lazy load collection - Dotnet Discussion Forumscollect changes he init load lazy collection and nhibernate throw ... How can be used an aggregate function using distinct +scalar function as ...
 43  ~ no-new-ideas.blogspot.comNo New Ideas: ActiveRecord lessons learnt: #2 Use lazy loading We are going to change the lazy loading and batch size properties of the
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Repository Pattern: how to Lazy Load ? or, Should I split this Category: domain-driven-design, repository-pattern, lazy - loading , aggregate , ddd -repositories. I have a ... NET MVC with Entity Framework or NHibernate .
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Relational Database Persistence with NHibernate , Part 1Using an object/relational mapping framework like NHibernate , you can significantly reduce the amount of .... With transparent lazy loading , I can use my entities the same way in code whether they're being ..... What about aggregate functions?
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What is lazy loading ? - C# CornerLazy loading means not creating an object until the first time it is accessed.
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Large Collections and Finder methods in Domain Model | The ASP.NET We plan on using NHibernate for our mapping (but are open to other suggestions ) ... IList as this will trigger a lazy load from NHibernate effectively loading all ... mean that Entity needs to aggregate all it's associated Activities.
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Choice of ORM strategy (.NET) — IT daily blog, news, magazine Tracking changes; Lazy loading ( lazy - loading ); Preloading (eager fetching) ... aggregate simultaneously such ORM as NHibernate very much approached us.
 49  ~ hwyfwk.comConfiguring Highway.Data - Highway FrameworkData running on Entity Framework is to install both Entity Framework and Highway.
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Domain Driven Design - Aggregates with complex child-object Let's take a model: I have an aggregate root call an ACCOUNT. ... private List< ORDER> OrderHistory; // lazy loaded by NHibernate public void ...
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Martin Fowler on ORM Hate | JavalobbyThis way of thinking can work for small applications and loads, but it soon falls