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lightfield slug load data

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commander IDS - Shotshell Reloading - Metallic cartridge reloading I E-Mailed Lightfield and asked for load data for Commander IDS 1 1/16 Ounce Slugs . 12 Hours later, I got a reply, in which the company said  ...
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Lightfield Commander IDS Shotshell Slug 12 Ga 1-1/16oz Sabot Lightfield Commander IDS Shotshell Slug 12 Gauge 1-1/16 oz Sabot Slug Box of 10. Product .... Loads chronographed close to data provided. Reloaded using a  ...
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BPI Sabots - Shooters ForumSince your getting into slug reloading , might I suggest Lightfield Commander slugs ? ... Here's the e-mail I got from Lightfield in regards to data :.
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Lightfield Commander IDS Shotshell Slug 12 Gauge 1-1/16 oz Sabot Hello StriperCrazy, here is the loading data card that comes with the ... We all, who take slug loading seriously are a dedicated family, who  ...
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Handloads.Com Forum: 12GA Rifle From HellHere are some more sabot/ slug and loading concepts. First is Alcan ..... Ed: I have been loading Lightfield's I.D.S. slugs in RMC cases over 65
 7  -3 • View topic - Lightfield CommanderDoes anyone have the load data that Lightfield uses on their 3" Commander IDS ... That slug is a little lightweight compared to the commander.
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Loading 12 Gauge Slugs - The Firearms Forum - Gun CommunityIf your familar with Lightfield slugs , my 525 grainers group very similar ... Lee make a good cheap Mold for slugs . and they include the load data .
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reloading lightfield commanders - Go2gbo.comThe roll crimper is from ASSA. I see no difference in accuratcy of the two. I use Multi and Cheddite hulls. The slugs come with a load data sheet.
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Lightfield Slug question - ForumsI have been sighting it in with the Lightfield Hybred EXP sabot slugs . These are. ... be on at 100 yards. But thats just "their" balllistics data .
 11  ~ lofigunandgame.blogspot.comLo-fi Gun & Game: 12 gauge slug tests part 2: Bone and gelI had one Lightfield Commander IDS slug left after my last round of tests ... Warning/Disclaimer: All load data posted on this page has proven  ...
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Sabot slugs : erratic accuracy at distances [Archive] - Cabela's I shoot Lightfield Hybrid EXP 2 3/4" sabot slugs in an 870 rifled slug barrel ... What struck me is this: their ballistics data indicates that their slugs   ...
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12 Ga Slugs for Brown Bear - Alaska Outdoors ForumsDoes anyone have any experince with Lightfield slugs ?
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Guns Illustrated 2011: The Latest Guns, Specs & Prices - Google Books ResultDan Shideler - ‎2010 - 320 pagesThe easy way to keep track of Hodgdon loading data and its three powder ... Known for its outstanding shotgun slug loads, Lightfield has expanded into the field  ...
 16  ~ brennekeusa.comBRENNEKE USA SLUGS - at!The following should provide you with enough ballistic data to allow you to ... Tactical Home Defense (THD) load provides a perfect balance of everything a law enforcement ... Brenneke Special Forces Hornady SST Lightfield Hybred EXP.
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Choose the Right Slug > Buckmasters > View All ArticlesWe live in a world of information overload, with seemingly pertinent data ... Low Recoil, Lightfield Lites, Winchester Standard Velocity BRI, Federal loads labeled   ...
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Slug reloading [Archive] - The Firing Line Forums[Archive] Slug reloading Handloading, Reloading, and Bullet Casting.
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Slug gun hunting - The Outdoor CommunityI have consistantly seen the Lightfield's shoot good in pretty much every ... and sells the reloading components and gives you loading data for  ...
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HS6 Or SR4756 For Standard Shotshell / Slugs ? Opinions ? [Archive The crux of loading slugs as I understand it is not how cheap you can do it ... 3. lightfield emailed this info to me HAND LOADING WITH GREEN DOT: this ... and "follow loading data exactly and do not substitute components".
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Shotgun SlugsShooting a rifled barreled shotgun with Lightfield slugs will show you what a good slug can do. Years ago .... Loading data is available and like the factory.
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LIGHTFIELD AMMUNITION CORPORATION - Chattanooga This Material Safety Data Sheet (M.S.D.S.) has been prepared by Lightfield ... (1) Load . 45-75%. Lead Slug . LF-12 12051. (2) Plastic Shotshell Case 12-25%.
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Magtech 12 ga brass - New Jersey HunterGot a box i been reloading useing 1oz slugs , thay work well with 20 grains of unique powder, 11 ga ... Load data I have for slugs in conventional compression- formed hulls show Herco, Blue Dot and ... lightfields off the shelf.
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Fiocchi 12ga 2-3/4" 1-1/16oz Light Field Load -Ballistic ProductsFiocchi 12ga 2-3/4 Light Field Load 1-1/16oz, 30 grams shot, 3-1/4 dram equiv. ... Load Data Manuals · Reloading Manuals Technical Brochures · Shot & Slugs   ...
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Lightfield Ammunition Corporation: Private Company Information Lightfield Ammunition Corporation manufactures and distributes sabot slugs . ... Additionally, it provides ammunition and muzzle loading bullets and hand loading and reloading supplies. Lightfield ... Market data is delayed at least 15 minutes.
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Want to get started reloading 20 gauge sabot slugs - 24hourcampfireGoogle "CSS sabots", they have all the componets and loading data ... Google Slug -R-Us and try their SPW if you want to replicate Lightfield .
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Remington Buckhammer and other non-rifled slugs - THRDoes anyone know where the ballistics data can be found for the Rem ... I'm going to be loading up my own soon enough, but I'd like to get some ... seen at the muzzle and up to 25 yards or so is the 3 1/2 inch Lightfield Slugs .
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12GA From Hell - - AR15.comI see now that Lightfield Co has the Commander 3.5" Plus slug loads with 600gr at 1900, probably in a test barrel. ... don't mean to question your advice, but I couldn't find any shotshell load data for Reloder 17 since it's a rifle  ...
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Daryl_S - Forums.NitroExpress.comThe load data sheets provided do to not have any IMR 700X, 800X and SR 4756 data. Also the .... The Lightfield Slugs also worked well.
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Reloading Shotgun Slugs . - Trapshooters.comDoes anyone know of a "how to" book on loading shotgun slugs ? Quite a bit of load data out there, but I would like to understand a little more .... The 12 ga loads are similar to a lightfield load but cost about 9.00 a box less to  ...
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12 gauge ammo shotgun Lightfield - AmmoSeek.com12 gauge ammo shotgun Lightfield Find in-stock
 32  ~ halfpricedrebatesdam.net16 Gauge 1 Oz Slug Ballistics - Discounts on Skin TonersIn the usa made scoop and loading data h p ozs sorry item. Trapping forums hog ... To e mail rifled slug box commander shotgun slugs lightfield and barrel dram.
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Reloader's Nest Forum - Shotgun slugs vs Hardcast round balls for I was in a sporting goods store yesterday and looked at lightfield slugs and they ... slug mold and the Lee recommended load with Accurate #5 powder clocks 1,500+ ....
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Reloading slugs - Refuge ForumsAlso, the Lyman shotshell reloading book has a lot of data for slugs . ... The load shot the same as a Lightfield Hybred slug from this gun, but for  ...
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What's The .50 Beowulf Good For? - Guns & AmmoAlexander Arms' load data cautions against over crimping. Too much crimp will ..... From Cabela's site about Lightfield slugs : 12 3″ 1-1/4  ...
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Shotgun Slugs - StormfrontI have not yet gotten into sabot loadings like Lightfield or Hornady sst, but
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Guide to Shotgun Ammo: Hex Shot and Slug Loads - Yahoo Voices At the SHOT Show was the D. Dupleks' 2 '½" .410 slug loading , the DUP & Short Magnum featuring a
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200 yd slug gun - Page 3 - Pennsylvania Firearm Owners AssociationThe link above is useful (Nikon) but I couldn't get all the data into it that I
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Rifled slug barrel expectations!! - NY FirearmsHi, I'm getting a 24" Rifled slug barrel for my Mossberg 930 and have couple questions. 1_ what's the lethal range ... I have used lightfields and foundnthem to work very well. ..... If you find any I will send the load data they use.
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Remington 870 slug gun thoughts. - PredatorMasters ForumsJust came across a slug load for the rifled 870 barrels that outdoes the Lightfield
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Winchester partition Gold vs Hornady SST : Guns and Ammo • Deer And hands down the most accurate slug I've used out of this bolt action. We won't try and .... However, if you like to test out different loads , I'd suggest this one. ... 12 Gauge Lightfield Hybred-Elite Magnum Ballistics Data Image
 43  ~ siloutdoors.comWhat type of slug ! [Archive] - SOUTHERN ILLINOIS OUTDOORS Just woundering what type of slug most guys use: I perfer Lightfields 2 3/4 shooting
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Any slug shooters on FFF? - Family, Friends, FirearmsGetting set up to load slugs is soooooooooooooooooo simple. ..... I presently load the lyman sabot slug , SPW's and lightfields . ... calculations using the Hornady ballistics calculator to give some real world data on your shot. 1).
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NASGW - New Ammunition | Tactical LifeThe recent Boar-Buster sends a 465-grain, .73-caliber slug from a 2¾-inch hull at 1,600 fps.
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reloading 20 ga. slugs | Doug's Message BoardsI,am going to start reloading 20 gauge with slugs .
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LoadData .com - Load Search. Information on the caliber, gauge With our load data you can search by caliber, bullet weight, powder, powder manufacture or a combination ... Click here to see the loads added in the last month!
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Reloading Sabot Shells - The Michigan Sportsman ForumsYes, you can reload those hulls.....if you have data for them. ... Ballistic products has a booklet on slug reloading (including 16 gauge ) which I .... Lightfield does supply the Commander IDS slug as a reloading component and  ...
 49  ~ • View topic - best slugs ??I really like the Lightfield slugs in my shotguns. ... This past year, the PG's data changed on the box, but I have not been able to ... Unfortunately, with shotguns you will have to try loads to determine the best for your needs.
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Gear Guide: Shooting Accessories And Ammo | Hunting, Fishing Federal is producing a great new slug projectile,” said Tim Brant, PR and
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Is 3.5in. Magnum necessary? Guns, Rifles, and PistolsGet data on the spread, or test at the range for spread and then do the math. I have a 30 year ... in the woods. BTW those lightfield loads are 3 1/2" slugs not 3.25.
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Proper Shotgun Power- - Page 5 - Gun and Game - Gun ForumHodgdon has data in their yearly reloading magazine. The BPI ... Shot a BPI sabot with 385gr Great plains slug in 700HE .... slug . Like Lightfield