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mallory ignition troubleshooting

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Testing the Mallory Unilite and E-Spark Ignition Modules - Century NOTE: It is possible to have intermittent problems with the Mallory ignition modules. Say the module has been damaged, but not completely ...
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Mallory Unilite Distributor Causing Weak Spark - ChevyTalk --The Anybody have expertise with Mallory Unilite? I've had one ... Is it possible I've damaged my module, and how can I troubleshoot it? Has anyone ...
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Mallory Unilite Ignition Issue - Hot Rod Forum : Hotrodders Just recently I have been having problems getting spark. ... The ignition system has a Mallory 501 Unilite Breakerless Ignition . The first time I ...
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How to Troubleshoot a Mallory Unilite Distributor With No ... - eHowHow to Troubleshoot a Mallory Unilite Distributor With No Spark. When a Mallory Unilite distributor fails to produce a spark to the plugs, the vehicle will not run.
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Mallory unilight problems - THE H.A.M.B. - The Jalopy JournalThe biggest cause of problems is not having a ground to the distributor . I had a seperate ground wire from the body of the dist. to the engine ...
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Mallory Ignition - Coils, Distributors, Ignition boxesMallory Ignition , Manufacturer of High Performance Racing Ignition and Fuel systems.
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trouble shooting guide magnetic triggered distributors - Prestolite equipped with a module, such as Mallory 42, 50, 57, 75, 80 and 87 Series distributors along with ACCEL 52,. 60 and 71 Series. 1. MALLORY IGNITION .
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Has anyone blown their Mallory Ignition module? - Corvette ForumI blew my magnetic pickup in my Mallory Distributor when I install my ... Try using a points type distributor to help troubleshoot as points are ...
 10  +1 :: View topic - Mallory Distributor ProblemsI'd like to hear what problems people are having with newer Mallory ... This year we lost a race because of a Mallory distributor and when our ...
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Mallory Unilite...Use, upgrade or buy different brand? [Archive I've had no problems with them in all the years and cars I used them on. .... NOTE: When using a Mallory Hyfire® series ignition control (or other ...
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What's your opinion of the Mallory Unilite distributor ? - Team I just put a Mallory Unilite distributor and coil in my 69 a couple of ... seems to have better throttle response from idle, no problems with it so far.
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Mallory Unilite distributer.... Anyone else have problems I thought the main advantage in an electronic ignition was supposedly dependability and worry free. Anyone else with Mallory Unilite ...
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TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE FOR CAPACITIVE ... - JegsOn the Mallory Hyfire I's to IV's and the new Hyfire VI (6) P/N 685, this wire is green. Refer to your ignition's instruction sheet to confirm the color of the wire. 2.
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Question about Mallory Unilite distributor & Coil combination dont remember part numbers but i had the mallory distributor with ... up. replaced with a msd coil and external ballast- no problems while i had it ...
 16  ~ v8engines.comMallory Ignition Systems - RPi EngineeringOur A&R amplifier can also be used with all Mallory ignition or as an amplifier unit ... First, we have seen problems when a customer replaces a condenser.
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Ignition Problems -No Spark! - MSD Tech Support Forums - MSD IgnitionI'm having ignition spark problems that I can't seem to figure out. Here's what I have: 56 Chevy w/ 350 small block w/ Mallory Magnetic ...
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Mallory Ignition - NastyZ28.comMallory Ignition Troubleshooting & Diagnosis. ... I've Had 2 Mallory Hyfire 6al Ignition Boxes Go Bad On Me Within The Last 8 Months.
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Mallory electronic ignition - HarleyTechTalkI am running a mallory electronic ignition in my 61 and I had a ... mallory distributor with unilite module ... No problems for three years so far.
 20  ~ musiccityrodshop.comAutomotive Tech Articles | Troubleshooting Mallory Point DistributorsTroubleshooting Mallory Point Distributors. Author: Mallory Ignition . The following are some basic steps to take when troubleshooting a Point ...
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Mallory , ignition problems , and my last good nerve - Club CobraI sent the box to Mallory , who kindly returned it with a "we found no problems with the unit" note. In order to continue to use it, I blocked the ...
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New Mallory distributor ..... problems ! - CK5 Forums - Colorado K5I ordered a new mallory HEI distributor from Summit Racing and installed in ... I also install a new Edelbrock quadrajet, again with no problems .
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Magnetic breakerless module [Archive] - Chevelle TechI got a Mallory magnetic breakerless distributor off ebay,it was missing the rotor, which I got today. ... No problems with the ignition on the car.
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Mallory distributor cap problems - The Ford BarnI purchased a 3772001 Mallory unilite electronic distributor for my flathead from Speedway Motors. I have just finished the car and have been ...
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MALLORY IGNITION PROBLEMS ?? - Third Generation F-Body Message BoardsI'm having problems starting my car, been doin research and im getting 7volts to the negative side of the external coil and getting 3volts to the.
 27  ~® DISTRIBUTOR - Curitiba RoadstersBefore installing the UNILITE® Distributor , make sure that your vehicle is equipped with an ... We recommend spiral core ignition wire, such as Mallory PRO.
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Ignition either the coil or the module in the distributor I am currently trying to troubleshoot a problem with my Mallory ignition . The problem started after a wiring short between the ignition switch and the coil, I have ...
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Mallory HEI problems - BJ's Off-Road ForumsCurious if I'm just lucky or anybody else has had an issue with their Mallory HEI distributor . About a month after installing this setup and ...
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Mallory - CARiD.comThis Ignition Control Module operates on any negative ground, 12 volt electrical system ... A poor ground connection can cause many frustrating problems . When.
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Thunderbolt IV ignition problems . 3 coils in 2 days. / 548893 It would run fine at 2400 RPM's or less without any problems .
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ignition problems ....missing - Performance BoatsI spoke to a Prestolite/Mallory tech today. he said the triggers rarely go bad and .... I would take that Mallory distributor and throw it in the water.
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My truck is eating ignition modules like candy! - The 1947 I bought a Mallory replacement from Summit and replaced it again. ..... and specialty distributor conversions, design and troubleshooting , but, ...
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UNILITE® DISTRIBUTOR FOR 1936-69 HARLEY ... - ZodiacIf the point distributor is not installed, rotate the engine to the begin- ning of the ... Remove the top from the Mallory distributor by removing the three screws.
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6865M datasheet(5/12 Pages) MALLORY | ELECTRONIC IGNITION Often, the same triggersource is used to operate an ignition ,tachometer, and ... 6865M Datasheet (HTML) - Mallory performance club ... TROUBLESHOOTING .
 36  ~ boatinghowto.comMarine Mechanical Ignition - BoatingHowTo.comTroubleshooting marine ignition and starting problems will go much ... Ummm I believe its the Mallory YL670AV that I have and that is one of ...
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Mallory Ignition Troubleshooting - Car Manual & Wiring Diagramsuser guide of mallory ignition troubleshooting : view part # 685 instructions - Mallory Ignition, ftp://ftp mrgasket com/PACKAGING/mallory/component, and ftp:// ftp ...
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Mallory Ignition | AnswersMallory Ignition is a company that specializes in the making and retailing of various auto parts. Most of the products produced ... Mallory Ignition Troubleshooting .
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Ignition troubleshooting - Era Replica AutomobilesWhen you hook up your system, check whether the distributor requires a ballast resistor. Some - notably some of the Mallory units - will have considerably ...
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Mallory 4748201 High Performance Unilite Electronic Distributor Mallory 3748201 High Performance Unilite Breakerless Electronic Distributor · 5.0 out of 5 stars (1) .... Did troubleshooting : Open optical module. Out of warranty  ...
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mallory 685 ignition box - Yellow Bullet Forumsmallory 685 ignition box Electrical - Hyperaktive Performance Solutions. ... Has anyone had any problems with this boxes? briantmustang1 is ...
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Ignition Tech - The MGA With An AttitudeIG-106 - Ignition TROUBLE SHOOTING , the long version. IG-106A ... Early - (pdf) IG-200 - Mallory DUAL POINTS DISTRIBUTOR - How it Works, Why Dual?
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V8S10.ORG • View topic - mallory distributor problemsok i have a mallory Comp SS distributor and a promaster E-coil by mallory , i have wired everything up correctly using the recomended ballast ...
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Mallory Ignition 4140M:Comp Pump Fuel Pumps Support, Problems Free Mallory Ignition 4140M:Comp Pump Fuel Pumps troubleshooting , support & solutions. Get help from top Mallory Scuba Tank and Regulator experts on ...
 46  ~ hydra-glide.comThe Panhead & Flathead Site • View topic - Mallory Unilite distributorDescription: I just put in my Mallory electronic ignition distributor the ... that some of the problems we have with these machines are with the old ...
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Mallory 6867M Offroad Ignition Box Problems "No Spark Hey Guys, So i bought the Mallory Offroad 6867M ignition box, and i cant get the motor to fire up. Shes got no Spark, i've wired it 3 different ...
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Mallory /Magnetic breakerless ignition module (609) | Control Mallory /Magnetic breakerless ignition module - Control Module - Performance Part Number: 609.
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Mallory Hyfire Ignition Help wanted!!!!-Have any of you encountered any problems before with 'Pertronix flanthrower' HEI matched with Mallory ignition box / MSD or the like?
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Mallory dual point distributor - The MG ExperienceAnybody use a Mallory dual point distributor (Model 2732001) on their MGB (I've ... And, if so, are you having any problems with it or the Mallory  ...
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Mallory Ignition Problems - ForumsIs there a way to get codes from it so i can see if it is the ignition or something? Maybe a bronco or Mallory specialists in SoCal i can take it to?
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Diagnose my HARLEY ignition problem, please! - ADVridersingle fire coil, graphite wires and Mallory A557 electronic distributor . ... I can turn the ignition switch off and back on and it'll run again like ...