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miles per gallon

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Find and Compare Cars - Fuel EconomyEstimates of gas mileage, greenhouse gas emissions, safety ratings, and air pollution ratings ... Search by MPG , price, make, body style, and much more with our ... ‎New Sport Utility Vehicles - ‎Fuel Economy of New Sedans - ‎New Small Cars
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Fuel economy in automobiles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaCanadian law allows for use of either liters per 100 kilometres or miles per imperial gallon . Recently, the window sticker on new US cars has started displaying ...
 3  ~ Per Gallon Calculator - Workout your Car's MPG Easily! With MPG Calculator - Miles Per Gallon Calculator from miles and litres. To enter Kilometres not miles click here. Enter Mileage and Fuel used since last fill-up:
 4  ~ mpgbuddy.comFind Your Miles Per Gallon and Gas Mileage at MPGBuddy.comFind out the MPG ( miles per gallon ) for over 27000 vehicles from 1984 thru present including their average miles per gallon and fuel costs so you can start to  ... ‎Bmw 328d - ‎Mazda 6 - ‎Jetta Hybrid - ‎Subaru Forester
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Convert MPG to Litre ( Miles Per Gallon to Liter Converter)Convert car fuel consumption. Convert miles per gallon (imperial) to liters per 100 kms ( MPG to litre).
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Convert Fuel consumption, Miles per gallonThe distance travelled per unit volume of fuel used; for example, kilometres per litre (km/L) or miles per gallon ( mpg ). In this case, the higher the value, the more ...
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Miles - Per - Gallon Is Just Stupid. No, Really, It Is. - Green Car ReportsAmericans aren't stupid. We're just badly informed. And occasionally, stubborn. Why else would we ignorantly cling to using miles per gallon as the way to ...
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True MPG - genuine, achievable fuel economy tests from What Car?Real-world fuel consumption figures, measured by our independent experts using industry-leading equipment. Choose a car to suit your wallet and your needs.
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Mile Per Gallon Conversion Chart (Fuel Economy Converter, U.S. Conversion chart for mile per gallon (U.S. system, fuel economy units). Instant conversion of fuel consumption (fuel economy) units.
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What is my car's MPG ? » for car drivers to help improve their fuel efficiency, and get the best MPG from their car. ... home » What is my MPG ?
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Calculating Miles Per Gallon ( MPG ) - MIStupid.comCalculating Your Car's Miles Per Gallon ( MPG ) Yield. Fill up your car's gas tank all the way. If your car has a trip odometer, reset it, or record the master odometer  ...
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Miles Per Gallon Calculator for Canadian VehiclesMPG Canadian Vehicle Gas Mileage Calculator, Convert Litres, and Kilometers to Miles Per Imperial Gallon, with Cost Per Mile. Easily Track Your Fuel ...
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Why We Should Measure by Gallons per Mile, Not Miles per Gallon This is a measure of miles per gallon , or mpg . We're all accustomed to seeing those numbers, so they are easily comparable. And, hey, the ...
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Fuelly - Track and Compare your MPGFuelly allows you to tracks your gas mileage over time, helping you calculate fuel expenses as you drive.
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Want to boost fuel economy? Stop thinking about miles per gallon In general, MPG Illusion suggests that consumers are likely purchasing both too many gas guzzlers and too many super-efficient plug-in ...
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Convert Liters Per 100 Kilometers to Miles Per Gallon (Imperial)mpg , = miles per gallon . lp100km, = liters per 100 km. lpg, = liters per gallon ( Imperial) = 4.54609188. kmpm, = kilometers per mile = 1.609344 ...
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The Illusion of Miles Per Gallon -“ Miles per gallon is misleading and can play tricks on our intuitions,” Prof. Soll said in a press release, which also links to an interactive quiz.
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HowStuffWorks "Can a car get 100 miles per gallon ?"The average American car today gets about 20 miles per gallon ( mpg ) of gasoline. Eighty years ago, Henry Ford's Model T got 25 to 30 mpg and that car could ...
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Best MPG cars UK | List of top 10 cars by fuel economyOne of the key factors when buying a new car in 2014 is to find a model with high mpg to reduce ongoing running costs. The list below shows the best mpg cars ...
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Gallons per mile - DataGeneticsWhy we should really be measuring our cars in 'gallons per mile', instead of ' miles per gallon '.
 23  ~ mpgillusion.comThe MPG Illusion Website: GPMLike MPG , SPF is a hard number to build good intuitions around. The right interpretation of SPF is that, if you want sun damage of X amount, ...
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Obama Administration Finalizes Historic 54.5 MPG Fuel Efficiency By the middle of the next decade our cars will get nearly 55 miles per gallon , almost double what they get today. It'll strengthen our nation's ...
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Miles per Gallon - Math.comComputes the miles per gallon of your car via the miles traveled and the number of gallons used. Also, if you enter the cost per gallon and how many miles you ...
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Shiny - Miles per gallonDemonstrates the use of a select input to determine the x and y axis of a box plot. Also illustrates the use a check boxes to drive plot behavior (in this case the ...
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Not All Fuel Efficiency Is Equal: Understanding the Miles - Per - Gallon As a car's efficiency rises, it makes less difference to increase how many miles it can travel per gallon . Gallons per mile is a better measure than ...
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UCI Machine Learning Repository: Auto MPG Data SetIn line with the use by Ross Quinlan (1993) in predicting the attribute " mpg ", 8 of the original instances were removed because they had unknown values for the ...
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5 Leading Cars Delivering 35-40 Combined Miles Per GallonWe look at five cars achieving between 30 and 40 miles per gallon on average, taking into account comfort, price, and drivability.
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miles per gallon - The Free DictionaryNoun, 1. miles per gallon - the distance traveled in a vehicle powered by one gallon of gasoline miles per gallon - the distance traveled in a vehicle powered by ...
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to miles per gallon (UK) - Unit JugglerConvert fuel consumption units. Easily convert miles per gallon (US) to miles per gallon (UK), convert mpg to mpg . Many other converters available for free.
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Miles per gallon - Templates - Office - MicrosoftThis MPG spreadsheet will calculate the number of miles you drive between fill- ups, the miles per gallon per fill-up, and your total average miles per gallon .
 34  ~ milespergallon.infoMPG Ratings for Cars, Trucks and SUVsMiles per gallon ( MPG ) data for vehicles. Information includes an up to date fuel cost estimate.
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Why Cars Don't Get 80 Miles Per Gallon : 4 Reasons : Discovery NewsThe first-generation Honda Insight hybrid, sold from 2000 through 2006, is renowned even today for its ultra-high gas mileage: 52 mpg  ...
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FIAT 500 MPG , Gas Mileage, Vehicle and Performance ComparisonsCompare the MPG , gas mileage and fuel consumption of FIAT fuel efficient cars. Check out the performance of the FIAT 500 and FIAT 500 Abarth.
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9 Fuel-efficient Cars That Run On Gas Only | Bankrate.comJoin the 40- mpg club and drive a fuel-efficient car that won't break the bank to buy one.
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Fuel-Efficiency Finds: Cars That Get at Least 30 MPG CombinedFor city drivers concerned with fuel efficiency, here's a list of cars and trucks that deliver fuel economy of at least 30 mpg on the EPA's combined ...
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Average fuel economy of US cars reaches an all-time high Average fuel economy of all cars in the US reached 24.6 miles per gallon – not high for your average hybrid, but the highest it's ever been.
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Average fuel economy hits new high in 2013 - Chicago TribuneThe average fuel economy of all cars sold in 2013 improved by 1 mile per gallon over 2012.
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Table 4-23: Average Fuel Efficiency of U.S. Light Duty Vehicle KEY: CAFE = Corporate Average Fuel Economy; GVWR = gross vehicle weight rating; mpg = miles per gallon ; R = revised; U = data are unavailable.
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Increase Miles Per Gallon Instantly - InstructablesTry to stay with me as I go through the math, 25G fuel tank * 6lbs per gallon= ... I have personally gotten a Ford Excursion to go from 8-9 MPG City to 19-23 MPG  ...
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Miles Per Dollar - Unfocused BrainEnter your car's miles per gallon . Your miles per dollar: 5.01 MP$. * Requires JavaScript. What's your cost to go to work? Click here to see how much it costs to  ...
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Calculating Miles Per Gallon - InflationData.comIt is relatively easy to calculate how many miles per gallon you are getting. Some cars actually calculate it for you as you are driving. But if yours doesn't calculate ...
 45  ~ miles-per-gallon.comFuel Economy MPG ratings for US Vehicles model year 2010-2013Gas Mileage fuel economy ratings for cars, trucks, and vans in United States.
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U-Haul: Frequently asked questions: Truck rentalsCan I purchase additional miles on my one-way move? ... type of gas is used for your trucks and approximately how many miles per gallon should I expect?
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The author of the MPG illusion on why we misunderstand - Nudge blogBy Richard Larrick Jack Soll and I recently looked at people's intuitions about car fuel efficiency when expressed as miles per gallon ( mpg ), which is the common ...
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Big Apple at 261 miles PER GALLON : World's most efficient car Big Apple at 261 miles PER GALLON : World's most efficient car, Volkswagen XL1 plug-in hybrid, takes to the streets of New York City.
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MPG Calculator Calculate Fuel Consumption / Efficiency in Miles per Fuel economy is the amount of gas (fuel) required to move a vehicle over a given distance. Fuel efficiency is the efficiency of converting energy contained in a ...
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Get More Miles Per Gallon - PetrolPrices.comGet More Miles Per Gallon . Keep You Car in Good Shape. A regularly serviced car will be more efficient on fuel. There are several major factors to consider: ...
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Quick MPG calculator - Calculate miles per Gallon - TorqueCarsA really handy MPG calculator that remembers your last 4 MPG results. (Allowing you to compare your mpg over time). Calculate your MPG Miles per UK ...
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Ford reduces miles per gallon on six models | TheHillFord is reducing the miles per gallon it is advertising for six automobile models.