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multiple font face bug

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Using @ font - face | CSS-Tricks... I'm missing here? Im on a mac, and have tried several fonts but all wont work. ...... Firefox has a bug for Print Preview when using @ font - face .
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css - Use multiple custom fonts using @ font - face ? - Stack OverflowBeen using a single custom font with normal font face : ... Thanks, working now, turns out I was making a tiny syntactic error when I tried that out.
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Bulletproof @ font - face syntax - Paul IrishLet me introduce you to the best way to do your @ font - face definitions:
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@ font - face , multiple fonts · Issue #276 · LearnBoost/stylus · GitHubIt's worth noting as well that you cannot have two src lines in a single @ font - face stylus rule. If this is in fact correct, that's a flat-out bug .
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The @ Font - Face Rule And Useful Web Font Tricks | Smashing This quick introduction to @ font - face will lead you towards a guide through the
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Variation-specific font -family names in IE 6-8 - Adobe Typekit BlogIn the previous example, there are two @ font - face rules defining a ... IE 6-8 have some bugs that limit the usefulness of linking multiple fonts ...
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Solution: Firefox Font - Face Cross Domain ProblemFix the Firefox font - face cross domain problem with a simple change to ... I had to use Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin “*” for multiple  ...
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font face problem with firefox - Squirrel Chatter - Font Squirreli've problem with firefox the fontface working with my home page but in internal pages it doesn't work url:
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The New Bulletproof @ Font - Face Syntax | FontspringInternet Explorer <9 has a bug in the parser for the src attribute. If you include more than one font format in the src, IE fails to load it and reports ...
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@ font - face tip: define font-weight and font-style to keep your CSS When using @ font - face with typefaces that have multiple weights and styles it's important to do it ... So let's take a look at what the problem is.
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How to use @ font - face to avoid faux-italic and bold browser styles Did you know that if you declare a custom font using @ font - face , the browser will
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Issue 336476 - chromium - External Font not rendering until forced The bug is also present for me in Version 34.0.1797.2 canary. Jan 22
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Bug 36351 – [Qt] @ font - face does not work with local and remote fontsThis bug is preventing font - face from working on most pages that use ... (In reply to comment #8) > This also fixes: font - face - multiple -faces.html.
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FIXED! font - face rendering incorrectly in Chrome - AdtrakDepending on the order of your CSS file, @ font - face can look jagged in ... are you going to emulate that intricate font across multiple browsers?
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Bug 150500 – Group font faces by family in the font selection dialog"Arial Regular" and "Arial Bold" are two different font faces that are usually distributed in two different font files. What you ... Please open a new bug report for it.
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How to Use Cross Browser Web Fonts , Part 2 - SitePointWith @ font - face quirks and bugs discussed, let's round this article off with a brief look at some different options for acquiring and hosting fonts.
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How to use Compass' @ font - face helper | Gray Ghost Visuals PressThe Compass @ font - face helper is designed to let authors install custom fonts directly ... cluttering up the joint (especially if there is more than one font-family). ... IE8 and older have a bug in their parsers for the src attribute.
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Font - face rendering problem in chrome and firefox: use postscript Font - face is an authentic antiquity off the world wide web. ... more attention to the font rendering in the different browsers … and it soon became ...
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@ font - face and performance | High Performance Web SitesAnd it's not just the @ font - face text that's the problem – all browsers except IE ... In the Blocking Test, I sharded the resources across multiple  ...
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604421 – Same domain policy for @ font - face . really?!?Heya, Chrome and Safari implement @ font - face without a cross-domain restriction on it.
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Fonts included with @ font - face are not rendered - WordPressI saw 2 references to @ font - face , one in your chidtheme's style and one in
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Font not showing as bold only in Chrome/Safari - DoctypeI assume the problem is either a bug in the @ font - face rendering in webkit or a bug ... Keep in mind that if you want to add multiple styles to your @ font - face , that  ...
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I want more than more than one @ fontface - MobileRead ForumsI'm just discovering that Sigil is the best tool for embedding fonts , but I have a problem . I can't seem to embed more than one font and I would ...
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font - face url - font - face cross domain issue — Ecommerce UniversityI'm using @ font - face and I've stumbled across this problem . To summarise: You can't use @ font - face in Firefox with a font hosted on a different  ...
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Problems loading local fonts with font -family | Steve WorkmanI'm investigating a problem with loading locally installed fonts in ... that _font family_, which may have multiple faces with different weights.
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How to fix the ugly font rendering in Google Chrome - Dev MetalThis bug is very well known to the Chrome developer team, and has been in fixing since July
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Quick Tip: How to Work with @ Font - face - Tuts+ Code ArticleDue to the fact that @ font - face can be a bit overly complicated, it hasn't ... Once you start reading about licensing, different font formats, browser ...
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Bulletproof font - face syntax with SASS and Rails - Pivotal LabsA handy reference for using the Bulletproof font - face syntax with SASS.
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Fonts with multiple weights aren't loaded in older version of Internet ... the 300 weight. If I inspect the CSS file received for IE8 I have only one font : ... Is there a workaround in font -your- face ? ... Instead of using a different provider i' ve found another solution for the problem on stack overflow: ...
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Web Font Performance: Weighing @ font - face Options and AlternativesThen, a cross-browser implementation of the standard @ font - face CSS is
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CSS Cross Browser Fonts using CSS3 @ font - face - RandscoA cross-browser usage of the CSS3 @ font - face selector may change that. ... There have been several attempts to circumvent this problem and ...
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@ font - face in IE: Making Web Fonts Work — Jon Tan 陳Getting @ font - face working in IE may just be spooky enough. ... perennial problem : Two different implementations to achieve the same result.
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@ font - face Style Linking – Does it Really Work in IE7-8?? | TypophileBut our good friend IE recognizes the normal face properly, then just applies a ..... The problem in using exactly ONE font -family and different  ...
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Becoming a Font Embedding Master - Snook.caFont Squirrel even provides @ font - face kits to make implementation on
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Ten reasons we switched from an icon font to SVG - Ian FeatherFont face support and detection is historically quite tricky to get right.
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@ font - face Browser Support & Tutorial | CSS, JavaScript and Increasing support of the CSS3 @ font - face allows us to load a font .... IE also doesn't understand the multiple listings or the format, so as .... now using @ font - face and haven't had that problem in any version of IE I've tested in.
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CSSBakery: Fixing Firefox font - face Cross Domain ProblemFixing Firefox font - face Cross Domain Problem ... Firefox intentionally blocks fonts from different domains, as a measure of protection against ...
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Fonts Guide - Rainmeter Tips & TricksFonts are used in String meters with the FontFace option. ... This can involve a bit of trial and error , but in this example MyFont is the mostly likely correct family ...
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Font - face syntax in Compass | Mike Fowler... clarify the basic usage of the @ font - face mixin included in Compass. ... of font files with different file types for each font you need to load: .woff, ...
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How to package all faces of a font into one family file (Mac) - Graphic These are decent quality fonts with, on average, 8-15 different faces for the ... The problem I have is each face is listed separately in various ...
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Bug 67834 – unexpected handling of multiple < font > tagsThe HTML for that section of code begins like this: < font face ="Verdana, Arial, ... It seems that the redundant font element is causing the problem , as this test code ...
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Solving the Problem of @ font - face Inside Media Queries - ModernWebMobile data connections frequently aren't as good as desktop ones, therefore the download time of custom fonts can take up to several  ...
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@ font - face rule (Internet Explorer) - MSDN - MicrosoftSets a font to embed in the HTML document. ... @ font - face { Font-Description } ... Each is prefixed by " U+ " and multiple , discontinuous ranges are separated by ...
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How to Get IE8 to Support HTML5 Tags and Web Fonts - Tatiyants.comThis means that I need to provide 4 different font faces : ... The only problem from my point of view is the lack of support in Internet Explorer 8, ...
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Font Squirrel, @ font - face and a problem with Safari - Siblify I recently stumbled upon a brilliant tool for converting fonts to work across multiple platforms and to generate the @ font - face code necessary to ...
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Firefox doesn't allow cross-domain fonts - RedTeamDesignThe style.css would contain all necessary @ font - face declarations for the ... Best- case scenario: set this header and get rid of this problem .
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PHP :: Bug #61882 :: Cairo fails at CairoFtFontFace ::__construct [2012-04-30 19:06 UTC] dkozlowski at sevone dot com. Description: ------------ When trying to create multiple font faces from the same font file ...
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wkhtmltopdf font problems | Code, Hacks and Other Nerdy ThingsProblem : my custom font doesn't display bold, italic or italic-bold. Even if I specify it in @ font - face or use call them different font families.
 50  +5 CSS2 tutorial - @ font - faceA complete CSS tutorial, plus more than 1000 bugs listed and described, ... Multiple font families can be specified; e.g., @ font - face {font-family: sans-serif, Arial}.