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MySQL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaMySQL is (as of March 2014) the world's second most widely used open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). ‎Relational database - ‎Michael Widenius - ‎MySQL Workbench - ‎phpMyAdmin
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MySQL | The Most Popular Open-Source Database | OracleMySQL is the world's most popular open-source database for the cost effective delivery of reliable, high-performance and scalable e-commerce, online ...
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MySQL Version - BluehostThe current version can be viewed in the cPanel on left side. Alternately, you can view which version the server has with the following Telnet command from ...
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MySQL version numbers - - TechTargetEven for connoisseurs of MySQL it is a bit of a challenge to keep track of which version of MySQL is current and which functions are contained in which versions .
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How to know the version of the MySQL database? - Stack OverflowThe system running the MySQL database is Linux Ubuntu. How to
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How to check the current MySQL version on Windows serversFind out from this support article how you can check what MySQL version you have on your Webfusion Windows dedicated server.
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upgrade - Which version of MySQL should I use? - Database Recently I noticed that this version is no longer supported in repository, ... Besides the latest MySQL 5.1 and 5.5, there's also the latest MariaDB ...
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Installing latest version of MySQL via yum | MySQL by Marcelo Usually when you try to install MySQL via yum, by default, the version that comes with your OS is always an old version (not the latest version  ...
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WampYou will find the beta versions at the Addons section. ... Apache : 2.4.4 MySQL : 5.6.12 PHP : 5.4.16 PHPMyAdmin : 4.0.4 SqlBuddy : 1.3.3 XDebug : 2.2.3.
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WordPress › About » RequirementsThe minimum requirements for WordPress 3.1 are PHP 4.3 and MySQL 4.1.2. ... We're very aware that the latest versions of PHP and MySQL aren't right for ...
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MYSQL – Identifying Current Version of MySQL Server Installation Earlier I wrote an article about Detecting Current Version of MySQL Server Installation. After the post quite a few emails I received where ...
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InsideMySQL .com | Latest news and insight directly from MySQL On behalf of myself and the MySQL Engineering team, I'd like to thank ... Access to the latest and greatest versions of MySQL , even if they have ...
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Ubuntu – Package Search Results -- mysql -serverPackage mysql -server. lucid (10.04LTS) (database): MySQL database server ( metapackage depending on the latest version ) 5.1.73-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 [security] : ...
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Get MySQL server info - PHPReturn Values. Returns the MySQL server version on success or FALSE on failure. ... Get MySQL protocol info; phpversion() - Gets the current PHP version .
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MySQL on Amazon RDS - Amazon Relational Database ServiceAmazon RDS supports DB instances running several versions of MySQL . You first use the Amazon RDS management tools or interfaces to create an Amazon ...
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Oracle Linux 6.5, MySQL 5.5, 5.6 & 5.7 | Open Source DBA's BlogSo how do you get MySQL 5.5, 5.6, or 5.7 on the latest Oracle Linux? ... Oracle Linux 6.4 to 6.5 and getting a recent version of MySQL installed.
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Detecting Current Version of MySQL Server | lowendguide.comA popular question when troubleshooting database issues is what version of mySQL is installed and used? You can find this information by ...
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Entity Framework with Code First and MySql 5.6.14 ( Current Version )To test Entity Framework with MySql , I created a small console application, so that ... Current version is 5.0, which is the one I used for this test.
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How to Upgrade mySQL to latest version - cPanel ForumsIs it possible to easily upgrade mySQL to the latest version in WHM ??
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How do I figure out what current version of JCMS and MySQL I have For JCMS when you start up JCMS you should see in the welcome screen with the line Welcome To JAX JCMS Release: *** (where *** is the ...
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MySQL Version - HostMonsterThe current version can be viewed in the cPanel on left side. Alternately, you can view which version the server has with the following Telnet command from ...
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Database Setup For MySQL - Confluence Latest - Atlassian Check that your version of MySQL is supported. See Supported Platforms. If you have been evaluating Confluence and wish to transfer your data to a new ...
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MAMP & MAMP PRO - Help & DocumentationHow can I change the password of the MySQL root user? ... The Apache/PHP versions provided by Apple are not always up-to-date, and the ... With one click, and in just a few minutes MAMP will install Apache 2, current PHP and MySQL .
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Current version broken for new installations on mysql and sqlite The current version of the roundcube plugin is broken on Debian w/ both sqlite and mysql backends. The roundcube plugin dies with the error ...
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20 MySQL ( Mysqladmin ) Commands for Database Administration in How to Check which MySQL version I am running? The following command shows MySQL version along with the current running status .
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19 What are the current versions of apache, PHP, and mysql ? - Page 731 How can we get second of the current time using date function? ... or information about latest version of Apache, Php and Mysql please visits the following ...
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Current version of MySQL we're running « ZenutechCurrent version of MySQL we're running. We're currently running MySQL 4.1 and 5, depending on the server. We are currently running MySQL  ...
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Unable to connect to Mysql on Mac | Qt Project forums | Qt ProjectB.dylib (compatibility version 1.0.0, current version 159.1.0) ... current version 0.0. 0) libmysqlclient .18.dylib (compatibility version 18.0.0, current  ...
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MySQL /Migrate to 5.0 - Gentoo Wikiroot # quickpkg dev-db/ mysql . Now it's time to clean out the current version and all of its data:.
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Debian -- Details of package mysql -server in wheezyMySQL database server (metapackage depending on the latest version )
 44  ~ hrusecky.netMichal Hrušecký » MySQL in obs and openSUSE ( current status)First, let's take a look at MySQL Community Server provided by the open source company we all love – Oracle. There are several versions  ...
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The Definitive Guide to MySQL 5 - Google Books ResultMichael Kofler - ‎2005 - 784 pagesEven for connoisseurs ofMySQL it is a bit ofa challenge to keep track ofwhich version of MySQL is current and which functions are contained in which versions .
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Does Red Hat provide newer versions of MySQL ? - Red Hat I would like to have MySQL 5.5 or higher in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. ... to updated MySQL packages in RHEL6 based on the current MySQL  ...
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Latest stable MYSQL Version - MySQL Database - BytesNeed help? Post your question and get tips & solutions from a ... Can any one tell me what is the lastest released version (not a alpha or beta ...
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upgrade mysql workbench latest version on ubuntu | Code CocktailUpgrade MySQL workbench on Ubuntu 12.04 was hard job to me because of conflicting with older version of MySQL workbench.
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MySQL++ - TangentsoftIf you're writing new code, you should use the latest stable version . ... bleeding- edge versions of MySQL ; the newest version we typically test it with is the current  ...
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Chapter 2. Installing and Upgrading MySQL2.2. Determining your current MySQL version . To determine the version and release of your currently installed MySQL installation, there are a number of options.
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MySQL Reference Manual for version 3.23.39. - 5 How Standards This chapter describes how MySQL relates to the ANSI SQL standards. MySQL has .... The following functionality is missing in the current version of MySQL .
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A detailed preview of the new, 6th version MySQL 6 language.Before starting this preview, I would like to specify that at this very moment the current stable version of MySQL is MySQL 5.1 and that this is the General ...
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How to fetch the latest version of MySQL using tools like APT? - Ask How do I upgrade MySQL to 5.5, am I best off waiting for it to be available through apt-get? ... but the latest community server version is 5.5.9.
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MySQL -python - PyPIPackage, Description. MySQL -python 1.2.5, Python interface to MySQL . MySQL - python 1.2.4, Python interface to MySQL . MySQL -python 1.2.3, Python interface ...
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What are current and future version of mysql and php - Ask CommunityThe current version of MySQL is the MySQL Server 5.5 which has features like improved SMP support and semisynchronous replication. Future ...
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Upgrade MYSQL - DreamHost ForumCurrent version of MySQL for dreamhost is 5.0.10 apparently, and the latest stable release of MySQL is 5.6. For me, I need something newer as ...
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How to check the current version of MySQL ? - Portal HomeYou are here: Portal Home > Knowledgebase > Web Features & Control Panels > Supported Features / Versions > How to check the current version of MySQL ?
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We just pushed the current version of... - MySQL at Facebook We just pushed the current version of our 5.6 branch, based on 5.6.11, to github. This is still in the early testing phase, but we thought some of you might want to ...
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[Finished] - Update MySQL 5.1 to latest 5.6 version | MediaPortal Hi, Related to this Mantis : -->> MP1-2803 <<-- Branch related -->> here <<-- Link for Full Installer : link -->> here <<-- We use an old version of.
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PHP 5 MySQLi Functions - W3SchoolsNote: The MySQLi extension is designed to work with MySQL version 4.1.13 or ... mysqli_fetch_lengths(), Returns the lengths of the columns of the current row in ...
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MySQL Reference Manual for version 5.0.1-alphaIt documents MySQL up to Version 5.0.1-alpha, but is also applicable for older .... We use the phrase ``the SQL standard'' to mean the current version of the SQL ...
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MySQL Reference Manual for version 3.22.23b.This is the MySQL reference manual; it documents MySQL version 3.22.23b. MySQL is a ... The MySQL home page provides the latest information about MySQL .