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ning vs drupal

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Ning vs . Drupal | Drupal GroupsDrWahoo,. Ning is hosted, and proprietary- no way to get a backup of the back- end. If Ning goes out of business or is purchased by another  ...
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Migrating From Ning to Drupal | FunnyMonkeyCurrently, Ning supports exporting users; for those of you interested in migrating your community members from Ning into Drupal , you have two  ...
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Leave Ning for Drupal ? - CreatorsI'm seriously thinking of changing my site over from Ning to Drupal . The two main reasons are... 1) Ning doesn't offer recurring events (this is  ...
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Drupal versus Ning for Learning Community WebsitesThis question of “ Drupal versus Ning ” focuses on the type of learning community is similar to the “WordPress or Ning ” question, because Ning is  ...
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Drupal vs . Ning vs . Textpattern usage comparison - W3TechsW3Techs compares the usage Drupal vs . Ning vs . Textpattern on websites, 14 February 2014.
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Dolphin vs phpFox vs Joomla vs Drupal vs Ning vs Kickapps for Dolphin vs phpFox vs Joomla vs Drupal vs Ning vs Kickapps for Your Social Networking Site Price Installation Out of Box Functionality Ease of  ...
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Ning v /s BoonEx Dolphin v /s Drupal - DZonePicking the social networking site software: Ning , Boonex, Dolphin, Drupal ?
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Forum: Drupal Commons vs . Buddypress · BuddyPress.orgMigrate from drupal 6.x to wordpress 3.x & buddypress 1.2.x. Started by: Avatar ... Avatar of Ekine Ekine · Buddypress vs . Ning . Started by: Avatar of J.H. Snider  ...
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django - Choosing a framework to build a social network website Ning seems to be a great choice for rapid setup/development. I had looked ... Drupal Commons vs Wordpress+BuddyPress for a social network.
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9 Free Ning Alternatives And Some Open Source SolutionsSo I imagine most of the popular networks you belong to on Ning will remain in place.
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Ning or Drupal Experience Anyone? - SitePointDoes anyone have any experience using Ning ? I am looking to
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Drupal & Ning Integrations - Zapbook - ZapierZapier is a great way for users to push data between Ning and Drupal without ever touching a single line of code. Join the thousands of businesses already  ...
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Ning ... | Drupal GardensI don't want to ask this question, but I need to. Sorry. We have a Ning . (I know, shudders all around) We're committed to this site because we've  ...
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Drupal Goes Hosted With Private Beta Launch of "Gardens" (Invites Open source content management system Drupal is increasingly being ... refers to Drupal Gardens as the or Ning for Drupal .
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Ning vs GROU.PSWordpress, Drupal vs GROU.PS. Comparing GROU. ... Ning vs GROU.PS. GROU .PS is the ... PS is only a fraction of the cost of Ning . So why pay more for less?
 18  ~ thecommunityarchitect.comNing Review | Thinking about using Ning for your business?Ning is a web-based interface that bundles a number of separately .... hosted, technologies such as phpBB, vBulletin, Dolphin or Drupal .
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Wordpress vs Joomla vs Drupal - Which CMS should you choose?However the other two, Drupal and Joomla, have seemingly always been .... like Light CMS (
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Drupal - University Web Developers - NingYou need to be a member of Drupal to add comments! Comment by ... I've hired a full-time Drupal developer but am able to spend less time on Drupal myself.
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What are the alternatives to Ning ? - QuoraAnswer 1 of 11: There are quite a lot of alternatives to Ning . ... Add 110208: Here is a review that compares BuddyPress with Drupal Commons  ...
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Ning v /s BoonEx Dolphin v /s Drupal | Ebizon: Premier Provider of Pick of the "how to create" Social Networking Software ~ Ning v /s BoonEx Dolphin v /s Drupal . Social Networking mania has hit the World Wide  ...
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How is NationBuilder different than Ning ?While Ning is a community platform, NationBuilder is designed to help a leader or leaders move volunteers and loosely aligned supporters towards a common  ...
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Open Source Website Builder Comparison Chart: WordPress vs Comparison Chart: WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal vs Ultimate Web Builder ... SocialGo vs Ning vs phpFox vs Wild Apricot vs UltimateWB – what is the best  ...
 26  ~ davidbressler.comAn Investigation of BuddyPress vs Drupal Commons - Shades of With the 1.5 update, BuddyPress is better than ever, though Drupal ... to let people create their own communities (like Facebook, Ning , etc).
 27  ~ frontiernxt.comElgg, Buddypress, Drupal : Different Flavours for Different Reasons We will consider only Elgg, Buddypress and Drupal for this. There are numerous other options available like Dolphin, Ning and Jomsocial, but  ...
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WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal | Marketing SharksDrupal – raske hallata, keeruline arendada. Loogiline ... Joomla number jääb keskele ning WordPressi on kõige rohkem häkitud. Ja kui teha siit  ...
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Drupal - tinyMCE vs power-HTML-users - NCSU Web Developersbrought this problem to my attention. The OIT Drupal install assumes that our users want to use tinyMCE as the editor of choice, and let that a…
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Ning | BeatBlogging.OrgNing opens up more to developers — Ning has been a popular tool of journalists and ..... Another popular search query is, “ Ning vs Drupal .
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WordPress. Joomla. Drupal . Yawn. 25+ powerful CMSes for hipsters It's estimated that WordPress, Joomla and Drupal combined, constitute roughly 70% .... If you love/loved Ning , you'll feel right at home with Elgg. The difference here is .... Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4: a marginal upgrade.
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eZ Publish Drupal - The eZ Publish CommunityThink of it as or Ning , except that it comes with the power of Drupal . ... drupal vs ez publish ... Cloc ezpublish vs Drupal .
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Why go from Ning to / Grouply vs Buddy Press - Classroom 2.0Tent, SocialGo, Mixxt) vs a solution like BuddyPress (and the like i.e. Elgg, Drupal , Moodle, Joomla, LovdByLess, Pligg). Why did (are you  ...
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How is Jive different than Ning or Drupal ? | Jive CommunityIs there a feature comparison available for Jive and Ning OR Jive and Drupal ? 757 Views; Tags: none (add) drupal . Content tagged with drupal .
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Drupal Gardens: alternativa real a Ning para la creación de redes No es fácil trabajar en el ámbito de entornos colaborativos hoy, cuando vivimos ( lo veíamos al revisar las Tendencias tecnológicas para 2010)  ...
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IDEA » Software options for niche social networksDrupal is also a generic content management system, and is more flexible
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Introduction to Social Networking | Harold JarcheAs our Work Literacy Ning site (2008) is in danger of getting ... (Note you can learn more about the concept of ego-centric vs object-centric networks here ). ... of flexibility, evidenced by my switch from Drupal to WordPress.
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Drupal vs . SharePoint: Which is Better? - SharePoint CommunityA friend related a conversation he had with a Drupal developer. He asked him what he thought about SharePoint. “I don't like it one bit,” he  ...
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Comparison of social networking software - Wikipedia, the free "Tiki Wiki License (GNU Lesser General Public License v . 2.1)". Tiki Wiki
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Community Tool - Ning or Forum - 48Days.NETSo, a logical choice would be to use Ning as a platform (just like 48days and others). ... as well as "community building" aspect) versus a "forum" system such ... but you can build exactly what you're talking about with Drupal .
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Drupal - We released Drupal 8 Alpha 2!... | FacebookA month ago we started the Drupal 8 alpha cycle to encourage module developers to test ... early- drupal -7- vs - drupal -8. ... Ning Ningy I am testing it and I love it!
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Website members create their own groups with JomSocial There have been a few options out there – Drupal , Ning – and other similar sites ... When compared to Ning it's tricky to come up with a winner.
 45  ~ hapgood.usForums vs . Blog Posts in Ning : A Plea for Unification. | HapgoodWant to know the question my members on my local Ning site ask me most ... You could just sign off Ning and build something better in Drupal ,  ...
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Open Atrium 2.0 Drupal Social Platform - First Impressions | Duo Open Atrium is a Drupal -based social collaboration project that operates ... not just to Basecamp, but also to the likes of Ning or Sharepoint. ... Compared to the previous version, Openatrium 2.0 has a more liberating feel to it.
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Joomla v Drupal v others - Why we chose Drupal | iO1 - Innovation Joomla v Drupal v others - Why we chose Drupal . Submitted by John F .... For example from caucho Quercus or ning .com. Can they combine a  ...
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DNN vs Drupal for a project (please help contrast/ compare Ability to easily integrate Ning and/or other external communities. On all counts, both DNN and Drupal seem capable. What would you all  ...
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Thoughts on Ning Exodus and GROU.PS, SocialGo, Spruz, Grouply PS and Spruz are the fastest-growing networks since Ning's big announcement.
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More about the Community on Ning and possibly moving to google+ I've been using Ning as the platform of choice for Rel… ... answer is I build a new community using something like Drupal . ... Ning vs Google+.
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9 Ways to Build Your Own Social Networking Site - TraffikdWith Ning you can create your own social network very quickly for free. ... Drupal is a popular open source content management system that  ...
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Drupal vs EPiServer – EPiServer tries to stop NodeOne's EPiServer sent NodeOne a mail demanding us to not compare Drupal with EPiServer or further mention EPiServer. But we fought back!
 55  ~ stevenhansen.infoCompare Drupal hosting services - stevenhansen.infoI was recently asked about Drupal hosting for a client with several Drupal websites. They were looking to consolidate to a single provider for all  ...
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Alternative Solutions to Ning - JenSocial: Social Web Directory NING vs Alternative Solutions- Comparisons? ... - Useable ning 2.0 site with the wire like (pligg or drupal ) and useable themes from their  ...