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ny holdover eviction proceedings

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Holdover Proceedings Private Dwellings - Housing Court AnswersWhat is a holdover case? A holdover case is an eviction case brought by your landlord to evict you for a reason or reasons other than nonpayment of rent.
 2  ~ nycourts.govLandlord's Guide to Holdover Summary Proceedings - Unified Court The New York State Unified Court System has published this booklet to give land - ... evict the tenant by starting a Holdover Summa_ry Proceeding in court.
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F O R M S P A C K E T - Unified Court SystemHoldover Summary Proceeding in courts outside of New York City. You .... the petitioner evicting you from the premises and ordering you to pay the amount ...
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What is a Holdover Proceeding and Why Would a Landlord - Avvo.comLandlord / Tenant Lawyer - Yonkers, NY ... Applies to New York , 11 helpful votes ... A holdover proceeding is a proceeding to evict a tenant on any grounds other ...
 6  ~ gslnylaw.comLandlord & Tenant Court Eviction Proceedings (Non Payments and Holdover Eviction Proceedings - In a holdover proceeding , (with some exceptions which will be stated below) a landlord is suing a tenant for eviction based on ...
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Housing - Holdover Case - Legal-Aid.orgA holdover case is brought by a landlord to evict a tenant or the person in the apartment for ... A holdover case is much more complicated than a non-payment case. .... on The Legal Aid Society Community Website is specific to New York City.
 8  ~ nslawservices.orgHoldover Proceedings – Tenant Tips Nassau/Suffolk Law Services A landlord may bring a holdover proceeding in court when your tenancy has ended ... Under New York Law, a landlord can usually only end your tenancy by giving ... The landlord must still take you to court before you can be evicted legally.
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Tenant's Guide outside NYC 2012holdovernoforms - Court HelpQUESTIONS & ANSWERS. Holdover Eviction Cases in New York State. DISTRICT, CITY, TOWN & VILLAGE COURTS OUTSIDE NEW YORK CITY. March 2012 ...
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Holdover evictions | Metropolitan Council on HousingHoldover evictions are housing court cases where the landlord is suing for the right to evict ... This information pertains only to tenants living in New York City.
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A TENANT'S GUIDE TO THE NEW YORK CITY HOUSING COURTHoldover cases: The landlord wants you evicted for reasons other than nonpayment ... Illegal Eviction proceedings : You ask the court to order your landlord or ...
 12  ~ nyclandlordtenantlawyer.comHoldover Proceedings - Kimmel Law FirmA holdover proceeding is just the technical name of an eviction case in Housing ... in the Commercial (Non-Housing) Part of the New York City Housing Courts.
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Converting Nonpayment to Holdover Summary Proceedings : The It finds that, despite some cases to the contrary, case law in New York favors the .... of a warrant of eviction in a holdover proceeding in cases of "hardship" for up.
 14  ~ david2realty.comEviction – The Outcome of a Holdover Proceeding | Real Estate by a Eviction ( Holdover proceedings ) from the eyes of a Landlord going to ... New York State is a tenants state you will hear from many landlords that ...
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Eviction Cases NOT About Rent ( Holdovers ) - KNOW YOUR New York . Legal information for New Yorkers who cannot afford an attorney ... A landlord may bring a holdover proceeding in court when your tenancy has ...
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New York Eviction - Real Estate Law - FreeAdvice.comLikewise, a tenant can bring an illegal eviction proceeding against a landlord ... of holdover cases, you may wish to speak with a New York evictions attorney.
 17  ~ nyctenantslaw.comNon-Primary Residence Proceedings | Fishman & Mallon, LLPholdover , NYC, Tenant, Non-prime, non-primary, landlord, court, NYC tenants, tenant attorney.
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What a Landlord May and May Not Do to Evict a Tenant - New York What a Landlord May and May Not Do to Evict a Tenant ... Most others are based on what is called a holdover proceeding -- meaning the tenant ...
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How long does an eviction in New York City take? | Daniel GershburgJordan Schiller, Esq., a New York City Landlord/Tenant attorney and Of ... not have many viable defenses to a holdover eviction proceeding .
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Defending Yourself In An Eviction Proceeding - Neighborhood Legal 237 Main Street, Suite 400 ○ Buffalo, New York 14203 ○ Phone: ... Going to court to defend yourself in an eviction proceeding can be a stressful experience. ... apply to all eviction proceedings , both nonpayment cases and holdovers .
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Fair Housing NYC - Going to Housing Court - Frequently Asked If I receive a set of documents entitled "Petition Holdover ," what should I do?
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legal corner accepting rent during a summary proceedingThe rules are different because in a non-payment proceeding the tenancy is not terminated until after a warrant of eviction has issued. In a holdover proceeding , ...
 23  ~ pricelawfirmnyc.comHoldover Proceedings / Eviction - The Price Law Firm NYCIn New York , holdover proceedings for eviction may be commenced by a landlord for a number of reasons. When a landlord is bringing a holdover proceeding to ...
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Hold-over Tenants: A Landlord's Legal Remedies | LegalMatch Law Learn more about: Hold-over Tenants: A Landlord's Legal Remedies . ... In these states, a landlord who does not seek eviction of a hold-over  ...
 26  ~ warnocklegal.coman overview of nyc landlord & tenant proceedings ... - Warnock LegalIn the realm of New York City landlord and tenant proceedings there are two different types of cases– non-payment proceedings and holdover proceedings . ... that are due and owing to the landlord in order to stop the eviction .
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Landlord - Tenant Holdover Proceeding After Temination of Tenancy A holdover proceeding is a proceeding to evict a tenant on any grounds other than the nonpayment of rent. A landlord generally initiates a ...
 28  ~ dinnocenzolaw.comNew York City Holdover Eviction Lawyer :: Defenses to Holdover Free Consultation - Law Office of Eric Dinnocenzo - New York City Holdover Eviction Lawyer - Manhattan Landlord Tenant Attorney.
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Kick'em Out Quick® Eviction Process in Long Island, NYThere are two distinct types of eviction proceedings that a landlord may bring against a tenant in New York State: nonpayment and holdover . They are similar ...
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New York EvictionThere are 2 types of cases that Landlords can bring against Tenants in New York : "Nonpayment Cases" and " Holdover Cases." A nonpayment case is brought ...
 31  ~ newyorkevictions.hubpages.comEvictions process in Nassau, Suffolk and New York CityTypical types of Suffolk, Nassau and New York City Eviction actions: ... Holdover Proceedings - This type of proceeding is initiated when a ...
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Residential Landlord-Tenant Law and Procedure - New York State students Ian Steinberg (Cardozo) and James Steiner ( New York Law School). For their ...... Stays of Warrants/Execution/ Eviction in Holdover Proceedings .
 33  ~ paulkenneylaw.comLandlord / Tenant Proceedings in New York City - The Law Office of Landlord / Tenant Court Proceedings are referred to as Summary Eviction Proceedings . ... The New York City Civil Court hears Summary Eviction Proceedings and sets up a Special Part, known as the Housing Part, ... Holdover Proceeding .
 34  ~ nymills.comSUMMARY PROCEEDINGS ( EVICTIONS ) - Village Of New York Mills( Eviction for Non-Payment of Rent only) .... In a ' holdover ' proceeding , a landlord can make a claim for a 'sum of money that was payable at the time when the ...
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Holdover proceeding for illegal apartment in Staten Island I am being petitioned by my landlord for a holdover case. ... so without any permits issued according ny buildings dept. none were ever issued.
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Drug Holdover Proceedings : An Overview from 'Knew,' to 'Should This article reviews an aspect of New York and federal landlord-tenant law: holdover eviction summary proceedings brought on the ground that ...
 37  ~ longislandevictionslawyer.comHow to Evict a Tenant in Nassau County & Suffolk County - LandlordThere are essentially two mechanisms for evicting someone: the non-payment proceeding and the hold-over proceeding . Figuring out which one is right for you  ...
 38  ~ braschlegal.comCommercial Eviction Laws | Nonpayment Lawsuit | Holdover LawsuitThere are Two Basic Types of Commercial Eviction Summary Lawsuits: 1.
 39  ~ manhattanfirm.comholdover proceedings « manhattanfirm.comA very common tactic if for the landlord to seek an eviction of a Rent Stabilized tenant in New York based on an allegation that the landlord ...
 41  ~ taubandbogaty.comEvictions - Taub Bogaty & Mellert PLLC , Elder Care Law, Wills An eviction proceeding in New York is a "summary proceeding . ... A landlord may bring a summary holdover eviction proceeding if a tenant holds over passed ...
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Holdover Proceedings | New York Real Estate BlogRecent Posts in Holdover Proceedings Category ... terminated Deborah Wan Liew's tenancy and started an eviction proceeding against her.
 43  ~ mcadamslaw.netLandlord Tenant Personal Use Holdover Lawsuit in NYCThis is a legal proceeding that permits landlords to evict rent-stabilized tenants,
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Evicting A Roommate - Legal Assistance of Western New YorkIf both cohabitants are parties to the lease, one cannot evict the other. ... a hotel or boarding house without an eviction proceeding accrues after 30 consecutive ... in a holdover brought by the male partner/title-holder of a single family house.
 45  ~ tilemandcampbell.comWestchester County, New York Landlord Tenant Attorney :: Landlord Lease drafting and review. Eviction and holdover actions. Nonpayment proceedings . Illegal evictions . Breach of contract claims. Constructive eviction cases.
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PACE LAW SCHOOL 'Notice of Motion to Dismiss Holdover Proceeding and Affidavit in Support of Motion. Order to ... entered as a money judgment but the tenant cannot be evicted for ... 732 $tatute applies to New York City, not Westchester courts.
 47  ~ underwoodlaw.netEvictions - Underwood Law, Practicing in Buffalo NYA Holdover eviction is an eviction for remaining on the premises ... the eviction proceeding , he may sue the tenant in small claims court at a ...
 48  ~ bhpp.comeviction after foreclosure - Berkman, Henoch, Peterson, Peddy years consumed by a New York mortgage foreclosure action finally end ... of the two paths available (a special proceeding in a landlord tenant ... for undue months, a problem when holdovers are living free and the foreclosure.
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Evictions Lawyer Long Island | Evictions Attorney Suffolk Nassauevictions ny 300x200 Landlord Tenant Law & Evictions ... Hold-Over Proceedings – A holdover proceeding is initiated to evict a tenant where non-payment of ...
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Blumberg New York Summary Proceedings Forms for Civil Court Blumberg New York Summary Proceedings Forms for Civil Court, Holdover . ... 140, Affidavit, show cause order, vacate eviction judgment, 48 per pkg, $39.60.
 51  ~ paulhayneslaw.comEvictions (Landlords Only) - Law Firm of Paul Haynes, AttorneyGenerally, in upstate New York , a landlord can bring a Summary Proceeding to ... an eviction ) for one of two reasons, either nonpayment of rent, or as a holdover  ...
 52  ~ nassaubar.orgLandlord–Tenant Law - Nassau County Bar AssociationA landlord may also commence an eviction proceeding in the Long Beach and Glen Cove ... A landlord may commence a nonpayment or holdover proceeding . ... Way, 5th Floor, Hempstead, New York , (516) 292-8100, www.nslawservices. org.