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openkore auto storage

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Openkore .com • View topic - Auto Storage (@storage)I was wondering how to use Auto Storage or the easiest way of doing ... info in openkore well I did the sequence of opening the storage through
 2  ~ rbmpopenkoremadeeasy.blogspot.comRBMP Openkore Made Easy: Config for Autostorage, Autosell Only supports OFFICIAL OPENKORE DL SITES. Safe and .... sniderredins@ pa mail nlng po aq tama config nang auto storage pag overweight. Reply  ...
 3  ~ ragnarokwikiquest.blogspot.comOpenkore BOT Auto Storage - Ragnarok, RO, Job Quest, Build Openkore BOT Auto Storage . In your config.txt set the following storageAuto 0 ~ Set this to 1 to enable the autostorage BOT! storageAuto_npc ~Put here the NPC   ...
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Help With OpenKore auto storage - Gamerz Needs - For All Your Hey all, I have been trying for weeks now to figure out how to get my bot to return to a kafra and store all the stuff he has collected, it is  ...
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items_control.txt - OPENKORE MANUALS - WebsItems control.txt. The file items_control.txt allows you to automatically manage items in your inventory. If you are using auto - storage and/or auto-sell, this gives  ...
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Problem Openkore auto-buy auto - storage loop - GamerzPlanetI didn't find any support on this issue, so: Everytime my archer gets Arrows it goes to auto-buy, after auto-buy it goes for auto - storage . Before it  ...
 11  ~ korecoms.webs.comConsole Commands - OPENKORE COMMANDSOPENKORE COMMANDS. Commands. Commands ... ai auto in SVN, Sets AI to auto mode. Same as "ai on". ... autostorage: Initiate auto - storage AI sequence.
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OpenKore - Q> at auto storage ... how to stop storing field... | FacebookQ> at auto storage ... how to stop storing field manual , bubble gum at etc. cards.
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Yahoo Answers - Openkore getting items in storage problem?Then, you should not justify the settings.. Just reinstall the game, so you have all the files and code in default... Good luck!
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iRO on Openkore .com | BoardReaderWhen I open OpenKore .pl, a CMD prompt appears and then instantly disappears with no error. ... Auto Storage Help Please - 2 new posts.
 16  ~ ebi-world.comOpenkore console Commands | Ragnarok Guide CollectionInitiate auto - storage AI sequence. [bangbang]. Does a bangbang body turn. [bg]. Send a message in the battlegrounds chat. <message> send <message> in the  ...
 17  ~ my-bot-openkore.blogspot.comRAGNAROK WITH BOT OPENKORE : Auto Macro Alchemist SkillsPharmacy Creation CODE : Credit to flakey of OpenKore Board ##### automacro depleted { class Alchemist storage "Empty Bottle" < 200,  ...
 18  ~ kumatrockafella.blogspot.comAuto Full Chemical Protection macro Openkore | Kumat Rockafella'sAuto Full Chemical Protection macro Openkore . automacro GiveFCP { timeout 0.5 ... do storage get @ storage ($A) $Atakcukup pause 1 do relog
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[Ajuda] Openkore Item/Armazem - Web CheatsNo Storage auto você deve trocar o 0 pelo 1... Aqui no storageAuto_npc você deve colocar onde está a kafra para guardar suas coisas, por  ...
 20  ~ jbot.narod.ruBot Open Kore - настройка и документация \ настройка для Open Kore bot for Raggame \ Бот Open Kore для Ragnarok ... If you are using auto - storage and/or auto-sell, this gives you control over which items to put in  ...
 21  ~ OpenKore : openkore -commits[ Openkore -commits] SVN: openkore :[7399] openkore /trunk/src/
 22  ~ ragnabotconfig.blogspot.comRagnarok Bot ConfigurationJust copy and replace the files, it adds up the openkore map vision in the ... 1 ( 1 means enable autostorage but 0 means dont go to storage )
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Openkore bot Config List - ElitePvPersokay i've been learn openkore since april this year, and i can say that i've learnt 92% of all ... For getting items from storage and buying items:.
 24  ~ openkoretutorials.blogspot.comOpenkore Wiki TutorialsIpinaskil ni Openkore Wiki sa 19:15 Walang mga komento: ... Capable of Double Strafe, Auto Quiver and Auto get Quiver in Storage . Ipinaskil ni  ...
 25  ~ ragnarokbotting2012.blogspot.comBot Autostorage in Kafra ~ Ragnarok Botters & Gamers UpdatestorageAuto_password (password of the storage) storageAuto_keepOpen ... relogAfterStorage 1 then put this on the lower part of auto storage .
 27  ~ roberto1910.wordpress.comMacro Plugin « Roberto's BlogGo to your OpenKore folder (the folder which contains the file ... it could have been / auto storage / or /auto/ and Kore would have checked if the  ...
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Openkore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaOpenKore is a community-maintained descendant of Solos Kore, a custom client
 30  ~ titopat923.blogspot.comBEH! BUTI NGA!: OPENKORE 2.0.7 RESOLVEStill checking the SVN Openkore platform and how it behaves.
 32  ~ ragnarokbot.narod.ruconfig.txt The file config.txt is the main configuration file. It is where They are ignored by Openkore . ... attackAuto_inLockOnly [<flag>] This option sets whether auto-attack will be disabled outside the lockMap. ..... in itemsMaxWeight_sellOrStore after finishing an auto - storage sequence.
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Blizzhackers • View topic - Guide in OPENKORE Config (i think)hi guyz this is a tutorial for openkore config ... this is for use self skills .... try to use storage on izlude or byalan because geffen town is too far  ...
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Fix chat room creation.Added 'minStorageZeny' for storage , and 'zeny' in 'SelfCondition'.
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openKore SVN|punya mslh ? tanya disini! BACA PAGE 1!! - Part 2 ane mau auto storage di orc fields (orc warrior) dan payon dungeon .... breakTime plugin:
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http:// openkore 2011-06-08T07:10:23+00:00 ayuda-con-el- auto - storage -por-fabor 2011-01-14T18:07:42+00:00  ...
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OpenKore ~ Français :: Macro Bwing + healeuse + storageconsole / auto - storage /i exclusive 1 call Maison } macro storage { pause 2 do autostorage } macro Maison { do is @inventory(Butterfly Wing) }  ...
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Openkore Config Please - Moncom.netPa send po ng latest openkore bot program kasama ng mga configs ..... pakisendan naman aq ng config ng hunter ung may auto storage ng  ...
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Belajar ngebot yuk!!^_^ [Archive] - Indogamers - One Stop Solution Openkore adalah salah satu bot, dimana Openkore merupakan "Ragnarok ..... eh , auto storage di comoda gua kok rusak,gak mau jalan gitu  ...
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[IdRO] OPEN KORE (tidak semua barang di inventory di taruh di KK saya mw tanya lagi... kenapa waktu auto storage tidak semua barang di inventory di taruh di storage, cuma barang "usable" yang di taruh di  ...
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Auto Storage - InGamersThema: Auto Storage ... GetAuto - Openkore Wiki config.txt. getAuto White ... aber openkore autosell/storage funzt einfach nicht.... hab die  ...
 44  ~ outerlimitro.forumotion.comMacro for bots - ForumYou pm the bot either "quit" or "go" (quit - if you want the bot to close openkore , go - if you want the bot to return ... do storage add $pcoin2 $diff1
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how to set auto go man_fild02 - Prontera Forumi just wonder why my bot will dc when from mid camp go to man_fild01, and it stuck when go storage is it openkore verison problem?
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bot program - 3bin - Google SitesThe first thing we need is the old version of openkore program. The second is
 47  ~ vanityofgods.webs.comIntroduction to Openkore - - Vanity of GodsDISCLAIMER: Openkore ™ is not my property, credits goes to the coders of this program. ... Be careful though, you might loose either items, zeny, or even lockup you storage if this was configured incorrectly. ... sellAuto <set to 1 for auto selling >
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RAGNAROK pRO BOT/MACRO/DuaL client updated 7/23/10 [Sitemap tapos ginagamitan ko lang nito lagay mo lang sa folder ng openkore mo ..... salamat po i set ko nalang sa izlude na kafra para sa auto storage .
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Thread Auto Storage Help Please | Openkore .com • View forum Hello Everyone can someone help me in autostorage setting please i did this setting but its not working can i know the problem storageAuto 1  ...
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Commands-Commands Dalam Menjalankan Openkore in BOT Commands dalam Console Openkore -----------Actions------------- ... autostorage. Gunanya: menyuruh bot untuk auto - storage segera * autosell
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Not able to auto -sell/buy openkore - - View topic I can't seem to get my bot to trigger either auto-selling or auto-buying, I can use auto - storage but the selling/buying seems like it would be much  ...
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Cara Bot bisa auto Storage ??? | IndoForumKK bantuin dunk or kasih tw cara set biar bot q bisa aotu storage ?? biz ... klo openkore .. tinggal cantumin koordinatnya aja .. kyk gini kira"
 54  ~ ragbot.ruHow to run Openkore — RagBotOpenKore is known to not work on some live CD distributions, because they do not ship .... -- storage -log=FILENAME: Location of different log files ... In file included from src/ auto /XSTools/utils/perl/Benchmark.xs:1: src/ auto /XSTools/utils/ perl/.
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LANGUAGE translation for OpenKore # Copyright (C) YEAR THE n" "Please delete your entire OpenKore source folder, and redownload everything. .... AI/ #, perl-format msgid "Calculating auto - storage route  ...
 56  ~ openkore-brasil.comMacro Manual - Openkore Brasil Wiki@storage (<item>): Retorna o número de índice do item no
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macro_manual - ScribdGo to your OpenKore folder (the folder which contains the file ..... just be plain text so it could have been / auto storage / or /auto/ and Kore would  ...
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Openkore .com - RoSeo.netOpenkore .com was registered on Aug 19, 2004, it is currently linked to public IP ... 9, openkore macro calculate route before auto storage , 0.20.
 61  ~ ================== *** INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES storageAuto will now check if you have the ability to open storage . ... Sometimes openkore would stop auto -storing items covered by the 'all' setting in  ...